Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife

Best of Facebook Birthday Wishes for Wife

Of course, you love to celebrate with your wife when she gets a promotion at work, when she achieves one of her goals, and on other occasions. And on her birthday, definitely.

You’ll buy her gifts, send her messages, cards, wishes, take her on a date, and/or do some other sweet things for her, even post about it on Facebook… Wait! Facebook is why you’re here, yeah?

And if Facebook has witnessed many happy birthday wishes from you to your wife, making your wife feel special will need something extra cute and creative. And the wishes here are actually extra cute and creative.

Definitely, the wishes here can be used outside Facebook — Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels. They can also be written on birthday cards and sent as text messages. And I promise you, the wishes here are the best you’ll find.

So, let’s shake Facebook with the best of Facebook birthday wishes for wife as you celebrate the birthday of your amazing wife. And if you’re thinking of editing any of these wishes to make it sweeter for your wife, then you’re thinking what I’m thinking.

Happy Birthday Messages for Lover – Wife

Celebrate your sweet Wife with these Happy Birthday Wishes for Wife and make her day blissful.

1. Without today, my life will never be as beautiful as it is, for today is the day you came to be. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

2. The biggest secret of my success is that I have you by my side, loving me and calming my fears. Happy birthday, darling.

3. You give me fewer reasons to worry myself. You are a perfect example to our children and the world. Happy birthday, dear.

4. Surely, when I think of you, I see not just a wife, but a strengthener, a leader and a partner-in-success. Happy birthday, my love.

5. Today is the day a lover, a lifter, a helper, a sister and a beautiful one was born. And I rejoice because we are one. Happy birthday, sweetie.

6. Whatever people say about you can’t affect the awesome way in which I see you because I’ve known you firsthand. Happy birthday.

7. One step at a time and sometimes half or double steps, and now I am privileged to spend my life with the most beautiful person on Earth. Happy birthday, love.

8. There has never been a woman who affected my life as good and beautiful as you did. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

9. I may have made mistakes — a lot of them — in my life, but one thing I did perfectly was getting married to you. Happy birthday, love.

10. I believe I am far from perfection, but I find comfort in knowing that you and I are a — in fact, the — perfect team. Happy birthday.

11. Change may be unstoppable, but one thing that’ll never pass away is the strength of my love for you. Happy birthday, dearie.

12. What I wish you get on this great day is a “times hundred” of the beautiful things you’ve added to our family. Happy birthday, baby.

13. Once upon a time, it was said that “the beautiful ones are not yet born.” Then you were born and changed the game. Happy birthday, love.

14. If there’s one place I will want to take you to today, it’s beyond the stars, just so I could see the glow in your eyes. I love you. Happy birthday.

15. Happy birthday, darling. Never forget that my love for you cannot be reduced by situations, people and circumstances. I love you.

16. Every time you are to be celebrated, I feel like I’m walking high above the ground. I’m proud of you, baby. Happy birthday.

17. Do you remember when we first met? I told you that you were the most beautiful person in the world. That’s still who you are. Happy birthday, love.

18. Your large heart and loving nature are some of your few beautiful traits that deserve to be celebrated. Happy birthday, love.

19. The last day you proved to me that you love me was yesterday, and before then, it was two days ago. You’re a true lover. Happy birthday, love.

20. Why do I love you above every other person on Earth? It’s because you’re most deserving of love. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

21. If I wasn’t a jealous man, I’d let the whole world share you with me and love you well, became you’re most deserving of love. But I hope I’m enough for you. Happy birthday.

22. When I met you for the first time, if I was given a chance to guess your name from what I saw, I’d swear your name was “Queen.” Happy birthday.

23. You made your father and brothers royalty, and now, being with you, I feel like a king. Happy birthday my one and only.

24. Heaven is not a place that’s high by thousands and millions of feet above us. It’s your presence. Happy birthday, sweet dear one.

25. Joy, bliss and gladness have followed me relentlessly since the day you came into my life, and I’m grateful. Happy birthday, love.

26. Happy birthday, darling. There is no celebration, to me, that can ever be esteemed above your birthday. I love you.

27. I’ll let the world know that I love you and will never give up on loving you, no matter what their reaction will be. Happy birthday.

28. I may have acted with many faults sometimes, but you don’t make me feel sorry because your love hides my faults. Happy birthday, darling.

29. The only guilt I feel is that I have not been able to display my love for you as much as you do yours for me. Happy birthday, love.

30. There are many reasons to keep loving you. Your beauty, simplicity and intelligence are just a few of them. Happy birthday.

31. What’s trending in my heart and bloodline right now is that the love of my life is one year older today. It’s beautiful, baby. Happy birthday.

32. You gotta believe me when I say every story I have to tell you is interesting, honourable and good. Happy birthday, darling.

33. Many say marriage is like tying yourself down. I disagree because I found true freedom when I married you. Happy birthday, sweet.

34. If you were a thorn in my flesh, I’d prefer to stay with the pains it brings forever because the benefits surpass them all. Happy birthday.

35. No lies and jokes today. I’ll truthfully tell you that there is no one I’ve met who’s as lovely as you. I love you, darling. Happy birthday.

36. I hide things from people because they won’t love me if they know certain things about me. But you love me just the way I am, even with all you know about me. Happy birthday.

37. I may never meet up to being the man you want me to be, but I appreciate your loving the hell out of me. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

38. In the meantime, have it at the back of your mind that I’ve never had a better partner or bigger inspiration than you. Happy birthday, love.

39. I may be as calm as undisturbed waters, but the day someone tries to separate me from you, I’ll reveal a lion. I love you. Happy birthday.

40. We’ve set out on a sweet journey of love, and going back is impossible, not because of how far we’ve travelled but because of how sweet the journey is. I’m happy because this journey is with you. Happy birthday.

41. Happy birthday, dear. You have brought a lot of goodness and beauty to my life. I’ll do my best to give you the best of gifts.

42. You are a big blessing — a very big one — to me. You’ve filled me with things I could never have gotten elsewhere. Happy birthday, darl.

43. Honey, there has never been anyone in my life who’ve been to me who you’ve been to me. You make living sweet. Happy birthday.

44. Today is the day we celebrate the greatest wife on Earth. You’re beauty, strength, and good works will be celebrated. Happy birthday.

45. You are not just physically beautiful, but hardworking, intelligent and filled with virtues. Happy birthday, honey.

46. Every day should be a beautiful day, but none is as beautiful as the day set to celebrate your beautiful person. Happy birthday.

47. To me, your birthdays are days of fun, joy and laughter, irrespective of what goes on in the world around us. Happy birthday.

48. If getting married to you is a mistake, then it’s the most beautiful mistake ever, and I’m not sorry for it. I love you. Happy birthday.

49. We should make all the noise we can today — with fireworks, guns and bombs if necessary — because it’s your day. Happy birthday.

50. Most beautiful one, I love no one on Earth as much as I love you. I appreciate your efforts in keeping us together. Happy birthday.

51. I’ll keep loving you, no matter how things go, not just because I’m your husband, but because you’re very loveable. Happy birthday.

52. Happy birthday, sweetheart. There is nothing as pleasant as being with and around you. Your presence is so so heavenly.

53. Even I can’t quantify the love I have for you. It’s so much I’ll probably get swallowed in it soon enough. Happy birthday, love.

54. I don’t have to be a poet or songwriter to craft beautiful verses in your honour. You are all the inspiration I’ll need. Happy birthday, darling.

55. There’ll be no other place I’ll choose to be when being with you is still an available option. Happy birthday, darling.

56. The most comfortable room in my heart is prepared and preserved for you, the love of my life. Happy birthday, honey.

57. All over the Earth, no one lives, loves, smiles like you. You are the only one of your precious kind. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

58. A smile on your face is something I’ll take great chances and risks to see. Your smiles are the most beautiful. Happy birthday.

59. Sweetheart, what I have to tell you today is that you should never lose your precious ideas and beautiful personality. Happy birthday.

60. One proof I have of the reality of God is how mysteriously he made you and I spend the rest of our lives together. Happy birthday.

61. Rest assured, you are beautiful. Surely, you are honourable. Unarguably, you are resourceful. And your works speak volumes of good for you. Happy birthday.

62. If there is only one thing I have to do before I leave Earth, it will be to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy birthday, lovely.

63. You are more than all I need. You bring me fulfilment and completeness. I love you beyond boundaries. Happy birthday.

64. All I ever needed was in one package, and it was sent to me. That package is you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

65. I really pity men who couldn’t get a wife like you. You make marriage worth every second spent in it. Happy birthday, love.

66. If there should be only one birthday on Earth, then let it be yours. To me, you’re worth celebrating the most. Happy birthday, love.

67. Sometimes, I sit and try to think about what I did to deserve your selfless love, and I can’t really think of any. Happy birthday, darling.

68. Beyond the actions, signs and symbols, my love for you burns hotter and brighter every day. You deserve it. Happy birthday, love.

69. Concretes and diamonds are nothing compared to the strength of the love I have for you. Happy birthday to you, darling.

70. There’s beauty in everyone, but the amount you have in you is really intimidating. Happy birthday, sweet one.

71. I have concluded in my heart that it’s fruitless looking for faults in you. You are so excellent and sweet and lovely. Happy birthday.

72. Happy birthday, lovely one. There’s no day I don’t appreciate God for bringing you into my life. You’re more than a blessing.

73. You are strong, brave, beautiful and full of love for everyone, no matter who they are. God must have taken extra time to create you. Happy birthday.

74. I don’t want you to worry about anything. I want to be there for you anytime you need it. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

75. There’s more to just saying “I love you” with the mouth, and your expression is just it. Happy birthday to you, my darling.

76. You are better than all my songs, poems, games, jobs and everything I do. I want you for myself and I for you full-time. Happy birthday.

77. Today is beautiful, and your beauty just makes it more beautiful. You are the epitome of beauty, and I love you. Happy birthday, dear.

78. In the ranks of people I love, you stand at the peak, and that’s where you’ll stand forever. Happy birthday to you, my love.

79. Everything I know about you reeks of love, care and sacrifice. I love you till my last breath. Happy birthday, darling.

80. If I ever made you feel less than you are, then I must be the worst of criminals because your person is so beautiful and worthy of protection. Happy birthday.

81. I rather have one of you than a million others. You are enough for me to love, hold and have. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

82. For you, I’ll risk my life over and over again. You have not only saved me but made me better. Happy birthday, darling.

83. There are days when I feel like I have nothing, then I remember that I have you, and I’m fully satisfied. Happy birthday to you, love.

84. I respect and love you, my dear. You’re beautiful, honourable and good. I’ll die for you. Happy birthday to you, my love.

85. I’m proud of a lot of things, but nothing makes me prouder than the knowledge of you being my wife. Happy birthday, sweetie.

86. All I dream of doing most is laying all my love on you. I just pray I do it as much as I want to. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

87. You’re a sister, a daughter, a friend, a niece, an aunt and everything a woman can be to me. You’re enough for me. Happy birthday.

88. I am sure that the most beautiful one on Earth is you. Forget about the mirrors on the walls. They also lie. Happy birthday, love.

89. Dear wife of mine. This is a celebration of your person and another reassurance of my love for you. Happy birthday. Your dear husband.

90. Food, money and power are not the keys to my heart. The only key to it is you. Happy birthday to you, my number one.

91. Your selfless and charitable acts are proof of your excellence. I love every single thing about you. Happy birthday, darling.

92. You have more virtue, character and good in you than any other person I have met in my life, and I respect you with my all. Happy birthday, love.

93. You have been a perfect role model for the children and me. You never cease to amaze me — and the world. Happy birthday, love.

94. No one can dispute the fact that you are a reliable and skilful woman and one who influences things around her for good. Happy birthday, dearie.

95. Anywhere you become conducive or bearable for me. Staying away from you is the most painful thing to happen to me. Happy birthday.

96. You’re not just the most real woman I’ve ever known, but the most beautiful, most hardworking and most intelligent. Happy birthday, sweetie.

97. The love I have for you can’t die because you have a way of always setting fire to it before the heat dies. Happy birthday, my love.

98. Consistency in the beautiful things you do have rewarded you profitably and still have more in store for you in future. I love you. Happy birthday, darling.

99. I have no reason to judge you by your looks because your worth is more than the most precious vanities of men. Happy birthday, love.

100. Arts can’t depict the beauty of your actions, and science can’t explain the love in your heart. Happy birthday to you, honey.

101. Dear Facebook, I have a beautiful, hardworking, intelligent and smart wife. I have a wife I rate five stars. Happy birthday, love.

102. If love was in the signs and symbols, I’d kiss every part of your body every morning. I love you, dearie. Happy birthday.

103. The way you are is not just amazing, but intriguing, captivating and interesting. Keep being more amazing day by day. Happy birthday, honey.

104. If weddings were the only way to show love, then we’ll be marching to altars every single day of our lives because I love you every second of every day. Happy birthday.

105. Who cares about your facial features or body curves? Even if you lose all today, nothing will change in my love for you. Happy birthday, dear.

106. If I had a chance or an opportunity to reverse the time, I’d still choose you again. Happy birthday, sweetest wife ever.

107. Even though we choose to be together, there is a strong bond between us that I’ll forever fight to protect. Happy birthday, love.

108. It’s totally useless turning back the hands of time because I’ll simply go for you one more time, and again, and again and forever. Happy birthday.

109. There are more than a hundred million reasons to celebrate today, but your birthday is most important to me. Happy birthday, love.

110. If I’m to collapse and never rise again, then let it be you that I collapse into, so I’ll see, feel and experience you forever. Happy birthday.

111. Goodbye to any and every activity that may have bugged your special day in previous years. Smile and enjoy your day from now on. Happy birthday, baby.

112. You’re so awesome and beautiful that I can’t explain because it’s beyond comprehension. Happy birthday, dear one.

113. When you feel like everything is collapsing, I’ll be here always, waiting, not just to comfort you but help you stand. Happy birthday, darling.

114. There may be different ways to go about different things, but not when it comes to how much I love you. Happy birthday, dearie.

115. Dear one, for adding your beauty into my life, I’ll forever live celebrating you. You are my planet, galaxy and space. Happy birthday.

116. Who’s sweeter than you, or who could be as sweet as you are? The answer is “no one,” and that’s a sweet answer. Honey, happy birthday to you.

117. We have walked through another year, safe, sound and sweetly. I pray we do more. Happy birthday, honey.

118. Even if you have a reason to be unsure, in any way, about my love, I’ll still love you to heaven and hell. Happy birthday.

119. This is not just a text message, but a carrier of my love, heart and good — best of — wishes to you. Happy birthday, love.

120. You that’s sweeter than honey and more pleasurable than vacations. Happy birthday. May your sweet life not be affected negatively.

121. On a day like this, it should be all fun, gladness and blessings. Your day of celebration is indeed a great day. Happy birthday, love.

122. I’m in love with you anew every time a new day begins. You are a person more precious than so-called jewels of inestimable value. Happy birthday.

123. Talking with you is very relieving to my mind and walking with you is my best idea of recreation. Happy birthday, sweety.

124. I’ve seen a lot of sweet things about you, but I see a new one anytime I look at you again. Happy birthday, sweetie. I love you.

125. It’s never enough that we are one now. I wish there was another way we could still get closer and closer and keep getting closer forever. Happy birthday.

126. In plain words, no growling or rapping or coding, I confess that your love is all I need. Happy birthday, lovely wife.

127. Loveable, and beautiful too, and affecting lives in many positive ways. Dear Facebook, meet the best wife in the world. Happy birthday, love.

128. I’m in love with everything I know about, have heard about and seen in you. Your loveliness is topnotch. Happy birthday.

129. No colour can be as bright enough to express my love for you. No shade can be dark enough to describe how deep in my heart you’re kept. Happy birthday.

130. Far or near, no matter the distance, I can’t bring myself to do any evil to you. The way you love me have tied me to you. Happy birthday.

131. The picture I have of you in my mind is more beautiful than anyone another may try to paint. That’s why I love you without restrictions and limits. Happy birthday.

132. Before you met me, you have contributed pricelessly to your family, and now I am the recipient of your benevolence. Happy birthday, sweetie.

133. From the day we met, I’ve been changed constantly, being formed into something better. Happy birthday, love.

134. When it’s all over, we’ll look back and count ourselves the luckiest — or most blessed — among couples. Happy birthday.

135. I’ll be a better man day by day because of you. You challenge me and inspire me to be better. Happy birthday, dearie.

136. I love much about you — so much that I even love the fact that today is your birthday. Cool, right? That’s how your love makes me feel. Happy birthday.

137. I always love you and everything you’ve added to my life. God did me a great favour by making me meet you. Happy birthday.

138. There was only one place to be taken in my life, and I knew only you deserved it. I’m glad you took it. Happy birthday, love.

139. You shine like gold and have more value than diamonds. I know I love silver, but I love you far more. Happy birthday, dearie.

140. I can’t wish for silver or gold when there is you to wish for. Apart from you, no other worth stimulates me. Happy birthday, baby.

141. To the one who owns my heart and who I want to keep my heart forever. You are loved dearly. Don’t forget that. Happy birthday.

142. You’ve brought perfect happiness to me that I feel we were created on the same day and meant for each other. Happy birthday, love.

143. I have tried to imagine a world without you, and the picture that pops up is terrible and scary. Happy birthday, darling.

144. Of everything I’ve committed myself to do for you, doing double is my special gift for your birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

145. Your vibes, strength, beauty and passion is enough to set the world on fire. Keep being awesome and lovely. Happy birthday, love.

146. Just a little more of your awesomeness, and the whole world will go down in flames. Happy birthday, darling.

147. Being with you gives me so much pride like I’ve never felt before. Your accomplishments are worthy of celebration. Happy birthday.

148. As your day rolls on, the good of the Earth will find you and adequately reward your loveliness. Happy birthday, love.

149. You’re so perfect in living out the description of love that I suspect you’re a deity. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

150. I’m thankful to be on a planet where I can flaunt my wife on Facebook on her birthday. See beauty! Happy birthday, darling.

151. In love, you are ahead of the game. In strength, you are a key player. And you are benevolent with the good in you. Happy birthday.

152. When my eyes were opened, I saw through your weakness, flaws and falls, and concluded that you are more than awesome. Happy birthday, love.

153. The grace of God that will assist you in continuing to do the beautiful things you do will find you today. Happy birthday, darling.

154. No distance or depth can separate you from my love. You are hidden deep in my heart. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

155. You are lovely beyond description. There’s nothing about you that’s unworthy of admiration. Happy birthday, my beautiful wife.

156. Should I thank Earth because I found my wife on it? Or should I thank Facebook for giving me a platform to flaunt her? Happy birthday, darling.

157. To the outstanding one among the most beautiful women on Earth, I wish you a happy birthday. God’s grace and protection will keep you for all of us.

158. Happy birthday, love. May you never lose your Midas touch, and may your work in other people’s lives never go unrewarded.

159. Happy birthday, sweetheart. If for any reason I lose you, I’d have lost the biggest asset to ever come into my life.

160. If love could be measured, that which I have for you will still be an exception. Happy birthday to my lovely wife.

161. Memories of your birthdays are ever so fresh in my mind. They are so sweet, I can’t forget them. Happy birthday, my wife and best friend.

162. There’s nothing my love for you will demand of me that I’ll refuse to do. I lay at the mercy of my love for you to say happy birthday, my love.

163. Taken my time to see your advantages, and they are so numerous this post can’t mention a fragment of them. Happy birthday, love.

164. In blood, in sweat, in tears and in the reverse of all, I’ll still love you. Happy birthday, love.

165. You have given me a great sense of importance. For believing me and giving me a chance to love you, I’m grateful. Happy birthday.

166. With you, falling in love over and over and over again is so easy. That’s because you have everything worth loving. Happy birthday.

167. Dear Facebook, if you haven’t seen a human skinned angel before, have a look at the photos attached to this post. Happy birthday, my wife!

168. When they tell me that the future is better, I tell them that having a human skinned angel on and by your side, as I do, makes it even better. Happy birthday, darling.

169. Love, and laughter, and fun will mark your special day and all the days after. Happy birthday, love. You’re always on my mind.

170. As long as you’re with me, I don’t care where or how I am. I just know things will go right. Happy birthday, darling.

171. The most pleasant thing is that even though a beautiful day like this will pass, but the reason for the day will stay. Happy birthday.

172. I’ll love and respect you forever. You’ve played vital roles in my life, and I’m grateful. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

173. Please, live on for a hundred more years after your birthday, so I’ll be with you for as long as I can. Happy birthday, love.

174. I believe it’s fair to include long life and happiness in your wishes for a human skinned angel. Those are among my wishes for you, best wife ever! Happy birthday.

175. Even though we are getting older, people like you will have fewer worries because your achievements are speaking. Happy birthday, darling.

176. As time passes and you celebrate your ages, I remember how you’ve stood by me through the good and bad times all the years we’ve been together. Happy birthday, love.

177. I used to think your most beautiful moment was our wedding, but even after it, you still radiate with beauty and your glory. Happy birthday.

178. Strong and determined mother. Obedient and loving mother. And my sweet wife. Happy birthday to you.

179. Accepting to share your life with me is something I can’t stop being grateful to you for. Happy birthday, my darling — you.

180. My happiest, greatest, and most memorable moments include all times spent with you. Happy birthday, my sweet love.

181. I value every attempt I’ve made to please you. As a birthday gift, I set myself up to do more for you. Happy birthday, darling.

182. You have directed a lot of love, desire and affection towards me like I’m the only man in the world. I am thankful for that. Happy birthday.

183. Everything a man can ever look for in a wife is in you. You are one complete package, an all-in-one. Happy birthday, love.

184. With all the challenges and troubles on Earth, I feel peace when I remember that we are one, you and me. Happy birthday.

185. There is no gift that will be too much for you, even if it’s heaven and Earth in a package. Happy birthday, sweetie.

186. If I ever forget about your love for me and what you’ve done to make me feel loved, then I’ve forgotten everything else on Earth. Happy birthday.

187. Having been my joy, pillar and strength for some time, I challenge myself to be more than these to you from now on. Happy birthday.

188. Even when there are no strolls and dinners and symbols, my love for you burns red, and I know yours for me burns too. Happy birthday.

189. With you, there have been no worse, or poorer or in sickness. It has been for better, for either and in health. Happy birthday.

190. Walking through life with someone as wonderful as you are a bargain I couldn’t have done all by myself. There’s you to thank. Happy birthday, love.

191. Living with you is sweeter than I expected. You made my life better than I actually planned for. Happy birthday, dear.

192. Only one thing I regret: and it is that I have not been in love with you for a long time that I have been. Happy birthday, love.

193. Apart from my love, my desire and my affection, what else do you need as a birthday gift? You’ll get all together. Happy birthday.

194. Is there a chance you’re using a charm on me? If yes, keep using it. I love nothing more than being with you forever. Happy birthday.

195. For being a steady source and supply of love, strength and happiness, I am grateful. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

196. With all the beautiful love songs sang and love poems written, none meets up with your standard. Happy birthday, love.

197. Every time you tell me that you love me, I feel more important — and even better — than any other person on Earth. Happy birthday, love.

198. Earth must be a good host. You’re growing older but prettier in it. Note to Earth: keep being good to my wife. Happy birthday, best wife ever.

199. Bliss began when I met you and was made sure when I got married to you. You make my life more interesting than dreams. Happy birthday.

200. I will hug you, kiss you, cuddle you and even have sex with you, but I love you with or without all these things. Happy birthday.

I’ll go now, knowing that I have helped a husband with the best wishes to post on Facebook for his wife as she celebrates a new age. I’ll go now, knowing that I have provided help for a man on his wife’s birthday.

Of all the things you can do to thank me for providing these, I advise you do the simplest — share this list with a husband today.

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