Romantic Happy Birthday Poems for Wife from Husband

Romantic Happy Birthday Poems for Wife from Husband

Gifting your wife on her birthday is a great idea, but if you want to get her something extra special, try some romantic birthday poems for your wife. No matter how much money you spend, your wife will always cherish the time you invested in writing your own poems celebrating her birthday.

Some husbands wonder where to start when it comes to writing their wives a birthday poem. It’s important to remember that the goal of a poem for your wife is to express exactly how you feel about her. It’s not about rhyming or trying to write a poem that will be published.

And what if you’re not a poet? Don’t worry. That’s why you’re here in the first place. The sweet romantic happy birthday poems for wife from husband here were written with you in mind.

Flash: A birthday is a great time to show how much we care for those we love. In this case, the birthday girl is lucky enough to have a loving husband who wants to show her how much he loves her. It’s truly a wonderful feeling to have a husband who cares enough to take the time to write or get some lovely poems for his wife a birthday, filled with beautiful words that are sure to warm her heart and make her feel loved. I want to say thanks to the wonderful man you are.

Go ahead and thrill your wife with the poems below.

A poem for My wife on Her birthday

A special day for a special woman. Today, for you, is not for ordinary words; it is for special words- to celebrate your birthday, my dear wife. Long may you live, happy birthday to you.

Below are heartwarming poems for your wife’s birthday.

1. From the bottom of my heart,
From my innermost parts,
You have brought spice to my life
And succour to my being
And today, I can say you are my sweetheart
Happy birthday to my wife.

2. What is life without a friend?
What is love without expression?
In a world full of ups and downs
You brought forth a soothing relief
Thanks for being there till the end
Happy birthday to my darling.

3. Your birthday to me is forever
Because your love to me is daily renewed
I’ll cherish you till eternity
For with every beat of my heart, I see the future
‘Cos with you, life’s journey is a stroll
Happy birthday, sweetheart.

4. There’s an atmosphere where everyone laughs
An ambience where positivity thrives
A place of divine bliss
Such is the confines of my home
A hub of tranquillity
With you, birthdays are daily. Happy birthday.

5. Some places are reserved for special people,
Some moments are termed special
You’ve got my heart, it’s your reserved space
And on your special day, every moment of mine is yours
In your hands, I can leave them
Take it and have a cheerful birthday.

6. When you need a helper
When it seems, you are a loner
When it seems, no one bothers
And all you desire is wavers
Then you need a wife,
Then I found you. Happy birthday to you.

7. I can go all the way to shout
Screaming all along in songs
I can say the hurray in as many times as possible
All because of you,
You are my darling
And it’s your birthday.

8. Enduring is the state of true love
Perfect in the eyes of the beholder
I long to eat from your bosom daily
For with you, the ocean is but waters
I can swim all night
And I wish the day never breaks. Happy birthday, my wife

9. I have tried with the best of my ability
To return to you a mite of what you give
Yet in my most pleasing result
I fall short of the standard
To which you have set for love

10. An affectionate soul longs for eternity
The search for serenity is unending
Yet, with patience, the road is through
Because in the thickest of darkness
Love penetrates the soul
You have done that to me. Happy birthday, my love.

11. To love is to give
To give to release
Toi release is to trust
And trust inspires
Your love for me inspires me
Happy birthday, my darling wife
Has always been inspiring

11. I want to return all the love
You have shown me from the beginning
Longer seems to be road, though I try daily
Wonder why you keep increasing the pace
Looks like I have to keep trying forever
Happy birthday, wifey.

12. The loyalty of a pigeon is unflinching
One that is not tainted even in trials
Such is rare among men
And when you display yours,
The pigeons come to learn
Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

13. Your birthday is not just an ordinary day
It is a remarkable event in the sands of time
One that crisscrosses hales and valleys
For if every heart can be as pure as yours
The world would be a better place to live
Happy birthday to you, my wife.

14. An undying love is rekindled with a flame
A spark that lightens and glows
No matter what it may come against
With such, life goes on
And seamlessly, the flow rolls
Just like you on your birthday

15. l love healthy competitions
I don’t also shy away from battles
But when I met you, you showed mettle
And confirmed that to love is to be strong
For only strong people truly love
Happy birthday, my darling

16. The wife you have become to me
Is far from the one I dreamt about
I thought I had mastered the art of dreaming
Like they say, dream BIG
I did. But it wasn’t enough.
You surpassed my dreams. Happy birthday.

17. They say destiny cannot be determined
Because it is preordained.
Well, if that’s true
Then I can be said to be lucky
For to have a wife like yours
Is luck on my part. Happy birthday.

18. My life has been taken very far
Through a path that is beneficial.
And of which I am indebted
To an angel.
Sent to me to make me better.
I can celebrate all-day
But today is too special. Happy birthday to you.

19. Until the earth pass away
And the seas cease to be
Then I can stop dreaming of loving you
For then I well know that the end is near
Even at that, I will still try
Like I will, always on your birthday

20. I will try to catch up with you, my love.
In my hard effort to equal your love
I just hope that my chase of the records
Would unlike the wild goose chase
Yield positive results. So, let’s start with this:

Birthday Poems for Wife with Love

When love hits a man hard, every speech he makes becomes either a song or a poem. And if I decide to make all the words of my mouth in the form of poems for you, you deserve it. Happy birthday to my beautiful wife.

21. I am lucky to get married to you,
A woman of noble character
I will always cherish you till you need
No more.
Drunken with love on your birthday,
I can scream happy birthday to you.

22. A beautiful woman like you
Is not common for all men
When you were brought to me
By divine providence.
I knew I was privileged
To be yours forever
Happy birthday, my love.

23. I do. And will always
Both now. And forever.
Without regret say it again
I do.
Till death do us part
Happy birthday to you, my honey.

24. Apart from food, there are other
Gifts we should be grateful for.
One of such is a WIFE.
Love and care are embedded in her
She is a manager.
Happy birthday to my wife.

25. A kiss would mean a lot
A hug would communicate more
And whatever it that makes you happy
Is all yours
Because today is not just a day
It’s your birthday

26. Bliss is not a definition of ignorance
It is an understanding of perfection
A knowledge of what should a norm
You are an embodiment of it all
And on your birthday, you deserve nothing less
BLISS. Happy birthday, my love.

27. Love is balance
Balance is inherent in love
Without love, there is no joy
And the scale of life swings on the gall side
Balance come with love and sweetness
Re-appears when we celebrate. Happy birthday

28. You are the epitome of intelligence
A treasure in the human body
A gem found on the surface of the earth
A pearl found in the terrestrials
You are my world
Happy birthday to you, darling.

29. To the entire world, today is a day
To me, today is a unique day
A special day with a remarkable history
My love came into the world
And when you see this
Know that I’m hyping your birthday.

30. With your intelligence, I can sleep
With your brilliance, I’m covered
With your patience, I have peace
And on your birthday, the earth is sparkled
Because the stars recognize your existence
Happy birthday, darling.

31. A wife with a heart of gold,
Who can find it?
A wife with a cheerful heart,
Who can decipher?
May this smile always abide
Happy birthday, my dear.

32. Brevity is a virtue
Benevolence is a quality
My wife is a book
And to get the first two
You need the third
Happy birthday, my honey.

33. With your support, I can exude confidence
For you are with so much influence
And I can boldly damn all consequence
Just to love you throughout my existence
Till I get a worthy significance
Happy birthday to my love.

34. Without your existence, my dear,
Life would have taken a different turn
That, I wouldn’t have known the outcome
For I would have been like a coin
Tossed, and left to chance
But for you, Happy birthday, sweetheart.

35. My beautiful,
Just like a meteor shower
You spread your sparkles all over my world
Making it glow like a firefly
You are uniquely crafted
Happy birthday, my love.

36. In the presence of love,
Everything becomes bountiful
Even small things are sufficient
Because there is love in sharing
I can share my life with you.
Happy birthday to you, darling.

37. To be happy demands many factors
But to be joyous is innate
Within lies your ability to produce joy
And in your love, everything is well
On your birthday, your beauty glows
Happy birthday, my dear.

38. You make me whirl in excite
And make my head swell in pride
I can sing all day long
Because today is your birthday
Happy birthday to my baby
Best of wishes to you.

39. My life is built around you
Like a team built around a talented player
I am around you, like a wall
And with your character
My life is held together in one piece
Happy birthday to you, my love.

40. To the sexiest woman on earth
To the most romantic alive
To the most loving wife
I consider myself lucky
Calling you my wife on your day
Happy birthday to you, my honey.

Birthday Poems for Wife and Mother

Every good wife is also a mother both to the children and to the husband, for on whose bosom does a man lie when he is down? A thousand beautifully crafted words of poems will not be enough for your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

41. Life gives us many chances
Though they say opportunities are for once
And hardly do they come knocking
And though there’re other possibilities
I am grateful I took my chance
And I can say Happy birthday, my mother.

42. Your birthday is another perfect chance
To celebrate you with all I can
Though a jewel, like you
Deserved to be celebrated every day
I’ll continue to that with my last breath
Happy birthday, hubby.

43. To pamper is my joy
Because your wish is my desire
If pampering makes your skin glow
Then I’ll compete with your pomade
Happy birthday to you, my wife.

44. Like warriors sit down after a battle
To divide the spoils of war
One which had a resounding victory
So, it is with your birthday
You deserved to be spoiled with gifts
And treats. Happy birthday to you, my mother.

45. I can go for a month’s training
Just to sing a line of your song
To make you happy on your day
I could invite all the birds
To give a rhythm you’d love
Happy birthday to you, my love.

46. Today, I’m promoted to home service
Because you need to go on a break
Today is your birthday
I am available for you
I can do anything for you because you’d do the same for me
Happy birthday to you, my mother.

47. Let the drum begin to roll
Let the day begin
Let the party begin
My baby marks another year
Happy birthday to you, my love
You are priceless.

48. I have been kissed by an angel
And now my life has turned around
I walk around being marked by a mate
And on this day, I say
Happy birthday to my angel
I will celebrate forever

49. You defy every word in the dictionary
Timeless is just an understatement
You are more than a description
You are adorable
I celebrate you on this day
Happy birthday, my wife and mother.

50. I could have all the lexicon
Available in the dictionary
To personify your love
But it would never give a true picture
Of how I cherish you
Happy birthday to you, darling.

51. You are a beautiful jewel
And I am too sure
That the word lovely
Could only pass as a compliment
You are more valuable than rubies
Happy birthday, my mother.

52. Baby my baby
Blessed are you among women
Like the trees sway in their arrays
And the beams of the sun penetrate
Your love sees through it all
Happy birthday to you, honey.

53. Whatever concerns you is my matter
And I can go all the way for you
For your case, I can abandon all things
And fight through the thickets for you
I love you to the heavens
Happy birthday, my mother.

54. I am crazy about everything
But when it comes to you, I’m comforted
When I see that a moving treasure
Became who I call mine
I’ll always adore you
Happy birthday, my love.

55. When I look at your rounded face
Your succulent cheeks
The dimples perfecting the contours
Upon which undulating hollows of your nose
Runs without hindrance. With admiration
I can say happy birthday, my wife.

56. I know it’s my responsibility
To love and cherish.
To the line above was my solemn oath
And one which I am committed
All the days of my life
Happy birthday, my darling

57. At the sound of your name
My vocal cord vibrates,
When you are in the picture,
My eyes shine like the sun
When you appear, my heart rejoices
Happy birthday, my dear mother.

58. If I were to be restored to factory setting
I am sure that you will be there
Right there in my memory
Cos, you are I virus I desire
And by default, I am all yours
Happy birthday to my wife.

59. Your happiness is my goal
Your comfort is my target
Your joy is my desire,
Your smile is my language
And for you, today
I say a BIG happy birthday.

60. I care less about every other thing
As long you are fine.
As long as your heart keeps beating
Then, I know all will be well
As you celebrate, heaven rejoices
Happy birthday, darling.

Happy Birthday Poems to My Lovely Wife

My wife is my life. Though it sounds like a rhyme, it is deeper than just a work of poetry. On your birthday, an entire book of lovely poems cannot describe who you are top me. Happy birthday to you, lovely.

61. My sweetheart,
I thought I had married a lady
Never knew I had for myself an angel
Clothed with the skin of a lady
You’ve made my life perfect
Happy birthday to you.

62. Transfixed were my eyes
When I had the first gaze upon you,
And when you said ‘YES”
My life received a boost
And through you, I’d climb higher
Happy birthday to you.

64. I swelled with pride to be in a relationship
And with you as the subject, up were my shoulders
Face brightened and eyes shone
I became the envy of fellow men
You are my precious gem
Happy birthday to you, my love.

65. Every day of my life became accountable
Because I had a purpose
And I had a reason to live
I had a drive.
You are my flame
Happy birthday to you,

66. My heart fluttered around
When I met you
I was like a leaf on top of the ocean
Being tossed about
Until I met you
Happy birthday, my honey.

67. Long was the journey
Confused was the user on the path
Thick was the forest
And lost was the man
Till a light came through.
You are my light. Happy birthday, my wife

68. Gazing upon your picture,
I get the strength to carry on
Home, sweet home when the clock clicks
With you, every day is for merriment
Yet, on your special,
I can shout all I want. Happy birthday to you.

69. Men may scoff at my love for you
But the confusion lies the lot of the ignorant
Their faces I don’t care to peek at
Cos I can have a full day staring at yours
Enjoy your day, my beloved.
Happy birthday to you.

70. Sound the alarm. Let the bell go gong
There will be a galore of fun
Cos my special one is older
Beauty lies within her heart
And joy out of her countenance
Happy birthday, my love.

71. The sun shines for everyone to see
You display your love for all eyes to behold
Today, I’m going to celebrate you
That all may know how special you are.
My inestimable jewel,
Happy birthday to you.

72. No human is perfect
I didn’t expect you to be flawless
All I needed was a partner with an understanding
With you in my life, I got more
More than I asked for
Happy birthday, my wife.

73. I wanted you to be there for me
You did
I wanted you as my support
You gave them all for me
What more can I say?
You are a peculiar woman in my life
Happy birthday to you

74. For happiness, men go miles
To get comfort, there are sacrifices
You are an embodiment of the two.
I cherish you for your completeness
Happy birthday to my star.
Continue to swell in love.

75. You do difficult things with ease
For to love and to have an understanding
Is something found only in fairy tales
Well, I got my beauty in reality
Yet possesses our fantasy of the books
Happy birthday to you, honey.

76.Yours sincerely,
My dear wife, you are lovely
You are unique and love radiate from you
I’ll always live to grow with you
And from now till the very end
Your birthday will always be remembered.

77. To live a life is to be alive
For living and existence are two things
One is impactful
And the other just for the number
You have both the former and the latter
Happy birthday to you, my love.

78. Love reigns forever
Hatred is an alternative forgone
When hit by the breeze of love
You drown in it like the ocean
Dream no longer for this is real
Happy birthday, my love.

79. Two hearts connected to become one
While our souls connected, our lives ignited
We are not just joined in the physical
Our souls gelled together
And we flow in one accord
Happy birthday to you, love.

80. My baby.
Today is your day
You are a part of me
I have my other half in you
My breath is from your lungs
And connected through my heart
I wish you a happy birthday

Happy Birthday Love Poems for Wife

A beautiful wife deserves to be serenaded with love every day but as today marks your birthday, I’ll give you this love in full measure. Happy birthday to you, dear wife.

81. Unformed was the world
And the void was the space
The elements were in disarray
And at the command
Our love was ignited
Today, it’s a reality. Happy birthday.

82. To my dear wife….
I hold you tight like gum
Cos I can’t let go of you
With you in my arms, I’m comforted
Our love is like a key in its lock
Happy birthday, my wife.

83. We fit perfectly into a body
Our soul is united
You are the only one I love
The only one I desire
You were made for me.
Happy birthday to you, my dear.

84. Like the petals are radiant
Attracting butterflies to the flower
So, you are to my life
Attracting goodness into my life
I love you dearly
Happy birthday to you, dear.

85. I grow because of you
I don’t know what I would be without you.
Like the relationship between fruit and flower
So is my unhinged attachment to you
As you celebrate today, my world beams too
Happy birthday to you, my dear

86. I grow because you grow
We survive on each other’s strength
We have been made into one
Without you, I am gone
I love you very much
Happy birthday to you.

87. The night cannot be perfect without darkness
The sky cannot be lightened without the moon
The life of a man isn’t complete until love visits
And like the stars make a night complete
You have come to make me complete
Happy birthday to you, my dear.

88. Without a guide, a pilgrim may be lost
I would be lost without you
You are my guide
For in love, everything synchronizes
Remain wonderful
Happy birthday to you.

89. You are the antidote for sickness
The sleeping pill in times of stress
You are in my laughing mood
My comfort zone
Till when the sun stops shining
Happy birthday, darling

90. As a race life started,
And with each step, the journey
The big picture showed
With you, the vision became clearer
And life smiled on me
Happy birthday to you, my love

91. To be a happily married man
Is tied to the arrival of a wonderful wife
I have found a wife
And life has rewarded me
On your birthday, I celebrate you
Happy birthday to you.

92. I am glad that I have as a wife
For you have shown me what I have missed
Sometimes life gives what we don’t deserve
I am grateful, my lot was yours
To always know you are mine
Happy birthday, my love.

93.My eyes saw you
And sleep ran away
My heart became restless
Until you became mine
Thanks, I return to the heavens
Happy birthday, darling

94. You took me as yours
You cherished like a treasure
You shared in my dreams
And called me your own
Today, as you clock one more year
Happy birthday to you.

95. Like the breeze that directs the branches of a tree
Like the morning dew
Like the sun that penetrates the forest
Like the drop of water in the desert
Is that love that we share
Happy birthday to you, my love.

96. Lost, I was long gone into wild
Found, but without purpose was i
Then I found you.
Life had a new meaning
Till the end, I’ll always love
Happy birthday, honey

97. Bewildered by the storm of life
The raging animal hovers around
The untamed wonders about
Suddenly, like a chilled drink
On a thirsty tongue, calmness set in
I owe it to you. Happy birthday, baby.

98. You are more to me than just a wife
You are a partner
A lover
A mother
A friend
Happy birthday, my treasure

99. You deserve them all
The showers of love
The messages
Beauty they say lies in the eyes of the beholder
Yet, yours is visible to the blind
Happy birthday, my lovely wife.

100. Love burns like a raging fire
It overcomes all obstacles
Nothing can stand in its way
There’s no resistance to its great power
Everything submits to love
You are my love. Happy birthday to you.

There is power in poems and songs; anything can be easily learnt and remembered when you convert it into songs or poems. Now, imagine what powerful effect this will be on your wife today and for many years to come. Don’t hesitate to load her with enough doses of these romantic happy birthday poems for wife. Feel free to share.

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