70th Birthday Wishes for Mom (2023)

Mothers are extraordinary, beautiful, amazing, gentle, kind, loving and caring and they deserve to know it.

Celebrating your mom on her special day is one of the best things you can offer her.

Do you lack the right words to express your gratitude to her today? Do you need some beautiful lines to make her blush all over?

Copy any of these 70th birthday wishes for Mom and send to her.

You need to make her smile. Make her understand that you really love her for being a good mother all these years.

Celebrate your hero now! Oh hey! Don’t forget to appreciate a job well done in the comment section below. Enjoy!

Happy 70th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Mom

The best happy 70th birthday wishes, messages, quotes, blessings and prayers you can even find online to send to your mom on her 70th birthday. Make your mother feel special by sharing them with her.

1. Beauty, Brain, Love, Responsible and Virtuous are the words I can use to sum up your personality, mother. You are an African mother indeed. Today I’ll ring your bells. Happy 70th birthday.

2. Who said mothers were not the best gift of nature? Today I will rewrite that history. You are the best gift to me, to human lives, and to generations to come. Happy loving old age Mom.

3. When people ask me why I devote most of my time caring for you, I just tell them they would never understand. And really mother, they wouldn’t. You are an extraordinary human and I love you. Happy 70th birthday ma’am.

4. You are the angel that guides this earth mother. Your words in writings and speeches have transformed the universe. Today, I will join the world in celebrating you. Happy 70th birthday.

5. An outstanding woman worthy of many praises is you. May you continue to find favour even in this new age. Your strength will not wane mother. Happy 70th birthday.

6. Like mother earth, you have watered and nourished many lives. I know they will return to you in praise again. You have indeed lived a fulfilled life and you’ll keep living. Happy old age Mom.

7. As you embark on this new age, may you find the journey fulfilling? May help come from left right and centre. May you witness a love like never before. Happy 70th birthday to you.

8. Today I will tell the world how beautiful, gorgeous, and virtuous you are. Your humility is one to be envied by nations. Your sacrifice cannot be measured. You can only be the best gift I ever received. Happy 70th birthday mother.

9. Have I ever told you how extraordinary and fascinating you are to me? Mom, you are the best gift heaven created. I wished you had been the first Eve, for now, I know you would have averted humanity’s punishment. Happy 70th birthday.

10. Mom, you know you mean the world to me. Your love, your care, your counsel, and wonderful comfort has brought me this far. I couldn’t have been here without you. Thank you, Mom. Happy 70th birthday.

11. A wonder is what you represent mother. You stood for me. You defended me when I was weak. You made me safe and fed me. You will never lack helpers all your life ma’am. I swear to protect and love you forever. Happy birthday, Mom.

12. You are the best support I will ever ask for mother. You make my wilderness fun and easy to plough. Mom, you are the best creature of heaven. Happy 70th birthday to you my hero.

13. Happy birthday sweetest of all mothers. Brighter than anything brightest. You are my sunshine, my light, my guide. Your impact has been felt by acquaintance far and near. Happy 70th birthday to my Hero Mom.

14. Happy birthday mother of light and love. You shine like the morning roses. You dazzle like the morning sun, ever nourishing. I love you, Mom. Happy birthday to you.

15. Today and forever I will always celebrate your existence. You are my best miracle and your grandkids can’t get tired of your tales. Happy birthday, mother.

16. Happy 70th birthday Mom. You know I can’t forget so easily. May this New Year bring you long life and fulfilment. I love you with all my heart.

17. Mother, I hope that you loved the gift I bought you. This is just a token of my love. Happy 70th birthday as you age gracefully Mom.

18. I can only celebrate you by celebrating your motherhood with these best birthday wishes for Mom. Your office and position as a mother was the only thing I ever needed to excel mother. You are a definition of true motherhood, happy birthday to you Mom.

19. Being a mother is one of the hardest leadership roles one can ever handle. But you did a great job raising my sister and I. We love you and we will continue to do so. Happy birthday, Mom.

20. Today we celebrate your new age. May this year bring better years of favour, merriment, and fortune Mom. You are an icon and a true representative of motherhood. Happy ageing birthday as we celebrate you today.

Celebrate your Mother more by exploring the joys, tears, love, and sacrifices of motherhood through these best birthday wishes for Mom.

21. Love, peace, happiness, laughter, and warmth. May you continue to feel all these and more, mother. Today the world stands tall to pay due homage for a mother of worth. Happy birthday to you ma.

22. Who can understand the tears you offered on the altar of sacrifice for my success. Your office is too real and true to be denied. I love you, mother and all that you did. Happy birthday to you Mom.

23. Hurray, it is my mother’s birthday. Happy birthday to you ma. You remain the best gift I can ever you form the Lord. Your title and position in my life can never be replaced. Happy birthday to you ma.

24. Mummy today I become the happiest person on planet earth. You’ve come this far and that can only have been God. I want to say I love you ma and will always do you are irreplaceable. Happy birthday, Mom.

25. You have been my support system ever since I was a child. I thank God for keeping you till this day. I pledge to take care of you better so you can continue to live more for me. Happy ageing birthday Mom.

26. I can remember how stubborn and adamant I was when I was your little baby. But you treated me with so much love and kindness. Mother, I am an adult now please let me take care of you. Happy birthday, Mom.

27. We went through the good and the bad time together mother. Today and henceforth you will continue to reap good from us. You never left us for any reason. Your perseverance is envied. Happy birthday, Mom.

28. Mom, I just want to say I love you. You are my life. Happy 70th birthday mom.

29. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for your cheers and counsel that made me a better person. I love you, Mummy. Happy 70th birthday.

30. You have been my shield and number one mentor. You are my model and your grandkids look up so much to you that I become envious. Happy birthday, Mom.

31. Dear mother, I write this so much to let you know that I could never have asked for a better mom. You are a definition of purpose and fulfilment. Happy 70th birthday mother.

32. You are the only one deserving of these best birthday wishes for single Mother mom so take it. How you were able to raise us singlehandedly shows the level of your strength and in-depth wisdom. I have learned a lot and can only pray that you live longer to enjoy your mother. Happy birthday to you.

33. I saw a movie today and watched how a single Mom handled the tugs who had come to rub her endangering her kids. That could only have been you, mother. Today I celebrate your hard work. Happy 70th birthday to loving mother of all nation.

34. Happy birthday to the sweetest mom I ever know and would ever want to know. You are the dearest of them all mother. Happy 70th birthday.

35. Happy birthday to the sweetest mom I’ll ever have. Thank you for nurturing me, mother. Happy 70th birthday.

36. Only you have my quickening spot. Happy birthday, mother. Your place is ever with the kings. Happy 70th birthday, mother.

37. You have come this far in your age and will continue to soar. You are the only one who made me realize that one can grow without a father because you stand for everything. I love you, mother. Happy 70th birthday to you.

38. The love I have for you is one the heart can only muster. I celebrate you. I celebrate an Icon; a role model, and a true definition of an African Mother. Happy 70th birthday ma.

39. I lack words to express the feelings I have inside for you. Mother you have been more than instrumental in my years to maturity. Your wisdom saw me through all mountains. Happy old age mother. You will leave longer.

40. Let’s get to the track you love so much. I wish Dad was still alive to see you glow this way. You two were so fond of each other mother. Today I will celebrate you two. Happy birthday Mom and Dad.

41. There is no escape today for you Mom. You are going out and you can’t say no. I want to make this day memorable as we celebrate you. So guess what! I’m coming over mother. Happy 70th birthday.

42. I never knew how loving and sweet you were until now mother. I wished I had never broken your heart at all. Yet your love is extraordinary. I love you more than gold. You will live longer for me. Happy 70th birthday.

43. Working, eating, playing, and laughing with you has ever been the best days of my life. today we will do it again as we celebrate your new age fully. Happy ageing, mother.

44. Today I fell on my knees in prayers before I sent this message. I told God to keep you for me, to give me more money and time to always make you happy. Happy birthday, mother.

45. I will go to the rooftop to scream until the world hears and knows that I have the best and most beautiful queen as a mother. Happy birthday to you, mother.

46. Let’s get ready! I’m coming to steal you away from Dad today. Tell him I will make it up to him but I must steal you away. Mom, I love you. Happy warm ageing, mother.

47. Guess what mother! I told my girlfriend about you again today and she almost went jealous. Yes, Mom! I can’t help describing your beautiful personality to others. I love you, mom, and happy birthday.

48. Let the candles be lit. Let the bells ring. Let the watchman sound the alarm. The world must celebrate a beautiful mother. Happy 70th birthday, mother.

49. You and Dad have been the most beautiful gift of life. Everyone knows it. But Mom, you are a Pearl; a Diamond in a golden castle. Happy 70th birthday to you.

50. Hurray! It is mother’s birthday. I am going to be a talkative at work today coz the world must get a doze about you. Expect many calls mother. Happy 70th birthday to you.

When you lack words of prayers for your caring Mom, run in here and enjoy beautiful prayers and wishes you could send her now.

51. How can I begin to say thank you, Jesus, for a life well-lived? He has kept you up to this 70th year in good health and vitality. Thank you, dear God, for the life of my mother. Happy birthday to you, Mom.

52. The Lord kept you till this date. He shielded you from the darts of the enemy. You went through difficult and hard times because of his grace. Thank you, Jesus, for Mum. Happy birthday, mother.

53. I can say a big amen to all the prayers and wishes you have been receiving today. I thought of what to write and nothing came up except Amen. May his grace continue to shine on you, mother. Happy birthday, mother.

54. A special day that cannot be easily forgotten even in death. You are the light that has continued to light my path. May the good Lord continue to shine his light on you and forever mother. May you live long to witness more. Happy birthday, mother.

55. Happy belated birthday mother. May you live long to see brighter days. May your hair turn all grey to be appreciated and played with. I love you, mother.

56. As you embrace this new year, may the happiness, joy, and tenderness that accompany this new age follow and overtake you. May your laughter be heard along with the walls, mother. Happy birthday, mother.

57. You have been a true guide and light to generations. May this same light accompany your old age. May it be there to shield you from the darkness. Happy birthday to you, mother.

58. On this your new age, I pray for a favour that overtakes one. I pray for helpers from the regions of the universe. I pray for the courage to live this year well. Happy birthday, mother.

59. We may not be always there to assuage your loneliness and cheer you up, but we do not leave you without a comforter. May this new grandchild lift your spirit. Happy birthday, mother.

60. Who said God’s blessings aren’t new every morning. You are a living proof mother. Every time I look at you I just see God’s love. Happy birthday, mother.

61. I can only send these 70th birthday wishes for mother to you Mom. May your arms be stronger for greater exploits. May the love above every love guide you. May your lovely heart speak for you in hard times. Happy 70th birthday mother.

62. In hard times you will find a helper. In a time of lack, you will find plenty. In rain, an umbrella will be waiting to shield you. And in sun, you will find the gentle breeze. Happy 70th birthday mother.

63. The sun shines brighter this beautiful morning. The stars shone smiling yesterday evening. And the moon was just extraordinarily glowing. They all were at alert to celebrate you, mother. Happy 70th birthday.

64. How can this day pass without recognizing an ingenious icon the world has ever produced. She is full of splendour and light. Her smile is the best antidote for any situation. Oh, mother, you are the brightest. Happy 70th birthday, mother.

65. I took my pen up at midnight and began to write. The heart was full of awe and admiration. The mouth went dry for lack of right expression s and the hands just scribbled “I love you mother.” Happy 70th birthday.

66. Tell me why I wouldn’t want to scream on a day like this when there is a priceless gift to celebrate. Happy right ag…ing mother. Happy 70th birthday.

67. Happy 70th birthday to the mother of mothers, mentor of mentors; and beauty of beauties. Your soul is as beautiful as your looks mother. Happy happy birthday to my Hero.

68. I took a day off from work to celebrate you, mother. If you were to be a flower, I would buy thousands of you again and again. The world celebrates your day. Happy 70th birthday.

69. What light could shine brighter than you do? Who could do the things you do or dare to say the things you say. You are more than daring and that personality alone stands you out mother. Keep shining. Happy 70th birthday.

70. Happy 70th birthday to the woman that keeps claiming to be young. Keep getting younger o mother. Las las, you remain the best ageing mother in this world. Happy birthday, momma.

Yes! Congratulations on reading through. I’m sure you’re loaded now and on your way to making Mom smile. I’m super excited for you.

You are going to share this for real right? Because another person needs to celebrate another Mother.


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