2nd Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

2nd Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Your baby girl is a beautiful gift. She is perfect and precious and you should create beautiful memories with her every single day of her life.

The early years of her life are important as once lost, they cannot be recovered.

Writing beautiful messages for her is a good habit, you can make them into a collection of messages and give them to her when she is finally old enough to read.

Getting gifts for your baby girl is good but she might not remember them when she grows. Messages, on the other hand, she can always read when she grows.

This post contains 2nd Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl you can use to celebrate her at 2 months. Feel free to go through

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Happy Second Month Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Baby Girl

I wish there was a quote perfect enough to celebrate my baby girl on her second month birthday. She is the most perfect human I have ever seen and she has brought a lot of happiness and laughter into my life.

1. I love you with all my heart and soul. I love you in a way I didn’t think it was possible to love anyone. Happy 2nd month birthday my darling.

2. Happy 2nd month birthday to my little angel, Your presence has made our life beautiful and we love you a lot

3. Happy 2nd birthday to my baby girl. You have added warmth and glee to our lives and we are so in love with you.

4. My little girl is the most adorable creature on earth and I love her more than any other in this world. Happy 2nd month birthday sweet.

5. You have brought bliss into our world and our family has been perfected by your presence. Happy birthday to my little baby

6. I don’t mind the sleepless nights and the nappy changes. I love being your mum and I love you so much. Happy birthday to my adorable little girl

7. We are all happy to celebrate you, we are your greatest admirer and we love you with our whole heart. Happy birthday little one

8. Your entry had made our world complete, we want no other thing. Happy birthday beautiful

9. My baby girl has us wrapped under our fingers and we don’t mind. Happy 2nd month birthday to you sweetheart

10. Your smile wins everybody over and it brightens our world. Happy birthday my love

11. A girl child is a special gift to the family, we are glad you came to our family. Happy birthday to you! You’re specially celebrated in every way.

12. Your birthday is special, you have been a special baby to us and we are saying happy birthday to you!

13. Having a cute and beautiful baby girl is a gift and we are glad to have you. Happy birthday to you!

14. A child is a wonderful gift. That’s what you are dear baby girl; wonderful. Happy birthday to you!

15. If you have a girl child, you are truly blessed. We are blessed to have you, little one.

16. You are our little miracle, your mum and I are still in awe of how completely amazing you are. Happy 2nd month birthday my little girl

17. I have been on top of the world since I had my little girl and the feeling is amazing. Happy birthday my chubby darling

18. My love for you is unconditional, I didn’t think I could love anyone like this but I love you more than I even love myself. Happy birthday little angel

19. The last two months have been amazing, being your parent has been amazing and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Happy birthday baby girl

20. You are very special; you are so special I have grown super protective of you. Happy birthday my little treasure.

21. No matter how old you grow, I will love you as much as I loved you the very first day I held you. happy 2nd month birthday

22. I am always praying for you baby girl, I am praying that God will bless you with good health and a sound mind all the days of your life.

23. You have charmed the entire family and we cannot stop gushing about you. Happy birthday to our little sugar

24. You have turned our life around, you are like a little magician and you have added colour to our world.

25. I will always go out of my way to provide for you, I will take care of you to the best of my ability my little cutie, happy birthday

2 Months Birthday Wishes for My Daughter

It’s your 2 months birthday my sweet little daughter and I am happy to celebrate with you. I wish you a lifetime of joy and good health and I am also hoping that you will always be this sweet, gentle and adorable.

26. I wish you will grow up to be a wonderful person who will have life figured out. Happy birthday my little sweetheart.

27. I pray God will always bless you with happiness and love. You laugh a lot and I want you to always be as happy as you are now even when you grow.

28. I didn’t think I could be a good mother but looking at you right now, I know everything would be alright. Happy birthday my love

29. Our family is blessed to have you, you are definitely God’s gift to us and we love you with all of our heart. Happy 2nd month birthday baby

30. It is just 2 months but it feels like we have had you for a year. happy birthday y little honey pie

31. I will never stop taking care of you no matter how old you get, I will always love and care for you my little angel, happy birthday

32. Every part of your life so far has been a miracle from conception to birth. Happy birthday sweet

33. You fill me with joy always, I pray your life is filled with so much joy as you grow too. Happy birthday my sweetest daughter.

34. The doctors didn’t think you would make it but you did. You are my little miracle and I will celebrate you every day

35. My special daughter, may everything in your life always be radiant as your beautiful face. Happy birthday to you!

36. I love you dear daughter and, on your birthday today, I want to let the whole world know how much you mean to me. Happy birthday to you!

37. Everywhere life leads you shall be a place of comfort and peace and your life shall always be beautiful. Happy birthday to you my daughter!

38. I wish you a beautiful life ahead and may your purpose in life come to fulfilment as you continue to grow. Happy birthday to you my daughter.

39. Being your mum is a great feeling. I cherish all the times I have spent holding you and I wish you a happy birthday darling

40. I used to think your mum was the most beautiful woman on Earth but with you in the picture, I am not so sure of that anymore. Happy 2nd-month birthday love

41. You are my entire world now, you are so perfect and beautiful and I love you with all my heart. Happy 2nd month birthday my little apple pie

42. I am glad you are already 2 months old; I look forward to more celebrations for you. Happy birthday to you munchkin!

43. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so much my little princess and I wish you a happy birthday

44. Your addition to the family has changed a lot of things for good and am happy you came around. Happy birthday to you my daughter.

45. I can’t describe how much you mean to me. I will forever cherish you, my daughter. Happy birthday to you!

46. May I always have reasons to celebrate you and never a reason to worry or fret over you. Happy birthday my daughter!

47. What you are to me is beyond what words can describe. I am glad I am your mother. Happy birthday to you!

48. I can finally relate to what people mean when they talk about the joy of motherhood. I am grateful to God for giving you to me and I wish you a wonderful 2 months birthday

49. It is marvelling how we look so much alike. I can’t wait for you to grow up and for people to start referring to us as siblings

50. As your dad, I want to be your friend and a shoulder to lean on as well. Happy birthday baby

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for 2 Months Old Baby Girl

My baby girl is 2 months old already. I wish you a future full of laughter and success and I pray God will shine his face upon you and you will grow in wisdom, love and excellence. Happy birthday to you angel

51. I am always praying for you and no matter how old you become, I will never stop praying for you. Happy 2nd month birthday my angel.

52. Now that you are a part of our world, we can’t imagine not having you. Happy 2nd month birthday baby girl, you have made our family perfect

53. We are happy people and it has everything to do with your presence. Happy birthday little darling

54. It has been a lot of work since you have been born but it is ok. The happiness you bring to our life completely makes up for the work.

55. Happy 2nd month birthday to our little sunshine. You are completely running our home right now and that is totally ok.

56. Happy birthday to my sweetie, you have touched our hearts and lives in ways that can never be reversed.

57. Happy birthday cutie pie. I am going to pay a lot of attention to you and help you navigate through life. I promise to keep you safe to the best of my ability.

58. Been born is one thing, living is another. May you live each day of your life in perfect peace baby girl, happy birthday to you!

59. May every moment of your life be celebrated. Happy birthday to you! You will get to where you desire in life.

60. Happy 2nd month birthday to my little fighter. Irrespective of what the doctor says; I believe you will make it through.

61. You are such a happy baby; I believe you will grow up to be a happy adult as well. Happy birthday to my bundle of happiness

62. From my heart, I am sending you lots of love and warmth on your special day today. God will keep you from all evils, my baby girl.

63. Your presence in my life is one I cannot replace. I love you so much and I can’t imagine living without you now. Happy 2 months birthday

64. The last two months have been the most incredible time of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Happy birthday baby girl

65. I want to celebrate you each day of your life and am looking forward to more celebrations with you. Happy birthday my daughter!

66. I pray for you from my heart that God will always protect you and lighten your path through life. Happy birthday my daughter!

67. I cannot imagine life without you princess, you have been a source of comfort to me and I am happy to celebrate your 2 months birthday today.

68. I might not be able to express myself well but deep within, I am full of happiness and deep appreciation for being the mum of a beautiful girl like you. happy 2nd month sweet

69. I will always be here for you honey when you take your first step when you graduate from high school and every other important time of your life. Happy birthday

70. I love the last 2 months I have spent with you, they have been the best times of my life. Happy 2 months birthday sweetie

71. My angel is growing and it’s beautiful to watch. I love you so much little one

72. I sometimes get emotional when I stare at your face; you are just too tiny, sweet and adorable. Happy 2 months birthday love

73. You have brought love into our lives; love, happiness and warmth. Happy 2nd month birthday to my little bundle of joy

74. I am going to raise you with so many hugs and love that you are never going to know what it means not to be loved. Happy birthday sweetest baby!

75. It’s been two months of watching you laugh and watching you cry. It has been the most incredible two months of my life. Happy birthday sweetie

2nd Month Birthday Wishes for Daughter

It’s your 2nd month birthday and the journey with you so far has been enjoyable. I wish you days of more laughter than tears and yes, I wish you a little more sleep at night as well so that we can also get a little more sleep. Happy birthday little daughter.

76. I would have loved to wish you will remain my little girl forever but that would be selfish of me so, I wish you will grow up to be the best version of yourself. Happy birthday

77. I can’t believe you are two months already, it feels just like yesterday when I held you in my arms. Please be my baby forever Irrespective of what you do or do not do, I will love, care and cherish you. I have loved you since I set my eyes on you and I will always do

78. I wish you could know how beautiful your little gown is. You are so cute and adorable. Happy 2nd month my baby girl

79. You look so cute, so flexible and so fragile. I will protect you with my life. Happy birthday my little baby girl!

80. I am not counting in terms of months; I am counting in terms of days. It’s been almost 60 days since your birth and that’s a lot. Happy birthday my baby girl

81. My baby girl has my heart in the palm of her hands. She knows how to make me do whatever she wants just by crying and it’s adorable to see. Happy 2nd-month birthday love

82. When people ask about how I cope with the sleepless nights, I tell them it’s totally worth it. Happy birthday my little muffin

83. I am filled with immense joy just by looking at you. I find everything about you beautiful, even your tears,

84. I can’t wait for you to be old enough to blow out candles on your cake. Happy 2nd-month birthday sugar

85. I have a feeling you will be daddy’s little girl and we will both make mummy incredibly jealous. Happy birthday my sweet little baby

86. Your entrance into the world and our family has been a blessing to us. God will continue to watch over you sweet. Happy birthday to you.

87. God showed that he loved us when he gave you to us. I believe there is a great life ahead of you daughter.

88. With you there is an overflow of joy and happiness in the family. You are truly a joy giver. Happy birthday, daughter!

89. You’re truly a blessing and a blessing you will continue to be to us. Happy birthday to you! I pray that your days will be long.

90. My daughter, my joy, I am praying for a great life for you and hoping that you will accomplish the purpose of your existence. Happy birthday to you!

91. Keep growing and glowing. You are special and I cherish that a lot. Happy birthday to you dear daughter. Have a good life!

92. Seeing your lovely face every day is a beautiful feeling that I look forward to. Happy birthday to my favourite human in the world

93. Counting dates and it has been 2 months since you came into the world and this family, thanks to you for choosing us, baby girl

94. I believe your constant laughter and radiance is a sign of how radiant your future will be. Happy birthday to you, daughter!

95. I woke up today and was so happy knowing that it is my daughter’s 2nd month birthday. Happy birthday to you from my heart. I bless God for giving you to the family. My heart prays for you!

96. Hurray!!! You are 2 months old, how time flies. Keep growing and getting more beautiful. Happy birthday to you, daughter!

97. How best can I say I adore you on your special day. I am wishing you a special birthday and prays that you will find happiness in life. Keep growing daughter! Happy birthday to you!

98. I am so happy I gave birth to you; you make life worth living. Happy birthday to you, daughter. I love you!

99. As you’re 2 months today, I am counting my blessings and staying grateful to God for giving you to me. Happy birthday my daughter!

100. I do not doubt that a great future awaits you and I want you to know that I will be standing by until you grow into it. Happy birthday my princess.

Your baby girl might not understand these words now but she would come to value them when she grows.

Don’t wait till she is old enough to understand, celebrate every single month of her life and now that it is her 2nd month birthday, write a nice 2nd month birthday wishes for baby girl for her.

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