10 Years Anniversary Messages for Husband 1

10 Years Anniversary Messages for Husband (2023)

Men are very special and they are meant to be celebrated as an incredible being. A perfect hubby is so hardworking, caring, supportive and sweet. If you have such a husband, and your 10 years wedding anniversary is close by, you could use that opportunity to make him feel appreciated by using any of this text on your anniversary day.

10 Years Wedding Anniversary and Still Counting Messages for Your Husband

Just like yesterday, right? And even if we’ve not been a part of the celebrations, our heart is glad today that the union is 10 Years old and it proves to last till your last breathe. High five.
So, some 10 years wedding/marriage anniversary for your husband? Use these lovely ones for Him.

1. Happy tenth anniversary to the man of my soul. You are an excellent lover and I can’t trade you for anything. Love you crazy.

2. It’s been ten years of growth, fun, fight, challenges and all. I am so grateful that we are stronger together. Happy tenth, my Love.

3. Would I have done without you? Thank you for making our marriage beautiful. Happy anniversary, Sweet.

4. You are such a resolute man. I will say it is your determination that has brought us this far and I am so grateful for us. Happy anniversary, my Crown.

5. I will do another 10, 20, 30, 40 and even eternity with you. Thank you for making life meaningful. Happy anniversary, Lover-boy.

6. We sure had our own share of challenges but faithful is He who has called us. Thank you for not giving upon us. Happy anniversary, my Crown.

7. You are the best decision of my life asides Christ. I love you with every breath. Happy anniversary, Boo

8. There is this connection between our soul, sealed by the faithfulness of Yahweh. It can never be broken, I promise. Happy anniversary, Best Choice.

9. I am ever radiant because my man always makes me happy. I heart-preciate you my joy. Happy anniversary.

10. It is as though you know the core of my soul yet you love me much so. I cherish you forever. Happy 10th anniversary.

11. I asked for a good man. God gave me his best choice. I am eternally grateful for the gift of you, my darling. Happy tenth to us.

12. It’s been tough, we are yet to get perfectly along but your teachable spirit, I will never take for granted, I honour you. Happy 10th anniversary.

13. It’s 10years already?! This is unbelievable. Trust me! The whole journey seems like yesterday. I love you for making it a beautiful journey for me. Happy anniversary, my Love.

14. I am the most favoured among women. I married God’s favourite and I’ve spent 10 years enjoying the benefits. Happy anniversary, Treasure.

15. You are the rhythm of my heartbeats. I love you so much, my King. Happy anniversary. a decade already! We did it and we are sure gonna do more, baby. Happy anniversary to us.

16. The last ten years have been one of absolute growth for us. For not giving up on me, I salute you. Happy anniversary, my Lover.

17. My ‘yes’ is forever. Ten years seems like ten days. I am so sure I will enjoy forever. Love you, King.

18. Thank you for being my co-writer in this ten years romantic story. I will forever cherish you, my King. Bon Anniversaire.

19. My heart was caged in yours for ten years, I’ve breathed better than ever. Love you so much my, hubby. Happy anniversary.

20. I’ve not been the perfect wife through these 10 years but it has been years of blessings and growth. I’m super grateful for taking this journey with you. Happy anniversary, baby.

21. You are a goal-getter and you have successfully made me better. I could never have wished for more. I cherish you forever, Sweet. Happy anniversary to us.

22. I am super grateful you are my head. You have indeed proved to be the best head for me over these ten years. I love you and cherish you. Happy anniversary, Treasure.

23. Over the last ten years, you have made my happiness your priority. I bless God everyday for gifting you to me. Happy 10th, my Love.

24. You epitomize wisdom. It’s been ten years of enjoying insights from you. I cherish you, my King. Happy anniversary, Babe.

25. You are my angel, my watchman, and provider. Thank you for making my life and that of our seeds worthwhile. Happy anniversary, Lover-boy.

26. I feel so ecstatic about the celebration of our first decade together. I love you forever. Happy 10 years together.

27. Sharing my life with you for these ten years has been so interesting. Let’s do more. Happy anniversary, Soulmate.

28. To my best friend and lover. It’s been 10 amazing years of growth, bonding, and goodness. Happy anniversary, my Love.

29. Cheers to 10 amazing and fruitful years. It could only be God and an amazing man like you. I will love you forever. Happy anniversary, Sweetheart.

30. One of the things I have done really well was saying, ‘yes’ to your proposal. Thank you for making my life magical. Happy anniversary, Honey Buns.

31. My coast is enlarged and filled with happiness because I’ve got the best man on Earth. Happy anniversary, Dear.

32. I believe we are gonna be together till our last breathe. We are fashioned for one another. Happy tenth anniversary, Soulmate.

33. It’s our 10th anniversary, a tenth season of love and joy for us. Happy anniversary, darling husband.

34. 10 years of friendship, loyalty, growth, intimacy, and happiness. I’m so grateful for having you on this journey. Happy anniversary, Sweetie.

35. My sweet dude, thank you for making me understand what love really feels like. Thank you for the 10 years of absolute faithfulness. I won’t trade you for the world. Happy anniversary, baby.

36. It’s been 10 years of ups and downs but we are stronger and better. Happy 10th anniversary, my Love.

37. Thank you for transforming me into a perfect little side with your patience and wisdom. Happy tenth anniversary, Sweet dough.

38. You are the best person I could have shared my life and space with. Happy anniversary, my Love.

39. To the one person who understands me more than myself. My sweet buddy and Crown. Happy anniversary, Love.

40. Over the years, I have been fully blown and back to shape. Thank you for been so loving and supportive all through. Happy tenth anniversary, Sugar.

41. Each day has a new meaning because I get to spend it with you. Happy 10th anniversary, Babe.

42. For ten years, you have made allowances for my childishness and have treated with love and care. Thank you for loving me despite my flaws. Happy anniversary my Lord.

43. For 10 years, I am still yet to comprehend the way you inspire me that makes me never want to let go. Happy Anniversary to us Mr. Adorable. I will forever cherish you.

44. You have resurrected the little girl in me. With you by my side, I can do anything. Thank you for making marriage so much fun. I love you to the heavens. Happy Anniversary Big man.

45. To the world’s best husband and dutiful father. May your days be long and filled with blessings. Happy Anniversary to us. Kisses.

46. You are an embodiment of goodness. I am so sure it is the pure favour of God that gift you to me, not anything I have done.

47. I promise to support and always be right by your side until the end. Thank you for the way you cherish me and our children. I couldn’t have asked for more. Happy 10th Anniversary Sugar.

48. It’s a decade already, I can’t believe it! Thank you for making my life amazing. Happy 10th, Husband.

49. Happy 10th anniversary, my Sugar. Believe me, I thank God for you every day of the years. Good keep and bless you, my Love.

50. You are a package of blessing to me. I cannot count all the things you do selflessly for me. Happy tenth anniversary, my Hero.

51. You are such an amazing soul. Over the years, you have taught me the power of forgiveness. God bless you my darling. Happy anniversary, my King.

52. You have indeed made love a very beautiful thing for me. Thank you for 10 years of bliss. Happy anniversary, Bestie.

53. You are the brightness of my world, thank you for making my life this beautiful. Happy anniversary, my Love.

54. Thank you for your consistent love over the years, you’ve lived me even in my naughtiness. I love you, my husband.

55. May the many more years we have together been more intimate with great understanding and much blessings. Happy tenth anniversary, Sweetheart.

56. Living together for 10 years has been a sweet great experience. I love you, darling. Happy anniversary, my Crown.

57. You are the partner I want to grow old with, with you there is more meaning to life. Happy anniversary, Sweet.

58. I cannot stop showing my gratitude to God for His perfect love for me. I am so grateful for the gift of you because you are God’s best choice for me. Happy anniversary, Dearie.

59. I wish the most handsome, caring, passionate and dotting husband more blessings and longevity as we celebrate our tenth anniversary.

60. Our romance gets sweet as the years roll by. I want to grow old with the man reading this. Happy 10th anniversary, my Sweet Boo.

61. I appreciate you for this opportunity of being your wife and the mother of your children. I am the most blessed amongst women. Happy anniversary, Baby.

62. A proof that you are truly favoured is to be with the right partner. Thank you for being that to me. Happy tenth anniversary, Baby.

63. To my everyday hot chocolate, happy tenth anniversary. I’m drinking you till we breathe our last.

64. Happy tenth anniversary to the love of my life. Your thoughtfulness has been overwhelming over the years.

65. You make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I am super grateful for this. Happy anniversary my love. I honour you.

66. Thank you for being such a good man. For being satisfied with me for 10 years. God bless you my loving husband.

67. You have been so faithful and sincere. We have conquered many grounds together and I believe there is more greatness to us. Happy 10th anniversary, the best choice.

68. Today marks 10 years of being together and also the beginning of a new episode for us. I love you with my whole being. Happy tenth anniversary, my love

69. I love the way you make me feel. You never appear to change in attitude to me and I sincerely appreciate that. Happy anniversary, my love.

70. Thank you for keeping the friendship spice in our marriage all these years. I love you, King. Happy anniversary.

71. I fully dedicate this day to God and to you. You are my world darling and you rock! Love you, Sweet.

72. To my ever bestie, I love you forever. Happy tenth anniversary to my sweet husband.

73. A warm congratulations to my best friend for our first decade together. I definitely want to do this over again.

74. I am so drunk with our love that I don’t mind to be drunk for the rest of my life. Happy 10th anniversary, my sweet wine.

75. May the heavens join us in celebrating our first decade together. Happy 10th, my love.

76. I have always loved you, I still love you and I will forever do. Happy decade anniversary to my king.

77. You have changed me for the better. 10 years with you is more than worthwhile. Happy anniversary, my sweet bun.

78. I am grateful for life because of you. Thank you for completing me. Happy anniversary my love.

79. These ten years are just a smaller of many more goodies to come. Thank you for making my life a wonder. Happy 10 years, Honey.

80. What have I done to deserve such love as this? Thank you for loving me perfectly. Happy anniversary, my Love.

81. We are stronger because of the many bumps we have experienced. I appreciate you for being my partner in this journey. Happy 10th anniversary.

82. Our lives together have been all shades of beautiful colour. You are my co-artist and I love you crazy. Happy anniversary, Boo.

83. Yes! We’ve had a time of love, struggle, joy and hardship together but we are still here and today marks the beginning of greatness for us, Love. Happy anniversary, Honey.

84. Today, I am not only joyful about the anniversary but I am grateful for every moment I have spent with you. Happy anniversary, Love.

85. I am more than convinced that you were made for me and only me. You are such a blessing to me. Happy anniversary, Bestie.

86. You define love and absolute care for me. I am so blessed to have you as my husband. Happy 10th anniversary, Sweetheart.

87. Every day of this ten years seems like a honeymoon endless journey to me. Happy anniversary, my King.

88. You are a man of absolute integrity and I am so proud to be your significant other. Happy tenth, my Love.

89. This tenth year has been a magical journey for me. You are such a wonderful person and I’d do this over and over with you. Happy anniversary, King.

90. Since I met you, everything changed for good. It’s 10 years now and I want to do more with you. Happy anniversary, my love.

91. A man that finds a wife finds a good thing. A woman that finds a wonderful man like you is super blessed.

92. I am so glad that marriage is forever because I am willing to do that with you. Happy anniversary, my Love.

93. You are my life, Sweetheart. Thank you for making my life worthwhile. Happy anniversary, Honey.

94. You ensure I am thrilled each day of this marriage. I love you, dear. Happy anniversary, Boo.

95. You make me laugh so hard that my wrinkles will be from laughter and nothing else. Thank you for loving me so hard. Happy anniversary, Dearie.

96. You’ve proven to me that you are not only a husband but a father and a mentor. I will forever cherish you. Happy tenth anniversary.

97. You are my pillar, my inspiration and the key to my success. I appreciate you always. Happy 10th anniversary, Boo.

98. I will forever celebrate this man who always took care of my heart. Happy 10th anniversary, Sweet Pea.

99. I am in this forever. I am so happy for not letting you go. Happy tenth, my Crown.

100. You are the melody that makes my heartbeat. I am ever tuned to you, my love. Happy anniversary, Honey.

These carefully composed messages will let him know you truly admire his consistent love over the ten years. Use these heartwarming messages without caution as you celebrate a decade of love in your matrimonial union.

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