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2023 I Miss You Status for Boyfriend – Missing You Status for Him

Are you missing the most important person in your life because distance has dealt you and him a great blow?

Distance in a relationship comes with some sort of hitch, especially when it happens suddenly and the couple didn’t have enough time to prepare for the temporary separation.

Even when prior notice is given, one just can not prepare enough, whether the relationship is a new one and is yet to fully mature, or is a very solid one that has been built for years.

Do you want to touch and ignite the fire in his heart with words, since physical touch isn’t possible at the moment? Or you simply want him to know how much you crave his presence and how he alone makes you happy?

We all know voice and video calls are not totally sufficient. Choose any of these romantic I Miss You Messages or Status for Boyfriends to help communicate how much you miss him and wish you were together.

 Missing You Status for Him – Boyfriend

The best collection of heart touching I Miss You Status for Boyfriend.

1. I hope you know that someone is missing you deeply here and might pass out soon for lack of enough dose of her oxygen and energy? Come quickly.

2. Baby if the human heart descends from its position at every thought of missing one’s heart rob, my heart would be at my feet already by now, and it’s not even up of 48hrs of missing you yet.

3. Like a bird without its wings, a snail without its shell, is me without my love. I miss you, darling.

I Miss You Status for Boyfriend

4. I miss you much more than you can imagine, and just can’t wait for you to be back.

5. The internet is one of the greatest blessings of our generation, but it still has no capacity to make me not miss you as much as I do, despite the daily Skype calls and chats.

6. If missing you adds an inch to your height, your head would be touching the sky by now.

7. Being so far away from you for so long makes me wish I possess superpowers, so I can teleport across continents. Because I want nothing else than to be in your arms right now.

8. I won’t tell you I Miss You because that’s an understatement of how I truly feel. I’m miserable without you here.

9. baby, there has to be a way we can work out this distance issue because I’m scared I might lose my mind. I think about you every second.

10. It’s all sad and gloomy here, please bring back my light and sunshine, his name is You!

11. I’ve never anticipated the end of a thing as much as I do, that of this program that has stolen you away from me for months now. I just want my baby back, I miss you greatly.

12. Distance is a bitch for trying to come between us, I miss you badly hun.

13. Baby, I’m ill, and the doctor’s diagnosis indicates a lack of the most important vitamin I need, which is You!

14. My heart yearns for your love baby, my body and spine, for your touch. Baby, I miss you so much.

15. Your presence is heaven to me, so imagine what your absence has been doing to me all the while you’ve been away. I need you here right now.

16. Darling, I was custom made for you, to always be wherever you are. Please return asap, I miss you.

17. Everything here reminds me of you, and I can’t seem to think straight anymore. I hate missing you.

18. Baby your warmth is the medicine I need right now to get better. I miss you, hun, all I want is you.

19. I’m short of words in describing how much I miss you, dear, can’t wait to see you.

20. My heart aches because its owner is too far away. I miss you so much, hun.

21. Just as a bird needs its wings to fly, baby I need your presence to be okay and happy. I miss you.

22. Everything’s not the same, with you being far away. Only your presence can make things go back to normal, come back soon darling.

23. Nothing and no one can fill the gap your absence has created dear. I miss you so much, come back home.

I Miss You Status for My Boyfriend

24. I’ve been infected with the malady called Missing My Baby, and the only cure is You! Come heal me, darling.

25. I’m here staring at pictures of you, of us together, but what I really want is to stare into your loving eyes. I miss you, hun.

26. I miss you so much that my heart is beginning to ache, and my body too, cos of a lack of your electric touch.

27. I’m craving your touch so badly tonight. I miss you so much.

28. If you see this handsome chap anywhere, please feel free to bundle him and send to me immediately. I’ve missed him too much.

29. I miss your smile, I miss your laughter, I miss your voice, I miss your touch, I miss everything about you dear.

30. Out of sight can never be out of mind for you dear. Missing you engraves you deeper into my heart.

31. I miss you so much, you know I do. I’m just never the same when you’re away, come back to me quickly.

32. If the tears I’ve shed as a result of missing you were being stored up since you left, they’d be enough to fill up an ocean by now. I miss you, honey.

33. I doubt I’d be able to survive three more days without seeing you. Can’t you return earlier? I’ve missed you greatly.

34. I just want you to know that once you return this time, I’m never letting you ought of my sight again. I can’t stand missing you this much ever again.

35. If a strand of your hair were to fall off at every thought of me missing you, baby “Bald” would be an understatement for what you’d be by now.

36. Imagine the taste of noodles cooked without its chilli powder and spice, imagine the taste of hot spice in ice cream. Doesn’t jell right? But that’s how I feel being without you for so long.

37. Social media doesn’t do justice hun, it’s been 3 months now, I miss you badly.

38. Surviving distance from you isn’t part of my default setting, come quickly before I self-destruct.

39. Baby we are meant to be together always, I miss you.

40. Baby, I’ve missed you so much that my heart now aches, I hope you miss me too?

41. My busy schedule hasn’t stopped me from missing you and thinking about you throughout the day.

42. When am I going to see you again hun? I miss you already.

43. It’s impossible not to miss the man that adds colour to my life whenever he’s around. Miss you dear.

44. I never thought I’ll ever have to say this: I miss you so much, dear. Please let’s work things out.

45. Baby, I know I said stuff I shouldn’t have. I meant none of them, I was just upset. Please forgive me, and ignore them all. I miss you so much.

46. I’m absolutely not good at goodbyes. I miss you so much already, how much more when you are gone.

47. It’s been long we talked deeply and had a great conversation. What’s happening to us hun? I miss you.

48. I believe life is treating you as good as you deserve. I’m amazed at how much I miss you.

49. I miss you so much cos I’m deeply in love with you. When will I see you again?

50. Being without you is like a house without a solid foundation, it’s only a matter of time before it will crash. Please come before I crash.

51. Sitting here staring at my ceiling, all I can think about is you. I miss you much darling.

52. Being away from you this long has made me realise you’re the most important person in my life. Can’t wait to see you.

53. There can’t be a day without the sun, nor night without the moon. There’s no happy me without you. I miss you.

I Miss You Status for Him

54. Everything I do reminds me of you because we used to do everything together. I miss you a lot, hun.

55. Hey boo, I have decided to go on hunger strike till you return. Better return soon before I faint. I love you, hun.

56. I wish I was a great singer, so I’d compose a song about how much I miss you. Considering how much I long for you, it would definitely be a hit.

57. I miss and think of you so much that I now seem to see your face on everyone and everything I see.

58. The distance was never part of our plan baby. I miss you too much.

59. I miss you love. Again I say, I miss you, darling. I can’t say it enough, I really do miss you, dear. When are you coming back?

60. I finally found a clause that explains why I’ve been unhappy, and shed tears every night: “I’m Missing You!”

61. You were on my mind throughout the night, and I had tons of dreams about you. I miss you a lot.

62. I love the sound of your voice better when you’re right beside me. Can’t wait for you to be back hun.

63. Looking at pictures of you, and I just wish I can pull you out of it. I’ve missed you greatly.

64. You promised you’d always be with me but you’ve been away for so long. It’s not fair, I miss you deeply.

65. My heart would soon start to ache kos I’m missing you too much.

66. I’ve missed all the wondrous things your touch does to me. I miss you, baby.

67. I don’t want to spend another day without seeing you, hugging you and laying in your arms. Come home hun.

68. You say you’ve missed me, yet you’ve refused to come back. It’s obvious I miss you much more than you miss me.

69. Close your eyes and imagine all the feelings my kisses ignite in you. Now open them, and come here quickly. I’ve missed you so much.

70. If you don’t come see me before the end of today, expect me there, first thing tomorrow morning. Lol, what did you expect? I’ve missed you greatly.

71. I’m missing the most important element in my life: Your presence! Can’t wait to see you soon.

72. Do you know how it feels like to be in the midst of a crowd, yet be lonely? That’s exactly how I feel when you’re not here. I miss you, dear.

73. I’ve been dreaming about being tightly held in your arms. Even while awake, that’s all I think about. I miss you so much.

74. The day is over, and night is drawing near. Sadly, I miss you the most at nighttimes.

75. Baby, I just want to be where you are. I miss you!

76. Nothing makes sense when you’re not around. I miss you.

77. I miss our arguments, I miss our fights, I miss everything you are, and everything you do.

78. All you have to do is bid me come and I’d race down there at the speed of light. I miss you that much dear.

79. I miss your tender love and care darling, especially now that I’m ill.

80. Missing you has been the only constant thing for me since you travelled. Come back soonest.

81. Meeting you is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Missing you is the opposite, can’t wait for your return hun.

82. Just wanted to tell you that I’m missing you so much, and can’t wait for you to be back.

83. If I’m to express how much I miss you in a song, baby I’ll be singing all night long and that would just be the first verse.

84. Baby, it’s raining here and all I can think about is how great it would feel to dance in the rain with you. I miss you.

85. I just want to be held tightly in your warm embrace right now.

86. No one can calm me down and make me feel good like you do. I miss you, baby.

87. I’m yet to get over our last kiss at the airport yesterday. It was unfair of you to have left me craving for more knowing you’d be away for months. I miss you already dear.

88. I’ve finally realised you’re all I ever want and need. I miss you, darling. See you soon.

89. I’m not ashamed to say I can’t stay away from you for long. I miss you, darling.

90. It’s just three days but feels like I’ve been away from you for a month. I miss you much baby.

91. Nothing would be nicer than being able to see and be held by you today. I’ve missed you so much baby, I love you.

92. There’s a way you make me feel that no one else has ever achieved. I miss you, hun.

93. The scariest part about being away from you this long is knowing my heart is technically in your hands. You don’t want me to drop dead… so come back quickly.

94. The distance has given me a chance to clear my head and think deeply. Baby, I’ve missed you so much, and all I want is you.

95. Your presence makes all the difference in my life. I miss you more and more each day.

96. I’ve never missed anyone this much before. If this is what love is, then I admit that I’m crazily in love with you.

97. I can’t help but think about you, and fantasize about you being right here with me. I miss all the great fun we used to have.

98. I miss you deeply darling, I’m starting to feel I might fall ill if I don’t see you soon.

99. Baby, only your presence can cure the adverse effect of your absence. Come as soon as you can.

100. I’ve been telling myself not to think about you too much, so I won’t miss you and start feeling moody. But I can’t help it.

  • Written By Oladoyin Makinde.

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