You Rock My World Quotes for Lovers

100 You Rock My World Quotes for Lovers in 2023

The love they say is the strongest bond that holds two heart together be it in friendship or romantic relationships. Do not allow your own love to be hurt to you when you fail to express it fully.

So, free yourself from the pain that follows love untold and lunch yourself into the palace of love unending. To make that achievable, you need well-constructed and emotional you rock my world quotes and sayings to express your uncontrollable love for your lover. All you need to contribute is to send it to him or her.

Romantic You Rock My World Quotes for Him or Her

Express your love to your lover in its purest form with the following sweet you rock my world quotes for lovers from the heart.

1. Like ideas rule the world, your love and care rule and rock my world. I would have been empty without you My love. I love you.

2. You’re my daily source of Inspiration. You’re all I’ve ever needed. You Rock My World!

3. As the water surrounds the earth so does your love surround my world.

4. Blessed is the day I met you because, since then, my world has been dominated by the pleasantry of your love.

You Rock My World

5. Without strong pillars, walls fall off, so does my world without you. You rock my world.

7. Peace, joy, and happiness are altogether the song of my being with the presence of your love. You rule my world, my love.

8. Wherever the wind likes, it directs the leaves in the force so does your love to me, my king.

9. There is emptiness whenever your presence is missing. Come back to me, you own my world.

10. In the bank of love, your absence debits my account and make me worthless. you rule my world

11.  Every part of me stops existing whenever you are away. You the king of my kingdom.

12. I wish every moment we spend together is an eternity. But 24hours is not enough for me to enjoy the rudiment of your love. Am nothing without you.

13. Every hope anyone can seek is hidden in your love. You are my everything.You are my world.

14. People say the Majesty of a kingdom is possessed by the king of the kingdom. The beauty of my kingdom is you. You are the ruler of my world.

15. There are peace and calmness in my heart. Each time I think about your love for me. You rock my world.

16. I don’t care what my people may say so far I have your love I am made. Your rule my world.

17. There is always a joy that is total, which is the joy I found loving you. you rule my world.

18. To me, you are a peacemaker because loving you has brought nothing but peace to me. You rule my world.

19. Precious is the only name I can call your love to me. You rule my world.

20. Thinking of who you are to me? Don’t think too long… you are my King. You rock my kingdom.

21. There are a beginning and an ending of love but the most amazing thing is that both are found in you. You rock my world.

22. Loving you corrects all about me. you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You own my world.

23. There is a key to my kingdom and that is your love. You rule my world.

24. People come and go with no impact on me but you are still very much around and it doesn’t stop me from missing you already. You rock my world.

25. ‎This cloud of love you put over me suits me. Please don’t let it fall because under it I live. You rock my world.

26. The sun rises from the East and sets in the West but your love for me rises and never rests. Thanks for loving me. You rock my world.

27. ‎Loving you is the major purpose of my existence. You own my world.

29. ‎Temptation and torment of your love bring out the best in me. You rock my world.

30. ‎On the street of darkness, your love illuminates my path with an incomprehensible light. You rock my world.

31. ‎I am falling from the sky, your love is the parachute that let land safely. You rock my world sweetheart.

32. ‎Peace and happiness came visiting but you made them stay and abide. You have secured my world.

33. ‎They may take the world but the fact that I’m in possession of your love means more than the world to me. You always rock my world.

34. ‎Since I submitted to the authority of your love, my life has never remained the same. Thanks, architect of my world.

35. ‎Before I do think there is no security in a relationship but you coming to my life changed the story for good. With you, my world is secured. You rock my world.

36. ‎Every now and there you have been the song my heart sings. You rock my world.

37. ‎Every time the thoughts of you roll into my heart.  Every part of me leaps for Joy. You are the anthem of my Kingdom.

38. ‎A person of your type is scarce. They appear once in a lifetime. Thanks for loving me. You rule my world.

39. The warmth of your embrace brings me the pleasure of a lifetime. You rule my world.

40.‎ The wetness of your kisses quenches a lifetime thirst. You rule my world, I love you honey.

41. ‎I have never melted in the hand of any man like I do in your arm. Your love touches the deepest part of me. your love is all I seek in this world.

42. The freedom many nations are seeking is what I have found in you. You are the hope of the world.

43. I have sought and looked but there is totally no one that can please my heart, soul and body the way you do.

44. You are a fountain in the midst of rivers. You are a rock in the midst of mountains. You’re a precious gift from the “most high” God to me and the entire world. You are my king.

45. The calmness I see in your presence is the best anyone can ever acquire in a lifetime. You are the best.

46.  I looked for words to describe the kind of love you have for me and discovered that my wisdom can not fathom it. My world is in your care.

47. Your love to me is like a flowing river, the peace you brought to my life is like the wave of a mighty wind, the doubt that you clear from my heart is a heap of a mighty mountain. You rock my world. My handsome king.

48. Even when sickness is at my doorstep, your smile is the only medication my heart desire. You own my World.

49. Your love to me is like putting a round peg in a round hole. My dearest, you complete me. My world is nothing without you.

50. Measuring the weight and the quality of your love to me is like counting the sand in the ocean.

51. ‎I am inactive whenever you are away from me because you are like a Sim card to me.

52. ‎Your love is like an ATM card to my ATM. Unproductively is the outcome each time I’m not with you. You rule my world.

53. ‎In the market of love, your love is the best product. You rule my world.

54. ‎The heat I feel now is from the hotness of your love. You rule my world.

55. ‎ Like a computer system, your love is my central processing unit. You make my world.

56. ‎In the midst of my downfall, the only help I get is you. You rock my world.

57. ‎I asked God for a guardian angel and he gave you to me. And I am grateful for the wonderful gift. You rule my world.

58. ‎Red is the colour of a rose, green is the colour of leaves, blue is the colour of the sky and your love is my colour.

59. ‎I’m shining brightly and flourishing greatly simply because of your love. You rock my world.

60. ‎ Your love is the fuel that kept me going even in this challenging world. You rock my world.

61. ‎Friends and family are now turning their back on me because they can’t see what I am seeing in you, which is the hope of a brighter future. You rock my world.

62. Every time, every moment it looks like I cannot breathe because of the love you have for me which is breathtaking. I love you, You rule my world.

63. As the Sun rocks the sky in the day and moon and the stars at night so your love rocks my world, every day.

64. ‎You’re my king and I am your queen. Together we will rule and reign in the this glorious Kingdom. You rule my world.

65. ‎ I have crossed every bridge of limitations since that moment you opened up the gate of your love for me to come in. You organized my world.

66. ‎ I don’t believe I could be this ordered, your love reorganize my life and I’m becoming more organized by the day. Thank you for your mentorship. You rock my world.

67. ‎ In love’s parking lot, your love is the brightest. You rule my world.

68. ‎The venom of your love is stronger than that of an angry snake. Thank you for your love. You rock my world.

69. In this world two categories of people, the ordinary and the extraordinary. Your love is what makes you extraordinary.

70. Your love makes me a celebrity because of the smile you brought to my face. You rock my world.

71. As the Lord has made you the crown upon my Head, you will not lose your reign no matter what the situation around me is saying. You own my world.

72. Just like rainfall, as it waters the ground, so does your love watered my heart. You Rock My World.

73. ‎They say love is a crime, if that is the case then I will be pleased if I’m locked up for life. You Rock My World.

74. Adding your love to my credentials make me a professor. Please don’t ask me my field of study because I will not answer you. You rule my world.

75. They don’t think we can make it this far, they think our fault will fall us so fast but the amazing thing is that we not walking things out but we are creating a generation filled with love and togetherness. You are important to my world.

76. Don’t flaunt it they say, as, for me, I will build a big billboard to announce the goodness of your love for me. You rule my world.

77. I am drowning the ocean of your love and I’m not fighting for my life because of your love the life I ever wanted. You rule my world.

78. Every time you are not around the room always appears big and is increasingly increase every second you spend out there. You rock my world.

79. ‎ Since that great day, your love starts growing in me, my life knows no stagnation. You rock my world.

80. I think everything is lovely but the moment I gave my heart to you, I now see that every little thing is lovely. You the light in the mist of my world.

81. ‎ trust, obey is the major key to your love because since I have started using it all ups have now become down. You rock my world.

82. ‎ you are as gentle as dove so those your love and it bring peace of mind to me. You rock my world.

83. ‎You may not be here physically but your presence in my heart is so real like a breath. you rock my World.

84. ‎In the arithmetic 1+1=2 but there is always an exception which is you + me that is always one, because each time I’m thinking about you, I am thinking about myself. You rock my world.

85. ‎ The distance between us means nothing so far the bridge of love between use still stand firm and strong. I love you and rock my world.

86. The Lighten from the thunder of your love, gives me hope in the midst of the darkness of this age. You Rock My World.

87. It has become so evident that your love is enough to secure my ever growing world. I love you so much. You Rock My World.

88. As drone is good in surveillance security so does you love is securing my heart. You are important to my world.

89. Whether they in support of it or not, you are all that matters and I have chosen to follow and spend the rest of my life with you. You rule my world.

90. The name I gave to that moment I can never forget is love because you made it happen. Thanks for your love. You rule my World.

91. Your love is the wall that surrounds my world that protected it against invaders. You Rock my World.

92. Your love makes me stronger day by day, I have now grown beyond my imagination and dwell in confidence. You rock my world.

93. I now live like a queen in the domain of my kingdom because of your love. Glory be to God for giving a prize like you. You rule my world.

94. O hail the king of my kingdom for his love shall live forever and ever in my heart and I will forever be glorified by his majesty. You shall rule world my world forever.

95. Is now becoming so real that God has definitely handed me over to your love because you are always on point with every one of your touches is always on point. As you never miss any of my points, untouched. Your love rocks my world.

96. Looking into your see all I always see the mystery of the future to come. You determine the future of my world.

97. ‎ As a tree when the storm of life is blowing, your love is the handle on which my roots are attached to. You rock my world.

98. ‎No matter how boring the day is, every moment you change the topic to love, there is always this sweetness it brings to my heart. You own my World.

99. ‎There is always a melody I hear my heartbeat make each time am with you, which is composed by the reason of your love in my heart.

100. I never think I can be this weak. Now your love is bigger than me, taller than me, wider than me and stronger than me. To you, I will never say never. You rule my world.

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