Struggle With Anxiety

Why Your Struggle with Anxiety Never Ends?

Anxiety is arguably one of the several health challenges that have terribly eaten deep in the minds of many and consequently weighed them down, leading to different forms of mental and physiological illnesses. From this research, six out of ten people who have anxiety issues usually suffer from depression as well hence, we could conclude that anxiety if not properly managed and controlled may lead to depression.

Interestingly, anxiety usually starts with little worries which at first seem normal, and then gradually graduates to higher levels of frustration, fear, self-doubt, hatred and ultimately depression.

When Does Anxiety Set In?

Every human tends to worry about a lot of things ranging from how to afford life’s essentials, to meeting up some standard or expectation, to finding answer to problems and puzzles and lots more. At this stage, it is very much normal to worry about those things as worrying is just being human. Anxiety however begins to set in when any of the following starts to happen:

When you start to feel overly uneasy, nervous, apprehensive and obsessed or concerned about a particular situation.

At this point, this particular cause of concern for you becomes your only concern, disallowing you from paying attention to anything else or even fully concentrating at school, work or your other involvements. The thought of it keeps you bothered all day with a high level of fear and uncertainty about the outcome of the situation.

When you do not know what to do or not do.

It is absolutely okay to not know what to do (or not do) in a particular situation. The problem however arises when you get too bothered and overwhelmed about the fact that you are not able to make a decision in time or when you are really confused about the line of action to take. If care is not taken, this might lead to anxiety.

When you become extremely low in morale and habitually frustrated and unhappy, anxiety might be setting in already. What happens at this point is that you get easily tired and uninterested in people, things and everything else.

Why Do I Keep Struggling With Anxiety?

There are different reasons you keep struggling with anxiety. Unless you find out and tackle these issues, you might just continue in the struggle. Let us see some of those reasons:

1. Carrying Too Much Weight

This in other words is being burdened and overwhelmed with thoughts and tasks. This makes you constantly pressured and frustrated because you are overwhelmed with concerns about the many things you have to do or accomplish which seem difficult or impossible to you.

2. Fear and Doubt

Asides carrying a heavy weight on your mind, allowing fear or panic also leads to a life full of anxiety. This happens when you always dwell on negativity and picture or expect things to always go wrong. The result is usually negative too as we are products of our word and thoughts. When next you notice that you are tending towards the anxiety syndrome, check your level of fear and doubt and endeavor to make necessary adjustments.

3. Restlessness

If you usually feel uneasy and discontented with your life, it might be another reason you are struggling with anxiety. The fear of missing out and the desire to always meet expectations or please people might lead to anxiety because you cannot always do everything or be everywhere.

4. Feeling on the edge

This is particularly a mental health condition and it usually comes with a feeling of irritability. You just feel this sense of urgency to get things done which usually leads to you becoming tensed and getting into error. This is another reason you keep struggling with anxiety.

5. Uncertainty about the Future

The future on its own naturally comes with some level of uncertainty, which is why it is the future. Being too apprehensive of the future breeds fear, doubt and uncertainty. The best bet is to enjoy and maximize the moment, while living the present to the fullest. Worrying too much about the future does not change what it holds, it rather leads to anxiety.

6. Dwelling on your past mistakes, failures and disappointments

This is you going back to the past all the time and beating yourself up each time for what you apparently no longer have control over. The more you keep revisiting the past and hurting from it, the more you keep struggling with anxiety.

7. Thinking You Have it Worst

Whenever you start to feel you are in the worst situation possible, then you will continue to struggle with anxiety. Truth is, everyone has one issue or the other they deal with. You therefore need to take it easy on yourself as this will go a long way in helping you manage most of your anxiety struggles. You should not keep thinking your own case is the worst case scenario.

How Do I Overcome Struggles With Anxiety?

Now that we have identified some reasons you may be struggling with anxiety, let us also talk about how to be free from the struggles:

1. Breathe

As simple as this sounds, it has been proven to be really effective. You need to allow calmness and peace in your inner being and you have to do this intentionally. Whenever you notice that you are beginning to get overly worried, call yourself to order and take a long, deep breath. It is a simple therapy that works like magic.

2. Retreat and relax

You might have to take time out and withdraw from all the noise and pressure around you. You could do this by taking a walk or you could have an alone time where you can tell yourself to calm down and be refreshed. Doing this more frequently helps you to be more conscious of yourself than of meeting unrealistic expectations from others which is usually one of the ways anxiety develops. You should also relax by getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.

3. Surround yourself with people that bring you comfort and happiness

This goes a long way in helping you overcome your struggle with anxiety. Such like-minded people listen to you without being judgmental and help you on your journey to overcoming your struggle with anxiety.

4. Avoid Temporal Relief of Anxiety

Avoid attempting to find relief in cigarette, alcohol and drugs which only seem to ease from anxiety temporary but actually do more harm than good as they contribute largely to poor mental health.

Truly, it is not exactly easy to thrive in the world we are in considering its demands and pressure. It is however expedient that we learn how to survive and not get overwhelmed with happenings because they would not cease. There will always be dark and hard times which will always want to get the best of us and weigh us down. Remaining hopeful therefore is how not to be overcome with anxiety. This we do by choosing to see light in spite of being surrounded by darkness.

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