What to Do with a Wedding Ring after a Break up

What to Do with a Wedding Ring after a Break-up

No matter whether these are online divorces or traditional ones, all of them affect people’s lives not only because they bring sweeping changes with them, but also because they get exes to handle the leftovers from their marital life. The rings, which people wear on their leech fingers and which stand for their love and faith, do no longer mean a lot to them once their marriage is over. Be they unique and very expensive, they are just jewelry and nothing more for them. So, what should one do with a wedding band after a break-up?

If you are going to get a divorce online in North Carolina or in a more traditional way, then you will probably ask the same question. It is clear that when you are divorced, wearing your wedding ring is not an option anymore. In this case, turn a blind eye to how much your ring meant to you, how much you loved it, and how long you wore it, the only thing that matters is the fact that it will always remind you about your old life, be it happy or not. If you continue wearing it, you are very likely to dwell on the past, in which case, it will be hard for you to make a fresh start.

What are Possible Solutions?

Sometimes, it does make sense to save the piece to give it to your kid or his fiancée later on; it will stand for the relationships that didn’t last forever but led to the beginning of a new family. Many people are fine with that, for a reason. If you and your ex-spouse are on good terms after a break-up, your kid will have minimum negative feelings, if any, once he or she is given the ring.

If you don’t feel like saving your ring, then transform it into a regular piece of jewelry. You can have the latter as a symbol of a new start. Melting down two rings to make something unique for your kid is a great solution, too.

However, if the very thought about the ring drives you crazy, then you should better get rid of it immediately. You are the only person who can decide what to do with it. So, take as much time as needed to make a wise decision.

Some ex-wives decide to hand their jewelry back to their exes. This is how they show that they get closure on their past. But let’s think clearly: just imagine how much money these women could raise if they sold the rings. So, selling your ring may be a good decision, too. While giving a sense of closure, this gesture will also benefit you financially.

Of course, there always is a person who gives you the advice to throw your band in an ocean. This is how you can get temporary relief. But let’s face the truth: making some money from selling what doesn’t bring you joy anymore after you file for divorce online sounds like a plan. Even though you will not add drama to your life by throwing it in a raging sea, you will make some extra cash by selling it. Given the said, selling your ring might be the best decision you can take right away.

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When is the Best Time to Get Rid of it?

Since there is no doubt that selling a wedding band is absolutely normal, the question is – when is the best time for this? It is natural that you don’t feel like selling your ring the moment you break up. Truth be told, there is no point in putting it up for sale impulsively. Below, there are three tips that you should consider before your piece of jewelry hits the market:

  1. Wait until the process is finalized

Don’t forget about the etiquette according to which you should keep the ring. Until you are divorced on paper, you cannot be sure that you will not need it anymore, especially when your case is expected to go to trial. 

  1. If this ring is a family relic, then you should discuss your decision with your ex

If the ring is of great value for your ex’s family, then he or she will probably ask you to give it back. Of course, you can ask for something in return for the piece. This may be another piece of jewelry or an extra piece of property, etc. If you cannot discuss “the trade” with your ex because of your hot blood, then you may want to seek online divorce help or get an attorney.

  1. Take your time until you are ready

Take this tip seriously mainly because getting rid of your wedding band in the heat of the moment may affect you emotionally a lot. Your ring may evoke both bad and good memories of your past. And even when you believe that you want to free yourself of them, your heart still doesn’t want to.

So, put your ring in a deposit box until you are ready. The day you sell it will mark the beginning of a new life. You are going to enjoy this feeling! Thanks for reading this post on what to do with a wedding ring after a break-up.

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