Welcome Home Soldier Quotes

Welcome Home Soldier Quotes

A soldier is not just a hero on the battlefield. They stand guard and defend the walls of our nation, the safety of our people and the protection of the values we uphold, without fear or flinching. In turn, we must honour them with our support, encouragement and gratitude.

All service members deserve to be commended for their sacrifice. It’s important to remember the brave soldiers who are currently away from their families. They should be remembered and given our gratitude for fighting for our freedoms.

What better way to congratulate them than with this collection of welcome home soldier quotes. It’s always nice to remind people what they did that was an integral part of winning a specific war or serving as a substitute at a certain time frame in an honourable way.

Welcome Home Soldier Quotes

You served your country and risked your life. You endured sleepless nights, days without a shower or food you could chew. Many a time, you’ve experienced these hardships and much more. Now, it’s time to come home to your family, friends, city, state, and country. Welcome home soldier.

1. Welcome home, soldier; You’ve been away but never forgotten. We’re all so happy you’re back.

2. Welcome home from your overseas deployment. We missed you.

3. We missed you so much. You look great. You must be getting a promotion in the military.

4. Our thoughts are with you, and we can’t wait to have you back home.

5. Welcome home soldier, we’re glad you made it through. God bless those who never came back and those who still are over there fighting for our freedom.

6. Welcome home soldier! We have missed you so much! We knew you would return safely because God loves us all.

7. Home is where the heart is. Home is where you come and relax when you need to put your feet up and unshackle from all that you’ve been through in a day.

8. Welcome home, soldier! Good to have you back safe and sound! Thank you for all you’ve done!

9. It’s also where your family, friends, and loved ones are. We missed you, soldier, welcome home.

10. Welcome home soldier! We are proud of all that you have done for us and just want to welcome you back into our lives once again.

11. Thank you for your service. You are finally home; Welcome back, soldier.

12. Home is where the heart is. Or, in this case, home is where the soldier’s heart is.

13. Our soldiers work very hard to keep us safe, and we want to do something special for them this holiday.

14. Well, my day is finally here. I am back in the arms of my family and friends. Although it’s been a long tiring year, I’m very happy to be home. This is where I belong, and there’s no place on earth that I would rather be than right here with you, happy and safe at home.

15. Listening to the sound of your boots as you walk through the door. The smell of dinner on the stove when you’re hungry. Your dog meets you at the door, tail wagging and full of love. All of these things combined make our home a haven for us.

16. Welcome home, soldier, and we’re glad you’re here. Welcome home, soldier; Now take off the clothes.

17. Welcome home, a soldier from your service, from a grateful nation. We’re proud of you!

18. Welcome home, soldier. Welcome home. It’s good to have you back. We’ve never forgotten you, but we’ve been worried about you. We’re very proud of you and grateful that your service was honourable.

19. It seems like you were home on leave just yesterday and swore you’d be back in a month. How time flies. Now it’s good to see you home for good, even if it is only for a short time. Welcome home soldier

20. Welcome home, dear soldier. You have been missed, but you are home now. We love you! We are so proud of you for serving our country, and we want to thank you. Welcome home!

21. Welcome home, soldier! We didn’t know how to say it, but we never stopped thinking about you.

22. Welcome home, soldier. After a long deployment, this is the best day of your life. Good to be home.

23. Welcome home, soldier. It’s good to have you back.

24. Congrats on your release from the service; Now you’re back to us.

25. You’ve been away for a long time. We were hoping you’d never come back, but here you are.

26. We’re excited to have you home and can’t wait for you to get back in the swing of things. Welcome home, soldier!

27. You’ve fought hard and made us proud, so welcome home! We’re waiting for you. Welcome home soldier.

28. Welcome home soldier. You’re home from deployment. Let’s get you back in the swing of things.

29. Your home was never complete without a man to keep an eye on things. Welcome home soldier.

30. Long nights. Short days. No one has insight. I was lost without you. You’re back now. Welcome home soldier.

31. Welcome home, soldier. You’ve been missed, and we’re glad to have you back home where you belong.

32. Welcome back, soldier. Glad you’ve made it home! Thanks for your service. Now get out of those filthy clothes and step into our store where we have taken care of everything you’ll need!

33. Welcome back, soldier. We couldn’t be happier that you’re home safe.

34. Soldier, we’ve poured you a hot cup of coffee. Load up and get some shut-eye. You deserve it.

35. You’ve made it back home. Now welcome to a home that’s exactly how you left it—with us behind the wheel.

36. Welcome home, soldier; We’ve been waiting for you. We’ve got your favourite movie, clean sheets on the bed, and a warm hug to come home to.

37. You’ve been away for so long. But now you’re home where you belong. Welcome home, soldier.

38. Welcome home, soldier. The flag of the free waves proudly in the breeze to greet you and your loved ones.

39. Welcome home, soldier! I hope you had a good time away. We missed you so much, and we’re glad you’re back.

40. We miss our loved ones when they’re overseas. We spend countless hours dreaming about the day when they’ll return home to us. Now hug them a little tighter and appreciate them a little more because it’s not over yet!

41. Welcome home, sweetheart. I’ve missed you like crazy, and I’m so excited you are back home.

42. You can’t understand war unless you’ve seen it. But you don’t have to see it to know its effects. You’ll always be a soldier to me.

43. We’re so glad you’re home. It’s great to have you back! You were missed!

44. You’ve been away for so long. We missed you, soldier. Welcome back.

45. Welcome home, soldier; It’s good to see you back in the world we all miss so much.

46. Welcome home, soldier! We’re so happy to have you back with us.

47. I’m so proud of you, my love. You’re finally home! Welcome back, my soldier.

48. Your home is where you belong, and we’re excited to welcome you back!

49. Off to the airport I go; So glad that you’ll be back home soon. I can’t wait to see you and scream with the family, welcome back, soldier!

50. We’ve missed you so much, buddy and we’re excited to welcome you back home after so long!

51. Home is where you make it, but your state is the one for you. It’s great to have you back! Welcome home, soldier.

52. There’s nothing like the smell of home. We’re excited to welcome you back home dear soldier!

53. Welcome home, soldier. It’s good to have you back and around.

54. When you return from deployment, we want to help you and your family start over again. You’ve been fighting for our freedom, and now we’ll fight for yours. Welcome back, soldier.

55. Home is where the heart is, and you’re always in our hearts; Welcome home from deployment, dad.

56. We appreciate your service and are thrilled to have you back with us. Let’s grab a beer.

57. Welcome back from tour soldier. We missed you.

58. Finally home to the friends, family and love of your life. Welcome back, soldier.

59. Fighting for our freedom, we have nothing to fear. Welcome back, soldier.

60. Welcome home, soldier. Good to have you back.

61. You’ve been in the battle, and now it’s time to come home. Welcome back, soldier.

62. We’re proud to welcome our troops returning from other countries home. We salute their bravery, sacrifice, and service.

63. Those who serve our country overseas deserve to come home to a warm, loving environment. Having a professionally decorated home makes the transition easier.

64. I’m so proud of you and your service. Welcome home soldier!

65. Welcome back, soldier. Glad to have you back home safe & sound. We missed you.

66. Wow! I can’t believe you’re home. How did this all happen so fast? Welcome back, soldier.

67. Welcome home! We’ve missed you and can’t wait to celebrate your homecoming with happy hour, a movie, dinner & morning mattresses. See you soon!

68. Home is where the heart is. And your heart will always be with you, no matter how far from home you are.

69. Welcome home, soldier. May God bless you and keep you always.

70. I hope you had a great time overseas. Welcome home, soldier!

71. Welcome home, soldier. We missed you but not as much as we did without you.

72. Welcome home, soldier! We missed you while you were gone. We’re so glad to have you back with us so we can support each other and take care of each other in our community. The world is a tough place right now, but we can handle anything that comes next if we stick together.

73. We’re proud to have you home. Welcome back, soldier, thank you for your service.

74. You’ve been through hell, but now you’re back home where it’s quiet and peaceful. Welcome back, soldier.

75. Because you have been away from home for an extended period, it is so nice when you can finally return home. We, your family cannot wait until you do.

76. We’re so happy to welcome our soldiers home. Welcome back, soldier.

77. Congratulations on your return and safe arrival to the comfort of home.

78. Welcome home! Your family, friends, and neighbours are excited to see you.

79. You have been missed, and you have much catching up, from the family dog to your favourite pair of jeans.

80. You’ve spent the past nine months serving our country. Now, it’s time to come home and serve yourself some good food. Welcome home, soldier

81. Welcome home, soldier. It’s great to have you back.

82. Our soldiers deserve the most heartfelt welcome home of all.

83. Welcome home, soldier. Take a rest. Rest your mind in a hot bath and relax.

84. You are finally home. We miss you so much and can’t wait to see you. We love you so much, and we’re so proud of the things you’ve accomplished, but most of all, we’re just glad to have you back home where you belong.

85. Thanks for protecting us and keeping us safe. Welcome back to the family. We are here for you every step of the way.

86. A salute to all of our veterans, we’re happy you’re home. Welcome back, soldier.

87. Thank you for your heroism to the bravest men and women in service. Welcome back home, soldier.

88. Welcome back, soldier. It’s good to have you back home, with everything to do and see.

89. What we’ve been waiting for is finally home. It’s about time you got here! Welcome back home, soldier.

90. Home is wherever you make it, so gather your squad and head out on the open road. We can’t wait to celebrate with you. Welcome back, soldier.

91. Home is where you can drop your armour and be yourself, heal, recover, and re-engage. Welcome back, soldier.

92. Welcome home, soldier. Your friends and family are proud of you. You’re a hero, and we’re glad to have you home.

93. Welcome home, soldier. Your nights spent sleeping on dusty cots in the desert were not for nothing. You were building a future where your children don’t have to be shot just because their skin is too dark. You’re a hero, and you’re home. Happy veteran’s day!

94. Welcome home, soldier, fighting is done, time to relax with your friends and family after so long.

95. It’s been too long; we’ve missed you.

96. Home is where the army sends you. But it’s also where your family and friends will welcome you back warmly.

97. Bask in the glory of your welcome home greetings. Appreciate it.

98. Hey, it’s good to be back home. I missed you.

99. We’ve missed you so much. We’ll never forget the sacrifices you made for our community and us.

100. You are missed, and you are loved. The sky is yours again, the sun is yours again, and your restless heart is quiet again now that you have come back to us.

101. Home is where the heart is. And that place is always inside you, whether you’re fighting across the world or relaxing on the couch with friends.

102. Welcome home soldier. We’ve got you all set up in your new apartment. The fridge is full of all the snacks you like, and some beers are in the freezer waiting for you to pop them open! See you on the couch!

103. Welcome home soldier! We’ve missed you so much! We are so happy to see you return from deployment in one piece and safe.

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