Proud Army Daughter Quotes

Proud Army Daughter Quotes

When you have a daughter in the army, it’s hard to get your head around the fact that you have an actual soldier in your family. You’re never sure what surprises await you. She might not call home for weeks. She might be on the other side of the world, and every time you turn on the news, there she is — fighting in a desert or a jungle.

There are many things to consider when you have a daughter in the army. You will have to learn how to be a good father and a good mother. The first thing that you need to do is to be there for her. When your daughter comes home from duty, make sure that you spend time with her and get to know her.

Our Army Daughter Quotes collection is perfect for an active daughter. We have found the best Army Mom Quotes, Army Dad Quotes, and Military Spouse Quotes so that you can find the perfect one for your family. And we have also included some inspirational quotes from other parents. You can find a quote for any occasion.

Proud Army Daughter Quotes

I’m proud to be the daughter of an Army veteran. I thank God every day for my father’s service in the Army. My dad served in the Army and I love him very much. I am so very proud of him.

1. My Army parents have taught me to lead, inspire and be proud of being a daughter of an Army Soldier.

2. My daughter is the best person I’ve ever met. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and thoughtful. I’m thankful every day that she decided to enlist in the Army like me and follow me in my footsteps.

3. I am so proud to be the daughter of a U.S. Army soldier. My father, brother, and grandfather have all served our country in uniform.

4. I’m proud of you for serving in the army, but I am even more proud of you for serving the Lord. Stay focused and remember who you are.

5. My dad is the best dad. My dad is the best dad by far. He is a soldier in the Army, and he serves my country.

6. I am a direct reflection of my mother. She taught me the importance of family and respect for those in the military.

7. Dear daughter, You could have been anything you wanted to be. You chose the hardest job in the world. I am so proud of you.

8. I’m proud to be an army daughter and a navy daughter and most of all I’m proud to be my father’s daughter.

9. Born an Army daughter. Raised an Army girl. That’s me, and I do what I want!

10. I may not be a soldier, but I am proud to have such a brave man and father in my life.

11. My dad served 22 years in the army, but he’s my world.

12. For me, the only thing that’s tougher than a deployment is saying goodbye to my dad for months on end. But I got to see my father again—a smile bigger than ever before!

13. When you are a proud army daughter, you never walk alone.

14. The only thing that makes me prouder than your service to our country is the fact that you are my daughter.

15. I am proud of my daughter for serving our country so it can be safe.

16. My army mom – We are strong, proud, and unstoppable.

17. My army dad always told me that if I work harder than the next soldier, they will remember. But if I work hard and show him up, he’ll make sure I regret it. I never forgot.

18. My dad was my hero as a little girl, and he’s still my hero today. Love you pops! Proud of you as a soldier and proud to be your daughter.

19. I am a proud army daughter, I am unbroken, unbowed and unafraid.

20. I am so proud to call myself an army daughter. This army mom has served our country and my dad is serving as well. I love them both in their army fatigues.

21. Being a daughter of an army man is not easy but so worth it.

22. I am proud to be the daughter of an American veteran. The sacrifices that you have made for this country are great and I am forever grateful for your service.

23. My father’s first lesson to me was that the Army is my mother and father. I am a proud army daughter.

24. My dad is an army general who has inspired me to be strong, smart, and independent, but most of all to never give up. Thanks, Dad.

25. Thank you for serving this country, daddy. I love you.

26. My father was my hero, and since he was a soldier, I wanted to be a soldier too. From the time I was old enough to know what a gun was, I wanted to hold one in my hands and keep it close to me. I wanted to get as close to him as possible because he was always gone.

27. I may not be the toughest girl but I’m the girl who looks my army dad in the eye and tells him I love him every time he leaves.He is a great soldier and I am proud of him.

28. I am proud of my daughter in the army. She is a captain in the US Army, and she is an amazing person.

29. I am proud of my daughter in the army. She is a soldier, she has gone to war and she will not be coming back.

30. I am proud of my daughter in the army because if it wasn’t for her wanting more out of life than what would have been offered by staying home with us then maybe you would never have known about her or heard about how amazing she was as a person.

31. I’m proud of my daughter in the army. As a mother and a grandmother, I can’t imagine what it must be like for her to be deployed.

32. I am proud of my army daughter because she has worked hard to get where she is today. She has had to stand up against those who have tried to put her down because of her gender or race.

33. My daughter fought for this country so that everyone could live freely without fear of being killed by terrorists or having their homes destroyed by bombs from other countries that hate us because we believe in freedom for everyone in our world. I am so proud of her.

34. I am proud of my daughter who is in the army. She has been doing well in her training, and she is doing an awesome job. She has been through a lot of things, but she has been strong enough to get through all of them.

35. I am proud of my daughter in the army because she makes me more than proud with her achievements.

36. My daughter is a Soldier in the Army and I am extremely proud of her for being so brave for serving our country.

37. The toughest job she ever had was being my daughter. I am proud of her serving in the Army.

38. Proud of my daughter. She’s now a member of the Army. She is intelligent, motivated and beautiful. I am very proud of her for deciding to serve our country. Hail to the Chief!

39. I am so proud of my daughter who serves in the Army as an intelligence officer. You make us very proud of you and your fellow service members.

40. We are so proud of our sweetheart for being promoted and we are so grateful for her service in the Army!

41. Didn’t realize how proud I was of my little girl until I saw her in her uniform.

42. Thank you for your service, soldier. We love you, dear daughter.

43. You’re quite the little soldier! I’m so proud of you, and we all are here for you every step of the way. You definitely have our support.

44. Proud of my daughter in the army. She made the best choice she could and I couldn’t be more proud.

45. I’m proud of my daughter in the army. She’s a 2LT and leading a platoon right now, but that’s just getting started in her career.

46. I’m a proud Army daughter, a proud military mommy, and prouder still to be an American.

47. Proud of my daughter in the army.

48. I am a Daughter of a soldier. Thank you for your service, mommy.

49. Mom, I’m usually pretty good about letting you take center stage. But today,I want the spotlight to shine on me: proud daughter in the army.

50. So proud of my girl, standing strong in the Army. Thanks for your service.

51. Proud of my daughter serving in the army. She’s a good kid, don’t know what i would do without her.

52. So looking forward to welcoming my daughter home after a year of training out of state. I’m so proud of her and can’t wait to say, “Welcome home, soldier.”

53. I am so proud of my daughter in the army. She’s the kind of woman who loves her job. And she’s always ready to serve our country. HOOAH!

54. We are proud of our daughter in the army. She’s serving her country. It’s a big step for her and we are very proud of her.”

55. I’m super proud of my daughter for volunteering to join the army and for being a team player in the army

56. My daughter is doing her duty in the army, so proud of her.

57. To my daughter, an army soldier, thank you for all that you do. Keep up the good work – we’re proud of you!

58. My daughter is a soldier in the Army. When she makes it home to me, I love to make some really good dinner for us and enjoy our time together. I am so proud of her.

59. Proud to serve in the greatest Army, with the best soldiers, doing work that matters. Proud of my daughter who is serving in it too.

60. With pride and gratitude for my daughter, who has served in the army and is training to be a medic. Thank you for your service sweetheart. I’m so proud of you

61. Army Strong! Proud of my daughter for graduating basic training and continuing her career as an army medic.

62. Congratulations to this outstanding young lady who happens to my daughter and thank you for protecting our country!

63. An Army daughter makes the best of any situation

64. There’s no ‘I’ in a team, but there is an ‘I’ in Soldier. I’m a proud Army daughter.

65. Thanking my daughter for representing the Army so proudly. She really is all that and a bag of chips, and I’m proud to call her mine.

66. My dad is an Army Veteran. I’m so proud to be his daughter.

67. My dad was a master sergeant in the army. The army taught him so much about life, family, and growing up -I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for the army.

68. Soldiers are built tough. But you’re tougher, my darling daughter.

69. Someday you’ll be able to tell your kids about how awesome it was when their mom was winning awards for her service. Well done, Soldier.

70. The hardest part of active duty is having to be apart from my family and friends, but the greatest reward is being their hero.

71. I’m so proud of my girl for her persistence, strength and grace under pressure. Love you, soldier!

72. I am PROUD to have raised an amazing young woman. She is courageous, dedicated and selfless. SHE IS A SOLDIER’S SOLDIER –OF THE BEST CALIBER!

73. My family has always been in the army and I couldn’t be prouder of this little one’s service to our country.

74. Proud of my army daughter, the first women we’ve had in the infantry. She’s a warrior. I’m a proud army mom.

75. Not only is my daughter a successful entrepreneur, but she’s also an army officer defending our country without fail.

76. I’m proud to have raised an amazing human. She is serving honourably for the country she loves.

77. I’m so proud of my army daughter on graduating as a 2nd Lt. I remember when she was just wearing a diaper in her baby carrier and now she’s graduating from the army. We are so proud of her.

78. I am proud of my army daughter who won’t let anything stand in her way!

79. Always proud of you my soldier daughter.

80. My daughter earned the rank of Sergeant in the Army. She is exceptionally well-qualified for her new promotion, and I am so proud.

81. The very proud daughter of 2 army parents. I’m looking at you Mom and Dad.

82. I may be your mama, but when you’re in the army, I support you and the uniform.

83. Not just a soldier. An army daughter, too. Proud of you, and what you do for us all. Love, Dad

84. I’m proud that my daughter is serving her country.

85. With a father in the U.S. Army and a daughter who will soon follow in his footsteps, I’m proud to stand behind the men and women of our armed forces.

86. Dear daughter, you are my soldier, now and always. Know that I have your back, always.

87. Today was an amazing day of cheering on our daughter who is joining the Military. What an honour to see her in uniform and to support her every step of the way. Proud doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel.

88. I am so proud of my daughter for serving her country. I am so happy for her and I love her.

89. I am proud of my daughter in uniform and her achievements

90. Proud of my daughter for joining the army and serving her country. She is a hero to me. Thank you for your service.

91. My daughter is serving in the US Army. I couldn’t be more proud.

92. Proud of my daughter in the army. Her work is never done, but she still finds time to make us proud.

93. Always proud to support my army daughter! Thank you for your service!

94. I am so PROUD that my daughter represents the army. I love my daughter and my daughter is a soldier.

95. My daughter is strong. Proud of my daughter for her service and commitment to the Army.

96. To my daughter! It’s so great to see you move up the ranks . Keep striving for excellence. We’re so proud of you!

97. Proud to have a daughter who stands for a cause greater than herself. She’s an amazing soldier.

98. Our daughter is back from a year in deployment and we are so proud of her. Come celebrate with us at the homecoming party.

99. Proud of my warrior. Thanks for keeping our country safe. You’re a real-life hero!

100. My beautiful daughter, serving in the ARMY, doing so with pride and honour.

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