Thinking About You Messages for Him from the Heart

Thinking About You Messages for Him from the Heart (2023)

As a lady, how will you feel if your phone beeps now and you receive a message from a man expressing that he is thinking about you? You’ll feel on top of the world. And, yes, that’s how you’re about to make him feel when you send any of these messages.

Spice up your love life by communicating your feelings of love to him. Whether you are simply thinking about your love for him or really missing him, send these love igniting messages to him and watch your love sparkling.

I Think About You All the Time Messages

Whether you’re missing your boyfriend or deep in thought about the love and affection you both share, these text messages are to be sent to him. If you love them, you can thank me later.

1. I have been thinking of you and I just feel that I should let you know that you are in my thought. I know how hard it is to find someone who will be willing to stay with you in every up and down of your life. You have been one of those rare breeds. You have been by me through the thick and thin. I do not take your loyalty for granted at all. I have you in heart.

2. I have been hoarding my feelings for you to myself. I felt it is better to date you in my thought than to open up and lose you. I am sending this message to inform you that you are special to me. We have been friends for years and I can’t just but feel blessed to have you in my life because I know no matter what happens we will keep being friends at least. Be sure that I am always for you and you are always in my thoughts.

3. You are always on my mind. I feel that I should express myself to you so you can have the knowledge that someone out there cares about you. Love can never be measured; it can only be felt’ is what they say. I have deep feelings for you and if love could be measured, my love for you is immeasurable.

4. You have captured my heart and you have consumed my heart with your love. You have painted my life with the colours of heaven, and I feel like the owner of the earth because of your presence in my life. I don’t want anything else as long as my heart thinks of you. Much love from me to you.

5. You are my angel and you are all I need in a spouse.
Therefore, if the stars choose to stop shining and the moon refuses to light up the world, I know I have nothing to fear because I have my guardian angel to look after me, care for me and love me forever and ever.

6. You are the love of my life. You are the one that I choose to love. You have my heart to yourself and yourself alone. I look forward to each new day with a desire to spend my entire life with you.

7. My love for you is always growing stronger and I’m slowly losing myself deeper into it. I am thinking of how I will cuddle you up in my arms someday. I am thinking of how You will come home to me and I will pamper you and ease you the day’s pain and stress.

8.    I didn’t know I could ever love completely this way again after I have been hurt several times. I had closed my heart against falling in love. No one will ever believe that I have been hurt in the past with the way I love you now. You happen to make me love you in a way I have never been in love.

9. Now I know that it is impossible to stop thinking about the person you love. I have heard people say this, but I did not really grasp the reality of the statement until I experience it in you. Now I know that when you love somebody, all your thoughts, actions are connected somehow with him or her. I want you to know that I can’t stop thinking about you because I love you deeply.

10. Please permit me to share my thoughts with you. Let me express my feeling to you. Let me tell you how I feel about you. You are one person who turns me on. You are my chosen one. You are always on my mind. I only hope that you share the same feelings with me. I love you and there is nothing to stop my love for you.

11. Good day to you dear. I am sending this message not because I want to attract your attention; I only want to tell you that I am thinking about you. There is a way your thoughts find themselves into my thought line and boom! You are in my thoughts.

12. Can I make a confession? I know that you will be surprised to read this. I have not been very close to you. We have just been colleagues and official friend if I am even permitted to use the word ‘friends’. May I confess to you that I have a soft spot for you.

13. I am sending you this message, not because I just want to refresh our relationship. I am sending this just to inform you that someone out here has his heart beating for you. So, in case someone wants to make you feel bad, tell yourself that you are more than enough, and you are precious for someone to be out here dying for your love.

14.    Top of the day to you. I don’t know if you will appreciate this message, but I hope you appreciate it. I don’t know if I will appear like I’m trying to get myself into your life but then I think I have kept my feelings to myself for more than enough. Let me tell you that you are in my heart. I love you deeply and I want to be your lover.

15.    I have to brace myself up to tell you a tip of how I love you. I know that you might to be able to comprehend how deep my love is for you for now if I tell you about every thing I feel for you. I just want you to know that I have you in my heart all the time.

16. I have experienced hurt before and you might not understand how much I appreciate our relationship because you have never been hurt before. You are a source of comfort and it is just like God wants to console me of giving my full love to someone who does not care about me when he created you and brings you to my life.

17. While you are at your place of work, let me remind you that I love you so much. You have shown me what true love, joy, peace, happiness and love are. You have presented what a love relationship should be on a plate of gold.

18. You know my soft spot; you know what turns me on; you make me go emotional. It seems you have the key to my feelings in your hands and I love you beyond words. You are the one my heart beats for.

19.    Good day to you. I believe that you are fine, and your day is going well. I just have the feelings to check on you. The thought has been in my heart for quite some time now and I just want to try to satisfy my feelings by checking on you. Please be save for me and yourself.

20. Sweetheart of my soul, I was just doing a retrospection today and I cannot but thank God that after some many years of searching and searching, I have found the one whom my soul loves in you, my dear. Keep being the lovely person I know.

21. I will love you forever; I will cherish you forever, and I will keep caring for you. You deserve love and care always. You are one special man. The man who keeps to his words of love. Thank you for being you.

22. I know that there have been chapters before you, but since you have entered my life, I have zeroed my heart about having any other relationship so, there will never be any chapter after you. I love you a bunch.

23. Did you know that recently, my thoughts have always been only about you and all about you? You seem to occupy my heart. I have tried to limit the way I think about you, but I can’t just get you out of my thought. You are special to me.

24. I don’t know how I can scientifically prove to you that I love you. can’t describe my feelings for you. I love you, but how can I prove my heart’s feelings? My feelings will never diminish and will keep growing stronger every day.

25. There are so many things to appreciate about our friendship. I appreciate the fact that you are consistent. Your relationship with me is stable. I appreciate the fact that you are thoughtful, and you are understanding, Have a nice day.

26. I know that you will be surprised to know that I really care about you. Yes, you read that right. I care about you and I want you to know that in spite of the fact that I only exchange greetings with you. Just checking on you.

27. Any time I wish to be loved rightly, you come to my mind. Then, your mental image fills my heart with precious and romantic essence of deep love. I have done with you in my mind everything imaginable. I wish it does not stop in the mind, I wish they materialize in reality.

28. Top of the day to you. I am writing to you to tell you that you usually pop up in my thoughts every now and then. I am writing you in a formal tone even if I know that this is not a formal issue because we have always kept things official.
Kind regards,
Your colleague

29. When I wake up in the morning, I wake up to your thought and when I about to sleep at night you will still not leave my heart. I love you and I can’t stop thinking about you.

30. Did you know the person you see almost every day who would always keep to herself is crushing on you? Yeah! Just letting you know that you are my man crush of the day, every day. When next you see me, say more than a ‘good day.

31. I was more than shocked to see you crying alone at the office yesterday. Immediately, I felt that it is high time I expressed my feelings to you. I don’t know what you are grieving about but know that someone loves you deeply. I send you comfort, and you can come to be as a succour.

32. If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would know how much I care about you. How I wish I could use my eyes as lens for your eyes, maybe you will be able to see how special you are. You are appreciated.

33. Hi love. Do know that you hold a very special place in my heart? I am not telling you this because I want you to commit yourself to me even if I will love that but I want you to be informed. I will love you forever.

34. If I had the opportunity to be on a TV cable and speak of the one, I truly love, I would talk about you. I don’t need a thousand TV cable before I talk about how I feel about you. Let me just tell you in this text that I love you big time.

35.    You are always on my mind. You have decided to bewitch my heart so that it can be thinking of you always. Just know that whatever jazz you used worked. My heart keeps thinking of you always.

36. I love you to the moon and back. Yeah, I do. I have heard people say that a lot and I felt that since when have people been living on the moon? But since I met you, I think I now fully understand what they mean.

37.    You make me feel special. Sometimes, my mind played back the way you look lovingly into my eyeballs in the conference room when we were together on our last project. I remember the way you were stealing glances at me while we were with the chairman, This is the real office romance. I love the feeling it brings. It makes me feel special.

38. All I need is you to live in this world after God. You read that right. You are the sunshine of my life. You make me feel alive whenever I think of our flirting moments. I simply think about you always.

39. Hi friend. I don’t know how you will feel after reading my message but let me tell you that I usually think about you and I have deliberated with myself about the significance of having you in my thoughts frequently. I have decided to let you know so that I will have the opportunity to know if you feel the same way I feel. If you always think about me too, then, let’s tangle but if you don’t feel anything about me, forget that you received this message from me.

40. I have always had this wish in my heart and you are the only one who can make the wish come to reality. Do you know the wish? I wish to be everything that brings a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. I want to love you like no else ever did. Will you let my wish come true?

41. Let me tell you something. You may be surprised and you may not because feelings are difficult to hide. I fell in love right at the first moment I saw you and I have observed you closely to get to know you well. My love for you will never fade away. I love you for everything you are. Let’s meet and discuss this.

42. My love, there should an innovation that has to do with the accurate measurement of my love for you. I know that my love for you will surpass that of yours. There is not a single scale in this world that can measure my love for you. It’s deeper than the ocean’s depth.

43. Top of the day to you my love. Let me send you these romantic heart touching lines even if it’s not your birthday. Let’s keep in touch with romance that will help to grow our relationship to stand strong in every situation. Let’s keep the fire of our love burning.

44.    Let me send you this heart touching love message to wrap your loving heart with sweet feelings of love. You are all I wish to have in a man.

45. Good day to you. I want our hearts to melt in true deep feelings of love. Let your cuteness, strength, and love fill me with happiness. Please do not hoard yourself from me. Let’s share our love with each other. I hope to receive a positive response from you.

46. I don’t know how long my life will be, but I know that every second will be worth a lifetime because it will be spent with you. Now that we will be getting married soon, my heart is filled with your love and your love alone.

47. You are the treasure that I seek. I don’t have all of the words to express how much you mean to me. I can only say that you are more than gold, silver and diamond combined to me.

48. The partner of my heart. The person that my mind loves to ruminate on every now and then. You are the centre of my life and everything else revolves around you.

49. Let me let you know that the impact of your love on me is undeniable. It has made me realize how much I adore you. My life with you has transformed my dream of a great love life into reality.

50. I love you every day because you are the one for me. My love continues to grow stronger every day by day. Please, don’t tell anyone about the talisman you must have used to charm me. Your charms work.

51. Receive this message so that you might be reminded of how much you mean to me. You really mean so much to me.

52. ‘Give me a pen and a paper to write on’ is what I would have said if it were to be in the days of old. Now I will only pick my pad and type so, why shouldn’t I express my love for you. Why should I keep your thoughts in my heart to myself? Let me express romantic love feeling to you.

53. I care for you not because of the care I will receive in turn from you. I care about you enough to always have you in my thoughts all the time. I care for you.

54. How can I make you understand how hard I have tried to get you out of my mind but to no avail? An emotion as deep and complex as love can be difficult to express in words and it is more difficult to express when the emotion is one side or isn’t it? Let me know your thoughts.

55. I have craved to have to myself in my mind and the craving has got hands now that they are typing to tell you that I love you and want you. The craving has crafted some words to you and will want to know the words of your own heart.

56. I appreciate your kind of person and I just want you to myself. I have watched you several times without your knowledge. I am telling you my thoughts.

57. It is difficult to come up with the best words and turn of phrase to say how I feel. Let me just tell you in plain texts that I care about you and will appreciate a response to this message. Thanks.

58. It is simply because I care enough to make a little extra effort that I am writing you to let you know that you are always on my mind. Am I in your thoughts too?

59. I am really thinking about the lovely memories we have shared in our years of relationship. The memories will always be cherished by me. I can’t trade you for anything dearest.

60. I am really missing you and I just wish to tell you that I am thinking about you.

61. Like movies, the time we have spent together keeps coming back to me. They are playing out before me and who can I tell except you? That is the reason I feel that I shout get in touch with you.

62. Dear Mr Ex. You know you are an ex to me as much as I am an ex to you. I know that I shouldn’t be doing this be then, let me just do it because that is how I feel like now. In spite of your anger, there are times that you were loving and caring. I walked out of the relationship we were building together just have to save my life. However, know that I still remember our lovely moments together.

63. Let me tell you that I have been thinking about you for quite some times now and I feel that I should check on you. Just checking on you. Please be safe. Bye.

64. While praying this morning, your name dropped into my spirit and I feel that I should let you know that I prayed for you and someone out her care about your wellbeing.

65. You are always on my mind and you are usually the subject of my fantasy. I usually think about us doing kinds of stuff together and I wish we just don’t do them in my mind alone but that we do them in real life. But how would that happen if I do not let you know and that is the reason, I am sending this message to you.

66. A great deal of relationships usually focuses on the lady. I want to take this time to focus on you and celebrate our love life. I appreciate you and love you deeply.

67. I usually think about your presence in my life and when I do, I usually thank God for giving you to me. I thank Him for making our paths cross and making us fall in love.

68. When I think of God’s favour in bringing you into my life, I cannot but thank Him. You are god’s answer to my prayer. I love you more than ever before.

69. You are very precious to me and I cannot deny the fact that our relationship has affected my life positively. You are heaven-sent to me. Be fine for me. Bye for now.

70. Do you know how much I love you? I doubt if you know how much I love you. Our love is what I cherish most in my life now. I cherish your presence in my life.

71. I love you and I need you every day. I love your personality and I love who you have become over the years and every day of our love life, I am more convinced that because you are the one for me.

72. Hi love, please be reminded that you are the one that I love you. Be reminded that the love we share is important to me and I will keep appreciating your presence in my life.

73.    You have shown me that true love still exist and one can still experience true love, complete trust, and peace of mind in a relationship. You are a man every lady will love to have.

74.    You are the one my heart beats for and I love you beyond what I can express. My heart was created by God to beat for you and you fit in perfectly. You are my heartbeat.

75. I believe that you are doing well and you are fine. I spoke with a friend yesterday and she asked after you so, I just want to check on you. Be fine.

76.    Hi, friend. Let the love we share continue. Let the fire of our love keep burning. Let the whole world see that our love is different. I cherish you and I am proud of you.

77.    I just have this loving feeling for you. The feeling is distinct and I have given it more than enough time to ascertain if is just infatuation or true love. It has passed the test of time and I am more than convinced now that it is love. I simply love you.

78. Hi dear, did you know that you have been in my heart for quite some time now? I have tried to get you out of my mind but I have been unsuccessful with that even if I have been able to successfully hide it away from you. This is to inform you that I can no longer keep it to myself anymore. I hope to hear from you soon.

79. I just want you to try to satisfy me by getting more serious with our friendship. It is something I will really love and appreciate. I hope that my request will be granted with all form of sincerity and it will be a positive response. Thanks in advance dear.

80. Top of the day to you. I am just checking on you. Please be fine for me and yourself.

81. My love for you will never die. My love for you will always blossom. My love for you will continue to grow stronger and stronger every day by day. I love you deeply.

82. To the one I love; to the one my heart beats for; to the one that pleases me; to the one I love to associate with; I say a big THANK YOU for all you are and all you have done for me. I appreciate you.

83. Mr charming. You are very charming. Where did you get your charms? Please, don’t tell anyone about the charm you must have used on me. I want to be yours only.

84. How can I let you know that you mean so much to me? You really mean so much to me. I treasure you.

85. I believe that feelings should be expressed or why should people keep their thoughts to themselves? Let me express my feelings to you. I love you beyond your imagination.

86. The kind of love I have always had in my heart since I was a baby is a kind of love that no romantic novel has been able to capture. Not even all these romantic movies but you have been able to bring it to reality. I can’t stop loving you.

87. You are the one who has made my fantasies about love come to reality. You are the one who have been able to break down the wall I built around my heart. I love you a lot.

88. I want to e the only woman in your space. Want to be the one you will shower with love and care all the time. I want to be your only babe. I don’t want to share you with anybody.

89. I have decided and there is no turning back. I have decided that I will do everything in my capability to bring a smile on your face all the time and all that will make you happy. I will put in my best to be a great lover to you.

90. Can I be your one and only lover? That way I will be able to pour out my love on you unconditionally. I will be able to love you like no else ever did. Give me your words and you have me to yourself completely.

91. There is a shower of love in the atmosphere. You have been showering me with love since the dawn of the year so much that I don’t know how to repay you. You have made lasting prints in my heart and you have dominated my thoughts. I love you.

92. Thanks for being a loving man. You, my kind of man. I love you and will keep loving you.

93. You are all I wat. I want a godly man. I want a man who is good looking. I want a man who caring and loving. I want a man I have feelings for. You have all I want. You are all I want.

94. I now know that love grows with time. It is now several months we have started our official relationship and it has been years we have been acquaintances. I love you now than ever before and I know that the God who owns the future will let His will be done in our lives. I love big time.

95. They said in marriage, four things are very important to men: God forbid, if any of these stops, what will you do? I know that you should be celebrated. Yes, the question can serve as a propeller of greater love and deeper love sequential to celebration.

96. You are the love of my dream. I feel loved and I am in love in a way I have always dreamed of I feel loved in a way I have read in novels and watched in movies. I love you.

97. You are the one who has my soft spot button. Hope you are not surprised to read that?
There are things that I condone with you that I won’t take from any guy.
I just feel relaxed and safe around you.
You know how to treat me well.
Thanks for your love.

98. You are special and unique. Let me remind you that I love you. Let me bring to your remembrance that you are special and unique to someone out there.
So no matter what you face out there and no matter what someone says negatively against you or to make you feel bad, brush it off and know that you are special to someone here.
I love you to the moon and back.

99. Let our honeymoon period last forever
You have always been a great lover. You love as if you have gone to a school of love to learn how to love a woman well.
Remember our first date?
Smiles… It. was sparkling for us that day.
We have always tried to keep the love sparks and this is a call to duty for both of us: Let our Honeymoon Period Last Forever.
Let’s endeavour to always revive our love.

100. I am overwhelmed with your love
Let our honeymoon continue till eternity
Let us try to revive all we have lost or failed to do.
Reviving sparkling show and experience the emotional motion.

101. You took me to the school of love to get primary school leaving certificate, school certificate, first degree, second degree, PhD and Professorship… And I visualise spending a lifetime with YOU.

102. I have always wanted someone I can be with for the whole of LIFE and I am choosing you.
I visualise a home filled with love every moment that I can be able to defend my husband anywhere and that our daughters will love to marry someone like their father.
I visualise you being a role model for our sons and a willing choice for our daughters wish.
I heart you, dear.

103. You are the treasure that I seek. I don’t know if you have heard of the song- You are the Treasure that I Seek.
But the lyrics tally with our experience. You were close to me yet I did not know from the outset. It was later that I started developing feelings for you.
The love that I seek for many years was right beside me, yet I couldn’t see.
Now, when I close my eyes, I see you coming to me.
However, our love will not end like the lyrics of that song. Rather it will keep flourishing. I love you.

104. You are a lover who believes in me. Let me celebrate my lover who believes in me.
You make me feel good about myself and that is one of the many reasons I am drawn to you.
You are positively positive. Thanks for believing in me; thanks for loving me.
Kisses from this end.

105. You are my go-to man
When a person wants to urinate, the toilet is the go to place.
When a person wants to eat, the restaurant is the go to place.
When it comes to the issues of the heart, you are my go to place.
My crown, thanks for being my adviser.

106. Hello, my consistent lover boy.
He is always on the lookout for his baby.
He is always providing a listening ear for his lover.
He is consistently stable and he is my treasure.
I love you to the moon and back.

107. Dear Heartbeat, I know that you are fine and doing well because I can feel the way you beat for me in my heart.

108. Hi dear, I am writing this message to acknowledge your presence in my life. Please know that I am grateful for the way you continue to love me the same way I continue to love you.

109. I don’t think there is a bit of joy in loving someone and the person feels nothing in return.
But I know there is abundance of joy in loving someone and the person loves in return.
Two hearts now beat as one.
Thanks, my Heartbeat.

110. I will not sleep today until I have expressed my love for you.
Although I know that the appropriate word to use to describe how I feel about is yet to be in the words in the dictionary.
Yet, I will tell you simply that I love you and there is nothing you can do about it.
I need to face the rigid atmosphere of work place and the responsibility of adulthood but it is calming to know that I have a shoulder I can lean on. Someone that can treat me like a baby. Someone who is on the lookout for me. I love you dearly.

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