The Day I Gave Birth Quotes

Giving birth to a child is one of the most rewarding times of one’s life. It is one of the most incredible and beautiful experiences. It can also be one of the most challenging and stressful times but, it is definitely worth every ounce of pain, every tear shed and every second of exhaustion.

When a new life is born, it creates a bond and love that is unbreakable. Words can not describe the happiness and joy that fills your heart. Knowing that you have done something to create this miracle makes you feel so proud of yourself, your partner and your future.

When you become a mom, it is natural that you want to do the best for your child. They look just like little dolls but, at the same time, they’re real human beings with their own personality right from the beginning. It’s a strange feeling to see them moving and making random sounds, but it only takes a couple of hours and they become your world.

These the day I gave birth quotes are about the intriguing feelings you got when you looked into the eyes of that tiny human being, and all the pains and fear you had became insignificant and worth it.

The Day I Gave Birth Quotes

The day I gave birth to my baby girl, who is now a toddler, was the most incredible day of my life. She has taught me so much about love, sacrifice and trust that I never knew existed. Our lives have changed for the better since she came into them, she makes us better people.

1. The day I gave birth, my soul felt free like a bird. It was beautiful, painful, amazing and exciting all at once. The first time I held my son in my arms I, knew that his birth was a miracle and that he was sent by God. We instantly fell in love and life has never been better than when we became a family.

2. I had never known true happiness until the day I gave birth to my baby. On that day, my world changed forever and, I have been able to grow and, become a better person because of it.

3. On the day I gave birth to my baby, I truly understood what it meant to unleash a new life into the world.

4. The day I gave birth to my baby, I began learning a lot about myself. What I didn’t know was that this journey would bring me closer to the woman I am today.

5. The day I gave birth to my first baby, I will never forget how beautiful he was, how strong he looked and how proud I felt holding him.

6. The day I gave birth to my baby was the day that changed my life forever. When I saw her for the first time, it was love at first site. The most beautiful moment of my life!

7. The day I gave birth to my baby is indescribable. From the moment my daughter entered this world, I’ve been filled with love and joy that I can’t put into words.

8. The day I gave birth to my baby was the happiest day of my life. A new chapter of my life started at that very moment. It was so exciting because I knew that he had been there all along, just waiting for me to find him. And when I do, everything is going to change in my life and, I will see things from another perspective.

9. The day I gave birth to my baby was a memorable day for me. I was so excited that I would not think clearly. I was very tired but, it was worth it because a beautiful new life was in my arms.

10. The day I gave birth to my baby, my life was changed forever. When I looked at him and, he smiled, I smiled too. It was a great day when two people who didn’t know each other became friends and made a brand new family together.

11. On the day I gave birth to my first child, I felt a surge of love so powerful that I could not stop crying. When I held him in my arms, he looked at me with his eyes shining as if he said, “Mommy, thank you so much for allowing me to come into this world.”

12. The day I gave birth to my baby was the most physically and emotionally challenging day of my life. With pain and joy, I saw my baby, whom I had carried for nine months, come into this world. It was a moment of rebirth and also deeply spiritual.

13. I think it’s okay to say the day I gave birth was the best day of my life. It’s a unique experience, and so many emotions are going on at once. I think it’s one of those things that you have to go through to really understand how amazing it is.

14. What a day. The afternoon I gave birth to our new baby was the most incredible day of my life. Words cannot describe the joy and happiness that filled my heart that day when he took his first breath of air. It will forever be etched into my memory.

15. When I gave birth to my baby, I knew that my life would be changed forever. The love, joy and emotion that I felt upon seeing her for the first time are indescribable. I knew deep down inside that this little miracle was more than just a child, she was a part of me and always will be.

16. When you give birth to your baby, suddenly, the world stops existing. All that exists is this little creature you gave life to, who needs you completely.

17. When I saw my tiny, perfect baby for the first time and held her in my arms, she looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and said, “love you, mummy!”. From then on, there was nothing else that mattered.

18. What a wonderful day it was when I gave birth to my baby. The joy that she brings and the love in my heart is something my body never knew existed.

19. We watched the sunrise as our new little girl slept in her crib. She is beautiful and strong, so tiny and perfect. I can’t stop crying, but I am so happy.

20. I am blessed to have given birth. I feel joy and happiness at the special moment of having my child in my hands. It is my most cherished memory.

21. The moment after you give birth to your baby and hold him in your arms is the most precious feeling you will ever experience.

22. Giving birth was nothing like I expected it to be, but it was the most extraordinary experience of my life. I feel honoured to be part of it and thrilled that he’s here.

23. My baby is a part of me and, the first time I held her in my arms, my heart was filled with such love and joy that it made all the pain worthwhile.

24. When I pushed him out, I felt lighter, like something had been torn from me. Then I held him in my arms for the first time, and he opened his eyes and looked at me. It was love at first sight.

25. I didn’t know what the day would hold for me. But I knew that my arms needed to be ready to hold, care and love this little person who was about to enter my world.

26. Having a baby was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It’s like nothing else in the world.

27. The love that I have for my baby knows no boundaries. In a single day, I was transformed from just being a woman to being a mother. The love in my heart increased tenfold as I brought this bundle of joy into the world.

28. The day I gave birth to my first child, I felt so blessed and excited to see what the future holds for us.

29. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine there would be a day when I would have such strong feelings for a human being. The day that you came into the world, I had no idea how much I would love you or how much you would mean to me. You are my life.

30. The day I gave birth to my baby is one of the greatest days of my life.

31. The day I gave birth to my son and saw him for the first time was life-changing. The moment could not have been better.

32. The day I gave birth to my baby was the proudest day of my life. It wasn’t just about getting a new addition to our family, it was about knowing that I am someone’s mom.

33. There’s nothing like watching your tiny baby bump grow into a real little person before your eyes. I can’t believe I gave birth to my baby!

34. I still remember the day we brought you home. I had never felt so proud and happy. When you placed your small hand in mine, I knew that God had sent an angel to me; a gift that seemed a miracle at that time. As time went by, some of my memories faded away, but one day will always be remembered when I gave birth to my baby and became a mother.

35. Today I gave birth to my baby, she will be the brightest star in my sky.

36. The day I gave birth to my first child was definitely a life-altering event. My entire perspective on life changed at that moment.

37. The day I gave birth to my baby was the most magical day of my life.

38. The day I gave birth to my baby is probably the most beautiful and magical day of my life. After nine months of patience and waiting for that special one to appear in our lives, it finally happened.

39. The day I gave birth to my baby, I was flooded with the most incredible emotions and happiness that I couldn’t even retain. That moment was an amazing start for us.

40. The moment I gave birth to my baby is one of the most beautiful moments in my life. Giving birth to her is not just a great accomplishment but, it also made me feel that I am responsible for caring for another human being.

41. The day I became a mother I found out how strong my love is for this tiny little person who came into this world as perfectly healthy. Every moment with my child is precious and I’m thankful for each of the memories we have together.

42. The day I gave birth to my baby was a day I can never forget. It was the proudest moment of my life watching my baby take its first breath, and she was so beautiful.

43. Giving birth to my baby was truly a victory over my own body, I thought I will not be able to carry the pregnancy to full term. I felt so empowered when she was finally in my arms.

44. I was nervous, scared and excited all at once. But when I finally got to hold my baby for the first time, it was one of the happiest moments of my life. And looking back at it now, I realize how amazing it is to have your entire body changed overnight.

45. I will never forget the day that I gave birth to my baby. The look on my husband’s face when he held her for the first time and he smiled. The way she looked up at him as if she knew that he would be there for her no matter what.

46. Today I gave birth to the most beautiful, sweet and cute baby girl in this world. She is my princess and my life!

47. I was amazed at how my baby’s birthday played out just as I imagined. The pain wasn’t as bad as I had feared and, my partner was incredible. We stared at each other’s faces in amazement over the happiness of our new family. We will never forget this beautiful moment!

48. The day I gave birth to my baby was the most special day in my life. A day that I will never forget as long as I live.

49. The day I gave birth to my baby was a miracle, and I am eternally grateful for this blessing.

50. On this day, I gave birth to my baby. The greatest thing that has ever happened to me. My heart was pounding and, I was overcome with joy when they placed him in my arms.

51. Words cannot express the joy I felt when I saw my baby for the first time. The excitement and nerves leading up to the moment that he entered this world had me on edge, but as soon as I heard his cry, it was all worth it. This is such a special moment that mothers all over should be able to cherish forever in their hearts and minds as they feel their baby come into the world.

52. Since the day I gave birth to my baby girl, she has improved our household in many ways, from keeping us all busy on those long winter nights to teaching us how to be present for the moment so that we don’t miss out on anything or anyone important to her.

I am sure with these the day I gave birth quotes, you have been able to express the joy you felt the day you gave birth to your baby. Feel free to forward them to your loved ones. Thanks.

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