Bride Quotes for Wedding Day

From her dress to marital vows and even the wedding announcement captions on social media, no detail is less important in painting the bride as the ‘star of the party.’ It is why this list of bride quotes for wedding day has been specially curated.

The quotes do not just help with making wedding-related announcements; they’re personal reminders of the new season of blessing and fullness you’re about to enter with your best friend and partner. With them, you can also make your special day warmer and set an exciting tone for the celebration with family and loved ones.

So, feel free to use as many quotes as you’d like, and have a magic-filled wedding day!

Bride Quotes for Wedding Day

Today is my wedding day, and I get to marry the love of my life and best friend in the presence of loved ones, build a richer and fuller life, and live the happy-ever-after love story I always imagined and prayed for.

1. Nothing can dim the joy in my heart when I’m about to be married to the best man ever.

2. I can’t wait to say an official yes to my partner, best friend, confidante, and soon-to-be husband.

3. I am getting married to my first and only boyfriend today, and I couldn’t be happier.

4. The journey wasn’t easy, but guess who is marrying her best friend and lover today? Me!

5. I am excited to take my vows with my soon-to-be husband in the presence of our loved ones today.

6. It feels good to know that I’ll always have someone to hold on to through life’s different seasons.

7. Life can bring on whatever it likes – I’m legally hitched to my partner and safe place!

8. ‘Lucky’ is an understatement for the season of blessing and warmth I’m entering – it’s my wedding day!

9. My prince charming has come for me, and I can’t wait for many years of warmth, love, and adventures together.

10. My favourite love story is becoming legal in a bit – it’s my wedding day!

11. Today, I am officially a wife to my favourite person in the world and the happiest girl alive.

12. Spending forever together feels amazing with the right person – I’m glad to be getting married to my fiance!

13. Today, two hearts will officially become one as I marry the best man in the world.

14. I feel on top of the world getting married to my long-time partner in crime and love.

15. I made the most beautiful bride today as I legally married my sweetheart.

16. When the man is right, the journey to forever is sweet and smooth. I can’t wait to tie the knot with my partner!

17. I had a beautiful wedding today – I can’t wait to see what the chapters ahead have.

18. I marry the love of my life soon, and there’s nothing more I could want or wish for.

19. Our love always felt right, and I can’t wait to be legally hitched to my lover in a bit.

20. I bet on my heart and courage, and they led me to the man of my dreams. It’s my wedding day!

21. The audacity to dream and be patient for the gift I deserve has landed me a good man in every sense of the word.

22. It’s my wedding day today, and there’s only peace and joy in my heart.

23. I feel so much excitement, and it’s only day one of the rest of my life with my husband.

24. Even when nothing made sense, saying yes to my fiance (now husband) always felt right.

25. I get to spend forever with my favourite person and happy place; it is the best feeling ever!

26. You glow differently when you’re about to be married to the love of your life!

27. I can hardly wait to begin forever today with my lover officially.

28. With the man of my dreams by my side, I’m suddenly eager for tomorrow’s adventures.

29. With every passing minute, I’m further convinced and settled that I’m marrying the best man for me.

30. Today’s my wedding day, and it is way perfect than I imagined it in my dreams.

31. I didn’t think that soulmates existed until I met my fiance, who I’m happily marrying today.

32. With millions of people worldwide, it is a blessing to have found my better half and soon-to-be husband.

33. There are butterflies in my stomach at the thought of spending the rest of my life with my partner.

34. Everything works out for those that believe, including finding and marrying a great guy like I’m doing today.

35. I am excited to become an official married woman and partner to my lover in a bit.

36. It’s my wedding day, and I’m grateful to be starting forever with my lover and best friend.

37. I’m experiencing a pure and beautiful love story, and it’s only normal to make things legal.

38. You meet one person, and the bits and pieces suddenly align – I’m pumped to be marrying my best friend today!

39. There are no fears or doubts about stepping into this new phase of life with my partner.

40. Today was a magical and peaceful day as I legally married my long-time sweetheart and partner.

41. My best friend will become my husband in a few hours. I could scream from all the happiness!

42. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world marrying my partner amidst so much love and warmth.

43. Ours was love at first sight, and it was inevitable that we would end up together.

44. I married my dream and purpose partner today, and everything was beyond perfect!

45. My heart and soul can’t wait to marry and spend eternity with my soulmate and favourite person.

46. Today is a special day as I marry my high school sweetheart and create new memories with my loved ones.

47. From best friends to lovers and now legal partners, it has certainly been a rollercoaster ride!

48. I’ve waited my whole life for today, and I couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of my life with my lover.

49. To my soon-to-be husband, I’m excited to marry and partner with you for life today.

50. I’m grateful for the courage to wait because it led me to the partner and union of my dreams.

Hopefully, you found these bride quotes for wedding day helpful for making your wedding-related announcements and expressing excitement for your special day. Thank you for reading, and do check out other interesting titles on this site too!

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