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A Poem from Me to You

There are times when life gets difficult and you feel as if you can’t go on.
It may feel as if everything’s gone wrong.
You’re weak in areas where you’re normally strong.
There may be times where you may question even getting out of bed.
Your feelings may be broken because of the unkind words that someone said.

But, in those moments of uncertainty and difficulty are the lessons you learn to become the person you were meant to be.
There are better days ahead and once the clouds from the storm are gone you will be able to see.
But even if you can’t see, just take one step at a time and when you take one step, believe me, you’re one step closer to where you need to be.

So as you start your day, don’t forget to wear your crown.
Turn your frown upside down. Let the word see you smile even if it is fake.
And even if it’s fake, just fake it till you make it.
Because the things you face now are temporary and life will get better in a little while.
But as for now hold your head up high, fix your crown and show the world your smile.

Another Poem from Me to You

Each day you are opportuned to see, set out to surround yourself with the best things in life.
That’s especially important when it comes to people.
There are many people/ things out there who aren’t good for you.
Whether it’s jealousy or envy they don’t belong in your life.

You were created to be VICTORIOUS!!

For that to happen you have to be surrounded with those people who not only want the best for you but, ultimately BELIEVE in you!!
Stay on your own path and those who are meant to be in your life WILL!
Especially, if they truly love you! Keep strong in your faith and don’t ever forget where you came from.

Now Enjoy the Collection of Love Messages and Poems for Your Freinds

The Request:
Her name is Esther, this is her no. 081xxxxxxxx. She is my best friend. I met her through her sister around January and since then we’ve been best friends.

She is a straight forward person. She’s honest. She will tell you as it is. She’s hardworking and focused. She is a listener and always there for people in respect of who they are.

She is brilliant, a motivational speaker, has been there for me spiritually, physically and all areas of my life.

Just help me to wish her a very good happy birthday.



I gave my heart to search for a friend indeed, and you’re the result of the rigorous task.

Who is a friend, I asked?

Someone who gives, laugh with you, is there for you and want to make sure you’re always happy?

*In the past few months, I’ve got a better definition!*

It started as one of those coincidental meetings. We exchanged greetings and expected it to end there.

Acquaintanceship is what I called it but rather metamorphosed into a friendship that’s bound to last.

Each encounter with you brought me closer, and your myriad of deeds wouldn’t stop to make me wonder how unimaginable life would be for those with no caring friend.

At first, I had no inkling what was about to happen to my heart until you proved yourself as a friend indeed. Your kind gestures are beyond what can be verbalized, your Character is exceptional.

You’re a friend to be emulated, a great source of endless motivation, you are.

*E*xcellent and
*R*are –
You’re ESTHER! 

Thank you for being a friend I can trust with my heart.
Thank you for being you.
Happy birthday to you my friend of life.
From Oluwanishola

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The Request

Zambian: I’m from Zambia. So what’s the procedure if I want a letter or message customized?

Olalekan: You tell me about the person

Zambian: How much is the cost?

Olalekan: Free for now.

Zambian: Omg that’s so cool.
It’s gonna b his birthday next week so thought of doing something special.

Olalekan: So, you tell me everything you can remember about him.
How old is the relationship?
How did you meet?
What makes you happy about him?
What does he say to you or do to you that makes you happy always?
Special moments in recent times and so far?
How do you see yourself with him in the future?
What would you have done on his birthday if you have so much money?
If you’re in front of him, what would you say?
Just anything you can remember.

Zambian: His name is Rahul we’ve been dating for like 2 years 7 month.
We met online and kind of just fell for each other so it’s a long distance thing.

He’s like the best lover and best friend ever. He’s a great listener, so caring and such an inspiration.

He’s so humble and down to earth, super funny and always motivating me to aim beyond.

Just the fact that I love him and he loves me back makes me happy.

Special moments? Huh, with the distance haven’t had much of them but we make the most of the internet so it’s just the everyday long hours online chats.

God willing, we’ll be married with four cute babies and living a simple happy life.

I would have given him a surprise visit though he doesn’t like surprises that much.

If he were here I’d tell him that I love him so much, that am happiest when he’s around. Anything else?

The Letter:

Happy Birthday to You My Love

I looked at the calendar,
It’s the day a gem was born
checked my heart’s rhythm
And it’s beating for him only.

I borrowed a gaze into my past,
Seen how far my heart has come!
By your love, it keeps going
Amazed, I wondered aloud!

Days have gone
Weeks have passed
Months have rolled into years
And here we are, together.

Into the abode of love we came,
Sharing an affection that’s monumental
We started as acquaintances
But now Savouring a friendship so treasured.

Your love played the piper,
My heart dictated its tune
We made a union that binds
And how perpetual it ever appears!

To me, you’re my best of friends
Though you’re my everyday lover
In fear you’ve been my guardian Angel
Your wings of love always cover me!

If you’ll permit me to say more, words will fail me to talk of your caring attitude that has proven to be so immense.

I envy the listening ear you’ve got and my heart rejoices at every word of inspiration you give to it.
To make a boast, they’ve all helped me to aim higher than I would ever have!

In humility, you’re a gem,
In merrymaking your a legend.
Your friendship is golden,
You’ve made a love that lasts!

I longed to see your face
But distance wouldn’t let me.
But I keep a resolution,
That I’ll see you someday.

My face longs for you
But you reside in my heart
We rarely exchange a hug
But our hearts always rejoice in love!

Every day is a great day to me,
My every hour is ever blessed.
Though we’re at a distance apart,
Yet communicate like you’re here!

I stole a gaze into my future,
I sigh at what my eyes see.
I see Beautiful home,
I see wonderful children,
I see home built on everlasting love,
I see a family that’s ever united.

Now I wish I have an Orchestra,
I desire a melody from me to you
I wish the birds would help me sing,
Happiest birthday to you my love.

I love you. I will forever do!

Here’s her reply when she received the letter

Woooooow! It’s the best love poem ever. Thank you  so very much. Lol. Turns out I was fast forwarding the days, it’s tomorrow. Hahahah. He’ll love it, I knw. Wow! Thanks. I am so happy, omg, I can’t wait for tomorrow.

You’re the best ever. Thumbs up.


Birthday Messages for Fiancée

I didn’t know that something so perfect could exist, but then I found you.

This love is everyday kind of love, every moment we’re in it. It leads up above the waves, its steady and consistent.

You’re so beautiful inside-out, phenomenal with beautiful values and amazing in character.

The good Lord who blesses your past will prosper your future abundantly with peace and good life. Happy birthday my *LovinChoice* I love you forever minister Adenike Esan.

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