Short Love Poems for Him Boyfriend from the Heart

2023 Short Love Poems for Him (Boyfriend) from the Heart

So, let’s say you’ve got the best guy on earth for a lover… And then you want some love poems for him from the heart?

If yes, get prepared to have the best of romantic love poems for him from the heart.

Good Morning Poems for Him from the Heart

You Are The Light

You are the light that shines
And radiates my heart with rights
You are the cloud that drains me with the rain of love
You are the one that makes me hope
For the goodness embedded in each day
You are the only one I desire
As the dry land desires water
Good morning the only one of my life.

What Is Morning?

What is morning?
Memories of milds is what I have
Origin of blissful thoughts is right beside me
Reactivating my passion every moment
Navigating my heart towards an unending love
Incubating in his mind, ways to keep me happy
Nothing can be compared with the enormous affection he has towards me
Good morning my one and only man.

Your Calling Words

What would I do without your calling words
Bidding me to take a brisk risk
And embrace the myth of an abstract love
I journeyed through realms unknown
And explored the world of fantasy
Just to find the one whose jingle I heard
Thank goodness your love was a reality
And my risk was never a break
I’m back with my bag full of honey
Filled with your love greater than money
Good morning to you my World.

A Night Without You

I can’t imagine a night without you
A twilight void and lonely
When the cold pierces into my body
While the chilling dark lay its rods on me
Your warmth has been my defence
Which eliminated off the rude weather
And caresses my body with a smoothening touch
Making it exciting to explore the dream world
Thus, very night becomes special and memorable
And granting me an energetic morning
A wonderful morning to you, my man.

Romantic Morning

A spoon of warm hug
A cup of golden kisses
A plate of raw cuddling
And a bowl of hot romance
Gently I placed on the table of love
Just for you to keep the belly fit
And keep your muscles energetic
That you may enjoy a wonderful day
And lit on the smile in a unique way
A romantic morning to you, honey.

The Rain of Affection

The rain of your affection drizzles on me
Draining me with abstraction and attraction
Captivating me from all distraction and perturbation
I swim in the ocean of your magnificent excellence
incomparable you are With your gentleness like that of a dove
Your amiableness spreads in my body the injection of your love
That I wouldn’t let go of a morning without texting you
Good morning, my Love.

The Genuineness of My Love

I will hold tightly
The hands of the man who leads me to places
Look into the eyes of He who makes my heart beat
Kiss the lips of the one who seems so sweet
And together we will fly on the wings of the eagles
Forever will I rest on the arms of the one I feel secured with
And every morning I Will whisper into his ears
The genuineness of my love and care
Good morning, my heartbeat.

From a Heart That Cares

When the season seems dry and devastated
While the day seems gloomy and unenthusiastic
The time seems running towards an endless stress
You turn round and everyone is gone
Just remember there’s one who loves and cares
One whose joy is to see you smile
And the one whose hope relies on your happiness
That very one is texting you right now
Blessed and Hopeful morning to you
From a heart that cares.

Good Morning to You Again

God has made us witness a new dawn
Only to give praise to his name
Over the years, he has been our shield
During the nights, he’s been our guide
Memory fails me to explain his goodness
Of all the wonderful works of his hands
Resolving obstructing issues between us
Navigating our hearts towards his path
In him our love keeps blooming
Now and forever he has made me yours
Good morning, my heartbeat.

Morning’s Whisper

The morning whispered good tidings
As I beheld the face of the trendy
An epitome of amiableness
Embedded I’m the whispering of valour
Nothing can be juxtaposed with his pose
With the elegance of a stallion
You accompanied me with a dazzling
Why would I not start each day
With your love basking in my mind
Good Morning my man.

Morning’s Gift

Morning brings joy in place of mourning
Cladding each day with gladness
Dawn does not bring us down
With good tidings enveloped in gold
It drizzles on us the gift of hope
And elevates our eyes to see the newness
Embodied and embedded in each day
An enthusiastic morning to you my love.

Essence of a New Dawn

The morning keeps us in harmony
For in this we forget our agony
Every quarrel we had, died last night
As we start each day with a new light
Yesterday’s headache is enough for it
Here is a new day to quench the heat
And a new dawn to start afresh
That our friendship remains forever fresh
Good morning sweetheart.

Special Gift

What gift can I offer a special you this morning?
Gift of gold and of silver
Good and bold enough to make you quiver
I made a conscientious search and brought to you
The most valuable of treasure of mine
I place in your hand my golden heart
Keep it in a special and safe place
Good morning, my love.

I Miss You Poems for Him from the Heart

Amazing I Miss You Poems for your Boyfriend from the heart.

A Man of Strong Heart

A man of strong heart
Energetic muscles that cuddle me
The harmless butterfly that sucks my nectar
My flowers are full of nectar
Waiting for the butterfly that loves and cherishes it
And that butterfly is you, my Love.

Just a Dream

I saw you last night
You were holding my hands
You gave me a cool hug
Spiced with a gentle kiss
I was expecting more from you
When I opened my eyes
And found out that
It was just a dream.

The Whole Me Misses You

My body shivers from the torture of loneliness
My mind quivers at the uncertainty of your arrival
My eyes blots out in response to the hunger of your love
My hearts faints has it longs for your embrace
My thoughts mocks me when I can’t stop thinking about you
Bring me back to a stable position by honouring my call
Oh, my Love! The whole me misses you.

Can’t Wait for the Time

As the hours passes by
And the clocks clicks every second
I stare through the window far away
Imagining I see you coming all the way
I wanted to run and embrace you
When heart lays a caution
“It’s not your Love you see”
I just can’t wait for the time
When these imaginations will become real.

All I Miss When You Are Not With Me

Your pix is a stimulus that got my mind screaming
That well-trimmed face that you’ve got
The mild look that makes me go whirl
That lovely eyes that scare away my fear
That lips that make me long for a kiss
The noble stature that makes you admirable
And your masculine strength that makes you the Prince charming of all
All, I miss when you are not with me.

Speak to Me Those Words

Come, speak to me those words
Like an arrow escaping into my marrow
Let me have those touches
Like sword piercing through my heart
Give me those smiles
Like stars twinkling into my soul
Once again I need those hugs
Like the rays radiating all over my body
When the whole you is wrapped inside me
I will have no cause to miss you anymore.

Feed Me with Your Presence.

I run to my phone anytime I hear it beep
I keep starving of your call
I run to my door anytime I hear a knock
I keep starving of your visit
I run to the gate
Anytime I hear the jingle
I keep starving of your arrival
Please my Love
Feed me with your presence
So I won’t die missing you.

Together Forever

Let’s run to the meadows
Where the pastures can enlight our passion
Let’s run to the lakes
Where the stream can enhance our steam
Let’s run faraway
To the place where we can create a home
And always be together
So that we won’t miss each other
And forever we will love one another.

My Wistful Mind

Look into my eyes and say that which is wise
Chilling like the ice
And cool as the tiles
One sounding so nice
Yet true unlike lies
That is what my wistful mind wishes from my man.

Longing For You

My man! My might! My mind!
I long for you as a baby longs for milk
I desire you as the fishes desires water
Wish to live in your home
As the caged Lion wishes to live in the jungle
Being around you will grant my heart an ease
Cause there I will be where I won’t have to miss you anymore.

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