Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband

Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband with Love

Birthdays are special occasions meant to be celebrated. Everyone’s idea of celebrations differs, depending on finances, culture, religious beliefs, personal inclinations and family tradition.

It’s your darling husband’s birthday, being short of words isn’t going to stop you. Here are 200+ ways you can wish him happy birthday, with a touch of romance.

Whatever the differences, birthdays provide an annual opportunity to celebrate the birth of our precious ones. Husbands aren’t left out. Money isn’t everything. A lovely message can fill up your darling husband’s love tank and transform your marriage.

You may be one of the rare types that do not believe in such a “flagrant waste of time, energy and resources”. But then, your husband is so special and needs to be reminded of how wonderful he is to you. What better day to celebrate a great man like yours but his birthday?

Words of love, admiration and celebration, not only validates our men, it reassures, sparks new life into dying embers of old love, old flames are reignited and joy reigns.

Words are powerful. It can ruin or build. It can make or mar. It triggers whatever reaction you want from any individual. Your husband isn’t an exception. Celebrate him with your wonderful thoughts. He isn’t a mind reader. Put your words into writing. Let him know you think the world of him. Revive romance in your marriage. His birthday is your excuse or reason. Don’t stop there, though. It’s just a start.

Want to give it all it is worth? Want your hubby to know he’s a superhero, hot, gorgeous and important? Want a touch of romance? Try this romantic birthday wishes for husband out: you will be glad you did. Here we go.

Romantic Birthday Messages for Husband

Here is the best collection of Romantic Birthday Wishes/ Messages for Husband. I bet your Husband would love you more after reading these sweet wishes.

1. I’m not mincing words: you are my perfect soulmate. The only adorable crown that befits my head. Your love makes me feel treasured and precious.
Happy birthday, darling. I love you!

2. Happy birthday, husband mine. You are dearer to me than silver and gold. You mean the world to me. Thanks for believing in me. I’m a confident and strong woman today because you invested in me.
May your day be filled with joy and your years be full of everything good your heart desires.

3. You are a wonderful man, I’m glad I married you. Life with you has been blissfully great. I love you so much. Happy birthday to you, my darling husband, friend, lover and confidant.
The truth? You are simply the best!

4. Happy birthday, my adorable husband. On this special day of yours, you deserve an award for being the best husband in the whole world. I cherish you and enjoy the privilege of being your wife in every way.
May the new year be filled with joy, peace and fulfilment.

5. Happy birthday to the most special man in my life. I love you more today than I did in the past. Every day, my love and admiration of you grow, by leaps and bounds. You never fail to make my heart skip with your handsome face and cute smile.
Have a blast, my darling! You deserve it!!

6. It’s your day, my wonderful husband! Happy birthday, my precious! Life with you isn’t just great, it’s way out of this world! I love you! This new year, all your expectations shall be met and surpassed. You will not be put to shame.

7. You are an outstanding husband and a unique man. I love you. Happy birthday to you, my crown of inestimable value. May this new year be filled with love, laughter and unspeakable joy.

8. I love you, just the way you are. You are my perfect match. Time hasn’t diminished my love and respect for you. Rather, it has only proved that I can do absolutely nothing without you.
Happy birthday, my sweet husband. May your days be filled with inexplicable and inexhaustible joy, precisely as you make mine.

9. You are the candy box life gifted me with, I can’t have enough of you! My bundle of joy, my heart sole delight and the only one who knows me inside out.
I love you, my Princeton Charming. Happy birthday, my love. Wish you a wonderful year ahead.

10. No ones is perfect… an indisputable fact. Here’s is an irrefutable fact…you are exactly perfect for me in every way. Happy birthday, my husband. May you rule your world and shine with glory.

11. It’s your birthday, so I’d like you to know how much I love and appreciate you. Thanks for loving and accepting me, without an attempt to break or mould me.
Indeed, you are a reality! mbirtan.
Happy birthday, my hero. You rock!

12. You are so unique and special in every way, my honey pie. No other can hold a torch to you. You don’t feel threatened or less of a man. Rather, you revel in my successes even as you climb the ladder of success.
Happy birthday, handsome!

13. A special day to celebrate a special person.
Marrying you was a dream come true. Everyday life who you is like fantasy. My dreams and fantasies became a reality when I married you. Happy birthday, honey. May all your dreams be fulfilled this new year.

14. My journey with you has been a trip of endless love, lined with pure bliss and laced with joy unlimited.
Happy birthday, my love. You aren’t just special, you are spectacular, my husband. May your birthday be filled with joy and laughter.

15. Happy birthday to my amazing husband. Thank you for pushing me to be the best. With your love, encouragement and support, I’ve learnt to reach for the moon as I grab the stars. You are my shining star, I love you!

16. Happy birthday, my love. Have I told you recently how much I love and adore you? I worship the ground you walk on, my hero. You are gentle, thoughtful, patient and forgiving. You are exactly all I need to be me. Have a beautiful day, my king!

17. You are no doubt handsome, charming and extremely smart! What I love about you is your loving, caring, gentle and tender nature.
Happy birthday, my teddy bear. You are the husband of my dreams. Have a blast all through this year.

18. Happy birthday, my amazing husband. I wish you an incredible year filled with extraordinary grace to do great exploits. Congratulations, my precious darling.

19. You are every woman’s dream and you fulfilled all my secret desires and fantasies for the man of my dreams. Life with you is a ticket to unending joy, love and laughter. Happy birthday to you, my gorgeous husband.

20. Life with you is an unending adventure, filled with excitement, void of boredom. Laughter, warmth and fun, is my lot with you. Not that life is perfect, but you have taught me how to make sweet and refreshing lemonades out of the lemons life offers. Happy birthday, my smart husband. I adore you.

21. Life is a magic wand. One minute, I was lonely and lost. The next, I’m indescribably happy and purposeful. You are my magic wand, sweetie pie. Marrying you was a lifetime miracle. I adore you to distraction. Happy birthday, my dearest husband.

22. You spoil me rotten, my love. I feel loved and indulged. You have never given me cause to be anxious or worried. Life with you is a bed of roses, framed with joy, embraced in manifold ecstasy.
Happy birthday, sugar pie!

23. You are incredibly magnificent, my love. You are a delight to behold, my never-ending stream of reassurances. My courage pill and success tablets. You are my blood tonic and my lifeline, I love you.
Happy birthday to you, my amazing hero. Loving you more is a renewed commitment and birthday gift to you.

24. I feel so elated, secured and on top of the world in your love for me. Under the wings of your blossoming love and untiring grooming, I’m now a confident, bold and daring butterfly, erstwhile fluttering moth, ready to take on the world. All I need is you, and you. Happy birthday, my awesome husband.

25. I can’t imagine my life without you, it’s totally unthinkable! I’m glad you swept me off my feet, my knight in shining armour. You mean the world to me, because my world revolves around you. You are my happiness, my husband.
Happy birthday, dearest! Have a blast!

26. Your love is my refuge from the stormy winds of life. You are my anchor in the ship of destiny, my dependable husband! I enjoy being in the comfort of your arms, soothed by your loving embraces and affections. Happy birthday to my darling hero.

27. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams. Thanks for being a wonderful husband and an extraordinary father to our cute children. You are simply the best!

28. I love you, my munchkin. I enjoy every moment of my life with you. I feel beautiful and cherished. You are loving, caring and generous to a fault. Loving you to distraction is a no-brainer, you are an incurable romantic. Happy birthday, my darling husband.

29. Happy birthday to the love of my life. You look more handsome each day, more dashing and absolutely gorgeous! Loving you is as easy as pie because you are totally adorable, my teddy bear. I love you to the moon and back to earth.

30. Your fiery love set my world aflame. Many thought I’d get burnt or it’ll burn out, but our fairy love story and passion has defied all logical theories and failed many detracting expectations. I love you so much that I bask in the warmth and brightness of your love for me with glee. Happy birthday, my handsome dude!

31. May I tell you a secret? I fell in love with your dreamy eyes and a husky voice. Years later, they still hold me captive. I can get lost gazing into those beautiful eyes of yours, even now. Happy birthday to my darling husband. You are as cute today as when we met… even cuter with the fine lines on your face and slightly greying hair.

32. To the most important man in my life, a wonderful birthday wishes on your birthday. May your cup of joy fill up and run over, even as our love bubbles to the brim. Love you, my handsome husband!

33. Happy birthday to my awesome husband. You have worked so hard to make a great life for us. The children and I adore you so much, we couldn’t be happier than we are at the moment. May you experience loads of love and bundles of joy this year.

34. I rejoice with you on your birthday, my smart and intelligent husband. I’m so proud of you for all your milestone achievements. You are a man of immeasurable worth and honour. Happy birthday, my love. Wish you the very best in life, my darling.

35. Rainbows are for lovers, so I caught the rainbow and capture its beauty for you. Happy birthday to my amazing husband. May your life colourful and be filled with sunshine.

36. If I had the capacity, I’d grant you your dearest wish in a twinkling of an eye, my sweetheart. On this special occasion, I spoke directly into the ears of the unfailing God, on your behalf. What I whispered met with favour, and my wish is granted. Happy birthday, hubby. Miracles are lined up for you already.

37. Happy birthday to my charming husband. May you receive the desires of your heart this new year. Congratulations, my love!

38. You never ceased to amaze me, darling husband. You are awesome, inspiring and courageous! Terrifyingly daring, even! Smart and knowledgeable, you inspire confidence in one and all. Happy birthday, my icon. Amazing things will show up for you.

39. Happy birthday to my bundle of talents, and creative genius. I admire you secretly and I’m openly proud of you. Life dealt me a gracious hand in crowning you as my head. You are a blessing to your generation. Your best is on the way, my precious love.

40. Today is a day of celebration. A day of rejoicing and jubilation. It’s time to wine, dine and dance with careless abandon in honour of my precious darling. Happy birthday, my amazing husband. Wish you the very best life has to offer. You deserve it.

41. Happy birthday to my Prince. You are the king of my heart, you reign and rule there unopposed forever. I love you sweetie pie. Have a blast today and always, my husband!

42. Happy birthday to the most caring, thoughtful and loving man alive. My husband, you are a special and rare breed. Loving you is so easy, you’re such a darling, my Teddy Bear! You rock!

43. Happy birthday to my adorable husband. Marriage to you gave me a taste of paradise and a glimpse of heaven. I love you and I love being your wife and friend. May each month of this year give you reasons to celebrate.

44. Happy birthday to my best friend, mentor and companion. You are actually beyond description, you mean the world and more to me. You are my all-time crush, I’m crazy about you. Have a blast this day and beyond, my sweet husband?

45. You make me so unbelievably happy that I have this sole desire to bring joy into your life. Happy birthday to my awesome husband. Expect surprises tonight and in the days to follow.

46. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious. Your zeal inspires me. You are a bundle of joy and encouragement. There’s no dull moment with you. I love you, my husband, melancholy has no hold on me since we married. Happy birthday to my rare gift.

47. Happy birthday to my superhero. Thank you for saving me from countless disasters with your common sense and uncommon reasoning. You are my lifesaver, I love you from the depth of my heart.

48. You were an end to my nightmares and the mastermind of beautiful dreams that have been fulfilled or still being processed. You have brought so much joy to my life that I can’t help but wish you unlimited joy with countless blessings on your special day. Happy birthday, my Angel!

49. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I’m really looking forward to spending eternity with you. Our time here won’t be sufficient no matter its longevity. You are my hero, I adore you! Happy birthday, my husband!

50. I anticipate all out tomorrows with eagerness and joy, because you are a complete darling. You add value to everyone around you. You have no single selfish bone in your body. May your life be filled with love’s just reward, rich and fulfilling in this new year. Happy birthday, my amazing husband.

51. You have a wonderful sense of humour. You are full of love, warmth and laughter. You are my sunshine and pride. Happy birthday, my husband. May your joy be continually full always. I love you, my radiant Prince.

52. I can’t think of a better day to tell you in an extra special way how extraordinary special you are to me, husband dearest. Today seems ideal. I celebrate you my darling husband, today and always. You mean more to me than words could convey. You are my very life. I love you. Happy birthday, my treasure!

53. I have been through all phases in life with you, and I’m proud to say you are an outstanding and awesome man. No depth could daunt/ bring you down, and no height could make you haughty. You are unique and steadfast. Happy birthday to you, my gem. Wish you the very best in life.

54. Happy birthday, my love. Wish you the very best life has to offer with loads of kisses, million hugs and lots of love.

55. Today is all about you, my fantastic, one in a million husband. You are a great lover, a wonderful husband and an amazing father. I’m proud of the man you have become. Unbent, unfazed and undaunted! Happy birthday, my love. You rock!

56. Happy birthday, honey. You are a husband like no other. I’m so proud to be your wife. Have a fun-filled day.

57. Happy birthday to the love of my life. My husband, bestie and confidant, your days will be long in the land of the living. You shall fulfil purpose and destiny.

58. A beautiful birthday wishes to my husband, best friend and number one cheerleader. May God’s grace and favour manifest in every area of your life. Your joy shall be full and running over this new year.
Cheers, my darling. Enjoy your day, it’s a precious gift.

59. Happy birthday to the one who aims higher than life’s meagre offers. You always inspire me with your innovative ideas, creativity and ability to execute them perfectly. I keep learning from you. Keep winning, sweetheart! I love you, my amazing husband. You are a real genius! May you prosper more and more in all your endeavours.

60. It’s a beautiful day with a great start. The heavens celebrate the giant by pouring out showers, even as the sun peeks out to shine its brilliance on an outstanding genius.
Happy birthday, my darling husband. You are celebrated today and always, my king!

61. After all these years of marriage, my heart still skips at the sight of you. You are so handsome and charming, my husband. You make me happy, content and confident. Happy birthday, my dashing husband. May life continually be good to you.

62. Happy birthday, my love. I love you more today than I did yesterday. My heart is already expanding in anticipation of loving you more in all our tomorrows. You are a special and remarkable man, my husband. You rock, always!

63. Marriage to you is an adventure in discovery, exploration, improvement, advancement, with loads of fun. I’m having the time of my life as a privileged wife of an awesome man. Happy birthday, my husband. You deserve to be pampered, so watch out!

64. You are a remarkable man, I’m full of admiration for you. You are an achiever and a great motivator. You add value to everyone around you, so your riches are immense and immeasurable. Happy birthday, my darling husband. May your life be rich and full of everything you so desire in life. You deserve the best!

65. Loving you isn’t a chore or obligation, it’s a pleasure. You are adorable and lovable, my sweetheart. I love your boyish charms, a mature mind and winning ways. Happy birthday, Husby. You are a real gem. Rare and invaluable!!

66. I celebrate you today, pumpkin! Happy birthday to my darling husband. You mean the world toe and the children. You are a great leader, an excellent motivator and a wonderful provider. You rock, my love! Have a great day, your best is on the way!

67. True love is as scarce as real gold. Dig deep, remove the dirt, and there you have your treasure. You are an uncommon gem, my husband with a heart of gold. You are a great and rare find, I love you!
Happy birthday, my love. May you be adorned with God’s awesome favour.

68. It’s your birthday, my bejewelled crown. The heavens celebrate you and the angels rejoice with you. You are loving, compassionate and generous to a fault. You are an unrepentant giver, so get set to receive. Happy birthday to you, love. This is your season of celebration, have a blast.

69. Happy birthday to the one who always strives to put a smile on my face. You gave love a real definition and I’m holding on to it for dear life. I can offer you the world on a platter of gold and diamonds, but I know I mean much to you than any rare gem. So, my undying love and devotion plus much more is my gift to you, my husband. Rock your day, have fun!

70. A chance of a lifetime and I grabbed it! I wouldn’t have missed being your wife for all the wealth in the world. You are my wealth, my source of joy and happiness. I love you. Happy birthday, my brilliant husband. You are a great and rare find!

71. For a man, you are incredibly loving, tender and sweet. I’m so high on you, I wouldn’t want to be cured! Happy birthday to the man that has smothered me with love and helped me to know my enormous capacity to love, as I’m loved. You rock with great relish, my darling husband!

72. I celebrate you today, my love. It’s your birthday, and I wish you a beautiful and fulfilling year ahead. You deserve it!

73. You are funny, witty and jovial. You spread joy and warmth everywhere you are. You are a delight to be with. I’m the blessed one with an unlimited pass and access to your large heart. Happy birthday, my husband. My heart is overflowing with love and goodwill for you. You are blessed!

74. Love is the song I sing to the one I adore on his birthday. Happy birthday, my love. It’s your special day: I have many gifts for you, but the best of them all is my heart, undying devotion and complete commitment to you.

75. The sun brightens up the day and the moon and stars rule the night. Day or night, you rule my heart and world. Loving you isn’t a choice I can make or unmake, I’m totally captured and enamoured.
Happy birthday, my husband. I love you!

76. Happy birthday to my loving husband. You are the kindest, nicest and most generous man on earth. I love you. May you live long and well to enjoy the rewards of your too-numerous-to-be-counted labours.

77. Happy birthday, Sugarpie! May you glow and flourish in all your ways this new year. Your baby girl loves you madly.

78. Happy birthday, my love. You are my heart’s singular delight, my joy and pride. You have brought so much sunshine and happiness to my prior dull existence, that I’m positively grateful you are mine. You are a goldmine, my very own, and I adore you so. May the Lord bless you richly this new year.

79. Happy birthday, my one and only love. You make me indescribably happy. My life with you is devoid of headaches, frets and troubles. You aren’t just my husband, you are my angel in disguise. May your days be filled with joy and your years, grace.

80. If life with you is a fairytale, I never want to come back to reality. You are all my heart desires and much more. You are my superstar and hero. Happy birthday, my husband. I’m so sweet on you!

81. Being alive, hale, hearty and healthy, is a privilege I’m not about to take for granted. I cherish every moment of my life with you, so I choose to celebrate your birthday to show you how much you mean to me. Happy birthday, my love.

82. You are special in every way, you are a perfect gift from God. I love you from the depth of my heart. You are the reason I wake up with a smile in the morning and sleep contentedly without a care in the night. Happy birthday, my husband. May your life be free of worry or sorrow.

83. Happy birthday to my champion. You aren’t just my husband, you are my head, leader, mentor and friend. You earned it, so those aren’t titles, and I’m proud of you. Your sea of wisdom will never run dry and your strength will not wane, by God’s special grace.

84. You are unrepentantly romantic, fun loving and adventurous – little wonder I fell in love with you. There’s never a boring moment with you. You aren’t just humorous, you are pretty clever and smart. I’m proud of the man you are. I celebrate you with so much joy on this special day of yours. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

85. I love being in your arms. I love the special way you look at me, and I enjoy being cuddled by you. Happy birthday to my precious and most treasured king! I wish you a most fabulous and merry celebration ever.

86. You are full of radiance, brilliance and brightness. You make my life delightfully colourful. I can’t have enough of you. You are a star worthy to be celebrated with pomp and pageantry in an elaborate show of grandiose! Happy birthday, my love.

87. Happy birthday, my charming husband. You are a great partner and companion. Smart, witty and vibrant to the boots! Keeping up with you is a task that will take the rest of our lives to accomplish!! I love you, my Superman. Rock your day with zeal and relish.

88. I love you, my husband. You inspire and encourage me. You build, groom and nurture me. I’m in an enviable position today because of your selflessness and devotion. Happy birthday to you, my amazing husband. You are awesome beyond description! You rock, my love!!

89. You are my friend and confidant. My rock, when all around me is shaky. My secrets are safe with you, while my fears are crushed and my doubts withered in your presence. You are incomparable and irreplaceable. I love you, my adorable husband. Happy birthday, my love.

90. Your love keeps me warm, alive and vibrant. I never get burnt or left out cold, you are just perfect for me. You are too good to be true, but I’m glad you are. Happy birthday, my handsome Knight in shining armour. May you continue to enjoy God’s abundant blessings.

91. I’m in love…. with you! After many years of conjugal bliss, I’ve come to the realisation that it’s completely impossible to fall out of love with you, even momentarily! You are just too cute and adorable. I’m kind of partial to your winning smiles too. Happy birthday to you, my love. May our love continue to grow and shine with time.

92. You aren’t perfect in anyway, but I love you just so! I wouldn’t want Mr Perfect if I see one, because you are so perfect for me in every way. You are a terrific and wonderful husband, I adore you. Happy birthday, my Honeypie. May your joy be full as your dreams come true.

93. I was scared of marriage, but I had confidence in the man you were. Now, I realise I had absolutely nothing to fear, for a real man doesn’t bow to the pressure of the marriage entity- he makes it work for his ideas. You are a superhero, my husband. Happy birthday to you, my Angel. You rock!

94. Hurrah! The day is finally here, it’s time to celebrate! it’s hard keeping surprises for you, but the look of astonishment on your face couldn’t be traded for all the millions in the world. Happy birthday, my sweet husband. You deserve everything good and more!

95. It’s your day, my darling husband! It’s time to appreciate you for being the gem you are. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for allowing me to choose my path, and to run my race at my pace. It’s your best gift yet to me, and I adore you for it. Congratulations, my sweetheart! Have a blast today and always!!

96. Happy birthday, my husband. I’m so proud of the man you have become. From scratch, with nothing but sheer determination, focus and hard work, you have worked your way to the top. This new year, may the Lord grant you greater accomplishments and achievements. The sky is not your limit, my love.

97. I love everything about you, there’s nothing I’d like to change. I love your enthusiasm, infectious optimism and a brilliant smile. Happy birthday, my husband. You are special in every way. Your generation will celebrate your worth.

98. You are a phenomenal husband. Unique, remarkable and special! I love being your wife, I enjoy being your friend, I admire the way you embrace fatherhood. I love, Honey! Happy birthday, my dearest!

99. I find it ludicrous when people search for a perfect soulmate. I’m glad mine isn’t, neither am I- thank goodness! I’m enjoying the drama and colours our imperfections brought to our marriage. You are my perfect match, a gift from above. Happy birthday, my love!

100. The day we got married was the happiest day of my life, or so I thought. Now, I know the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Every day with you is heaven on earth! Happy birthday, my heartbeat! You are a great husband, I love you!

101. Happy birthday to the world’s best husband and most wonderful dad ever! You have done so much to ensure we have all we need. You deserve to be celebrated. May you be rewarded bountifully for all your labour of love. I adore you, Honey!

102. You are my first and only love. You are everything a woman desires in a man. Tall, handsome, charismatic, attentive, intelligent and ambitious. Happy birthday to you, my dearest darling. I love you fiercely, from the very depth of my heart. I’m a fulfilled wife because you are an awesome husband. Wish you a year full of amazing blessings!

103. Happy birthday to my dearest husband. Loving you is a great honour, I’d do over and over again without a moment of hesitation. You are discerning, caring and doting. I love you.

104. To the world’s most handsome, romantic and fun-loving husband, happy birthday to you! Celebrating you is a must, a closet full of gifts seems inadequate, bit sure is a good start. You are generous to a fault. Thanks for always showering me with love, gifts and attention. May you be satisfied with the desires of your heart this new year.

105. A lovely day, starting with lots of promises. Happy birthday to my beloved husband. I wish to congratulate you for celebrating another year. I may not have much to offer you today by way of material gifts, but I give you what you treasure most: my undying devotion to you with all my heart. I love you!

106. I never liked the open display of affection, but you got me hooked to it. Now, I’m so addicted to your affections and all the unique ways you make me feel special! I can never have enough of you, you are an amazing husband! The genuine thing. Happy birthday to you, my love. May your days be filled with laughter and joy.

107. Happy birthday, my Sunshine! You have such a wonderful and outstanding personality! Your warmth, generosity and compassion filled the emptiness of my heart with merriment and joy. Now, my emotional tank is full and spilling over. Expect nothing, but pure joy and bliss, today and forever. No one is more deserving than you. I love you!

108. Thank you for smothering me with love and affection. I feel special and secured by your love. I search in vain for an appropriate word to describe you. Amazing, awesome, remarkable, great – do not come even close, but a sure way to begin. Happy birthday, my sweetie pie! I’m a great wife only because you are an incredibly greater husband!

109. It’s a good time to tell you how much I love you. You put a smile on my face, joy in my heart, you celebrate all my successes, embraces my weaknesses, you aren’t threatened by my strength and helped me to jump the hurdles of failures. You are a rare breed, an invaluable gem. Happy birthday, my treasure. You rock!

110. We’ve been married for years, but my heart still flutters at the sight of you. Your handsome face, dimpled chin and twinkling eyes, make me go weak at the knees. I’m crazy about you, my baby. Happy birthday, my darling husband.

111. I’m the most blessed wife in the world! I happened to be married to the only man who loves me with my crazy ways. Wow, you aren’t just great, you are awesome! Happy birthday, my dearest darling husband. I wish you unlimited joy in this new year.

112. Being married to one’s best friend has its perks, being still in love with each other after years of marriage, is a tale of pure joy and contentment. Happy birthday, my dashing husband. Just so you know, no man can hold a candle to you in any area. You are the very best there ever is. I love you, my sweetie!

113. I’m glad you married me. Ecstatic, even. If you hadn’t, I’d have sworn off marriage, take a vow of celibacy, and probably join a Covent. Then, I’d have waited patiently to marry you in another lifetime. Needless to say, you rescued me from a lifetime of misery without you. You are the very best man ever created, this I know. I love you, darling husband. Happy birthday, my dearest!

114. When people pay me honest compliments, I’m always quick to give the glory to God, and the honour to the man actively behind anything praiseworthy about me: You, my amazing husband of exemplary ways. Happy birthday, my love. You are truly a star. Shine brightly, dearest!

115. The smartest thing I did in my life was marrying you. You are my most favourite person in the world. I love being with you when my emotions are running high or low, or simply sharing a companionable silence with you. Whatever life besides, you remain my anchor( in challenges) or cheerleader (in celebrating). Happy birthday, my dearest husband. You rock!

116. Endless love with endless joy, my everyday experience with you. I’m so happy I could burst in excitement. It seems your sole ambition in life is to make me happy. Obviously, you are a resounding success, my husband. I’m not just happy, I’m ecstatic! You are awesome, I love you! Happy birthday to you, my love. Wish you an amazing year.

117. When people ask me the secret behind our successful marriage, I give a knowing smile with just two words in response, ” my husband”. It’s that simple. You are everything good, patient, loving, kind mature and much more. You are indescribable, indispensable and invaluable. I’m the lucky one here! Happy birthday, my sugar plum. You rock!

118. It’s your birthday, my sweetie. I feel like celebrating you like the icon that you are. A man of substance and worth. Thank you for allowing me to follow my heart, pursue my dreams and attaining my goals. You are my success story, I celebrate you today and always. May you be favoured in all your ways.

119. In my conceit, I secretly considered you a lucky man for getting me to marry you. Now, I can see only too clearly the joke is on me, having realised I’m the one who isn’t just lucky, but extremely blessed to have you as my husband. You are too good to be true, my Angel. Happy birthday, my dearest. I love you!

120. Happy birthday, love of my life. Today, being a special day, I plan to smother you with hugs and kisses. It’s your day, my charming husband, so apart from wining and dining, the major item on the menu is a terrifying attack from love space.

121. Happy birthday to my darling husband. What are your plans for today? A little bird asked me to warn you of possible invasion from the overworld. A large army of hugs, kisses with tender loving care, are coming for you. You have two choices: evade or embrace. Please embrace, it’ll save and enhance your life, my love.

122. To the best husband in the whole universe, happy birthday to you from your doting wife. I wish you more fruitful and fulfilling years ahead. Enjoy your day, my dearest.

123. Congratulations, my husband! Happy birthday to you, my beloved. A special day for a special person makes for an exceedingly special occasion. I love you more than life itself.

124. I have a great self-esteem because you are my natural ego- booster. I’m a confident, self-assured successful young woman because my husband believes in me. I’m proud of you, my champion. Happy birthday to you, my hero. I love you forever. May your light continue to shine without dimming.

125. You never ceased to amaze me, my dearest. You are always full of surprises: gifts, trips, pranks and all sorts of fun tricks. You are a pro! I’ve never mastered the art of second-guessing you, so I give up. Go on being uniquely you! That’s why I’m always crazy about you. Happy birthday, my husband. May this new year unfold with countless wonderful surprises for you.

126. I love being your wife. I enjoy being your friend, companion, lover and teammate. Life with you is interesting, engaging and colourful: all shades of good! Happy birthday, my sweet husband. May your life continue to add value to all.

127. Happy birthday, my love. You give your best to people, task and whatever engages you. You certainly deserve the best life has to offer. Little wonder you got me, being the ace of the pack! May you continue to be relevant to your generation.

128. You always take my breath away, with just a sultry look from you. I love everything about you. What’s there not to love? You are all I want and ever dreamt. Happy birthday to you, my husband. May your days be long and satisfactory.

129. I’ve never held back from you because you inspired confidence in me. I love sharing the highs and the lows, the special and the mundane things of life with you. You are my best friend and a backbone. Happy birthday, my Crown. May you reign without fail.

130. Hurray! It’s my hubby’s birthday! I had a hard time deciding on the best gift for you. What to buy is a no-brainer, it’s as easy as pie! I was actually thinking about what you had love to have that money can not buy; then, I realised how silly I was. Me, and pulling your whiskers! Real or imaginary. Happy birthday, love. Enjoy your day!

131. Happy birthday, my dearest. Thanks for being an attentive and devoted husband. Marrying you has brought indescribable joy, ease and fulfilment to my life. I wish you unlimited grace and favour this year. I love you!

132. Have I told you recently how much I loved you? How remiss of me! For it to ring in your ears, I guess I have to tell you a minimum of thrice a day (so as to avoid sounding like a broken record too!). I love you, Husby. I’m total, completely and absolutely in love with you. Happy birthday, darling. May your day be as beautiful as you.

133. Thanks for supporting my dreams. Thanks for assisting me in every way possible. Thanks for prodding me into achieving the great feat. Thanks for being the kind of man I need precisely. Happy birthday, my darling husband.

134. You are an astute businessman with the proverbial Midas touch. You are enterprising, fun loving and an achiever. You have positively impacted my life in more ways than one. Thank you for helping me to eschew mediocrity and embracing excellence. You are an amazing husband and mentor! Happy birthday, my love.

135. I was in a dark and lonely place when love found and illuminated my life with joy and brightness. Now, I’m hooked – happily so. Happy birthday, my love! You are a lifesaver, I adore you!

136. Happy birthday, handsome. May I know how young you are today? Absolutely ageless! You seem to grow younger, wiser, lovelier each day. So, every day, I found it impossible not to fall in love with you over again. It’s official: I’m eternally hooked. No escape desired. Have a fulfilling year ahead!

137. Happy birthday, my gem. You are the perfect piece of the riddle of life that makes my life complete. You are everything I ever dreamt of, and more! I wish you explosive joy and blessings in all your ways this new year. I love you, my darling husband.

138. You are just like a vintage wine: the older you are, the better and the richer! Happy birthday, my husband. I love you more and more each year because the passage of time makes you more wonderful than the previous ones!

139. Happy birthday, my King. You rule my heart, unopposed. Uncontested. I love you with the whole of my being. You have my undying love and devotion. From my mouth to the ears of the king of kings, is a prayer of unimaginable blessings and unprecedented success for you this year. Cheers, my love!

140. My number one ambition in life was to get married to you. That accomplished, my overriding goal was to make you indescribably happy. What I never reckoned on, you effortlessly making me happy, fulfilled and feel incredibly loved and appreciated. You are the real goldmine, I’m never letting go. Happy birthday, my husband. You are amazingly awesome!

141. Having a bad day is no longer a scary affair, since I know my husband is but a phone call away, at the very least. Sharing my joy with you and seeing your face light up in joy, feels my soul with deep feelings. Happy birthday, my dearest. You are my bright spot, always. I love you.

142. Thanks for being a loving and devoted husband, a doting but strict father to our children, and an exemplary man to emulate. You are a perfect role model, my love. I’ve learnt so much from you. Happy birthday, my treasure. May you be continually relevant.

143. I was bruised, battered and abandoned when we met. Your love healed and restored me in every way. My capacity to love has been broadened and deepened by how much you invested in me. I love you, Husby. Happy birthday, my adorable darling. You rock!

144. I thought I was a passive and laid back person until you breezed into my life with your bright, sunny, and vibrant personality; and charmed your way into my heart and life. Now, I’m not just convinced, I’m transformed. You are witty, smart and just lovable. Happy birthday, my husband. And yes, I’m heading over heels in love with you!

145. You are a man of vision, strong conviction, passion and candour. I admire you a lot. You are an accomplished leader, an excellent teacher and a great mentor. Happy birthday, my husband. Your generation shall celebrate the genius that you are.

146. The first time we met, you took my breath away. It’s now years after, being married with children should have taken its toll and done the trick. But, no, it hasn’t. You still have my breath, my heartbeat. I’m crazy about you now, more than ever. Happy birthday, my love. You rock!

147. Happy birthday to you, my dearest husband. Do you know how much I love you? More than you can ever imagine. You are my world. I adore you.

148. Happy birthday to the number one man in my life. The king of the pack, my charming husband. I wish you the very best this new year. Have a blast!

149. The one thing I’m pretty good at is loving you. This is because you are so adorable, charming and easy to love. Happy birthday, my love. May this new year be filled with joy, blessings and goodness.

150. I have just one talent, and it’s innate: loving you. Happy birthday, my Prince. I was created to love you. Being loved in return by someone as wonderful as you are, is a bonus. You rock my world.

151. Happy birthday, Handsome! For your birthday party tonight, I got you a very special gift: a face mask. Let’s make it a costume/ Halloween type of party. Come in disguise, please. Otherwise, upon sighting you, my friends will swoon and fall right into your laps! I’m trying to save you here, from being mobbed, pawed or clawed- you are that gorgeous! Rock your day with glee, my love!

152. Love is blind, mine ain’t. Rather, my love for you opened up a whole new world to me. Ecstasy, fulfilment, opportunities, improvement, lots of possibilities hitherto hidden or seemingly unattainable. Your love liberated me, my treasure and gave me wings to fly. Happy birthday, my husband. Thanks a million for everything.

153. Loving you is my new lease on life. Being loved by you is my licence to the worlds of possibilities, attaining heights hitherto unattainable; reaching for the impossibles and basking in the euphoria of explosive love. Happy birthday, my hero. You are outstanding in every way.

154. You are my Sunshine, you fill my life with brightness. You are my ocean, you provide me with life’s essence. You are my pride, I have value and I add value to others. Happy birthday, my treasure trove. May your value appreciate with time and age. I love you, sweetheart.

155. My sea of love for you can never run dry. Once it flows to you, it doesn’t come back. Rather, fresh water of love from the divine source flows into me, channelled from above. My love for you is ever fresh, and eternal. Happy birthday, my darling husband. I cherish you, always.

156. Happy birthday, my love. Thank you for always going out of your way to make me happy and to make life comfortable for me and the children. I do appreciate your hard work and devotion. May your labour of love be soundly rewarded in due season, by God’s grace.

157. Happy birthday, my dearest husband. You aren’t my first love, but I’m so glad that you are my best and last love. Your love has totally wiped off the bitter memory of past experiences, and I’m looking forward to a beautiful future with you. I love you to the moon and back.

158. Happy birthday to the husband of my youth. Every phase of our journey has been of sweet memory because you are special. I cherish you more than any worldly valuable we possess, my treasure. You are my very life, I love you!

159. Happy birthday, my gem. I’m proud of the man you are, who chose to use his gifts, time, talents and training, to help humanity rather than accumulating wealth. Posterity will judge you honourable. You are a man of passion and unshakable ideals. I love you. May you be fulfilled always.

160. Happy birthday, my hubby. I can’t thank you enough for loving me in that special way of yours. I feel complete and fulfilled. Thank you also for your unwavering support. I wish you manifold blessings, sound health and joy unlimited.

161. Happy birthday, my husband. I’m brimming with so much excitement, it’s palpable even. I’m beaming with smiles and my heart is singing songs upon songs of gratitude. I could have lost you, but the Lord spared you. This day wouldn’t have been, but mercy spoke on your behalf. I’m seizing the moment and celebrating your birthday, my love, with gusto. Congratulations, Honey.

162. Wow! Today has finally landed; I can’t wait to celebrate you, king of my heart. I love you, explicitly. I’m crazy about you, completely. I feel on top of the world because you mean the world to me, sugarplum. Happy birthday to you, my husband. You rock my world!

163. Happy birthday to my wonderful husband. Wish you an amazing year with lots of awesome surprises and unprecedented results, and much more! Loads of love, kisses and hugs from your sweetie pie!

164. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I’m just crazy about you, no single reason. Yeah, I got it. You are special, loving and simply adorable! I love you, my pumpkin.

165. Happy birthday to my adorable Adonis husband. Everything about you is so neat, cute and perfect, that I can’t have enough of you. Beauty with brains and brawn to the boots, way to go! Little wonder I’m madly in love with you. Have a great day, sweetie. Enjoy the fun as it unfolds.

166. Happy birthday, my sweetie! Your birthday gift is here, already: me. I’m your best gift ever, I cleared the whole day for you. Other gifts are desserts, I’m the main dish. Enjoy your day, my darling!

167. Happy birthday to my darling husband. Loving you in special ways is my ace gift to you. So, watch out! Have a spectacular year, Honey!

168. Happy birthday, sweetie buns! You are my all-time favourite person. No surprise there; you are gorgeous, virile, smart and fun to be with. Aren’t you just perfect? Have a delightful year, my husband.

169. Happy birthday to my wonderful husband. I love you more than you know. You are brilliant, charming, courteous, loving, kind and dangerously generous. You are a perfect gentle. I know our sons will take after you, you’re a great role model. Have a spectacular year!

170. Happy birthday to my champion. You are a superhero! Thanks for always watching out for me. It means a lot to me, and you mean the world to me. I love you. Have a splendid year, my love.

171. Each day is a gift, I’m glad I get to spend mine with you till eternity. Today is special because it’s your birthday. So, I celebrate you, my love. Happy birthday, my husband. Have a glorious year of joy and fulfilment.

172. If husbands are being auctioned, I wouldn’t sell or exchange mine for all the treasure in the world! You are my treasure, my dearest husband. I’m holding on to you for dear life. Happy birthday, Honey. Enjoy your day.

173. Today is a special day, but then, every day with you is ever special. You are always cheerful, merry and full of life. Happy birthday, my Sunshine. Have a wonderful year, my husband!

174. With you, my husband, every day is a party. I always enjoy your company, you are either intellectually stimulating or just plain silly and comical. Reeling me in with your rib-cracking jokes, is the highlight of my day, anytime. Happy birthday, my wonderful darling. You rock!

175. Happy birthday, my bundle of joy. There’s never a dull moment with you. I love your brilliant smile, contagious laugh and ‘wicked’ sense of humour. Have a fun-filled year!

176. Happy birthday, my heartbeat. I love you best in the whole world. May your day be filled with joy and the year, abundant blessing.

177. Happy birthday, my love. Being with you gives me incredible joy. You are everything I desire in a man, and I suspect I haven’t even scratched the surface yet! I love you, honey.

178. Happy birthday, my dashing husband. You aren’t just handsome, you’re cool, calm and charming! I love you. Enjoy your day, you deserve it!

179. Happy birthday, my gem. I love your simplicity and coolheaded. You are exactly right for me, honey.
I have eyes only for you. Have a delightful day, my amazing husband.

180. My husband is cool, calm and collected. Creative, talented and purposeful. Cute and gorgeous… heady combinations to turn my head. Can’t help falling in love, can I? Happy birthday, honey pie. I love you.

181. Happy birthday, Sugarplum. I’m sealing my heart with lots of hugs and loads of smashing kisses as your special gift. I simply adore you, sweetie. Have fun, lots of it, you deserve it.

182. Happy birthday, my super special husband. Sometimes, I wonder how I got so lucky to have you. It sure beats me. You are too good to be true! I love you to the moon, and back too! Rock your day, my love.

183. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. Loving you is a pleasure. Being loved by you tickles me to my toes. I adore you, my husband. Have a great year filled with love and joy.

184. Happy birthday to the most amazing, wonderful and remarkable husband. You fill my heart with joy and my life with laughter, fulfilment and peace. I’m so crazy about you. Wish you an awesome year filled with stupendous blessings.

185. Happy birthday to the most thoughtful, kind and easygoing man in the universe. You taught me how not to take life too seriously, all the time, and to take a break and enjoy its moments. Thank you, Husby. I love you, you are the best!

186. Life is meant to be enjoyed while it lasts, and so I treasure every moment of our time together. I celebrate you today, my darling husband. Happy birthday, my love. Have a beautiful day, I cherish you.

187. You are the most cheerful and inspiring person I’ve ever met. I love you, my dearest husband. Happy birthday, my gem.

188. Marrying a man from a different tribe, culture or race could have been difficult or terrifying, but you made it so simple, interesting and fun. Our differences could have been a problem, but you regarded them as our unique pluses to being embraced, not challenged. Happy birthday, my amazing husband. If there’s another lifetime, I’d ask you to marry me. I love you, Honey!

189. Happy birthday, my love. You are a man of deep convictions and a patriot. While others tear our country down, you willingly signed up and committed to building and protecting it in your own way. I’m proud of you, sweetie. May God keep you safe…I’ll always be here, waiting for you, my husband.

190. Once bitten, twice shy. Badly burnt in my first try in marriage, I ran scared. Your relentless love drew me out, so I gave love a second chance. I’m glad I did. You are God’s unique wonder, a rare gift and uncommon breed. You are a wonderful man, my husband. Happy birthday to you, my Knight in shining armour. I love you.

191. Happy birthday to the man with a heart of pure gold. You are a great husband and terrific father. A role model to everyone. I love you. Have a lovely day, my Angel.

192. All my desires, expressed or perceived, are gladly met by you. My happiness and the children’s comfort is your majority priority. You never failed to baffle me. You have my undying love, Honey. May God preserve and bless you always. Happy birthday, my husband.

193. Years ago, I fell madly in love with you. Undaunted by many life’s challenges and opposition, I wouldn’t let go of the love of my life. Today, I’m still in love with you. My tomorrow is all yours, my dearest husband. Happy birthday to you, love.

194. If loving you is a cross, I’ll gladly carry it. Happy birthday, my husband. Loving you is a real pleasure. You are a treasure!

195. You are the sweet pill that I take, to take away the bitter taste of life’s ugliness. You are my rock when life is tottering; my cheerleader when all is great and working; and the sum total of my life in every way that matters. Happy birthday, my dearest husband. I love you, my darling. You are a gift from God.

196. Happy birthday, my amazing husband. You have achieved a lot, but your best years at ahead. Have a great day, my love.

197. Happy birthday, my love. Life dealt me a great hand by landing me on your laps. It sure dealt you a tricky deal, by giving you ” naughty” me. But then, life would have been absolutely boring without either of us. We make a great team, unbeatable!

198. Happy birthday, my love. I’m nuts about you; then, now and always. I can’t get over you, not that I planned to. Have a delightful day, honey.

199. Life without you is nonexistent. It’s pretty much a bad joke, a nightmare never to be imagined. I love being with you. I enjoy being your wife. I’m so into you, forever. Happy birthday, my love.

200. Happy birthday, my love. For your birthday special this year is a planned kidnap… Excuse me, I mean a getaway weekend to somewhere exotic and relaxing. Don’t even say no, I’ve figured out all the angles, you can’t wriggle out of this. Relax, and enjoy the ride.

201. Happy birthday, my darling husband. I’m so glad to inform you that I’m here to stay. I can’t imagine life without you, you’ve spoilt me rotten with pure undiluted love. I adore you, my baby. I celebrate you now and forever.

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