Remember I Love You Quotes

Remember I Love You Quotes (2022)

The feeling of love and acceptance is amazing and when it is reciprocated, it is a very beautiful one. Being in love requires hard-work overtime. The love, the affection, the feelings, it all has to be improved on.

Adding a bit of spice into your romantic relationship is quite important, it is like the fuel that is needed to boost your love life.

Sometimes, there might be a strain in the relationship, but that doesn’t imply it’s the end, in fact, this should be the nudge you need to look for ways to spice up the whole romance.
The flame of passion for each other should burn brightly between the two of you, you have an amazing, heaven on earth relationship which should not in any way be lacking affections.

To spice things up, there’s a place of creativity, think up of the things to do, this may include planning a movie date, a cosy hangout among other things.

But then, there’s also the place of sending some romantic quotes to your significant other. Quotes that reaffirm that your love for them will never grow old. That you’ll always be there.
This will go a long way to rekindle a seemingly dying fire.

Surprise your partner with occasional jabs of words of sweet love. Sit back, make the magic happen, reawaken his or her love for you with any of these Remember I Love You quotes, and watch your love for each other rejuvenate.

Always Remember that I Love You Quotes and Messages

It’s time to tell your lover to be sure in your love? These always remember I love you quotes and messages for him or her will help you express just that to your boyfriend or girlfriend. The best love quotes for love affirmations.

1. Every minute of the day, the only thought that runs through my head is how lucky I am to have you as my one and only love. I am just so happy that you’re mine and will always be.

2. We are the same side of a coin, we fit perfectly with each other. I love that you came to me and took my heart away, because it’s worth it, always.

3. My addiction to you is so much that I don’t want to get over it, ever. I love you today, tomorrow and always.

4. I love everything we had and we’ve shared. I love that I get to love you as much as I want at any time I choose to. I love you till infinity.

5. I just want to remind you today that you are my one, only and forever love. The only one my heart will forever beat for.

6. Smiling when your face cross my thoughts and your name cross my mind is inevitable. That’s how much I can’t do without you, my love.

7. I love you in so many ways that are unique to just me, and I promise to always do.

8. Do you remember how I smiled the first time you told me you love me? That’s exactly the way I smile whenever you cross my mind which is always. I love you, don’t ever forget that.

9. No matter how busy my days may be, no matter how tired and stressed out I am, all my thoughts are one and the same: “I love you and I always will” don’t forget that.

10. I get to love you as much as I want every moment of my life, that is so amazing. My love for you is till forever.

11. I might not get the chance to say it to you every minute, but it doesn’t mean I don’t. I love you every second of my life.

12. Thinking of you fascinates and yet boosts my days. I will never stop loving you, don’t forget that.

13. You are the reason I look forward to each day with excitement. I love that you are mine now and always.

14. I wish there are ways I could engrave it in your heart that I love you and I always will. Because that is what I truly feel.

15. Life and love have the same meaning to me and that is you. Don’t even let it slip your mind for a minute that I love you because I do, always, with all of my heart.

16. Your absence even makes my heart grow fonder. I love you hopelessly and from now till the end of life, don’t forget that.

17. Woman crush every day of my life, the perfection of my love, that’s what you are and will always be.

18. No matter what, I will always and forever love you.

19. I can send the whole day telling and proving to you how much I love you, you are my woman always, don’t ever doubt that.

20. Forever with you looks beautiful and absolutely tempting already. I love you, always.

21. I wish there are ways I could make sure you understand how much I love you, it scares even me, but I do love you.

22. I just want you to know that you came into my life and made everything beautiful with your perfection. Don’t forget that I love you and I always will.

23. Thoughts of you are comfortably sitter in my subconsciousness. Don’t ever doubt my love for you because it is what I live for.

24. Thank you for the magic you bright to my life with your love. I promise to never get over it.

25. My love for you is forever and ever after, it’s the only thing that makes sense.

26. “I love you” those words from you straight to my heart keeps me going on. Don’t forget that I love you too and that is always.

27. This is to you my forever and perfect love. Always and till infinity

28. Even if it is what I have to do every day of my life till the end of times, I will gladly take it up. I love you, always.

29. One of the best things of life came to me and that is you, thank you and I love you beyond words, don’t forget that.

30. You are the magic to my soul, the perfection of me. Remember that no matter what, I always love you.

31. It doesn’t matter how far from each other we are or how busy our days maybe, the most important thing is that you remember, I love you.

32. My joy, love and life, all in one. I just want to remind you today again of how much I love you.

33. Wholly, completely, perfectly and with all sincerity, I love you, always remember that.

34. With you is my absolute peace, how can you even doubt that? I love you always.

35. You already know but then I don’t mind saying it all the time that I love you and I always will. Remember that.

36. You came to my life and brought with you love and joy, what would I have done without that? Always remember that I love you, beyond words.

37. The bond we have is special and absolutely unbreakable, remember that I love you always.

38. Whatever life may bring, it is all good as long as we’re together in it. Remember that I love you always and to the end of the world.

39. We are the perfect fit for each other, I love you always.

40. Loving you made me understand that no one can ever love me the way you do. Remember that I always love you.

41. May God bless the day that we found each other because you’re my life miracle. I love you, always remember that.

42. You are the dream that came true for me, no matter what always remember that I love you.

43. You mean so much to me that I can’t ever let you go. Always remember, I love you.

44. I will never be separated from you, I will always love you, don’t forget that.

45. Since the day we met, I’ve never loved you less. My love for you is as strong as time, always remember that.

46. Right now, the only thing I want from you is that you love me the way I love you always and forever.

47. My happiness is with you and in you. Nothing will come between us because I love you from now till the end of times.

48. All I want to do right now is to remind you of how much I love you and I always will.

49. The only thoughts that are permitted for you are those of me. Because I love you and I want you to always remember that.

50. I love you more with each day, is it just I or you can feel it too?

51. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, always remember that I love you.

52. I’ve been sold out to loving you and proving it to you till I breathe my last, always remember that.

53. Your voice always has a soothing effect on me after the stress of each day. I love you always, don’t forget that.

54. You are the best half of me, nothing will make me more complete than you always remember that I love you.

55. You are my motivation and inspiration for each day, what would I ever do without you? I love you always.

56. Sold out to loving you is the best experience of my life and I love it!

57. You are the only key to my perfection, the only one I want to spend my life loving, always remember that.

58. The meaning of life is more pronounced to me and that is because I love you now and always.

59. No matter what, my love is with you and in you alone, always remember that.

60. Clearly, we meet people for various reasons. I met you, I got a vivid imagination of what I want to live for.

61. I love you always, don’t ever doubt it because it will kill me.

62. The first time we met, I realise I’m never saying goodbye to you, because you’re my one true love, always remember that.

63. For me, for you, for our love, can you always remember that I love you and nothing will ever change that?

64. You took away the emptiness in my days and life. I love you forever always remember.

65. This is what true love is; you and I wish one heart. I hope you’ll always remember that I love you?

66. I found love, I found you, it all fits perfectly.

67. You really are my dream come true, my one true love that I will always hold onto, forever.

68. More than anything, you’re my strong pillar and I love you like my life, always remember that.

69. Thoughts of you are always here with me, there’s no better way to prove to you that I always love you than this.

70. You deserve to be the most loved and cared for human on Earth and I promise to do that to you always.

71. Straight from my heart, with no addition or adulteration, I love you and I always will.

72. Believe me when I say that the thoughts of you in my head is magical. I love you, always remember that.

73. I can’t get too busy without finding time to remind you how much I love you.

74. I hope and really wish that you will always remember that I love you with all of my heart and nothing will change that.

75. You mean so much to me, of course, you know it even from the beginning of our love.

76. Always remember that I love you and it is the best feeling ever to me…

77. The meaning of life is new and more beautiful because your love showed it to me.

78. You’re amazing, you’re lovely, you’re mine, you’re beautiful and more importantly, I love you, forever.

79. Even if we have our differences and misunderstanding, it still doesn’t stop the fact that I love you forever.

80. I want to tell you today again and I want you to remember that in this world, there’s nothing in it that compared to you for me.

81. My life is nothing without your love, that’s how important you are, always remember that.

82. Do you know how much I love you if you want me to start showing proofs?

83. You are the soulmate that I love and adore always.

84. Always remember that every day is refreshingly beautiful because I love you more than I did the day before.

85. My love and wishes will be sent to you every day, this is what I’ve promised to do.

86. Even if we’re not always together, I love you so much because you’re my star.

87. I want you to know and always remember that you are the only person that could love me to perfection.

88. I love us today, tomorrow and always.

89. I have a feeling that you’re thinking of me because I’m also thinking of you.

90. No one loves and understands me as you do and I love it that way.

91. You already know that loving you is my pastime.

92. It is so lovely that I get to text you and tell you how much I love you and you mean to me.

93. I want to relive the day I met you, it was so beautiful.

94. I might not have the chance to go back to the day we met but then I can always remind you of how much I loved you then and I still love you now and I will forever.

95. Without you, everything is meaningless.

96. My life is beautiful and meaningful, well my life is you.

97. Your kind is rare, I promise to love you till eternity.

98. You are the universe to me, the point of my existence.

99. No matter what, I will always and forever love you, baby.

100. In you, I found my woman, my partner and soulmate. I will always and forever love you.

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