Heartfelt Prayer for My Sister Quotes

2023 Heartfelt Prayer for My Sister Quotes

Prayer is not just the key, but the bond between siblings.

Sisterhood should not only be celebrated with sentimental words but with forceful prayers as well. A good sister or brother would not hesitate to send unstinting prayers to their beloved sister, whether older or younger one.

This benevolent act is also fit to be demonstrated on birthdays. As it’ll be sending a message of love and kindness just like you would have wanted.

If this aligns with your desire, make good use of these prayers by sending them to your sister. She’s waiting in faith.

Everyday Prayers for My Sister Quotes

Is she celebrating her birthday or you just want to pray for her from the heart? These everyday prayer for my sister quotes are awesome to use.

1. Happy birthday to my beautiful sister. You’re like a scent that makes the world smell nice. May your days be longer.

2. It’s a beautiful day created just for you. I’ll celebrate you with words of prayer that will do more than complimenting you. May all your desires come true like a dream.

3. Your new age looks perfect on you just as the sun shines on the city. I pray that you see many more years.

4. You’re an epitome of kindness. Out of your benevolence, you make my world better than most. I wish you a great new year. May your new age be full of beautiful memories.

5. I pray you have more than a thousand reasons to celebrate your new age. I love you, sis.

6. Your heart is as pure as a diamond. I pray you never lose your virtues, cause they stand out like a rainbow smoothly arched in the sky.

7. May your dreams come true just as your new age came true today. Nothing shall separate you from achieving your goals, sis.

8. When I look at you, I’m inspired. May you continue to be my muse. You shall never be pathetic.

9. May you find that which your heart desires the most as you clock this new age, sis.

10. No matter your history, your present and future shall supersede it. You’re blessed, my sister.

11. I love to take a look at you, cause your eyes tell a wonderful story of love. May you live to celebrate many more years.

12. I pray that you find purpose and happiness today. May the emptiness you feel inside be filled up with God’s love.

13. May your body never grow weak, but stronger each passing day. Have a great new year, sister.

14. I pray that the heavens bless you more than your expectations. You deserve to be happy, sis.

15. I don’t mind giving you my world. You deserve that and more. May your midnight prayers come to life like a new day.

16. May the darkness that surrounds you be suddenly turned into light on this very day of your life.

17. May the baby in your womb arrive blessedly into the world. May the world welcome her joyfully. I’m happy for you, sis.

18. May this journey you just embarked on lead you to a place of love and abundance. Your new age shall favour you.

19. Your life shall be an expression of God’s grace. You’ll live life peacefully and victoriously. I love you, sis.

20. I’ll hold your hands when it’s dark. Wishing you a great birthday. May this year be full of beautiful memories.

21. You shall be praised for all your efforts and be commended for your bravery, sweet sis.

22. May you never lack any good thing. Your happiness shall come first to God; this I pray, sis.

23. May your life’s journey be full of grace and showers of love. You shall cry a river of joy. I love you, sis.

24. My prayer every night is that you find love when you least expect it. Love and joy shall reside with you, sis.

25. Your birthday is one of those days that you can’t help but look unblemished. May your joy never turn sour, sis.

26. May your reason for happiness never be ruined, sis. You shall celebrate more achievements and live many more years in joy.

27. Rainbows shall replace ever dark cloud hovering around you. Your days shall be full of goodness.

28. May your basket be full of harvest. May you gather golds and diamonds plentifully. You shall never lack a thing, sis.

29. The rest of your life shall be beautiful. It shall be the beginning of a new dawn for you.

30. No matter your past, your future is bound to be bright and beautiful.

31. Your laughter shall never turn to sorrow. May your heart be full of abundant joy.

32. May your life take a beautiful shape. Nothing shall drag you backwards ever again, sis.

33. Age like pure gold, sis. May you live to see your children’s children.

34. May your reason for living never become meaningless to you. The rest of your life shall be your best.

35. May your strength never diminish, neither shall your heart grow weary. I love you, sis.

36. You shall age like the stars and come alive every morning like the sun. Never shall you wallow in depression.

37. May your heart rejoice in the beauty of God’s love. Favour and goodness shall locate you on this day.

38. May you be at your yesteryear’s successes. Your victory shall always be greater than the previous.

39. As you age, may your happiness live with you. Attitude of gratitude shall never be far from you, sis.

40. May you be full of joy and have no reason to lament. Your expectations shall be fulfilled.

41. I pray that your heart desires be granted no matter how impossible it may seem. This new year of your life shall be marked with phenomenal achievements.

42. May the sound of joy be heard in your abode. No longer shall you wet your pillow with bitter tears, sis.

43. May you seat on high places of the earth. Your position shall never be at the bottom of life, but the very top. Many more years I wish you, sis.

44. May you enjoy more favour than every other person. The mercy of God shall locate you, sis.

45. Your life shall never be likened to a desert but a beautiful land of milk and honour.

46. May every fear and anxiety that reside in your heart be washed away. You shall know true joy and happiness.

47. No longer shall you come last, but the very first. You shall be known as the best.

48. May the rains of miracle fall on you today as you mark this new age of your life, sis.

49. Joy shall always be yours no matter how dark the world may be. You shall live longer than you’ve lived.

50. I pray that your heart desires be fulfilled and that you become an epitome of glory wherever you may go.

51. Sisters make the best of friends in the whole world. So, I pray you live long to see many more happy birthdays. I love you, sis.

52. As we celebrate this new year, may your joy over flow continually. Happy birth anniversary, my darling.

53. I pray that in every phase of your life, you have many pleasant testimonies to share.

54. May the songs of victory never depart from your lips.

55. May your marriage be blessed with unconditional love, happiness and peace that abounds.

56. I wish you a very stress-free pregnancy journey. May you carry your newborn with joy, eventually.

57. As you graduate on this day, may you share many success stories on this new journey.

58. I pray that you find love, prosperity and peace from all that you do, dear sister.

59. May the peace of God which passes all understanding keep your mind and heart.

60. Favour and mercy, goodness and happiness shall follow you where thence you go.

61. May your health blossom as the morning. May your lips sing for joy during daytime.

62. May you draw water from the well of salvation with joy.

63. May you always declare that there is a lifting up for you when others declare a casting down.

64. Upon yourself shall your crown flourish. For no one shall steal your honour.

65. May your reasons to smile be endless, may the sound of your laughter be familiar to the ones around you.

66. May your joy be full as you ask all that you desire from the most high.

67. May the grace of the Lord keep you and the joy of the Holy Spirit strengthen you.

68. As you clock a new age, I pray that your body is void of sickness and full of strength. I pray that you record many deeds of success and glow.

69. May the most high order your steps into success and favour on this new day, dear sis.

70. Your harvest shall be full and your barn shall be blessed.

71. Dear sister, as you write your exams, I pray divine success and wisdom for you.

72. As you embark on this peculiar journey, may your way be shielded from loss and mishap.

73. May you never be a victim of unemployment and lack. May your search yield huge success and comfort.

74. Happy birthday, dear sister. I wholeheartedly pray that you achieve new goals even as you dream new dreams.

75. Your hard work shall make a way for you at the top in Jesus name.

76. Happy birth anniversary, dear and precious sister. May this special new year arrive with many instances of joy and prosperity.

77. May you not lack all that you need to have a splendid new year. Happy birthday, sweet sis.

78. May your strength increase just as you age and your joy become fuller as each day passes by. Happy birthday, darling sister.

79. May the good Lord support you with heavenly blessings and announce you in the most divine manner. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

80. May you live long to see your children’s children. Happy birthday, my darling sister.

81. Happy birthday to a special breed. May your heart be filled with joy more than you can envision this year.

82. May the beauty of life never escape your mind and eyes. Happy birthday, my lovely sister.

83. As you open this new chapter, may you live through many memories of happiness and fulfilment. Happy birthday, special sister.

84. No matter how it goes, may you sing the songs of victory this year. Happy birthday, my only sister.

85. May all your prayers be answered, including mine that you prosper. Happy birthday, beloved sister.

86. May the Lord renew your strength, may you surmount mountains like a warrior. Happy birthday, dear resilient sister.

87. I pray that your reason for happiness never be taken away from you. Happy birthday, my dear sister.

88. May you have the immaculate wisdom and peculiar understanding for you to overcome trials and win battles on this new age. Happy birth anniversary, sister.

89. May you take the turn of breakthroughs, incessant happiness and prosperity on this new age. Happy birthday, my love.

90. May your light never go dim, may your voice never go mute. Happy birthday, my coolest sister.

91. As you prepare for your exams, may you have the spirit of the Lord directing and encouraging you, dear sister.

92. I pray that you enjoy a splendid night and savour happy dreams.

93. May you never step into the wrong places and may you be found with the right people, dear sister.

94. Just like the sun, your glory and power shall be felt all around.

95. May the Lord supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

96. May your morning be just as beautiful as the shining sun.

97. I pray that you enjoy favour and mercy in the eyes of all men, dear sister.

98. May the wind that blows around you, blow goodness and mercy upon you.

99. I pray that your efforts be rewarded with successes and promotion in your place of work.

100. Happy birthday, dear sister. May the candle of love and grace never stop burning in your abode.

Any of these, I bet you, is enough to celebrate a good sister.

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