New Month New Blessings

New Month New Blessings (June 2023)

It is indeed a great blessing to see and enter into a brand-new month, and it’s something to be thankful for, and not to be taken for granted.

A new month naturally comes with expectations of newness in all areas: new hopes, new opportunities, new successes, new achievements, and of course, new blessings.

But, not everyone has such expectations, due to experiences, lots of disappointment and delays that filled the past months and have left them void of hope.

Thus, sending new month new blessings quotes to our family, friends and other loved ones helps to prophetically invite newness into their lives, and inspire them to expect new things and new blessings irrespective of the past.

That is why below are specially composed new month new blessings prayers, messages and declarations for those you care about, including yourself.

Happy New Month Wishes and Blessings

Start the new month with all there is to make it end well with these new month new blessings quotes, prayers and wishes for someone you cherish, starting with yourself.

1. Cheers to a new month filled with new possibilities, new blessings and new victories. Prepare to be celebrated this month.

2. Like the freshness of the dew every morning, may you receive fresh insights and ideas that will lead to your breakthrough, this new month.

3. May this new month be filled with a lot of joy, peace, happiness, blessings and Newness in all areas of your life. Happy new month.

4. I want to officially welcome you all to the best month you’ve ever had thus far. I’m assured that it’s going to be an amazing one for us all.

5. Increase on all sides, back to back blessings and testimonies: these are my wishes for you this new month. Enjoy.

6. This shall definitely be your best month yet. I hope you’re ready to be wowed with abundant blessings from above. Happy new month, dear.

7. I pray you’ll find favour this new month and this favour will single you out in all areas of your life.

8. May blessings and good tidings pursue me and all my loved ones throughout this new month and beyond. Happy new month.

9. May you have multiple reasons to sing and shout for joy this new month. Happy new month.

10. God’s goodness and mercy shall continually be with you and yours this new month and beyond.

11. This new month, you shall prosper in all you lay your hands and heart upon. God bless you.

12. The strength of the Highest shall lift you up above all that has limited you thus far. This month is your month of victory.

13. As we begin this new month, it shall indeed be the beginning of the best months of your life.

14. Go into the new month full of faith, rest assured that the Lord has gone ahead of you to make your paths straight.

15. There shall be lots of joyful noise in your home this new month.
Welcome to your best month thus far.

16. Only the will and promises of God concerning you and your family shall stand this new month and beyond.

17. As you enter this new month, know that you are blessed in your going out and coming in. No evil shall befall you. Happy new month.

18. It’s your month of open doors and angelic visitations. Happy new month, my dear.

19. Tales of God’s goodness upon your life shall not cease from your mouth this new month.

20. May the Lord cause his great grace to abound towards you this new month.

21. Receive strength and speed to recover double for all your troubles this new month.

22. Your home shall be filled with laughter and peace this new month. Rejoice, for the Lord is on your side.

23. May the grace of God be abundantly showered on you this month. Happy new month, dear.

24. You shall be exceedingly prosperous in all you set your hands on this new month.

25. Happy New month, dear. I pray all you need to prosper and stand out this month shall be bestowed upon you.

26. Always know that you have all you need to prosper and succeed. The Lord has gone ahead of you this month.

27. You shall excel beyond your imagination in all your endeavours this new month. Happy new month, dear.

28. The doors of heaven shall be opened unto you this new month. Get ready for showers of blessing.

29. This new month, may your heart be calm, and your life be peaceful. Happy new month.

30. Let there be joy like a river in your soul for it’s a new month filled with new opportunities.

31. It’s another opportunity to create new memories and lay hold of new opportunities. Happy new month to you all.

32. May every blessing that is truly yours locate you speedily this new month.

33. You can say goodbye to all pain, sorrow and shame now. Rejoice, a new season of joy and happiness is here.

34. This new month, I pray you double strength and grace to conquer every mountain. Victory is yours.

35. You shall receive a double reward for all your efforts this new month. Go out and prosper.

36. Testimony after Testimony shall be your lot this new month.

37. This new month, men will come from far and wide to celebrate you and testify of God’s goodness in your life.

38. You will be so blessed this month, that men will come from all over to ask about your source. God bless you, dear.

39. I just want to inform you that it’s time to get your barns ready for a bountiful harvest. Happy new month.

40. This new month shall usher the manifold blessings of God into your life and family.

41. I declare concerning you and your family, this new month, you shall be highly favoured and preferred among your peers.

42. You shall only have cause to rejoice and testify this new month. Happy New Month to you.

43. This new month, opportunities you thought you had lost will all come back and you’ll be better positioned to take advantage of them. Amen.

44. I pray you favour and speed in all your endeavours this month. Happy New Month to you and yours.

45. The door of remembrance shall be opened up to you this new month, and everything you’ve lost shall be restored.

46. The angels of the Most High shall continually dwell with you to lead and guide you in all your way this new month and beyond.

47. Nothing shall be too hard for you to accomplish this new month. Go forth and prosper.

48. May the radiant glory of God be upon you all through this new month and beyond.

49. I pray you’ll receive all that’s needed for this to be the best month you’ve ever had.

50. I wish you a new month filled with lots of love, joy, peace and happiness.

51. May all your desires be granted you this new month. Happy new month.

52. In this new month, I pray all your dreams will come true. Don’t stop believing, God’s got your back.

53. The presence of God will never depart from you and shall protect you throughout this new month and the rest of your life.

54. There shall be no hindrance to your success and uplifting this new month.

55. You will not experience anything that’s contrary to the will of God for your life this month. Only his good plans for you shall stand.

56. The whole universe shall work in harmony with you to bring to pass all your dreams and aspirations.

57. This new month, you shall achieve greater feats and achievement beyond your dreams.

58. Nothing and no one shall be able to stop you from entering into greatness this new month.

59. Welcome to your month of many victories and thanksgiving. Happy new month to you.

60. God will perfect every imperfection in your life this new month. Happy new month.

61. Be of good cheer for the days of weeping are over and your season of joy has come. Happy new month.

62. Laughter and dance shall not cease in your home but shall multiply in this new month.

63. Get ready to receive the best news you’ve heard in years, this new month. It’s your season to shine.

64. I speak life into every dead and weak situation in your life. In this new month, you shall receive strength and grace from above to thrive.

65. Your life, family, business thrives and prospers this new month. Happy new month.

66. May you experience back to back blessings in this new month of (insert month).

67. There shall be an overflow and abundance of all things beautiful in your life this new month.

68. In this month, you shall run and not be weary. All you do shall prosper and men will celebrate you. Happy new month, dearie.

69. May the everlasting peace of God usher you into this new month and bring all his promises to you to pass. God bless you and yours.

70. There shall be evidence of the manifold wisdom of God in your life, this new month.

71. A beautiful lady like you deserves to have a beautiful month filled with lots of love and laughter. Happy new month.

72. Your steps shall be ordered by the Lord this month and you shall be exempted from all the negative plans of the evil one. Happy new month.

73. May this new month truly usher in newness in your life in all areas of endeavour.

74. God bless and uplift you in this new month. You shall surely experience lifting.

75. Goodness and mercy shall follow you every single day of this new month.

76. Let me be the first to congratulate you in advance for all the big wins and successes coming your way this new month. Cheers.

77. The Lord will enlarge your coast and increase your capacity for great things this new month.

78. Every of your pending prayer requests shall be speedily answered this new month.

79. Worry and confusion shall be eliminated in your life this new month. Welcome to your month of clear visions and expansions.

80. You shall not want any good thing this month and shall enjoy divine provision for all your needs. Happy new month, my friend.

81. I pray this new month will be filled with all things new, bright and beautiful, for you. Enjoy.

82. Rest assured that you’re going to have a blessed month because the Lord has gone ahead of you. Happy New Month.

83. Not only is this a start of a new month, but it’s also the start of a new year. May all old things in your life pass away to make room for newness.

84. Welcome to your month of peace, favour and exceeding great reward. God bless you in this new month and beyond.

85. All evil has been averted for your sake in this new month. Enter into it with confidence for God is with you always.

86. The devil has failed concerning you as God is going to showcase you to the world in this new month.

87. You shall partake of the blessings that God has prepared for his beloved ones this new month.

88. You shall be a partaker of all the great and mighty things that God has in store for his children this new month.

89. Happy new month to you. May you receive all your heart desires in double measures. God bless you.

90. I want to specially wish you a happy new month and also congratulate you in advance, for the wonderful testimonies coming your way this month.

91. May you be borne on eagle’s wings this month. Happy new month to you.

92. You shall overcome every obstacle that comes your way this month. Happy new month to you.

93. I pray you an abundance of every good and perfect gift from above. Happy new month to you.

94. Rejoice, all old things have passed away and all things have become new, for a new month is here.

95. May your month be filled with lots of happiness and peace. Happy new month, darling.

96. May this new month be filled with lots of light and colour for you. Have fun.

97. I wish you increase on all sides in this new month. Have a great one.

98. I pray that God will perfect all that concerns you this new month.

99. May you be fruitful in all your endeavours this month.

100. In this new month, you shall call ten and ten thousand shall answer speedily. You’re blessed beyond measure.

I hope you were inspired going through this collection and found as many as possible messages for your loved ones? Please, don’t forget to use any of these messages on your social media pages and to share the link with your friends and family. I love feedback and will love to know which of these messages resonated with you the most.



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