Trending Love Quotes for Him from the Heart

2023 Trending Love Quotes for Him from the Heart

Everybody wants to love and be loved.

However, what’s equally important is that everyone who is loved wants to hear that for as many times as possible. And in the many ways possible too.

Your man is no exception to that truth!

So, what are you waiting for?

With the speed of light, send him any of these love quotes from your heart. Believe you me, we know what your heart longs to say.

So, go get any of these love quotes delivered to his heart.

I Love You Boyfriend Quotes for Him

Love is powerful. Let your boyfriend know and also feel the impact of his love on you and how you are ready to stand against any obstacle because of him. Here are Love revealing I Love You so Much Boyfriend Quotes.

1. “Your heart goes by the name of love, that’s why I’ll always love you.”

2. “It can only be you, I’ll love this way. This heart only belongs to you.”

3. “All my emotions turned into love, the first day I saw you. Therefrom, I knew no anger and sadness anymore.”

4. “With you, my heart never knew pain, joy is the only thing you bring to me and melancholy is the only impossibility you can’t offer to me.”

5. “If I waited for you my whole life, then you’re completely worth the waiting for.”

6. “Many a time, I stay happy, many a time you’re the face behind my happiness.”

7. “Oh, my love! Nothing feels good than being entirely absorbed by the smell of you.”

8. “Your aura makes me fall in love with you all over again. For you, I don’t want to lose my sense of smell.”

9. “Whether it’s the night or the day, you’ll always be my light in shining armour.”

10. “It takes two to tangle, however, it takes you alone to make my heart fall in love just once in a lifetime.”

11. “I live every day of my life thinking about you. It feels good to know my heart can’t love any other that way.”

12. “Love is powerful, this I know, when I think about all the obstacles I can surmount because of you and the miles I can travel just for you.”

13. “Nothing looks fascinating as watching you sleep. Your eyelids cover the most beautiful eyes that I’ve ever seen.”

14. “The only entangle, I’ll love to never loose free from is the web of love with you.”

15. “I witness the beauty of love every day whenever I’m with you.

16. “If there was no man like you, then there’ll be no love for a woman like me.”

17. “I need not make a vow, from the very first instance my eyes were set on you, my heart already took the decision to love you till eternity.”

18. “The glory of the world isn’t as alluring as the man that you are in my heart.”

19. “You deserve the best love quote from the most compassionate heart that ever fell in love and that’s why I’m telling you this, “my love for you will never look back.”

20. “Whatever your cross may be in this life, I’m ready to carry it along with you, as though, it were mine.”

21. “For the first time in my life, I love someone much more than I could love myself and that person is you.”

22. “I would not have forgiven myself if I had missed loving a beautiful soul like you.”

23. “It’s not enough to meet you but to love you and that’s why I’m loving you forever.”

24. “I don’t mind seeing you for the rest of my life and that’s why I want to be your woman as long as I’ve got life in me.”

25. “No matter what life throws at me, my joy will be the love you always offer to me willingly.”

26. “Can I say this one more time? I love you like you’ve never been loved before and much more than you’ll ever be loved by another.”

27. “Take it from me, the beauty of love is having to call you mine as though, you were made for me alone.”

28. “No matter the stage that you might be in life, I’ll always give you that reassuring smile of my faithfulness to you at all time.”

29. “I don’t want to ever miss you in my heart, cause I don’t think I can survive it.”

30. “My heart knows the beauty of your heart, cause it constantly receives the chemistry of love from yours.”

31. “You make me special not by the gift you bestow on me, nor by the compliment you shower on me, but by the kind of love you show me.”

32. “Your love for me is something I must reciprocate at all time. I love to love you.”

33. “My heart is incapable of looking ahead of you, the point where you are is the place my heart finds solace.”

34. “I can’t think of anything else the way I ponder over you. Thinking about you is my glow.”

35. “You’re the truth that lies within my heart and the reality that I live by every day.”

36. “It brings me joy seeing you loving me the way that you do. It’s the most beautiful gift, I ever receive on a daily basis.”

37. “What good is it, if loving you is not till eternity? I’ll love you until the fire of my love for you becomes unquenchable.”

38. “I caught your flame of love and I promise to perpetually rekindle it with faithfulness, commitment, respect and joy.”

39. “If I’ve got a second left in life, I’ll not fail to make it all about you, like I would make my eternity all about you.”

40. “I take pride in calling you my own and I take joy in knowing you love me just the way I am.”

41. “Never doubt what I feel for you because as a matter of fact, it’s the most real and surest thing I know.”

42. “I will never let you go even after eternity, I’ll still be yours, my love.”

43. “I’m a virtuous woman because of the way I’m able to love you.”

44. “Nobody will make me love you less.”

45. “Every time I look into your eyes, I get lost inside of your heart.”

46. “Do not wake me up from this dream of love. For it is my own reality.”

47. “Come what may, you can put your trust in what I feel for you.”

48. “Oh! Life is good mostly because I love you.”

49. “My heart would never stop beating as long as I love you.”

50. “What are nightmares when the sweet dreams of love keep me awake all night?”

51. “Whenever I think about you, my heart goes whimsical. You’re my fairytale love in a real world.”

52. “Love is the greatest thing to have happened to me because it brought you my way.”

53. “The most precious things in life are priceless, little wonder, I couldn’t afford you, but love brought you closer to me.”

54. “Whenever I lost my will to go on, your love reassures me of a brighter future.”

55. “At any time of the day, I’ll always be available for you.”

56. “I’ll be your protector, I don’t mind risking it all just to save you.”

57. “I’ve been happy for no reason, then I realized that my stream of happiness takes it source from you.”

58. “I’m alive each time my heart beats in rhythms with yours.”

59. “I don’t want to have just a dance with you, I want to have a life with you.”

60. “I knew I was in love when I felt a special kind of humility in my soul. With you, I’m ready to answer any call.”

61. “Life is ugly without a person to love. You’re the beauty of my world.”

62. “My heart isn’t just meant to breathe, but to love you as long as I breathe.”

63. “For you, I can write a love letter that has no end.”

64. “I’ll take you to the most sacred place of my heart, where no ills can find you.”

65. “Be it as it may, I’ll never stop loving a man like you.”

66. “It isn’t love if it’s not deep enough. What I feel for you goes deeper than a bottomless hollow.”

67. “I did something right with my heart and that is loving you.”

68. “The purpose of my heart is to love you and the essence of my being is to stand by you.”

69. “I know love because I know you.”

70. “In this journey of love, I intend never to return back to the place of loneliness nor the life I had without you.”

71. “I’m alive today because you rescued my heart from the claws of abandonment.”

72. “I want you to know that I will never get over loving a beautiful soul like yours.”

73. “What doesn’t seem right is loving you in silence, therefore, I’ll always tell you how much I love you even though, words fail me.”

74. “I’ll never backpedal from my vows of loving you till the end, rather, I’ll ride to eternity with the joy of loving you in each moment that I live.”

75. “You saved me from a lot of dangers, but the most dangerous of them all is loneliness.”

76. “If I stopped loving you, I must have taken my last breath, because as long as I live, I can’t love another.”

77. “I’m drawn to you, cause you’re the love that was formed for me.”

78. “I desire the winter season, so I can be wrapped by your warm arms.”

79. “I only behold the beauty in you, so much so, I’m blinded by it and as such, fail to recognise yours errs.”

80. “I feel the world travelling faster than light whenever I’m around you.”

81. “Having you by my side means that, I must have done something right and that is, falling in love with you.”

82. “This isn’t a fib, I love you in all honesty and I’ll love to live by that love.”

83. “I want to be faithful to you than any loyalist in the world.”

84. “Forever, your love is settled in my heart.”

85. “At all time, I’ll remain in love with you.”

86. “Nothing smells as good as the scent of the love I perceive when you walk to me.”

87. “Your love for me makes me smile than a pixilated figure in my dream.”

88. “Your soul is purer than a waterfall and your eyes are whiter than the colour of a dove. You’re the angel I first met.”

89. “I came this far because you never stopped loving me. I can’t pay you back, but I owe you my heart as long as I live.”

90. “The gift of love from you brought me back to life. I want to live for you forever.”

91. “I’m your evergreen plant, cause my love for you will never fade away.”

92. “I’ll never be caught not loving you, cause my heart is sold out to you.”

93. “No one is as kind as the angel who brought you my way. I just can’t be thankful to him enough.”

94. “I pray for you every day because I’m in love with you.”

95. “You’re my firecracker, you light up my world brilliantly.”

96. “You elicited just one emotion in me and that is the feeling of love.”

97. “The world will be brought to doom the moment I stop loving you.”

98. “I love you effortlessly, but I’ll fight for you with every ounce of strength in me.”

99. “Loving you is something my heart must see through till the end.”

100. “I strut because I’m proud of loving you with so much humility in me.”

101. “I’ll say that I love you every day of my life until the far ends of the earth know it.”

102. “No matter what happens in my world, loving you is the only assurance.”

103. “My love for you is everlasting because you’re my dream of love.”

104. “Crossing oceans for you aren’t enough. I’ll renounce the world just to be with you.”

105. “My heart is always opened to loving you. So, be mine all day and any day.”

106. “Love, for me, is you!”

107. “You fill my heart with peace and in my head, I replay your kindness to me.”

108. “I was blessed with a heart just to love you. And my eyes are for you alone.”

109. “I’ll do anything so you feel my love for you.”

110. “I was made to love you just as the sun was made to shine its light throughout its existence.”

111. “My love for you is truly unconditional. Would you come have a taste of it?”

112. “I love you more than I do love myself.”

113. “Let’s take a journey to a happy ever after.”

114. “Would you lead me to a place of peace and love? Then, I’ll come with you.”

115. “I desire you more as I hear the clock tick.”

116. “The wind blew you into my heart and so, I pray it never blows you away.”

117. “It’s you I don’t want to ever lose. Because you’re my everything.”

118. “Interesting times ahead of this journey of love. So, I can’t wait to be there with you.”

119. “I won’t get bored of those three romantic words. As long as they come out of your sweet lips.”

120. “It’s always a beautiful morning because I found love in you.

121. “You’re my ideal love model. Little wonder, I can’t let you go.”

122. “Just look into my eyes every now and then to see how much I deeply desire you.”

123. “I’m contented in life as long as I got your love with me.”

124. “I’ll be yours forever. I hope you’d be mine for a lifetime.”

125. “I can promise you that no one else would love you more than I genuinely do.”

126. “You’re all I need and it isn’t hard to see.”

127. “I want my kids to bear your name.”

128. “Let’s write down all we hope to achieve together under the banner of love.”

129. “Your love breathed a new life into me.”

130. “My choice is to love you and till forever too.”

131. “Maybe you don’t know it yet. But I do love you more than my words can say.”

132. “You make the stars shine brighter at night because my eyes beam with the light of love when I look up to it.”

133. “A man like you is the hardest to find. I hope my stars keep you forever.”

134. “If love does not have a name, it should bear yours instead.”

135. “Now that I’ve found you, what I desire most out of life is you.”

136. “You’re the reason the church bells sound so melodious to me early in the morning.”

137. “I love you so greatly. You need not ask around. You’d feel it from afar.”

138. “Until this day, all I think of is you.”

139. “The whole essence of life I believe is to love. I’m glad it was you my heart chose whilst my eyes sighted you.”

140. “We crossed path, not for anything else but to love each other silly.”

141. “I hope that our love never gets to a destination. I need us to keep moving in the train of love whilst loving in each other’s arms.”

142. “Forever isn’t long enough. I want to love you far beyond that.”

143. “The heavens made me a rare gem. I promise to adore you as you truly deserve.”

144. “A man like you is whom every girl needs to be happy. How blessed I am to call you my own!”

145. “After loving you here on earth, I don’t mind waiting for your love in eternity to come. Because it is the sweetest feeling ever.”

146. “You walk into my dreams every night hence, I just don’t want to wake up. Imagine my ecstasy when I find you right by my side when I do.”

147. “I believe in love because first, I believe in you.”

148. “And when I have nothing more to say, know that I love you still.”

149. “If I ever let you go is because I love you more than I love me.”

150. “Life without you is a life of sin. So, help me be a saint, my love.”

151. “My heart is enlarged when it feels the lovely words from your lips.”

152. “All that I am and all that I have is yours, my love.”

153. “The nights are beautiful because I share a pillow with you.”

154. “Living in a shack with you is great luxury and happiness than a beach house without your frame.”

155. “You’re the reason I chose you. So, please never stop being you.”

156. “This journey of love you won’t walk alone, because I’m coming with you.”

157. “Your face is all I need, to see the hope in life. So, please stand by me!”

158. “How meaningful are the words, “I love you” when you whisper them to me! And how colourful it is when you say that you miss me!”

159. “No matter where you go, I’ll always be in your company. Because my kind thoughts are always with you.”

160. “I wake up at night just to read those lovely texts you sent to me. It’s all I want to do all night.”

161. “Till death do us part, I promise.”

162. “I’m not afraid to say that, I love you. Because the one I love truly loves me back.”

163. “You love me and I love you too. That is an answered prayer I never knew was sent to the high heavens.”

164. “Wherever I go, I’ll take your love with me. And wherever you go, do take my love with you!”

165. “Every day is the day of love especially the days your kisses rest on my lips.”

166. “I think of what to say to you. But then, “I love you,” says it all. I love you, my darling.”

167. “You’re the sun I look up to see in the sky before the nightfall.”

168. “Your kisses are more powerful than any weapons on earth. So, you’ve made me the most powerful woman on earth.”

169. “Before I go to sleep, I sincerely hope to see you in my dreams.”

170. “Even if we share a home, I just can’t have enough of you! Eternity is my best bet.”

171. “In your bosom I’ll lay my head, just to hear your heart beating of our love.”

172. “Let the showers of love drown away all our pains of yesterday.”

173. “One thing I’ll do most correctly is loving you.”

174. “The future I see with you is brighter and more hopeful than the rainbows in the sky.”

175. “After the flood came the rainbow. And after my ex-came you. You’re my hope of love, sweetheart!”

176. “I loved you first but you love me in return. And that is all that matters to me.”

177. “I know prayers are answered in heaven because you came my way and you chose to live in my heart forever.”

178. “It’s no obsession at all. But I just can’t do without you! Because my love for you wouldn’t let me.”

179. “You healed me with love. So, every day I ask that you purge me of the impurity of this world with your love.”

180. “Serve me your love and let me drink of your passion with the cup that never dries up.”

181. “I wasn’t looking your way but you came right in front of me. And I just knew that you were the one.”

182. “I’m glad you didn’t come into my life as a father, sibling or friend, but as a great lover instead.”

183. “No one is perfect but I knew what perfection in human skin looks like when I met you.”

184. “I won’t get drunk on this love. So, do not hesitate to let me drink of the wine of love which pours from your heart.”

185. “Let us walk to the altar and off to our home to begin our forever journey.”

186. “Your love is enough for me! I say this from the depth of my heart.”

187. “How I love, love! Oh, how I love more than you found me!”

188. “You’re my angel of love and kindness. The one I see every time I look around.”

189. “You’re my three in one; my friend, my lover and my everything.”

190. “Love does have a face and it is you!”

191. “Hurricanes will not sweep away our home, because it was built on the solid rock of love.”

192. “You took away the burden of loneliness. You saved me from the pain of having to bear it all alone.”

193. “In your kingdom, I want to reign forever.”

194. “The best place to be on earth is in your heart. I’m glad I live there.”

195. “I was born to love you hence, I couldn’t resist the words you said to me on that day.”

196. “In my heart is marbled our first, “I love you,” and in my lips is our first kiss.”

197. “I found a friend in you when you gave me your hand but I find a lover in you when you gave me your heart forever.”

198. “I’m not afraid to cleave to you because I know that you love me truly.”

199. “When my mouth wouldn’t say it, my actions would say that I love you.”

200. “Let our eyes are one and our hearts be one as well.”

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