Long Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Long Romantic Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Birthdays are beautiful days to share in the life and joys of your family members, friends and significant others.

Women are strong, beautiful and intelligent beings filled with so much love for their lovers.

If you find a woman for whom your heart beats for, then it’s beautiful to share in her joy for a brand new age.

You acknowledge her love, encourage and support her and more importantly wish and pray with her that so much good comes to her in the new year.

Here are some long romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend who has your heart.

Long Happy Birthday Messages for Her

When you want it long, here are sweet long happy birthday messages for her from the heart. The best of ong love paragraphs to send to your girlfriend on her birthday and make her feel specially loved by you.

1. Hey honey, you are nothing short of amazing.
Having you around is everything I ever needed. I’m grateful I get to share your special day with you, I know how you always go out of your way to give your best for everyone’s comfort, I could never give you all you truly deserve but know this, I love you very much and I will stand by and with you on this journey of life.
Happy birthday to you my darling, may all your beautiful dreams come true.

2. I searched the heavens and the earth, I found none whose charm and beauty I can compare to you.
You bring so much joy to my heart, I want to do same for you, as long as I live if you take me as I am and let me.
On your special day, I reaffirm my promise to stand right by you supporting and encouraging you.
Have a beautiful birthday celebration and an amazing year.

3. The special day is here, a day to celebrate a graceful queen. You are every shade of an amazing woman. Words would never do justice to how precious you are to me.
You have turned my life around in so short a time, filling my life with so much love.
I pray this new age gifts you with everything beautiful and colourful.
Happy birthday, queen.

4. In all honesty, you are one of the best things that ever happened to me.
It’s always a privilege to wake up to this date every year to celebrate the anniversary of your birth.
On this day, I pray you sustain all your amazing and positive vibes.
May so much good come to you this new age and every other day.
Happy birthday, baby.

5. Close your eyes and think of everything perfect and beautiful, there’s no perfection yet you are so perfect.
And on this day, the anniversary of your birth, I wish you all the good and perfect things life has to offer.
It’s so amazing having you in my life, so on this occasion, gifts will not be enough, neither will words be.
I love you baby girl, so wear your crown like the queen that you are and show the world what you have got.
Happy birthday my queen.

6. I will climb to the top of the mountain on this beautiful day and shout to the world, today we celebrate an elegant woman.
Baby girl, I love all of you.
I join the rest of the universe to wish you a very happy birthday.
I pray God shows you all his love and blesses you bountifully all year long.
Have an amazing birthday dear.

7. Wow, that special day of the year is here again. A day to commemorate the birth of a gem.
I’m so grateful our paths crossed.
I pray you continue to have lots of magical moments, become your best self and win in all that you do.
I’m always going to be here for you honey.
Have a beautiful birthday celebration and a wonderful year forward.

8. And it’s another year added to the life of this intelligent, funny and caring human being.
You are so special, thank you for always being yourself in the most awesome and beautiful ways.
Thank you for accepting and loving me as I am.
If I would do love and life all over again, it’s always going to be with you.
I love you very much my darling.
Happy birthday my Lady, have a blessed new year and have the best of today.

9. I love your birthdays, it’s like a special occasion in the year for me, sometimes I sit and wonder what my life would have been if you didn’t come to me.
So now you know why your birthday is extra special to me, I get to watch you have an amazing 365 days.
You are a blessing, I couldn’t ask for more.
I hope you are as happy as you should be today and always.
Happy birthday my darling.

10. Life is worth living because you are in it.
I cannot and will never trade this beautiful love and life I share with you for anything.
On this day, as you become a year older, I pray you get wiser and succeed in all your endeavours.
Let this new year be nothing short of beautiful.
I love you dear, happy birthday.

11. I hope this new year is as amazing as you want it to be.
We have talked about all your plans for this year. I’m super excited you get the chance to have another year added to your beautiful life. Sweetheart, I wish that this new year is as beautiful as you.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.

12. Hey honey, it’s that time of the year again to celebrate how amazing and brilliant you are.
Here’s wishing that your day is filled with lots of fun and enjoyments which I hope to partake in lol.
Hope this new year brings you all your heart desires.
Happy birthday to you my love.

13. I’m honoured to have a place in your life.
You are my favourite human being and it is amazing to have you here with me.
You are such a nice person and I know the universe knows that too.
As you journey on in this new year, I hope the world brings better and more successful opportunities your way.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.

14. Hey birthday girl,
First, you should know you are special.
Second, you should know I will never put anyone else above you.
Third, you should know you mean the world to me.
And finally, you are everything good and nice.
Have a beautiful birthday my love and a wonderful year ahead.
I love you, sweetheart.

15. Sweetheart, on this occasion of the anniversary of your birth, I want to let you know how thankful I am to have you with me.
You are loved every day but today, the love is extra special.
I pray you have a long, happy and healthy life and I hope I get to share many more beautiful moments with you.
Never stop being your beautiful self. Happy birthday, dear.

16. On this day some years ago, the world was gifted one of the most amazing humans being ever to grace the face of the earth. ( For your information) that’s you.
You are so amazing, I keep imagining how you end up being this sweet and kind.
There’s no one else in this world like you, yes and you are dear to my heart.
May this new year bring you multiple blessings from above.
Happy birthday my baby.

17. Multiple birthday blessings to the ever cheerful lady who took my heart and filled it to the brim with love.
I’m grateful I ran into you that evening. The day you came into my world, I truly started living.
I love you endlessly my princess.
Cheers to a very fruitful new age honey, happy birthday.

18. You angel are my everything and more and I’m grateful it’s another year added to your beautiful life.
How did I get so attached to you, I literally cannot do without you, I’m grateful for who you are, all the good that has come to you these past few years and I’m pretty excited for everything the future holds for you. I know you are going to have an awesome year.
Here’s to loving you and you having an awesome new age.

19. I’m too excited just like it’s my own birthday. That’s how much you mean to me and I’m so thankful that today you are plus one.
It’s been lots of ups and downs but like the superwoman that you are, you have pulled through it all.
I pray you have an amazingly perfect year.
I love you dear and have a happy birthday.

20. Every day is a beautiful day because you are in it. On this more beautiful day of the commemoration of your birth, I want to let you know that you deserve everything good and right.
May this new year usher you in to do much joy and happiness.
Have a colourful and perfect birthday.

21. Every good and perfect gift comes from heaven.
You are my very good and perfect gift from God.
You come into my life has brought nothing but the right things to me.
I’m grateful it’s another time to celebrate your birth.
Birthdays are reminders that you are still needed on earth, most importantly, I will need you always in my life.
Have a remarkable year ahead and happy birthday.

22. You are one of the most amazing persons I have ever met, your positive vibes are always welcome.
Remain steadfast in everything you do my darling.
I join the universe to celebrate you today being the anniversary of your birth
I pray you are always happy in this new year and you get to conquer new heights.
Happy birthday my darling.

23. My woman with a heart of gold, ever cheerful and loving.
Yet again, we get another opportunity to celebrate your birth.
The world is better because you are in it.
In this new year, I wish you long life, good health, plenty of returns on all your investments.
Remain your loving self honey, happy birthday sweetheart.

24. I appreciate you every day but your birthday is a special opportunity to appreciate you all the more.
You are rare, you make life so much better to live.
You are by far one of the best things this life has brought my way, I love you always.
May your birthday give you the best memories and the most amazing year onward.

25. Happy birthday to the lady with the most beautiful soul.
I will send you all the hugs and kisses available today if I could.
Special birthday blessings to you my dear.
Live long and prosper endlessly.
It’s all love from here.
Have an awesome birthday celebration and a very memorable year.

26. Today is a very special day, a day a queen, an amazing friend and a good woman was born.
Indeed, it is a great day.
You are virtuous and kind and I admire you a lot for that.
Your care, support and genuine interest in others is amazing.
I love that I get to share very beautiful moments with you.
Happy birthday to you my heartthrob.
I love you very much, have the best of this new age.

27. Happy birthday, my virtuous woman, you have a beautiful and kind soul.
May the good Lord clothe you with uncommon favours and all the things you will ever need.
I pray you get things above all your expectations, I love you always honey.
I celebrate you and I will do my possible best to keep you happy.
Have fun today and every other day of this new year.

28. My treasure, continue to blossom and flourish.
Your birthday is one of the best days of each year for me.
There is nothing fitting enough to let you know how much I appreciate you in my life.
All I know is that someone as special as you are deserves all the beautiful things the world has to offer.
Hold your head high, laugh out loud and have every smile when you want.
Happy birthday, sunshine.

29. Hey birthday girl, you know I can’t put anyone else above you.
I got attached to you in a way I didn’t plan to but guess what, I have zero regrets.
As you become a year older and happier today, I hope you continue to be your amazing self, inspiring and leading and may all your efforts reap great rewards.
Happy birthday my love.

30. Sunshine, you are not of this world; too good, far too kind just like an angel.
I join the host of angels to celebrate one of their own.
You are deeply loved, never forget that.
May the light of God continue to illuminate your path and lead you to greater heights.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.

31. My elegant gem, you are a year older today. Because of you, this date is now special every year knowing that you were born some years ago just for me.
You are all shades of awesome and I couldn’t love you less.
You should also know this, you are the queen of my heart and I would never let you go.
Like diamond rain, let the stars align in your favour this new age and always.

32. Every year that you celebrate your birthday. I’m reminded how blessed I am to be able to share my life with you.
I wouldn’t want to have any other person beside you as a life partner.
I will hold your hand every day of this new age to remind you how amazing you are.
My queen, you are highly favoured. You shall attain greater heights, win more and have hearty laughter, I love you so much. Happy birthday.

33. To the birthday girl and the love of my life.
You are incredibly lovely; your eyes, your beautiful smile, all perfect.
Today being your day, I want to let you know that I cherish you so much.
I hope your future is as beautiful as you dream it to be.
Keep blooming like the beautiful flower you are.
Cheers to more success and a beautiful future. Happy birthday, love.

34. Happy birthday to an amazing lady. I want you to have all the best things today and always.
I wish you love and beautiful friendships, nice presents, more golden opportunities and most of all, to continue to be by your side.
Birthday kisses to you, my love.
Have a wonderful year ahead.

35. Hey soul mate, life is so much better and beautiful because you are around.
Thank you for showing me the beauty of love and friendship.
Having to celebrate another birthday with you is the best feeling ever.
Happy birthday to you my support system and cheerleader.
Have a joyful day and the happiest of days in this new year.

36. To my forever lady, your heart is so full of love and your lips filled with beautiful smiles.
My sunshine, as you add another year to your beautiful life, I want you to pause for a moment, close your eyes and make a wish.
May your heart desires become reality this year and always.
You are my perfect definition of an amazing soul. Happy birthday baby girl.

37. It’s a bright and beautiful day to celebrate a very special lady.
It’s magical having you in my life.
As you celebrate another year, I hope this new year holds more happiness and success for you because you deserve it all.
You deserve all the happiness, my love, I love you so much, dear.
Have a lovely birthday celebration.

38. Today, I celebrate my treasure.
Your love has given my life a whole new beautiful meaning.
Darling, welcome to the beginning of another age for you.
An age I pray is filled with God’s abundant blessings, joy, prosperity and good health.

39. I’m eternally grateful to God that I have you in my life.
What would I ever do without you? I love you in every possible way and I’m excited to be here for you as you turn a year older.
I love you today, I want to love you forever and I pray you live long.
Remain steadfast in being the kind soul that you are.
Happy birthday my love.

40. I woke up very happy today to a very beautiful sunrise and it’s only because today is the anniversary of your birth.
You are ideal for me and I don’t ever want to lose you.
You are so thoughtful and kind, I could never replace you.
As you are a year older today, may you gain more wisdom, grace and courage to forge through the trying times?
I pray you continue to win, love you forever baby. Happy birthday.

41. The only woman with a golden heart came right into my heart and solved every puzzle.
You complete me and I see myself through your eyes devoid of every judgement.
I will grow old with you baby.
You are a year older today, a year wiser and a year more lovely.
Continue to be as amazing as you are.
Show the world what you have got, Happy birthday babe.

42. There’s no one in this world like you.
You are strong and beautiful.
You can achieve anything and everything you want.
You are not alone baby, I’m here for you to support and encourage you.
Happy birthday to my perfect work of art, you are a worth a thousand rubies.

43. My ray of sunshine, you bring so much light into my soul.
I want to especially let you know that today being your birthday is one of my favourite days of the year.
I’m grateful the world was gifted with your very existence.
I love you for who I am when I am around you and most importantly for who you are.
I have given you my all and I would do that over and again.
I love you endlessly, have a beautiful new age dear.

44. Happy birthday to my special lady. On this blessed day when God gave you to this world as a precious gift. I celebrate you, the lady that you are, the woman you are becoming.
I’m super proud of all your achievements so far, I know there are many more success stories to be told.
I celebrate you my precious one, your love and affection keeps me going.
I hope you find every happiness you deserve in this new age. Happy birthday, darling.

45. No one compares to you, you are irreplaceable.
On your special day, I appreciate what we have; the beautiful love I never knew existed.
I celebrate who you are; a treasure, and I’m excited about your new age. Make greater exploits and win bigger my darling.
You are precious, never you forget that.
Happy birthday my love.

46. Happy birthday my treasure, this is the day the Lord has made, you shall be glad and rejoice in it.
My darling, in this new year, may you fulfil all your beautiful dreams and see the world in all its beauty and splendour.
Remain blessed and stay happy my dear.
Have an awesome birthday celebration.

47. An extra special birthday greeting for my extra special birthday girl.
You are every inch perfect and kind.
You bring the sun to my days and the moon to my nights.
Every day feels special because you are here.
Each birthday you celebrate is an opportunity to create new beginnings. Make beautiful memories, enjoy lovely moments, make better life choices and be happy.
I love you always, happy birthday babe.

48. You know I celebrate you every day but on the anniversary of your birth, I celebrate you in a very special way. I’m here with you yet another year and I’m grateful.
You have continued to bloom like beautiful roses.
I have watched you overcome so many obstacles these past years and get to where you are now.
May your new age be filled with amazing happiness and more success.

49. If not for your birth, my world would never have been complete.
I would never know what it feels like to love and be loved.
If not for this beautiful day some years ago, I wouldn’t have your love and companionship.
There’s would be no one to stand with me through thick and thin.
Your birthday is remarkable because, on that day, I got my soul mate.
Cheers to many more years of good loving and beautiful smiles.
Happy birthday my love.

50. I’m the happiest as you add another year to your life.
It is me who gets the rare opportunity to be loved by a superwoman.
You are so lovely and kind, ever attentive and ready to lend a helping hand.
You have an amazing personality and a charming competence.
I celebrate you, my love, welcome to your best year yet.
Happy birthday, baby.

51. I just want to sit under the moonlight when the stars are out with you by my side and the moon shining brightly on your lovely face.
I will lift up my eyes to heaven and say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for gifting the world and especially me an angel.
Live long and prosper honey, until evening, have yourself a lovely birthday.

52. Special birthday warm wishes to my favourite girl, you are astounding in every single way.
The winds have taken the past, the future remains uncertain.
Breathe into this moment my darling and usher in new beginnings for yourself.
Have a beautiful birthday my love.

53. Hello birthday girl, you are magic. You can be everything and anything you want to be.
You create beautiful things every other day.
Once you make up your mind, you get things done.
Don’t ever forget that nothing can put you down.
There’s no mountain too high for you to climb honey, I believe in you always.
Happy birthday.

54. Sweetheart, it’s your day today, a day to celebrate the beginning of another year.
The world is at your feet, the path to greatness is right before you, travel through it and succeed.
From this moment, take charge of your life and make the best of it.
But in all baby, I wish you the very best my dear.
Have a beautiful birthday.

55. To my amazing and brilliant queen, I want to officially wish you a happy birthday.
I hope this new year takes you to the next levels in every area of your life, give you amazing transformations, give you loads of fun, teach you valuable life lessons.
This is your year of beautiful revelations, I hope you take hold of the many opportunities that will come your way.
Happy birthday, sunshine.

56. In this new age my love, expand your horizon, let go of everything that ever hurt you and welcome the very many blessings that are yours.
You are an incredibly amazing person so reach deep inside of you and find your inner strength.
I believe in you so much babe and I love you very much.
Have a beautiful birthday and a splendid year forward.

57. You are far more brilliant and deserving of every good thing that you could ever imagine.
Always be your kind and generous self, ever brave to take on new opportunities. I hope that in this new year, you become the best version of yourself.
May this new age hold bigger and better things for you.
Happy birthday my darling.

58. To the most remarkable lady, I celebrate this beginning for you, the start of another year; the journey still ahead.
I have watched you grow from one amazing level to another.
I’m so excited for everything this new age holds for you. Go on and achieve everything you have mapped out for this year.
Happy birthday, baby, you are loved.

59. I welcome you honey to a new age, one I’m most excitedly grateful to share with you.
You are so kind and loving.
Every adventure begins where another has ended.
Don’t be afraid to step into the future even with all its uncertainties and opportunities.
I love you very much my soul mate.
Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

60. On this new chapter my darling, the heavens have planned very beautiful moments for you in this new age.
I’m very sure that you deserve all the happiness that life has to give.
Gently, peacefully, embrace this future that holds very lovely moments and rewarding opportunities therein.
Right in front of you are beautiful paths, walk in grace. Happy birthday my queen.

61. I choose you today, I choose you forever babe, happy birthday my love.
I adore you endlessly, I have found in you a treasure, one I can never let go of. You have seen me as I am and completely accepted me.
Let this new year bring you everything you have been waiting for.
I want to see you smiling every other day. Have a fun filled birthday.

62. As you are a year older today sunshine, I hope you realise how strong and brave you are inside of you.
You were born for a purpose, you bring so much love and light to everyone you come to.
I love you always and all I want is for you to keep winning and attaining greater heights.
Happy birthday, sunshine.

63. My beloved lady, travelling on his path of love with you has been the most exciting journey ever.
Yet again, I celebrate your new age today, I wish you beautiful transformations, paths that lead you closer to all your dreams and also a deeper love for us.
Happy birthday, honey, explore the world and make it yours.

64. It’s another beautiful year for you my darling, live with purpose, continue to walk in love, endearing passion and be your ever persistent self.
Thank you for all your words of wisdom and encouragement.
You are a permanent thrill in my life.
Continue to make me proud but most importantly yourself.
Continue to live with purpose because who you are is enough.
Enjoy your birthday celebration and have an amazing year.

65. Happy birthday my love, it’s your special day again. I celebrate you immensely, thank you for all your love.
In this new year, bloom and take golden steps.
These months ahead are full of rewarding opportunities.
You are an unfolding work of art and I can’t wait for all the amazing opportunities that will come to you.

66. Hey sweetheart, it’s your birthday, embrace this new beginning and continue to give the world your best.
I pray the next 365 days of your life is filled with so much grace and God’s favours.
It’s nothing but love from me to you on your birthday celebration.
I pray the pages of this new chapter is filled with memorable stories.

67. Birthday girl, you sparkle and radiate like the bright morning sun.
Step into this new adventure with faith and grace.
There is so much goodness in your heart, find the courage in your heart to achieve all your dreams.
The world is all yours to explore and create beautiful magic.
Happy birthday, baby, I will be here loving you forever.

68. To the woman I will forever need, it’s your special day.
So today, step into the light of God. Embrace who you are.
You are light, never forget that you illuminate the world all around you like you did my soul.
Remember this, you are intelligent, beautiful; in and out.
You deserve nothing but the very best.
Have the best year yet and a beautiful birthday celebration.

69. My darling, today you are a year older, a year more graceful.
You always stand tall, believing in yourself.
I believe in you and everything you do.
I will be here every single day of this new year and always.
Happy birthday to you my darling.
May amazing things come your way.

70. Welcome to your year of magic honey, a year new and interesting things will happen.
My brave lady, I don’t ever want you to settle for less than you deserve.
Do not change your beautiful self, remain steadfast and walk the path of good.
My dear lady, I wish you a very fruitful new age and an amazing birthday celebration.

71. Forever lover of my soul, happy birthday love.
You are forever a part of my life, I love you endlessly.
On this day, I join you to celebrate your birthday.
Now and always, may the good Lord guide and lead you on this life’s path.
And know this, I’m forever on this journey of life with you.

72. Happy birthday, darling, you are still as sweet and kind as the day our paths crossed and changed my life forever.
On your special day, I wish you peace and fulfilment in all you do.
You are enough, you have always been enough, so lift up your chin and give the world your best, have a beautiful birthday celebration.

73. To the ever radiant woman who captured my heart, it’s that time of the year to celebrate you.
You are immensely awesome in every single way.
I wish you sunshine, rainbows and everything beautiful this year and always.
Happy birthday my love.

74. My brave lady, ever ready to take on the world, happy birthday to you my love.
I adore you and I hope I get to show it as often as possible.
You rock my world on a daily and I’m grateful that I know you.
Continue to march on in grace, be your strong self and conquer new heights.

75. My love, it’s your birthday and I’m most excited that I get to share this beautiful and blessed day with you.
Let rays of heavenly light come to you in this new age and awaken the deepest corners of your soul.
You deserve nothing but all the good so don’t ever settle for less.
Have an amazing birthday and a wonderful year ahead.

76. To my charming princess, it’s another year added to your beautiful life, I give thanks to God for his sustenance and providence.
I’m grateful it’s you I call my own.
I pray you leave unforgettable marks on everything and everyone you encounter.
Continue to leave people a lot better than you found them.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.

77. My exceptional queen, happy birthday to you.
Thank you for lighting up my life these past years.
You are absolutely perfect.
I wish you long life, love and so much grace.
I pray you have an adventurous new year filled with joy and happiness.
Stay happy honey and do have a wonderful birthday.

78. A woman of substance, the one my heart beats for.
Just like yesterday, you came into my life and made everything better.
Today, I appreciate you in a very special way, thank you for your kindness and love.
I’m still your biggest fan my baby.
In this new year, I pray you make better and wiser choices, live your life to the fullest and have limitless opportunities to excel.
Happy birthday, darling.

79. Hey darling, I’m honoured to be a part of your beautiful story and it’s always amazing watching you growing better each year.
Sending you love and light this new year.
You are forever imprinted on my soul so I’m here for you all the way.
Have a beautiful birthday celebration.

80. Sweetest, happy birthday to you.
You are magic to my world, bringing only but the best, thank you.
I pray that extraordinary and uncommon favours will come to your path in this new age.
Give your best to the world.
There are many gifts coming your way today and always.

81. It’s that special day of the year I celebrate the love of my life.
You are my heart’s delight.
I pray the heavens guide you in this new age.
Don’t forget how exceptional and awesome you are.
I pray you excel each day and live your life to the greatest service of God and humanity.
Happy birthday my love.

82. Happy birthday, queen, you are one of the reasons my life is filled with so much joy.
I hope I get to make you as happy as you deserve to be too.
I wish you a year filled with amazing success stories and the spark in your heart to achieve all your dreams.
Do have a fruitful new year and a beautiful birthday celebration.

83. My love, you are so full of beautiful emotions.
It’s your birthday so be happy and cast your worries to the wind.
Breathe and feel alive, be thankful.
I will watch you grow and glow in this beautiful new age.
Go out and win because you deserve all the best.
Happy birthday, sunshine.

84. Happy birthday babe, you have had an awesome past year and you will have an even more amazing year.
You matter a lot to me in ways words cannot do justice to.
You are priceless and exciting.
I love you very much and I hope you are steps closer to achieving your beautiful dreams.

85. Happy birthday beautiful soul, in you I see me and I love you all the more for it.
In this your new age, I wish for you to continue to be brave, find the courage inside of you to know that nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to try.
I choose to do life with you over and again, to support and stand by you always.

86. A special day for a special lady.
Happy birthday, my love, another year is here for you, a year for things even more amazing.
I pray you get so much of God’s grace and blessings.
I pray this year moulds you into your best self so you can take on the world.
It’s forever forward with you baby.
The beautiful things you experienced this past year are nothing compared to what’s coming to you.
Live largely and prosper.

87. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.
With love, I welcome you to the first day of your new age.
There are really no maps and plans for life.
I hope you find the courage to journey into the unknown ready to meet and excel at every opportunity.
Lots of hugs and kisses to you.
Be happy and have a beautiful birthday.

88. Here I am wishing the love of my life a very beautiful birthday celebration.
I pray this new age is full of beautiful surprises, victories and excellent news.
I will forever touch your heart with love.
The pressures of this world won’t hurt you but mould you into the beautiful diamond that you are.
Have an amazing birthday my love.

89. Happy birthday, my love, you are a rare gem.
The unexpected touch of love that embraced my soul.
On this day, I plant seeds of happiness, love and peace into your beautiful life.
May the fruitful returns see you through this year and always, amen.

90. The pride of my heart, happy birthday my love.
You are braver and stronger than you know.
It’s exciting to watch you crush your goals year after year.
Continue to be exceptional.
Explore this beautiful world and shine so bright so the world can see your spark.
More positive vibes and energy to you.
Do have a fun filled birthday.

91. Happy birthday, sweetheart, welcome to an excellent year of grace.
I know that the best things in this life are worth the wait, so here I am patiently waiting for all your success stories the year has to give you.
May the things coming to you surpass your expectations.
I would hold you and care for you all year long and always.Have a beautiful birthday.

92. Happy birthday, sunshine, it’s yet another wonderful year filled with adventures and God’s love.
I pray this new age surprises you with as many beautiful things as are obtainable in life with my love and presence as a pure gift.
I pray you have your best year yet and enjoy your beautiful birthday.

93. Happy new age to you my angel.
We have made very beautiful memories these past couple years.
Let’s have more amazing moments that will take a lifetime to forget.
You are my love, light and life.
I am here with and for you this day and always.
Spread your wings and fly my love.
I wish that every day of this new age is filled with love and laughter.
Enjoy your celebration.

94. Happy birthday, baby, the world is in love with you and guess what, so am I.
The stars welcome you to a new year.
The sun shines on you brightly that you exude your excellence.
It is time to embrace yourself again.
Chase your dreams, be who you want to be and of course, I will be here with you every step of the way.

95. To my favourite human being, happy birthday my love.
Because you are everything I ever needed, I will stand by you this new year and always.
Don’t ever forget that you can be the best always.
You are far more intelligent than you could ever imagine and I adore you so much.
Have a beautiful birthday and a great year going forward.

96. The day is here, a day to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of a queen.
You are a bright star blazing through the sky illuminating the paths of my soul.
All these beautiful moments and feelings I experience are all because I met you.
I’m eternally grateful because you are my everlasting gift from God.
Continue to flourish in this new age and every other year.

97. Happy birthday, love, welcome to your very brilliant year.
Continue to explore and follow your dreams.
Have a beautiful year filled with exciting and rewarding opportunities.
Keep being your amazing self and I’ll still be here, ever loving and tending to your beautiful soul.

98. My darling, happy birthday.
When the heart knows, it knows.
I feel it in my heart, you are going to have a very beautiful and fruitful year.
I’m so proud of all your efforts and may God continue to crown them with resounding successes.
It’s always a pleasure to celebrate your birthday.
You are such an incredible young woman.
Cheers to a year full of happiness.

99. Hey honey, it is your special day and I just want to let you know that beautiful things will come to you much more than you have ever experienced.
The universe is opening its arms of good tidings to you, my love.
Ride on the tides of this beautiful life and have yourself a lovely new year.
Happy birthday, sweetheart.

100. Happy birthday to you my love.
With you, I feel at home.
My soul finds it’s peace with you.
Good and perfect gifts I pray for you from heaven.
I hope your heart finds all it truly deserves and more.
Relentlessly and excitedly, keep moving forward my love.
I will celebrate every success with you.
Don’t ever settle for less because you are worth the world and more.
Have fun today and have a beautiful year ahead.

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