Long Distance Birthday Wishes for My Daughter

Long Distance Birthday Wishes for My Daughter

One of the greatest gifts life can offer is the gift of a daughter. How beautiful it is to have one in your life! A daughter is not just the one you gave birth to; she may be a biological daughter, adopted daughter, school daughter, spiritual daughter, god daughter and many more. What really matters is that you love her and can proudly call her a daughter.

One beautiful thing is that some daughters can be quite endearing. They have a way of touching your heart and ensure you are happy being their father or mother. Daughters like this deserve to be treated well every other day and specially on their birthday.

However, having amazing daughters doesn’t counter the fact that some can be torn on the flesh. No matter how your daughter is, you ought to still love her and make her happy on her birthday. That could change things, who knows?

Well, as have been said, your daughter deserves some special treat from you on her birthday but when it happens that she is far away from you, the thought of how to make someone faraway feel special on their birthday comes to mind.

I know distance could really hinder some things like having memorable moments with her or preparing her a special delicacy. I also know that distance is no barrier to celebrating your daughter’s big day. There are many ways to celebrate her while she is away and one of the best ways is sending her heartfelt wishes.

That’s why you are here, right? You are an awesome parent!

Sending the right words to your daughter on her birthday can go a long way in making the day perfect. It could even be possible that what she needs are words of love and care from a parent(s). So, don’t feel they are less than what you would do when she is with you.

Make that daughter of yours happy on her birthday and express how much you miss her and want the best for her with the sweet and heart touching long distance birthday wishes for my daughter here and I’m pretty sure she will be glad to receive one or more from you. It doesn’t matter the age she is celebrating, the messages here are perfect for all ages. So, don’t hesitate to slide into the messages already.

Happy Birthday to My Daughter Far Away

A super duper happy birthday to you, my adorable daughter. There is a lot I really would love to do for you today but you are far away. Nevertheless, distance can’t stop me from sending my wishes of peace and greater heights for you. I still miss you though!

1. Happy birthday to you, my dearest daughter. Though you are far away from me, my love for you remains strong. I cherish you so much and I wish you a new age filled with peace and bliss.

2. Life wouldn’t be this beautiful if God hadn’t given me a loving and adorable daughter like you. You make everyone around you happy. May you be highly favoured and may the good Lord open up doors for you. I love you pretty much and miss you. Happy birthday!

3. Hey, darling! Distance cannot be a barrier in celebrating a daughter as sweet as you are. Here’s wishing you the best in all you do this year. Don’t forget to remain happy all through, it’s your day. Happy birthday!

4. Birthing you made me a mother and a proud one at it because you have shown to be truly a daughter from me over the years. Now that you are 16, I’m more than excited because I have the prettiest and sweetest 16-year-old girl. Happy 16th birthday, love. I promise to spoil you when you return home.

5. Nothing can be as beautiful as watching my cupcake grow into a gracious woman. My darling daughter, though you are far away now, I want you to know that I love you so much, I’m glad to see you age and I will continue to wish you well. Happy birthday to you!

6. Daughters like you are hard to come by, even when I’m not with you, I still feel your ardour around me. Among every other good thing that I wish you today, I wish you find love, peace and fulfilment in life. Happy birthday, my angelic daughter.

7. Happy birthday, daddy’s girl. You really need to know how much dad misses you right now. You are away to school and it’s like something left me. You really are special to me and this family. On a day like this, I can’t help but wish you excellence and fortune. Cheers to your new age, baby!

8. See who is 25 today, my once suckling. How time flies. On this day, I wish you greater feats in life and I wish you a home filled with love and peace. Happy 25th birthday, my darling daughter. I really miss you here. Xoxo!

9. You are such a positive, enthusiastic and strong lady. Thank you for being loving always, thank you for making me have the feeling of how wonderful being a parent is and thank you for giving me a grand daughter too. Happy birthday, my cherished.

10. A super duper happy birthday to you, my adorable daughter. It quite hurts that you are not here to be smeared with cakes and drenched with wine but I’m glad you are alive. I wish you many happy returns of this day and the best in all you do. Enjoy your day, love.

11. Happy birthday, lovely. Just reminding you that you are not too old to come home and be treated like that baby I once held in my arms. May you enjoy the day where you are and make it memorable.

12. Ever sweet daughter, it’s your big day! Wanted to make it lit but you aren’t here. However, I send you my wishes with love. May you always find reasons to be happy. Happy birthday, love.

13. Beautiful in and out, that’s what we have as a daughter. You have added so many colours to our world and made us proud parents. Thank you for not being a disappointment. May you be lifted up above your challenges. Happy birthday, dearest daughter.

14. Happy birthday to my daughter. Wishing you many happy returns of this day, in good health and peace of mind. We love you so much and miss you dearly. Have a blast!

15. Daughter, nothing should make you unhappy today. I know we are not together to give you the best treatment but I want you to know we love you a lot even if our marriage could not continue. Just ensure you enjoy the moment, I promise to send my gift across. I love you big. Happy birthday!

16. Happy birthday, my darling daughter. Hope you are fine over there and hope you don’t miss your country too much. I can’t deny the fact that I miss you but I wish you the best always. Go ahead and excel. We love you!

17. Welcome to the most beautiful year of your life ever. Get set to enjoy every moment in it because that’s what I wish you. Mummy loves you and misses you. Happy birthday, my forever daughter

18. Your coming into my life was a blessing and raising you through childhood and teenagehood was beautiful. I’m glad you are 20 today but it quite hurts that you are not here. I wish you the top in life and many happy moments in this new year of yours. Happy birthday, my daughter.

19. You are the best thing that ever happened to, my first and last daughter. The thought of you lightens my world and gives me joy whenever I’m down. You are not here now but I’m fulfilled because you are doing well. Happy birthday to you. I love you big.

20. I wish you a year filled with all-around success and immeasurable peace. Loving you remains my hobby. Happy birthday, sweet daughter! Come back soon for someone right here misses you.

Birthday Messages to My Daughter Long Distance

It’s your birthday, my loving daughter. The long distance can only stop me from holding your hands right now but can’t stop my heart from reaching you. My heart will always be with you. I wish you the best over there. This year will be remarkable for you. Happy birthday, cupcake!

21. Hey, sugarpie. You need to know how it feels not having you here with me today. I really wanted to give you the best birthday treat but all the same, I wish you find the best in all you do. May life be easy for you. Happy birthday, my loving daughter.

22. You are a daughter everyone would struggle to have and I’m glad I had you first. Right now, I miss the times we spent together but I understand that we wouldn’t be together forever. I will keep wishing you well even as I wish you a happy birthday today. You are greatly loved.

23. Happy super birthday to you, daughter, my companion and inspiration. I really can’t stop imagining how awesome today would have turned out if you were here but then, you don’t need to be here now. May whatever you do over there be excellent and successful. I love you big!

24. Happy birthday to a purpose-driven lady, a woman with wisdom and virtues, always willing to help and ambitious. You have made me a proud parent, may your path continue to shine brighter. Xoxo!

25. Happy birthday, sweetheart. You know I love you always and today, I love you even more and wish you greater feats in life. Have a great day even as I continue missing you here.

26. Your special day is here once more, baby. It reminds me of all I had to go through to birth the most precious lady in the world. Congratulations on all your achievements and I wish you more of it even if I’m not there to give you a warm celebration. Happy birthday, daughter.

27. Happy birthday my loving daughter. Having you as a part of this family is a blessing I will always be grateful for. Thanks for all you do and may your new age be filled with peace and happiness. I love you!

28. O29. Happy birthday, my diamond. You are worth more than all the treasures of the world to me and this day reminds me of everything good. Have the best of it and bear it in mind that I love and miss you.

30. Beautiful experiences, peaceful moments and diverse blessings are what I wish you this day. I know I’m with you right now to pamper you but I want you to know I’m always praying for you. Happy birthday, my first daughter.

31. Nothing can best describe how deeply I love you and how much I miss you not here on a special day like this. However, may you find joy, love and peace there. Happy birthday, daughter.

32. Wishing you a new season of great health and joy. Your happiness is mine and I want you to be happy always even if we are not together. Ensure to enjoy today. Happy birthday, love.

33. Happy birthday, munchkin. This day reminds me of a once ago tender tiny baby I held in my arms and you are 12 already, anticipating your teenagehood. How I wish I’m there with you to spoil you but I’m glad you are fine and I wish you the best. Much love, kid!

34. See how far you have come, my genius daughter. Raising you was stress and fun altogether but I’m glad we both appreciate it today. Here’s wishing you more wins and greater heights. I love you and miss you dearly.

35. How blessed I feel this day to be the mother of a wonderful woman. The memories of going through your childhood with you will forever linger in my heart. I’m glad you are a renowned woman today. May God bless you and your household. Happy birthday, daughter.

Long Distance Birthday Prayer Quotes for Daughter

A child who honours God and their parents deserve favour from God, and when God favours you, man can’t but favour you. I pray for you today, my daughter, that the face of the Lord will shine upon you where you are. All you do will be crowned with excellence. Happy birthday, my love. Missing you on your birthday.

36. Happy birthday to my uniquely intelligent daughter. May your birthday bring you much love and bliss. Daddy loves you pretty much and wishes you a glorious year ahead.

37. Every day gives me the opportunity to merry in the fact that I have the best daughter who may not be with me right now but is doing so well. But this day is unique, it reminds me of how fulfilled a mother I am. Happy birthday, my daughter. I miss you!

38. I know nobody is perfect but I’m tempted to call you perfect because that’s what you are to me. Thanks for being all we prayed for and may you continue to go higher in life. Happy birthday, my sweetheart daughter. See you soon!

39. Wishing you the best this day, daughter. As you are far away from me, I want you to be bold than ever, face whatever comes your way and conquer. You are made for wins! Happy birthday, my brave one. I miss you here.

40. Awesome people deserve the best birthday, go ahead and have it because you are awesome, not just to me but to everyone around you. Happy birthday, my daughter. Have a blast!

41. You know why I’m sure you will succeed in all you do? Because you have all it takes. Go ahead and get to the top in this new season of your life. Happy birthday, my darling daughter. I love you and miss you too.

42. Blessed is the day my precious daughter was born and you have not ceased bringing blessings to our family. Thanks for being the best daughter to us and the best mother to my grand children. Happy birthday, sugar. You are greatly loved. Can’t wait to visit you soon!

43. I’m delighted to be called your dad. You are an energetic, caring and loving daughter. I guess you got that from your mom. Little wonder I can’t stop loving you guys… Smiles… Just remain who you are, daughter. Daddy love you and wishes you the top. Happy birthday!

44. Happy birthday to my forever loved daughter. Wishing you a year of abundant blessings and more doors of opportunities. You will continue to prosper over there and it will extend to us here. Smiles… I love you!

45. Continue to be the sparkling light that you are, baby girl. You had always made us proud parents right from the day you were born. Thanks for coming into our lives. Happy birthday to you, my daughter. Much love!

46. You are a very remarkable person, full of wisdom and classy as well. Nothing makes me more proud than having you as a daughter. I love you and wish you blessings all around. Happy birthday from here!

47. Happy birthday to my phenomenal little princess. You are more than words can explain and I love you with everything within me. I don’t want to distract you with a party as I’m aware you are busy with studies but I promise to make it up to you when you are home for the holidays. Enjoy your day. I miss you!

48. My love for you is deeper than the oceans and it’s higher than the blue skies above. That’s a little of how I can explain how much I love you. This is to wish you a happy birthday. You surely deserve the best, go get it, daughter! I will keep praying for you.

49. I never knew things would turn out this way, that there would be a moment of your birthday that wouldn’t be spent with me but I’m grateful because you will be fine over there. I can only wish that you enjoy good health and abundance this year. Happy birthday, sweet daughter. I really miss you.

50. Happy birthday, my little wonder! Look through your eyes of your heart, you will see my deep love for you. It just hurts that you are not here to feel the warmth. But all the same, I wish you many years of looking younger and achieving greater. Have fun! I love you and miss you.

Distance can only stop you from reaching your daughter’s hands but can’t stop you from reaching her heart, even on her birthday.

With the collection of long distance birthday wishes for my daughter here, you will surely reach your daughter’s heart and also convey your love and wishes.

Just copy and send and you are good to go.

Happy birthday to your daughter!

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