Love Messages for Lover from the Heart

2023 Latest Love Messages for Lover from the Heart

In actual fact, to be locked up in love is one of the most amazing things that can happen to you at this point of your life; and when in love, certain things begin to make sense for you: close walks, night talks, slow music, and a lovely love message from the lover of your heart.

For this reason, it’s always important to have specific words sent to your lover frequently to say how much in love you are and express just how much you feel – whether you’re together, or in faraway lands. It’s why we wrote 2023 latest love messages for lover from the heart, to stir up your emotions, that of your lover too, and spice up your love life.

When you scroll through the page, you’ll find over a hundred love messages – 110 to be exact – carefully arranged for you and your significant other. These latest love messages are so unique that it can be used for boyfriend, girlfriend,
husband, wife, and all lovers everywhere.

Feel free to make your choices.

Latest Love Text Messages for Him or Her

As you’ll love, these latest romantic love Text messages will make your girlfriend or boyfriend feel extremely loved. Send them to him or her and be glad you did.

1. Baby love, you pull my heart strings and make my head swim in the ocean of your love. You have succeeded in capturing my heart in such a way that I want to be lost in you forever.

2. I’ve been waiting from dusk to dawn to get a glimpse of your early morning beauty as the sun rises on you. I love you everyday.

3. Your love is the second best thing that has happened to my life. The best is me finding you when I was hopeless about life.

4. I love the taste of it in my life. I love the way you blend into me and I into you. You’re my forever love, baby. I’ll love you till I drop.

5. The world has always been a better place each time I think of how beautiful you are to me. You’re such an amazing jewel, and I love you over and over again.

6. With you in my life, I have always had peace of mind. How do you do it?

7. I promise to love you till our grey hair, and I promise that nothing will ever come between us up till our dying day. I love you my crown.

8. I have become a prisoner of love because you have captured my heart with your irresistible smile. How are you doing my jailer?

9. My heart. My song. My melody. My tune. My symphony. My blues. My muse. My everything. My baby. I love you!

10. I’ve been busy all day…thinking about you.

11. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been thinking about you all day. And I’m going to spend the night dreaming about you.

12. I’m happy with life because it brought me to you. I love you, baby.

13. I wished to be loved and you came into my heart and quenched that longing with your perfect love.

14. I love the way I love you. With you my side, there’s nothing I won’t be able to conquer.

15. I love it when you look at me. I love it when you smile at me. I love it when you kiss me deep. I love it when you hold me close. I love it all such that I’m deeply in love with you.

16. I like the fact that when I look at you, I can see clearly what you feel for me. I love your reception. It’s so absorbing.

17. I thought I’d discovered purpose until I have you. You’re the only reason why I’m able to accomplish all my discoveries. You complete me, beautiful and I love you so much.

18. Give me your heart, baby. I’ll keep it safe. I’ll cherish and nurture it for as long as you allow me. I love you.

19. Loving you is what I love doing best. Caring for you comes naturally for me. You are dear to me, you are my heart.

20. When I look at you and all we’ve survived together, I’m convinced ever more that you are the person I’ve been waiting for all my life. I love you my darling.

21. Baby, the beautiful life we’ve built together is the beginning of our secured future together. I love you, my life partner.

22. There’s no love story, no love history, no love poetry, no love testimony ever written that’ll ever be as beautiful as what you have done to my soul.

23. You are one beautiful choice I’ve made and I intend to stick with this choice forever. I love you my dearest.

24. My lifetime agenda is to love you and take care of you. You’re my purpose fulfilled, you are my everything.

25. Every single day, I consider my life and I conclude that I don’t deserve the way you love me. Thank you for loving me and accepting me just the way I am.

26. You have always completed me in the most unlikely of ways. Life with you has been so meaningful that it could have been a meaningless adventure without you.

27. Together we weave the most beautiful tale of love, ever.

28. No matter how physically far apart we are, you are always near to me. Because you live in my heart and I carry you everywhere with me.

29. I feel your love in my loins, my bones, my heart, and my mind. In everything I do, I feel your love ever closely knitted to my soul.

30. Your love satisfies me more than any physical possession I possess. I could live without anything but not without your love.

31. With you, every day is a special day. And I want to spend it resting in your arms like I’ve got no other thing to do.

32. You know, I wished I could have you all to myself such that I don’t have to go anywhere: just staying in bed with you and kissing you like there is no tomorrow. I love you my darling.

33. Your love expresses itself in so many beautiful ways which are beyond words. Your love is the reason for the glow everyone sees in me.

34. The day you walked into my life was the day I understood what true happiness meant. Thank you for being my happiness.

35. Agreeing to talk to you that day is the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you for loving me just the way I am.

36. Baby, I just want to let you know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to my life.

37. I can’t help but feel I’m lucky to have been picked by you out of the many competitions hanging out there. I love you for loving me.

38. Home is your arms baby. So where are you? I want to come home.

39. I’m so happy to be sharing my life with you. I’m so happy I found you.

40. You make my life so alive in ways no other person could have done. Thinking about you alone makes me happy. How much more when I see you.

41. Without you, I’m a complete wreck. You tick all the dots in my life and make life meaningful to me.

42. Since the day you told me you loved me, I knew I will never feel unwanted again. Thank you for all the special ways you make me feel special.

43. Our love story is still my favourite. “Till death do us part” sounds so good and believable with you. With every other person, it had been a death trap. Thanks for walking this journey with me.

44. Just when I think it is impossible to love you more, I find myself loving you more with each passing day. Life has been so sweet with you.

45. I want you to know you will never be able to escape from my love. It will always search you out. I love you with every strength I have.

46. You have become my weakness. In one sentence, I can’t live without you.

47. My love, thank you for loving me with all of my imperfections. Thank you for accepting me just as I am.

48. When I look at the life we’ve built together, I understand what happiness and fulfillment mean. Thanks for sharing your life with me.

49. With the way you talk to me, it’s impossible not to fall in love you even when I’m angry.

50. I learnt how to do close-mouth-talking when I met you. Your lips have become so close to my tongue that I now love talking to you everyday. If you know what I mean.

51. You are the most amazing lover I’ve ever known. You make it easy for me to fall in love with you over and over again.

52. The most beautiful way to start each day for me is when you are by my side. I miss your body, my love.

53. I never dreamt of falling in love again. Now I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you because you’ve made me feel a love I never knew existed.

54. The thought of you spending the rest of your life with me is what gives me the strength to get through each day. I’ll go anywhere in the world, so long as you’re right by my side.

55. You have no idea how madly-insanely-in-love I am with you.

56. You put your arms around me and nothing else matters to me. I guess that’s what it means to be in love. Though you’re not my first love, you will certainly be the last.

57. I plan to love you every day. I’d risk everything to spend the rest of my life with you.

58. I promise you, my love, in all weathers, in all seasons. I’ll be here till time ceases to be.

59. Your love made me forget every pain and disappointment I’ve ever felt. Your love satisfies my soul. I love you, my love.

60. I can’t imagine my future without you in it. You match me so effortlessly, it’s no wonder my heart has chosen you.

61. You mean the world to me, and I choose to spend my world on you.

62. I want to be the only one who makes your heart beat faster. I want to be the only one who matters to you.

63. No matter where life takes you, I’ll always be by your side. I make this promise solemnly and I intend to keep it.

64. I could easily lose myself in you, yet with you, I find myself living to my full potentials. I love you.

65. Waking up by your side each day is a blessing I didn’t think I deserved but one which I’ll forever be thankful for.

66. It’s so easy to open up my heart to you. Thank you for the gift of your love, and never taking me for granted. It’s a truly beautiful gift and I cherish it so much.

67. Thank you for the gift of your love, and the effort you make in trying to understand me. I love you so much.

68. The best decision I ever made is marrying my best friend. I love you, bestie and spouse.

69. If I could open my heart to you, you would see how important you are to me, and how much I love. Because sometimes, my heart speaks more than my words can.

70. Sometimes, when I think about how we began talking and getting this close, I can only say my past experiences has taught me to be patient for the real deal – which is you.

71. Your smile has helped me forget about my past, and your teeth has helped me understand how bright my life can be with you by my side.

72. My heart melts for joy when I see you. My mouth gets lost for words when I hear your voice. And when I catch you staring at me, it is the sweetest feeling ever.

73. Every moment spent with you has been unexplainable. Please give me your body so I can spend the rest of my life with you.

74. If only you knew how much the little moments with you matter to me much more than anything else.

75. It was is impossible for me to fall in love ever again…until I found you. Thank you for helping me be in love again.

76. Sometimes I just go back to the first time I met you, and all I want to do is capture that very moment again. You have been a-m-a—z-i-n-g!

77. No matter how dark my day is, seeing you always brightens it and makes me realize that with you, I am doing right. I love you, baby.

78. Your heart is so mild and gentle. It easily forgives even when I hurt and wrong you. I love you my darling.

79. Whenever I am with you, it is like having my emotional batteries recharged with joy. Your smile radiates into me. Your touch sends little shivers through my body. Your presence pleases my mind and your soul pours peace on mine.

80. I love you…madly, sincerely, completely and with no reservation, in a way that is blissfully wonderful.

81. My love, I want you to know that there’s no one who can replace you.

82. The way you look, the way you always know what I am thinking about, the way you gave me hug when I need it the most, and the way you listen to me is priceless. You have touched me more profoundly than I ever thought you could. I love you.

83. I wake to think of you and I sleep to see you in my dreams. I’m so completely in love with you.

84. Every day seems like a blessing since I have met you. I feel so lucky and honored to be in love with you with all of my heart.

85. Thank you for sharing your love with me. It’s a truly wonderful gift. I will love you always.

86. Two months ago, we hadn’t even met. And now, you are the most important person in my life. So, I just wanted to say I love you, and I can’t wait to see you again.

87. You are an angel, a darling, a sweetheart, a loving person, and a rare gem who makes me forget how to be sad. I love you everyday.

88. Nobody is perfect. But you don’t even make me look for one.

89. The only time I stupidly smile at my phone is when I get text messages from you.

90. You have always caused me to wake up smiling. Because your messages have always been wonderful.

91. I can’t explain the way you make me feel when I hear your voice or see your face, but I adore it.

92. Hey Cutie. I just want to let you know that loving you is the best thing that has happened to me.

93. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it back

94. I think you are cuter than all of your pictures joined together.

95. You make my heart think of you every day. I couldn’t ignore you even if I wanted to.

96. Thank you for always making me feel like the most important person in your world. It’s the least I could ask for.

97. Next time we see, I will hug you. And I probably won’t let go for a long period of time.

98. I can’t decide if the best part of my day is waking up next to you, or going to sleep with you. Hurry home so I can compare the two again.

99. Whenever my phone vibrates, I hope you’re the reason for it.

100. No matter where I go, the warmest place will always be in your arms. Sweetheart I love you today, tomorrow, and forever after.

101. I love you for all that you are, all that you’ve been, and all that you’re yet to be

102. I love all the adventures we have together.

103. When I’m with you, the only place I want to be is closer.

104. When you fall I will pick you up. When you are happy I will share your joy. When you need a friend I will be the first one there. I will always love you.

105. I used to not believe in soulmates. I’m here with you because you made me believe.

106. Even though I’m unsure about most things in life, I am certain that I love you and I will continue to love you forever.

107. I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, my heartbreaks, my regrets. Everything. And when we’re together, my past seems worth it. Because if I had done one thing differently, I might never have met you.

108. I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.

109. I never could grasp the meaning of “perfect”—until I met you. Suddenly the definition fell into place and my breath was taken away each moment I spent with you.

110. If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would know how much I love you. You hold a very special place in my heart! I will love you forever!

111. Your childish giggles melt my heart every time I hear them. Keep laughing like this always. I love you.

112. Thanks for being there for me always. I have never known anyone who could love with such intensity. For me, you are the best lover in this world. I can’t help loving you deeply.

113. You fill my heart with countless joy every time you smile. It’s a privilege for anyone to be able to love you! I feel lucky every moment!

114. The more I spend time with you, the more I fall in love with you every day. You have a very gentle and beautiful heart that I promise to take care of all my life. I love you!

115. It’s hard to find someone who is willing to stay with you in every up and down of your life. I feel blessed to have you in my life because I know no matter what happens you will never stop loving me!

116. I will never promise you everything on earth, but I’ll promise you everything my heart brings out because you own my heart.

117. Each time I look at you, I just smile to myself and think, ‘I certainly could not have done better’. You are perfect the way you are. I love you, honey.

118. My heart sealed your place in it right at the moment I met you. This place will always remain constant and intact. I love you so much!

119. I always pray to the lord to never get separated from you no matter how many arguments we have. I want our togetherness to last forever.

120. Keep me embraced with your arms, as for me being in your arms is the safest place in the world. I love you.

So there you have it! 110 carefully scripted messages just for you. Plus, we added few bonuses beyond to give you few extra lines you could find useful in other ways.

As always, you can edit or alter some words to use what is most appropriate of your daily language – you wouldn’t want your lover to know they’re not your usual words.

Now, what do you think about our post? Which particular number gets straight to your heart and drives home your point? You can share the post with friends or drop a comment to tell us exactly how you feel.

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