Happy Birthday to Me Poems

Inspirational Happy Birthday Poems for Myself

Birthdays are usually the days we feel like celebrities as we are duly celebrated by friends, family and loved ones. We are shown how much we mean to the world around us with kind words. Isn’t that the norm?

How about what you feel for yourself, wishes you would blow on the candles on your cake? Happy birthday Poems for myself carry the few wishes you would want to tell yourself on such a mark in your life.

Sweet Happy Birthday to Me Poems

Happy Birthday to Me Poems collection to celebrate your birthday in a grand style.

1. Today begins the first day of another age.
For me, I want to taste life like it is new.
Let the sun remind me of how beautiful life is
May the rainbow bring colours of laughter to me
So years from now I will grow like a baby.
Happy birthday to me.

2. If today was a fabric
Then it will have all the colours of happiness
For I was born on such a day to smile
To be happy for the gift of life.
For the blessings that guide me
So I echo through history anew.

3. Today comes with a new feeling
Maybe it’s because a star sparkled today.
Yes, I sparkled in the sky of life.
May this birthday always remind me that life inspires
And lift me to heights of joy, laughter and love.
Happy birthday to me.

4. How do I not wake today with such ease?
When of course I was born on such a day
A day filled with the sun looking like me
As I shine through a new page.
On this day I feel like a new seed again
To grow into life like a baby
So I enjoy every bit of it.

5. Yes, a fresh new birth has come again.
I, turning another leaf
To write another page of story
Of how I began to know words
Such as family, friends, you and love.
I wish to see such days
Where I would feel like a new book
About to write a new story.
Happy birthday to moi.

6. It has long been coming
Since I flickered into this life
And today marks the anniversary
Of when I first shone my light.
For me, I pray my light keeps shining
To show me the path to greatness.
So I grow with immense brightness
And affect those around me

7. Today started years ago as an inspiration
As I first made way to this earth.
I want to use this medium
To appreciate all the love and support
From you my loved ones and friends.
May our paths keep crossing into our old ages.
Happy anniversary to me.

Wishing Myself a Happy Birthday Poem

Wishing Myself a Happy Birthday Poem collection for your birthday status update.

8. Happy birthday to me
For another milestone achieved,
For a new song to be sung
For new laughter and smile.
Happy birthday to me
For always loving this beautiful life.

9. Today would have been a very beautiful surprise
If I didn’t know how precious, it means to me.
I celebrate it with a lot of cheers in my heart
For all the achievements so far.
For friends, family, for you.
I pray this day comes more often.

10. How do I begin to count my blessings
On such a day?
Years ago I cracked a smile
And today I’m cracking more and laughter.
With so much joy in my heart
I usher in this new page with a big heart.
May such day fall in our lives endlessly.
Happy birthday to me.

11. Such a day makes me remember life
as easy as I got here
with love flourishing from my mother.
I still feel the love of family
streaming through my veins.
And for today I pray for such days to come,
Days I will use to look back at the gift of life.
Happy birthday to me.

12. They say a journey of so many miles starts from a step,
This is one journey that always reminds me of the beginning
and what it’s worth to this moment.
For laughter, love and happiness
For giving me good health of mind and body.
And so for today I shout hurrah
and wish for many more years to myself.

13. Here comes my smile
tearing my face for such a day
A day of gold and rebirth
a day I turn another age to count my life.
May sorrow not find this page of my age.
Let the river of happiness and love drown me
and those around me.
Happy birthday to myself.

14. There is no much satisfaction
like waking on such a beautiful day
to remember how prosperous life has been.
Even as I write these words,
I pray they forever find a way to describe what happiness I have in my mind.
May such a day bring many moons.

Inspirational Birthday Poems for Myself

Awesome Collection of Inspirational Birthday Poems for Yourself.

15. In history, such blessings should be mentioned,
how I came to love life on such a day.
A day when the sun touched my eyes
and birth me to my awesome family.
I love such a day to never end
so my laughter will reach the heavens
for clocking another age in such a blissful moment.
May we rejoice in forever more. Happy birthday to me.

16. On such a day with the sun on my face
I feel the power of living
breathing an air of life.
I wish for more days to inspire my age to come with wisdom.
Happy birthday to me.

17. Years have come bearing gifts of smile
for the pages written with a beautiful story.
As today comes with such hope.
May the face of today continue to shine
in my life forevermore.

18. Stars shine everyday flaunting the skies,
telling beautiful stories in the heaven.
Mine, it tells with the moon and the sun
as today brings forth a reminder of me.
May my story always tell of the goodness of life.

19. Good tails the first breathe I took on this earth
when my feet walked the earth searching for life.
Family that I was given
Love that found me.
May this day continue to be a reminder
that life entails everything positive to live for.
Happy birthday to me.

20. If today was a flower
It will be a rose,
Blossoming because it’s my birthday
full of goodness and love,
with colours of splendour
for having lived such a life.
Happy birthday to myself.

21. On such a day, when weariness found my feeble soul,
I began a prayer that ended with this
For keeping me alive,
all of these years.
Thank you, Lord.
Happy birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to Myself Poem

Happy Birthday to Myself Poem: Lovely Poems to say Happy Birthday to Yourself.

22. In my small heart
there is a big space
only to be filled with love.
Love of life for good health
Love of life for family
Love of life, for love.
And for today
Love of life for a new age.
May it be accompanied by many blessings.
Happy birthday to me.

23. The most precious of all gifts
I ever received on this earth
Unfolds today in such a warm blessing.
A day of my rebirth.
Happy birthday to me.

24. I accept these wishes blown on such day
For turning sadness to joy,
Love to laughter
And age to happiness.
Happy birthday to me.

25. To the happiest of all children
The most beautiful of them hearts
The one whose smile is a thousand stars
Whose warmth can bring the sun to still.
I wish a happy birthday.

26. Officially, today marks my anniversary
a day I have decided to see as special alone.
Letting myself feel all the attention
and engraving the blessings that have accompanied me so far.
I pray for such days to come forth.

27. I wish myself the most blissful of all birthdays
as today turns another beautiful page in my life.
May this new age carry all the wisdom and love
the world has to offer to me
so I keep believing that life is beautiful.
Happy birthday myself.

28. For a journey I didn’t make alone
I celebrate it with utmost happiness,
With pleasure of knowing friend’s and love
of growing into such a beautiful family.
May our smiles always flourish to new heights
and make a better home for us.
Happy birthday to me.

Birthday Poems for Myself

Birthday Poems for Myself: Best of Happy Birthday Poems for Yourself.

29. I have not the wealthiest smile
but a perfect one,
why perfect? Because of today
Today that reminds me of Peace
Most of all, or importantly life itself.
As today crawls on my face to show me what life is all about.
May it carry fewer evils to these heights.
Let us grow in truth and love together.

30. It’s my birthday
and happiness is all I have for today
for everything described by love.
For God and his ways in my life.
I celebrate today to remind myself of the little things that matter
and how I should greatly appreciate the second that comes with it.
Happy birthday to me.

31. For been alive and dependent on God
It’s a reason to celebrate such a day.
To show him my appreciation towards the breath he gave me
and I called it life.
May his clouds always rain blessings on my path.

32. I wasn’t chosen today by any luck
The day chose to stand out for me
so I shine as it is my birthday.
I pray to always stand out in God’s blessings.
May his favour find my house and make a good home.

33. For the most priceless moment was my birth
and today it’s another of my rebirth’s
remembering the love flushing in my life
through the gift of life, love and peace.
May this day always give me the courage to carry on through life without giving up.

34. A Rose has blossomed today
holding the ground of love
and spreading its petal of happiness.
It acknowledges the sun for living
the night for sleeping
And God for being the gardener.
Today I am the Rose
reminded I was born to be gracious before God and life.
As today be my anniversary,
may I never stop counting good things in my life.

35. Only deep in the gorge of my heart
do I really appreciate such a day
and know the wishes my heart seeks.
As the day has begun and all other wishes come through.
May I be reminded to always love God and let out my heart to him.
May my dream wishes come through in my prayers,
most especially today.
Happy birthday to me

Self-Compose Poem on Birthday

Awesome collection of Self-composed Birthday Poems to use on Your Birthday.

36. For such a special day
that I become a year older.
I pray I become wiser
to handle life by the guts
and love more,
with an endearing heart.
Happy birthday to me

37. It is very difficult to find a heart like mine,
as it is very rare to find someone special like me.
For all these years of laughter, happiness and peace.
I pray for more in my life.

38. Roll the drums
let out the lights of joy.
I am putting on my dancing shoes
for today is a special day for me.

39. I’m not trying to blow a trumpet here
but another year has blown it for me
for a new leaf turned.
May good things always turn for me.

40. Happy birthday to the happiest, peaceful, loving, caring, healthy, cheerful heart here
and that is me.
May my story keep getting better.

41. I have waited for this day
so I show gratitude for life,
for a well-deserved one lived.
I am so happy it’s my birthday.
Happy birthday to me

42. Success can be defined as such a moment.
When my blessings recount on my life.
For turning a new leaf to this age.
Happy birthday to me.

Birthday Poem for Me

Birthday Poems for Me: Awesome Birthday Poems to use for Yourself.

43. Smiles are not bought
Joy is never sold.
Happiness exists
all of these exists in the life we live
especially when such a moment comes to light
A moment of laughter
for adding another year today.

44. Age is not told in pain
but in the laughter and joy seen.
As such Day reminds me of my birth.
I want to always be reminded of the love that exists all around me.
May such gratitude never leave my sight.

45. Such a day is a blossoming one
When the clouds decorated the sky
and the sun warms the day.
As such a day has come
bearing gifts of my birthday.
May blessings always come around.

46. I have never forgotten such day
when I understand what gratitude is
for turning another leaf.
Another age well attained,
to live and regret less.
Happy birthday to me.

47. Don’t bring any pain today
Do not bring sadness here
If tears pour, let it be for joy.
For another age reached
A climax of happiness
In birthdays such as mine.
Happy birthday to me.

48. Strong is the mind born on this day
Happy is the eyes that celebrate today.
Joy is the heart that finds today’s rays beautiful.
For my birthday is on such day
with its glory as my gift.
Happy birthday to me.

49. Here’s why today is special
The rays of the sun shines brighter
the sky looks very happy.
The clouds are light like love.
And it is my birthday today.
Everything now looks like a favour
poured for me to enjoy such a day.

Thank You God for My Birthday Poem

Cute Poems to say Thank God for My Birthday.

50. I have kept the thought of today
as special as time.
The smile on my heart
grows like the sun’s ray stronger by day.
My joy grows for today
as I love to celebrate today with the people I love.
Happy birthday to me.

51. Dear Me
It is yet another day
a representation of my life
born to live and loved to live.
May more days turn up like this.

52. It is yet another sun
another moon passing the sky,
another flower blossoming.
Another age here
another beautiful birthday is her again.
Happy birthday to me.

53. Here comes this me
Staring at another page
Recounting the blessings from God.
A life filled with love.
As my birthday has come,
may it carry the light of the lord.

54. The one and only day I have wished for
has come before my kneels,
while I lift my hands to the heaven in thanksgiving.
May our days keeps been Rosy.

55. Years of so special
are the ones I lived growing.
Months of love have come and left.
Days of our lives are remembered
with such a day.
In birthdays like this.
Happy birthday to me.

56. The bus of this life has come again
honking to remind me of when I got in.
Years ago keep growing me
and I’m grateful I still understanding life itself.
Happy birthday to me.

My Birthday Poem to Myself

Sweet collection of My Birthday Poem to Myself.

57. As we speedily live daily
I try to be gradual with my journey.
Even as this day unfolds into another reminder
I am in gratitude for everything I have acquired so far.
The love, friend’s, family and happiness.
May such days serve us more in our living.

58. It is no magic I have attained another year.
Another 365 days journey well deserved to me.
May good things keep me smiling every day even as I add another year today.
Happy birthday to me.

59. I sat and tried to weigh life’s goodness.
I tried to prepare better words to quantify my blessings.
I did more than think of good times,
I remembered love and everything full.
What more can I say?
Happy birthday to me.

60. On such a day
Light shines more on my face
carrying my worries into a dust of smile.
There’s no pain but rather happiness.
On such a day I add more years
I pray for life to be fulfilled in every form.
Happy birthday to me.

61. Grace has found me
ok, yet another moon.
Echoing the bells of my birthday,
as I wake today.
May gratitude keep finding me all the days of my life.

62. Of the love I was born with
I perceive more from where it came from.
The laughter of clocking another age
leaves me with fluttered smiles.
Happy birthday to me.

63. Gifts should find me on such special day,
wrappings of life have offered me a new page
so my stories will be well written
and songs loudly sung.
Happy birthday to me.

It’s My Birthday Poem

Sweet Poems to Say it’s My Birthday.

64. Keep finding my path
Oh, new sun.
The one that carries the day as a present for me.
My birthday served with so much love,
laughter and happiness.
May such a day keep warming our existence.

65. With such a foundation built on a noble family
in a house warmed with love and compassion.
Today happens to hold its grandeur to my splendour
As it is a special day for me in my life.
May I continue to have rainbow pages.

65. With such a foundation built on a noble family
in a house warmed with love and compassion.
Today happens to hold its grandeur to my splendour
As it is a special day for me in my life.
May I continue to have rainbow pages.

66. I just have a lot on my list for today
Firstly for the breath of this page
For God who has given me today,
Such a dawn with warm smiles,
I wish for more of it to come
So I celebrate many happy returns.
Happy birthday to me.

67. Years have come for my diary
To write more of what I have achieved.
A life worth to live
I loved that I have seen this day
As I acknowledge as my birthday.

68. Candlelight shine on my cake
to show me the path of light in my years.
There’s a burning torch in everyone’s life
telling them of their age, when they turn the page.
As today greets, May love continue to burn.
Happy birthday to me

69. As the bells of my birthday echo.
I pray it rings good years to come
so we celebrate more greatness.

70. Hours of fun have come knocking
As it is my birthday.
I pray for wishes to come bearing gifts
so I awake as a baby into a new age.
May laughter keep us growing all the time.
Happy birthday to me.

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