I Miss You Grandpa Quotes

I Miss You Grandpa Quotes

Our grandfathers have a special place in our lives, in the family and the society at large. Grandparents are the custodian of culture and family norms; they are there to show us the way forward when it seems everyone is lost. With our grandpa, every day is filled with memoirs of history. So, when they are taken away from us, our lives experience a shift and find it difficult to get the right words to express our feelings of loss or absence of our grandparents.

A tribute to a grandfather whose absence we miss so much has its composition made of I miss you grandpa quotes and must be a touching one because that is one way to honour their memories.
With the departure of a grandpa, many things are gone away too: those storytime moments, those wisdom hour moments, and many others. The memories of those moments are what we have as consolation. A grandpa is someone who wouldn’t change his love for you even when others are against you, after all, he answers to nobody. That’s why they are so special and uniquely missed when they are gone or far away.

So, if you have a grandfather you have missed so much, the touching I miss you grandpa quotes in this section will give you respite and consolation from their absence. Please use them.

I Miss My Grandfather Quotes

My grandfather was the best father that I ever knew. He was so tolerant and understanding. Every moment with him was treasured because that moment is enriched in wisdom. To know that you are gone is to say the least that I miss you.

1. The world has found no better role models like grandfathers. They are such incredible and quick to understand. Mine was the best in the world. I miss you.

2. The bond a grandfather has for his grandchildren can only be matched by the bond between a mother and the umbilical cord attaching her to her child. My grandpa will go miles to make sure you are happy. I miss you.

3. When I think about all the things you do for me and that since you departed, no one has been able to replicate them, then I know that your type grace this earth once in a million years. I miss you my grandpa.

4. Grandfathers are jewels; inestimable ones for that matter. I will never forget the sacrifice you make to make sure that I become the best in what I do. I miss you.

5. My grandpa is the only person that I can look up to, regardless of how tall I will ever grow. I will miss your presence in my life.

6. Dear grandfather, if you are able to read this, please know that you are the best and I will always keep that in my head. I miss you.

7. Dear grandfather, you are a precious gift from God above to me and the family at large. I will forever treasure you in my heart though you have gone to be with the Lord. I miss you.

8. If the world had more grandfathers alive, grandchildren would live to become great people. I miss you more than ever, my grandpa. I wish you were still around here.

9. Not all heroes wear a cape, some have silver hair with a wealth of wisdom; they are called grandfathers. Dear grandfather, many years now and you are still on my mind. I miss you dearly.

10. Your sudden departure made me sad, but I find consolation in the fact that you are up there looking at me and smiling at the grandchild you had. I wish you were still here though. I miss you.

11. My grandpa, I miss you so much but I will be forever grateful that you made my childhood one of the most unforgettable moments of life.

12. For every piece of advice you give, it looks magical. It seems you hold in your hands all the possible ways of doing things right. Those are the things among many things I miss in you. You’ve got no replacement in my life. I miss you, my grandfather.

13. My grandfather was the image of the Sterling people that I see on the screen. I rate him more than them all. I miss you, my grandpa.

14. Were the whole earth made of waters, my grandfather will be the most significant whale in the ocean. I will never forget how much you mean to mean. You may no longer be here, but I have you kept in my heart. I miss you.

15. Dear grandfather, I can’t question God but your death was a shock to me. I miss you because you mean the world to me.

16. Life is so ephemeral. I would not believe you were gone if I was not there, my grandfather. I will not forget my grandpa since no one will ever take your place in my heart.

17. My grandfather, you are no longer here in bodily form but I can still feel you because you have your prints everywhere in my life. I really miss you.

18. Grandpa, you have may have departed from this realm but we will never be apart until I take my final breath because you will always be in my heart. I miss you.

19. Throughout my life, I will never forget that I had a grandfather who sacrificed himself for the joy of his children and grandchildren in particular. I really miss you.

20. Oh my grandpa, the thought of you daily gives me a daily hope that all your influence on me is beginning to show forth though I wish you here longer. I miss you.

21. Dear grandfather, though you are no longer around yet I know we will always connect in the spirit and on that day we shall see again. I miss you dearly.

22. To say that I will miss you is to say the least. I missed your love, hugs and being around you. I miss you so much, grandpa.

23. I am confident that you would be smiling over there because all the years I knew you, you were a man full of smiles. I miss you, grandpa.

24. My grandfather, even in death, I am always confident that you will always be my golden grandpa. I miss you.

25. You were so amazing that the Lord had to take you away to be with him. Nevertheless, I miss you from y end here.

26. A grandfather can fit into any phase of his grandchild’s life. They are the super wonders of the world. Grandpa, you were the best and you are still are. I miss you.

27. Dear grandpa, you may have departed from us here, but your memory still lingers in my mind and heart. I miss you so much.

28. I miss you, my grandpa. Forever, you will remain in my heart. I love you and I miss you.

29. Grandpa, you were the wise one everyone looked up to. An hour with you was capable of giving one a life-transforming experience. I miss you.

30. My grandpa, you had a heart that is made of pure gold. You were a man of peace. I miss your absence and it is more saddening that it is irreversible.

31. Till your heart stopped beating, you were my inspiration in hard work, integrity and honesty. In your absence, I have filled your position in my life with someone else. I miss you, my grandpa.

32. A grandfather is heaven’s way of showing love in its raw form because, with a grandfather, you enjoy undiluted love devoid of bitterness. I miss you, my grandpa.

33. With your passing away, the world lost one of its best brains and one of the most hardworking hands ever seen. Grandpa, I miss you.

34. God took you away we had to rest our case because he is also interested in having the best surround him. I miss you, my grandpa.

35. All of my life, I kept searching the entire universe for a grandfather like you, I couldn’t find any. I wish I had more time to be with you. I would always cherish the little time I had you. I miss you.

36. I need not tell you to rest in peace my dear grandfather because I know that a selfless man like you would always find rest. I only miss you more than I can imagine.

37. The universe has suffered since you left; there have been climate change, global warming, and even more recently COVID-19. Truly not only I but the world misses you. Dear grandpa, I miss you.

38. Dear granny, I don’t want to believe you are dead, you are just sleeping because your impacts are still alive and manifesting in our times. I miss you.

39. I loved you, dear grandpa, because you taught me how to love genuinely. I will never forget about you. I miss you.

40. My grandpa was my best storyteller, my best teacher, my best singer and my best sportsman. You were to be the best version of the human being. I miss you.

41. I am lucky to be your grandchild because you were an example in everything. You were the type known to infuse the best into others not by force but by example. What would I do without you? I miss you.

42. Dear grandpa, it is so sad that you are gone. Every teacher needed to take a tutorial from you on how to teach; you were the perfect teacher; one who teaches everything but now how to live one’s life but with guidance on how to live. I miss you.

43. My fearless grandfather, you taught me never to be afraid of the future but live one day at a time hoping for the best and not minding when things do not go my way but to re-strategize. I miss you.

45. Granny, I wish you were here today. I miss you. Till then, I have you in my heart.

46. Grandpa, I had many plans for pleasant surprises for you but who would have known you wouldn’t wait to see them. I miss you.

47. Every day of my life, I try to make a list of the most significant people to me; I find out that you have always remained in the top lists in spite of the years you have passed on. I really miss you.

48. I miss a great listener, a great empathizer, a great lover and a friend of kids. Dear grandpa, if I had the powers, I would command you out of the grave, but in the absence of that, I would keep you in my heart forever. I miss you.

49. My grandfather’s touch can make you still and ease away your worries and fear; that’s why I loved running into your arms. Now, no one to run to again that you had gone. I miss you.

50. Death could take you away but it can never take away from me your golden words of wisdom. Till eternity you will ever remain special. I miss you.

I Will Miss You Grandpa Quotes

I will definitely miss you, my grandpa. I will miss the quality time you give to me and the attention you pay when I share my problems with you. Every word from your mouth was like a quote telling me which way to go. I will miss you.

51. A grandfather is not just a relative, he the known foundation of the ancestral lineage of any child. That’s who my grandpa is. I will definitely miss my grandfather.

52. No one knows me like my grandpa. You were the image I see for love and comfort. Today, I looked around and you are no more. I will miss you forever.

53. Missing a sweet person is a natural feeling but when that sweet person is a grandpa, it becomes more felt. Dear grandpa, you were the sweetest person on earth. I will miss your jokes and all your empathy towards me when I am in pain. I love you.

54. Grandfathers are rarely wrong in their hypothesis analysis of events. That’s because, with your age, you have become a reservoir of knowledge. But now, all those are gone with you. I will miss you.

55. The only person who believes in me and who I can keep my secrets with is gone. Life will never remain the same without you. I will you, my darling grandfather.

56. Grandfathers are like mirrors of the time we live, when they are no more, it’s like a mirror taken away. Oh, how would I see my reflection in you now? I will miss you, dear grandfather.

57. There is no grandfather that doesn’t treasure and adore his grandchildren. You were so dear to me. I will miss you.

58. The best moments of my life are the ones spent with my grandfather. I will forever treasure them because they will be a representation of you while you are gone. I will miss you, my grandfather.

59. The most potent advice in life are the ones given by a grandfather; they are soaked in eternal wisdom. Dear grandpa, while you are away, who will give them to me again? I will miss you.

60. The love of a grandpa does not look at your flaws but focuses on your inner strength. It‘s an unreserved love poured out on his grandchildren. Dear grandpa, I will miss you.

61. A grandpa sees the best in you, envisions the great potential in you when you haven’t even discovered it. That’s who my grandfather is. I never knew I would not have you for long. I will miss you.

62. In the years that I have spent with you granny, I have come to know that there are no friends like our grannies. I will miss you, my dear grandfather.

63. I have learnt more from my grandfathers than from all the teachers of my infancy combined. I will you, my best teachers and grandpa.

64. I can never be as playful as I will be with any other person aside from my grandfather because, with him, I can be myself; expressing myself in style to his admiration. All those are some of the things I will miss from you, my darling grandfather.

65. My grandfather is a man with so many schedules yet he never misses his time with me. When he plays, you would think that’s all he does. I love and will definitely miss him.

66. A beautiful family is one that stays together, eats together and plays together; my grandfather is the pivot and the fulcrum of that bond. I will him greatly.

67. Dear granny, If you hear me, please know that I miss you dearly. I will continue to miss you.

68. No better love can be shown than that which grannies show; they are the best in displaying genuine love. Darling grandfather, I will miss you.

69. The journey of life is smoother when we have companions that push us to succeed: my grandfather was one of those who would tell you how capable you are. I will miss him.

70. Carrying along the legacies you left behind is a big task and responsibility for no one can do them as you would. You would be seriously missed, my dear grandfather. I will miss you.

71. No man lives forever for we are not promised of tomorrow and the life we live is borrowed but as long as we are here, we should make the best use of it. Grandpa, you utilized yours to the fullest. I will miss you.

72. Grandchildren will also become grannies one day. So, my dear grandpa thanks for being the source of the battalion coming behind. I will miss you.

73. My dear grandpa, you were the most gentleman that I ever knew. We will miss you dearly granny.

74. Dear granny, I can never erase your image and your memories from my mind, and I promise to hold you in my heart till I see you again. I will miss you.

75. My grandpa, seeing you every day used t be my delight, but now everything changed since you decided to depart from us. I will miss you so much.

76. My love for you will never die be it in this body or the world to come, my lovely granny. You may be bodily available now but I know that we are still connected and that we would see one day. I will miss you.

77. My dear granny. You were a wonderful man. I would have you as a grandfather a hundred times if given the chance. Seems you departed from e too soon. I will miss you.

78. Dear grandpa, were I to be the custodian of the times of men, I would have given you about 3 more decades because I can never be tired of having you around. I will miss you.

79. Not having the right time and opportunity to say goodbye hurts me more than I miss you today. Dear grandpa, you were one in a million to me. I will miss you, grandpa.

80. Even though my grandpa has gone to be with the Lord in heaven, I am glad that while he was here he gave me his best time and sound advice. I will definitely miss you.

I Miss You Grandpa In Heaven

Dear grandpa, I am confident that you are in heaven because heaven is reserved for beautiful people with good hearts and you are the epitome of all those. I will miss you.

81. The times spent with you during your lifetime to me were the best utilized times I had. I would covet those times once again but I can’t because you are gone to heaven, my dear grandfather. I will definitely miss you, grandpa in heaven.

82. My grandpa in heaven, to know that every man today was once a baby yesterday makes me glad. Those were the words you used to encourage me while you were with me. Your absence has created a void no one can fill. I miss you.

83. Who is a grandpa? He’s that special person with silver hair but a heart that is made of gold. I will miss everything about you, but I hope to see you in the next life granny. I miss my grandpa in heaven.

84. My grandpa in heaven, I still do not believe that you departed from me. Eternity is too short to be with you again. I miss you.

85. My grandfather in heaven, on occasions like these I thank God for giving us memories to keep special times. For this reason, I know that all the times we shared will be forever treasured. I will miss you, my grandfather.

86. Dear granny in heaven, even if you are no longer here with me, yet, I promise to keep with me the memories of the amazing times I had with you. I miss you.

87. Pains to the flesh are felt in the flesh but those of the heart is felt by the entire body. Your departure, my dear grandfather to heaven caused me pains to my body but one thing is sure, I miss you.

88. My precious grandfather, even if the pain I feel after losing you cannot be measured, I believe that right above my head in the sky are your eyes assuring me that you are in a better place now- in heaven.

89. Grandfathers are not on the stock exchange, I would have browsed for your worth, and then I realized that you are priceless. Bye to you, granny in heaven. I miss you.

89. No sadness compares to the one someone feels when they have lost one of their loved ones. My grandfather in heaven, I miss you.

90. Even though some fathers don’t show affection to their children, there is no grandfather who doesn’t love his grandchildren. I miss you, my grandpa in heaven.

91. The world will never find better friends and companions like grannies of which my grandfather comes top of the list. I miss you, grandpa in heaven.

92. How do you miss someone you know you can never meet again for a very long time? It is by holding them dear to your heart. My grandfather in heaven, I hold you in my heart and I know I will miss you forever.

93. The best grandfather in the world is my grandfather. There is nothing that cannot be achieved by him. He was such a lovely personality to be with. I miss you, my grandpa in heaven.

94. To say the least about you, dear grandfather is to say that you are a role model because I know you are more than that. I cherish you and will never forget your impact on my life. I miss you.

95. Dear grandfather in heaven, I didn’t have the best chance to say my proper goodbye. You left unannounced. I will continue to hold dear to my heart, your very words of love. I miss you.

96. To my indefatigable grandfather in heaven: You were a man of steel yet with a soft heart. You were a golden man who doesn’t mind getting in the mud to lift another person. Oh, what a personality you are. I miss you.

97. Every day I looked at maybe I would see a glimpse of you in the sky. Though I do not see you yet I want to believe you are there watching from heaven because that’s the person you are; you will never leave your grandchildren without help. I miss you.

98. Dear grandpa in heaven, I don’t know if this short mote wills ever each you but if by any chance it does, please know that I am here waiting for you because I cannot continue missing you.

99. My grandfather was a person of top-notch quality, a beacon of light and a role model for many younger people. Your grandchildren will miss you and personally, I miss you more.

100. Dear grandfather in heaven, you will always remain dear to me. I am still surprised you left without even calling me. I miss you.

With these I miss you grandpa quotes sent to your grandpa, you give him a sense of belonging, that despite his age, he still finds someone who considers him lovely to be with. Send as many as possible and share with your friends. If he is already in heaven, you can use the quotes to express how much you miss him.

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