Happy Birthday Letters for Girlfriend from the Heart

Heart Touching Birthday Letters for Girlfriend

Thinking of a great letter to send to your girlfriend on her birthday? There’s nothing as interesting as putting a smile on her face on her birthday. Our letters are here to the rescue.

There is a possibility that your letter might be the thing among other things that make her day. Thanks to us, it’s easier. Prove to her that you love her greatly with a wonderful letter.

Out of the 100 here, copying and pasting and sending one is enough.

Happy Birthday Love Letters for Her from the Heart

When you want to make your girlfriend or wife feel on top of the world on her birthday, use these best of romantic birthday love letters for her. Sweet Romantic Happy Birthday Letters for Your Girlfriend. Short and sweet birthday letters fro her – your girlfriend.

1. Today’s a great day. You make today a day to look forward to because, without you, today has more meaning. If there’s a way to stop today from coming every year, I’ll destroy it the day I find it. You make my life more awesome. I’m glad to have you and proud to celebrate you today. I pray your days are spent happily. Happy birthday to you, my girlfriend.

2. If there’s a day I’d stay away from your presence, it’s definitely not today. Today, you were born, and even though I was not present, I’m sure there must have been great rejoicing around you. You are a bringer of light and love and you’re perfect for God, me and in making the world better. I love you and wish you a very happy birthday.

3. Knowing that today is your birthday is a source of joy for me today. You probably don’t know how beautiful you are because you’re so down to earth. No amount of time will be enough to sing of your awesomeness and your beauty, which radiates within and without is more than the average man can stand. Today is your birthday and I wish your happiness never ends but keep increasing for the rest of your life.

4. Today is a day I’ll never forget on the calendar. You are amazing and your birth is a gift from God to me and the world. You’re a bundle of blessings and even though I love you, you have a lot I thank God he gave you. My wish for you is that you enjoy God’s best. Everyone will come to the awareness of your awesomeness. And my love for you will hit the heavens and even higher. Happy birthday, my love.

5. Today’s a great day. A day where blessings flowed from heaven through a woman. Your light was released to earth on this day years ago and I’m sure I must have felt something good that moment. God loves me and it’s also been revealed to you. Your day will bring you joy and bring us favours. You’re a Queen and your throne is in my heart. I wish you a happy birthday.

6. I woke up with your birthday on my mind. My mind saw a lot you deserve to be celebrated. Your celebrations, I suggest, should be done by the world. As you mark a new year, today will be filled with wonders. You’ll enjoy life and your years ahead will be filled with love. There’ll be beauty in everything you do and your smiles will be real. Happy birthday to you.

7. There’s a day I remember the day God sent someone to my lonely self, even though I was younger or not even born. My life has been beautiful with you in it and there’s a lot to like about you. Your birthday will be a day you enjoy love at a very exciting level. You will live in favour and peace from now on and you’ll only get better. Happy birthday to you, Darling.

8. Words are not enough to say what I feel today. Maybe I’ll have to create wings and fly with you to heaven or rearrange the planets or compress the earth to show it. It’s like a mini-Christmas to me and maybe I’ll find out soon that it has just twelve hours in it. Your sweetheart will be joyful, your beautiful being will be peaceful. A happy birthday is just the least of what I wish you today.

9. Until the end of today, I’ll let all who cares to hear that life is beautiful with you in it. I’ll let the world understand, through the platforms I can access, that you’re a big influence to my joy and that life without you is one thing I don’t want to imagine. There’s no day like today and I suggest it should be a national holiday and one day, we’ll spend your birthday in a most exciting way. Happy birthday to you, my love.

10. If I miss a day like this, I may be down in health for some days. There’s this wonderful thing you do to me. Being my girlfriend is a blessing to me. No kind of celebration will take away the joy of celebrating today with you. I celebrate you and I’m proud to say you’re mine. I wish you every good thing you wish yourself and every good thing you deserve. I love you. Happy birthday.

Heart Touching Birthday Letters for Girlfriend

Sweetest collection of heart happy touching birthday letters for girlfriend to make her feel special. Best of happy birthday letters to girlfriend.

11. Today is a joyful one. Tales told about it will awesome ones. I love you and know that we were meant to be together. Today is a great day for me. I celebrate you and wish you greatness. May today hold the best for you and may your life be one of joy. Today is a day of joy and I pray that we rejoice in it. May you have great blessings and may you never regret being born. Happy birthday to you, dear.

12. Your birth is a blessing to me and the world. Your birth is one that should give hope to many. Today, I celebrate the number one human in my life — you. Life without you will be tiring. God crafted me for you and our being together has given me many blessings. I wish you more joy than you have and I pray that every good you’ve missed will come back to you in heavier quantities. I love you and wish you a happy birthday.

13. There’s a place in my heart set apart for you. The love I have for you surely spread to today, because of your birth being celebrated in it. If given certain powers, I’ll shut down regular systems to let the world feel the difference between today and other days. I want you to know that life was created for beautiful people like you and that you deserve the best of love. I love you so much and pray that your birthday brings you more favours. Happy birthday.

14. Talking about today, I could take it off just to show you how much I honour it. Your celebration is also mine and is glad to have you as mine. I’m sure God had me in mind when he made you and I’m sure he had you in mind when he made me. Love is for you and you’ll experience it from all corners in ways you can’t even imagine. I wish you the best of the day and I pray that your life be filled with joy. I love you, my heart.

15. Today’s not just any day, but one of joy. Pictures of it should look like bliss and stories of it should be worth hearing. You are an awesome person and life will bring all kind of beautiful things your way. I celebrate you today and I hope that every good thing you need will be yours. I wish you prosperity and I pray that the best things will follow you for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, darling.

16. Today reminds me of all the awesome moments I enjoy — the best of them. You’re a friend and a sweetheart. I started a new life of fun and joy when I met you. Your birthday is a day that has a lot of shades of awesomeness. I love today very much, but I doubt I love it as much as I love you. I pray you find the patience to get all good things by your side and I pray you never lose strength to keep living. I love you. Happy birthday.

17. Never mind what anyone says about today. I want to spend every second of it with you. Today gives me a feeling of joy I don’t get to feel every day and trust me when I say this feeling is a more positive one. I love you and I wish that your life is a tale of bliss. Heaven surely respects today and I pray it showers blessings on you. Your birthday is here and in excitement, I can’t even list all my wishes. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

18. With the spirit of fun and laughter and the pure joy that God created, I celebrate you today. I’m happy that you’re not just growing older, but that you are getting stronger and using your strength to bless others. I’m happy to stand by you and say I’m yours. Today will raise your spirits higher and everyone will see the good in you. I pray you never have a bad side. Happy birthday, my love.

19. Today’s great. The sun will shine differently. Your cake is extraordinary to me. I know you’ll be surrounded with love. I wish you great things. Remember how our being together has brought us great blessings. Today, I want us to celebrate your birth grandly. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

20. It’s with great joy that I go through days like this. There’s nothing that will stop me from touching the sky today. You are an important part of me and your big day is a day of joy for me. The biggest part of today is the joy that will be found on you. My love for you is much and maybe it’s because of the way we perfectly fit. I wish you have only the best kind of people around you. Happy birthday, my love.

21. This day is one of my best. In it, I take out time to think about you, the love of my life. While every day may be good, today is better. Thanks for being a part of my life. I can see good things coming your way and your awesomeness is more than I can say. I wish you find the best of life and enjoy it like you worked for it. Happy birthday to you, darling.

22. I wish you a happy birthday. Today, your life will shine to the admiration of many. You are special. Life brings us good once in a while and you’re one of the biggest good to ever come my way. I am glad to celebrate today with you and I look forward to our future with positive expectations. I wish your life only gets sweeter. I love you.

23. I guess I’ll never have had you if I did not need good things in my life. If I buy you the world on your big day, it won’t be enough to prove how much I honour this day. You are a lover and a friend. You are one part of me I doubt I can do without. Maybe it’s my imagination, but if today leaves the calendar, I’ll walk off the earth and straight to the moon. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

24. Nothing earthly is as satisfying as knowing that you’re on my side. The day you were born is an important day and marking it is a ceremony I must be part of. Today is the day God set for you to be celebrated. May riches follow you and may truth guide you. Your steps will not go the wrong way and those with good judgement will be proud of you. Happy birthday, my love.

25. So there’s no limit to the joy I feel today. God must have been inspired by the best version of himself to create you. Even your day has a special thing about it. Others may conclude its just another calendar date but, to me, it’s a special day of joy. I wish you grow more beautiful and that good hearts will look up to you sincerely wishing to be like you. Happy birthday, darling.

26. How beautiful the day is. I celebrate you in it. Your excellence is unmatchable and God made you a perfection of the day. I love you and I’m proud to call you mine. There’s no one to take your place. I wish you stay safer, stronger and better. Your life will attract the best of blessings. I’m proud to call you mine. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

27. I wish you life and love and more good. You are very precious to me. Forever I’ll hold you, dear. Today’s a happy day for me too so maybe you’ll be doing good by calling it my day too. I wish you strength and more good reasons to be great. You’ll have the best kind of life. Many will be blessed and will have you to thank for the blessings. I love you very much and I wish you a happy birthday.

28. If not for you, today will mean less to me. You are one beautiful thing. No negative event in the history of this day can change the colour of the day for me. I love you and I’m proud of all you are. Grow stronger and have a life of favour. May peace fill your heart and may you reap the good God has for you. Happy birthday, my love.

29. Today is good in every idea the word puts in our minds. Today feels like a day water can be turned into wine. Life is good but today makes it better. I wish you the best of life and I pray that no evil comes to you. May joy see you through life and may wealth chase you. May my love for you only increase and may the day bring you favour. Happy birthday, my love.

30. Happy birthday to you. I trust you. I pray that you get wealth because I trust you to use it for good. I pray your influence only expands because I believe it’ll be for the good of the earth. I wish that you never fall because your standing will be a blessing to a lot of us. I pray you live forever so I can be loved forever. I love you, Darling.

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31. I’m glad you made it to today strong and healthy. You make me strong and healthy, by the way. Your day will bring you more love from the world. I pray you to affect the world positively. Your visions will be reality and your walks will be without disaster. I love you dearly and I pray that from now on, you’ll enjoy life in ways better than you’ve done before. Happy birthday.

32. I am happy to be in a day like this and remembering that you — who filled my life with joy — celebrates today. I feel like the world is a party venue today. You should be in the headlines if my life was the world. While I wish that you enjoy the day and that your life gets more interesting, I am happy to be part of your day. Let celebrations go on. Happy birthday, my love.

33. Older days are gone and the newer days will bring you lots of blessings. Let’s see how your day will come to an end if there are no much blessings in it. I can bet my favourite object that today is worth more than ten days to a lot of people. I am one of them and I wish that you and all who celebrate with you remain joyful for a greater part of your lives. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

34. Life brings hard things our ways but I think we should take a break from life’s hardness on our birthdays. My thoughts for you are good and I wish that you find more rest on your birthday from life’s troubles. God be with you and may the elements of nature work for your good. You are selected for greatness. May your birthday this year make you better. Happy birthday.

35. There may not be a lot to love about your day of birth, but you are a good reason to love the day. God has great plans for you and your day will bring a lot of them your way. The happiness you’ll find today will be more than you can handle. I love you and my biggest wish is that you live in bliss and enjoy our relationship. I’m always here for you. Happy birthday.

36. You are lovely. I have no shame being around you. I have no regrets knowing you. Everything you bring my way has brought me good and I know you’ll bring more. I wish that you enjoy the attention of the world for good. I hope I give you something worth your stay with me. You are gold and I wish you get refined to the finest. Happy birthday, my best friend.

37. When I think of you, all that comes into my mind bliss. Based on what I see, I name you Queen. Your heart is big and golden. My wishes for you are that your days are brighter as they keep coming and that you’ll enjoy life more and more. Apart from giving me someone to love, you’re a gift of joy to me. I love you and wish that your birthday is really happy.

38. How did I fall into such blessing? Only you are a source of joy and strength. You bring so much to the table. Sometimes, I wonder if God should just leave only you and me on earth because I’m sure the earth will still be good for me. People come into our lives but not all can deposit the kind of things you have deposited in me. I wish you enjoy the peak of life. Happy birthday, Darling.

39. I’m glad to see today. It’s a day I’ll celebrate annually as long as I live. Not every day can be this great. I pray that you’ll be happier today, that today will bring you to better levels of victory and that every day that follows it will be better than the previous. I love you and I can never be more proud of you than I am now. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

40. These days that come once a year can make one forget the whole hard year. God definitely made the day for us. I wish that the experience this year makes us all better. These days that are so exciting being able to cause a shift into so much joy that you’ll feel like you were never sorrowful. I wish that every mistake you made in the past work to your good. Happy birthday, Darling.

41. I have a special place in my heart for you and this day. I wish that your day is filled with light. My love for you grows with each passing day. One thing I know is that today will forever remain special to me. I pray that you will find and take all you need to get all the success you crave for. Happy birthday to you, my sweetheart.

42. You know I love you, right? You have added one more special day to my year. I’m madly grateful for that. When I look at this date marked on my calendar, I get excited. My wishes for you are more strength, peace and joy. May the earth bring it’s goodness to you and may your brightness never go dimmer. Happy birthday, Darling.

43. Today is your day. The sun should be brighter today. May your pains go away and may your life be sweeter. You add a lot to my life and I can’t do a lot without you. God created the day for great things so I don’t wonder why you were born in it. You will release all the awesomeness in you to the admiration of the world. Happy birthday, my heart.

44. Greatness sits in you. I am assured that you have a share in the best of life. Your world is golden and God will make it more attractive. I love you and your day and I pray you to find all the strength you need to be all you want to be. May your paths shine brightly. I watch as my love burns red for you. Happy birthday.

45. With great joy, I celebrate you. God has great plans for us and I pray that today will not be too early for him to begin with you. Get ready to enjoy a more interesting part of my love today. Your strength is getting more effective and your joy will be coming more often. I pray that you will not lack love and wish you this best of the earth. Happy birthday, love.

46. I’m excited because today is here again. No one may get it but your importance in my life cannot be ignored. I’m grateful to have you by my side. I’m glad to be with you. Nothing can make today less important for me. I wish your day glows and that your light burns brighter. God will stand by you making your ways straight. Happy birthday, my heart.

47. Life is beautiful with you in it. Forget what everyone says that negative about today. I declare my undying love for you and pray that your life only gets more beautiful. Happy days like this are hard to find but insure of one annually. I wish you many good things and pray that great things follow you for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

48. When I think of your day, I remember the song of the day that God has made. Nothing excites me as much as celebrating with you. I can’t stop being excited. I pray you to stop having failures and that you start having fewer pains in your life. God has beautiful plans for you and he’ll bring them to pass in your life. Happy birthday, my baby.

49. I pray that your negative sides die off and that the results of your positive sides come quickly. That your faults don’t bring you to destruction and that you be the best among your peers. I love you, even with your faults, but we can be better when we fight to be better. I wish you more favour and peace. I love you forever. Happy birthday.

50. Radios should blast about your day. I see you and know that years from now, you’ll see the results of the good things you do. Get ready to enjoy a life of many blessings and I wish you will know well enough to do all that should be done to get what good God has prepared for you. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

51. Every celebration today is worth it. I find today to be one of goodness. Don’t let bad things define today. Expect today to bring the best out of the struggles of the year and let the God above guide you. I wish your day ends in the best way and that God will be pleased in all you do today. I love you and wish you a happy birthday.

52. How pleasant it is to be on such a day. How beautiful celebrating with you is. It’s okay to assume that life is good on your birthdays. Today’s awesomeness comes from the fact that your birth is in it. I wish you progress you can’t quantify. There’s no way I’ll do as good as I do without the experience your day gives to me. Today is amazing and I wish you a happy birthday.

53. How’s your day going? If it’s not interesting, let’s shake it up a bit. I love the amazing things you do and I want to see your birthday face. I wish the brightness in you never burns out and that your life will be filled with more awesomeness. I’ll never stop looking forward to your day. Once I celebrated with you the first time, I always looked forward to the next. Happy birthday.

54. Sweetheart, today is really special to me and a lot of beautiful people because it is your birthday. I admit the fact that you awake wonderful and indescribable feelings in me. You’re truly the best person I have in this world. My whole being is incomplete without you. You’re really a great source of motivation and one person who makes me happy. You own my heart. Happy birthday, dear.

55. It’s called true love. I get to love you more as each day passes by. I am really lucky to call you mine. I can perfectly remember the day in which I saw you first. Then I stopped having doubt about the existence of love at first sight. Your smiles get my heart beating with a completely different pace and I appreciate your love. Happy birthday, dear.

56. The thought of our love shooting across the stars makes this day an awesome one, not just for you but for us. I wish that you continue to stay beautiful and perfect, that all you do prosper tremendously and mostly that our love will continue to grow non-stop. Happy birthday, sunshine.

57. Hey beautiful! On your birthday I just wanna let you know some vital truths. First, you’re not the first girl I’ve ever said I love you too but you’ll be the only one I’ll ever say I love you too and forever mean it. Second, you’re not the first girl I have hurt but I swear to you that you will be the only one that will never have to shed a tear. Thirdly, you might be the first lady I’ve ever sent a birthday wish to only that this was composed from my heart and customized just for you. Happy birthday to my one and only.

58. I might choose to see you as a disease that I don’t wanna cure but I’d rather have you as a cure to all my lady-disease. I might choose to see you as a book but I’d rather have you as my Facebook news feed that never ends or closes. I might choose to see you as my girlfriend but what use is that when I can have as my life partner forever. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

59. It’s a beautiful day! We don’t have to look for something fun to do, because my search for fun ended when I found you. I don’t have to search for laughter in the wrong places when I found it the first time you smiled at me. Beauty is no longer a fruitless search because I found it in your twinkling eyes. From the guy that loves you crazily, happy birthday, beauty!.

60. If you were a book I’ll never get tired of reading you over and over again. If you were a twin I would still choose you. If you were a drug then I’m already addicted. If you were an old woman I’ll still love because it’s no offence to take you in as my Grandma, only that you won’t be leaving anytime soon. Happy birthday, sweetie

61. One fateful starry night I sat close to my window admiring the sky and that’s when it happened — a shooting star — you know what they say when you see one, right? So I made a wish for happiness, love and peace. And now I’m ever grateful to that shooting star that made my wish came true because now that shooting star is present in my life in the person of you, dear. On your day may our love continue to shoot to the stars. Happy birthday, my shooting star.

62. It’s your Special day! And you one mania at your service. Anything you need just mention – a foot massage, a hairdo, a drive around town, a back to keep your feet on, someone to join you to shop, a chef, anything at all. Because it’s your day I’m here to make you feel like the diva that you truly are, thus I’m fully at your service my lady. Happy birthday, princess.

63. Words will never be enough to tell you how incredible you are. I could try as much as possible to compose a rhythmic poem to describe how lovely your smile is but I always run out of words and thoughts. I try to compare your voice to that of the many best singers I know but you beat them all just with the sound of your laughter. I could stand for hours and stare in awe at your perfect beauty and can’t help but think that I might have done something right to have an angel like you in my life. Thanks for all the understanding, love and happiness you’ve shown me. Happy birthday, my angel.

64. I can’t be still on a day like this. It’s my one and only’s day. You’ve been a source of joy and inspiration not just to me but to anything and anyone you come across or meet. You have a knack for leaving things better than how you met them. Now you can understand my excitement, right? May your day be merry and bright and may your tummy on a day like this not be light. I love you. Happy birthday.

65. Hey, dearie. Hope you woke up to see the sunrise and hope it lit up your day because it’s your special day and that’s what you deserve. You’ve been a rising sun to the people around you. I’m super excited, I mean I’m so stupid-juiced right now, I’m having a rush. I love you beyond words and I’m committed to your happiness and success. I love you, babe. Happy birthday in grand style.

66. If I was Clark Kent I’ll fly over the moon with you. If I was flash I’ll take you around the world in a twinkle of an eye. If I was Avatar I’ll move the earth for you. Why? Today is a rare day and you’re one of a kind. Words can’t adequately express how much I love you. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

67. Today reminds me of the day I met you — it was on a day like this. You radiated beauty, you glowed golden yellow with Grace. Light couldn’t even begin to describe your complexion, the kind of image my sore eyes longed to see. So, my love, I celebrate you for being born on such a day. I love you, baby boo. Happy birthday.

68. You’ve brought joy and happiness to my life and my world in general. I love you to the moon and back for that. I might not have caught a grenade for you yet but I’ll certainly ensure no grenade comes your way. It’s my desire that you experience unconditional love as you’ve showered same on others with yours, especially me. More grease to your elbow. I love you. Happy birthday.

69. You’re growing in leaps and bounds and I’m excited to have featured in this amazing story of yours. You’re the most amazing person I know. You’re awesome, scintillating and beautiful. It’s my desire that you enjoy the very best that life has to offer because you’ve put in your very best and that’s what you deserve. My love for you knows no bounds. Happy birthday, love.

70. Darling, you are an exquisite masterpiece that has brought so much light to my life. Today is your birthday, and I know that nothing I give you can even come close to what you’ve given me, just by existing. I celebrate you, today and always. Happy birthday to the amazing, beautiful, compassionate love of my life. May your days be bright and your years be full of laughter, singing and happiness.

71. Thinking of the first day we met. We were two stubborn people who never believed in love. I thought you were so annoying and you thought I was a jerk. Look at us now — the lady I thought was annoying is the most amazing person I’ve ever met and has made a happy man out of this jerk. With your life is no longer empty but filled with happiness. With you love is no fairytale because I found it in you. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

72. Good morning, beautiful. How was your night? Mine was wonderful since I have you in my life. And on your Big Day, I just wanna let you know that you’re the light that brightens my day. The smile that never leaves my face. The reason why I wake up with a huge smile stretched across my face. You’re my motivator, my energy booster, my joy, my heroine. You’re all I need! Happy Birthday, Baby.

73. Roses are red. Violets are blue. A girlfriend like you is made in heaven. Even if we leave today, I have no worries because I know we’ll be landing in the same destination. To the one that means all to me, to the reason I wake up every morning thankful to God, the answer to my earnest prayer, to the one I love unconditionally, from him who won’t stop loving you – Happy Birthday, honey.

74. This is the day I believed in and found true love. This is the day when the birds sang in melodious tones to welcome one so beautiful and unmatchable. This is the day when the earth smiled at the blessing it received. This is the day I believe that God loves me for he brought you into this world customized for me. And now I join the world to celebrate it’s the greatest asset. Happy Birthday, my angel.

75. On this day I make a pledge to you that you will never have any reason to cry because with me in your life there will be no room for that. On this day I pledge that you will never have any reason to feel jealous because I’ll make sure that you’ll be the envy of other girls. On this, I pledge to give you peace, joy, love, money and all of me. Happy birthday to my Queen.

76. Hey birthday girl, I could imagine the pains your momma had to pass through just to deliver you safely to mother earth. With your stubborn nature, I guess you made mama yell out with a lot of pain. The smile on papa’s face was enough to reassure that you are welcomed. The doctors weren’t left out of the smile scenario too. Now I know the myth behind your dimples — you smiled way too much. Happy birthday, baby. I love you now and always

77. Dearest one, You thought I might have forgotten the name right? Do your friends even remember your real name? Everyone is giving you awesome names because of how much you mean to them. Baby, I celebrate your birth today and your impact on my life and wish you much happiness. Happy birthday sweetest candy. Love you.

78. Amazingly, your birthday is today and I can’t wish you anything less than being happy. Today marks the increment on the days you’ve spent on earth, but you know the just concluded year wouldn’t have been sweet without me, right? But I wouldn’t take the accolades for being the best special you’ve met on mother earth. Rather I would seize today to tell God thank you for sending you today. Happy birthday, sugar.

79. Lover girl, I learnt some languages just so I could call you beautiful names. I have done weird things just for you, trust me. But to save tongues from being bitten, let not use these names today. I know you probably might be grinning by now but if I don’t do that for you, who will? Happy birthday, love. Love you more than the world.

80. Sweetheart, no room for the long sweet names you’ve gotten accustomed to. As your number one admirer, best shoulder to lean on, I would proclaim God’s blessings on you. It’s weird I know but I rather pray for the owner of my heart than let a stranger do that. I pray to God to help you maximise your purpose on earth and my life too. Happy birthday, best of all. I love you more than you can imagine.

81. Daddy’s little girl is bigger today, the lady that captured every moment of my life. The days we have a little misunderstanding seems to me like I can’t take a breath without your presence, I think you hold the vibes of my life. I want to do awesome things for you today and all I ask is that you accept them from me. It is your day I know but just give me that as a gift. Happy birthday, my kidney.

82. Permit me to give you weird gifts today. If you notice the sun, get out of your chair, look out of the window and look at it closely, then you’ll see I sent a message through it to you — it’s saying I love you. Then later in the day, the sun will go down but know that as it goes down it keeps my love waiting for you to respond to it. Happy birthday, my sunshine. Have a blast.

83. Are you not my favourite drink? Distance and work doesn’t mean I should forget that you were born today. Baby, don’t get bored because I’m not around to make you happy or even because credit alerts may not come through on your phone. Don’t to worry, because when we meet, we shall celebrate it properly and just like us, baby. I miss you, my inspiration. Happy birthday, finesse. I love you, babe.

84. If I refer to you as the world best chef, some will say I’m trying to flatter you. I know you found your way to earth just to show off your amazing personality. I guess I just made you smile. I wish you enjoy the best of life. Only you are my backbone and my very flesh, my number one and even number two, my main chic and my side chic, my soulmate and more. Happy birthday, world best girlfriend.

85. The day I met you, I thought I have met my greatest enemy on earth. The way your eyes sent thorns down my spine on our first meeting, I was of the motion that is going to avoid you with every drop of my blood. Oh no! How could I forget the manner in which you picked fault in all my works? But our love tale remains a mystery yet to be unveiled. I wished you a happy birthday once and you smiled a smile that made me smile at my system. Happy birthday, my bond.

86. Happy birthday, my dearest. I love the fact that you woke up on your birthday in my arms. You fulfilled my dreams of waking up on my woman’s birthday and seeing her by my side. You are indeed a woman of valour. I wake up to see you sleep like a newborn baby today and it spurs my heart with much joy and ecstasy. Your smile makes me imagine how innocent you looked the day you were welcomed by mother earth. Happy birthday once again.

87. Hey, superwoman! You are my sunshine, my muse, my inspiration, my best supporter. I can’t exhaust the list. You are far more than a soulmate. I thank you, parents, formating so I could get to meet you and today marks the result of their union. I wish you the very best happiest birthday. You are my superwoman, my favourite body part. I get to whisper to your ears through this message to say I love you and happy birthday, my own superwoman

88. Speaking of birthdays, people tend to celebrate their loved ones on this day, their friends and people they cherish in their lives. It’s your turn today, baby. I wish you the best of all bests, I hope you get to achieve that goal for this year. I’m happy to be part of your life. Happy birthday finest lady. I love you

89. Wake up, birthday girl. I’m probably the first person — in your mind — to send a birthday wish, right? Well, I should be but my heart wishes you first before my body does which makes me the second person because your presence in my heart obviously makes it respond to every stimulus. I congratulate you as you become a year older and better. Happy birthday, sweetness. Your gift from me will blow your mind. Wait for it.

90. Hello, I know you danced your way into the earth with all your heavenly personalities. Your skills blow my mind nonstop. I know I made you smile. Telling you these are not part of my tricks, so you are not falling for anything. You alone are my backbone and my flesh, my main and my side chic, my soulmate. Happy birthday, world best girl. I love you.

91. How did you sleep? On your laptop? Anything strange happened? I’m asking because I expect something special to happen on a big day like this. Or did you forget it’s your birthday? I wish you did. Happy birthday, my hardworking lady. You are the spice in my sauce and the best source of my happiness. My number one lady with her kind heart. I cherish you with every part of me. Happy birthday, sweetie.

92. The early morning cock shall deliver my I love you message along with it a happy birthday wish. Please recognize it. I wish I could send a bird with gifts for you. The bird will come in your favourite food, dressed in clothes of your favourite colour. I love you more than that. I’m at your service today. Happy birthday, best sauce.

93. Hard working lady, I beg you to work less today. The only hard work you are permitted to do today is to read my love for you in my actions and inactions. I’ll make out time to celebrate with or without you. Let’s celebrate your birth, baby, in a grand style. Happy birthday, greatest sweetheart of all time. I love you plenty and wish you the best of eternity.

94. Sugar girl is celebrating her birthday today and I guess it is about sharing the love with others. Baby, I know you shall get to smile as your friends celebrate with you in my absence, but never forget that my love for your flourishes more each passing day. Happy birthday, my sweetest heart. Happy birthday, my lady with a heart that can heal the worst disease. I love you, my doctor.

95. My right-hand partner, the key holder to the lock of my heart, the best gift I have received on earth. Your last birthday was a blast. It was all fun but today is going to be more than that — ask me why and I shall tell you. You are celebrating your silver jubilee on earth and I told you, my love, that I’ll make it a day for you to remember. I’ll keep to my word. I love you more than you can imagine. Happy birthday, my lady.

96. A new age sure looks good on you, baby. I saw you last yesterday and I can imagine the radiance on your face this morning. I know mama will be making sure that my baby gets to celebrate her new age the way she wants. I love you, baby. I have your pictures everywhere around me so I will feel safe that my baby is with me still. Happy birthday, strawberry.

97. Will you marry me? I popped this question on your birthday because I can’t let you slip off my palms after today. Let’s leave this level and move to the other level. I want to spend my leftover days on earth with you. You are surprised, I know, baby, but I can’t wait anymore. You have proven to be the world best, the best lady a man call his own. I love you, choc. Happy birthday. I will be expecting a reply, my lady.

98. Young woman, are you done with your drama of pain? Have you gotten over your anger at the year so far? Are you calm now? You probably should be fine by now because it is your day and there’s no room for all that negativity. I wish you the best of days today. Let’s meet at your favourite place later today. Happy birthday, finesse, I love you.

99. Candy crush, the lady with the best fragrance. The scent of your perfume arouses every vein in me to get closer to you and grab you closer to me. I tend to wonder how deep I have fallen so much for you. Your aura and charisma make the love burn with much incense. Your manners catch my fancy. I admire your strength, baby. I love you always. Be my heart and my blood so you always pump your love around me. Happy birthday, Candy Crush.

100. I may have lost a lot at a tender age. I may not have gotten a lot either. I missed them all. But you came and filled the void they left. I wished that I get to meet a lady as awesome as my mom so that papa can be happy to have her as a daughter-in-law. Meeting you made me smile because I know awesomeness when I meet it. I love you, candy. Happy birthday.

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