Happy With You Quotes for Him or Her

2023 Happy With You Quotes for Him or Her

You’re happy with your lover and wants to express it in words. Happy for anything whatsoever.

It is necessary to let your lover know whenever you’re happy with him/her, it strengthens your love for each other and makes the bond of being together more interesting. Below are 120+ Happy With You quotes to show your lover how happy you are with them.

I Am Happy With You Messages and Quotes

One of the best things to do when happy with people is to let them know. These I am happy with you messages and quotes are the best you can use to let your lover know your state of mind towards him/her.

1. My heart beat, I am happy you came into my life to prove that true love still do exist. I love you so much.

2. I wish our bond becomes as strong as the hair sticks to the hair, I’m happy being with you and you are all in want in life.

3. I wish you could see through my heart just so you know how much I love being with you. You make every minute worth spending and I’m happy to be with you.

4. Your love has raised me to another person, I never fail to thank fate for letting you come my way. I can never be less happy because you’re everything I have ever wished to have.

5. Sweetheart, you’ve been my joy and my pain. You make me smile through the darkest time, you inspire me never to give up and I have your love to thank for all this.

6. I can’t actually tell how lucky I am to have you, it gladdens my heart to know that you’re mine and I’ll always be yours too. I love you, dear.

7. My blessings I cannot count, I thank my lucky stars for so many things but I thank them more for bringing you to me. I’ll always be happy to stay with you.

8. I know I’ve always not seized every opportunity to let you know how much I love you, but this day, I wish to let you know that nothing makes me happier than being with you.

9. Though I may not say this every day, you’ve always been the best person I have ever met in my life. I thank you for all your support and encouragement, words cannot tell how happy I am knowing that you care.

10. Yes, you’re my world. I’m grateful for the times you thought me never to let go. Though our relationship may not be the best I can’t wish to have anyone else than you.

11. I’m really happy with you but dear, I’d wait to see you so I can prove in a way words cannot express.

12. I’m sure you already know how much I love you, I don’t mind reminding you of how much I am happy with you.

13. Every second with you are times that keep me happy, I appreciate your love and care so much.

14. I’m not the best but I’ll always go a long way to show you how much you mean to me, I love staying with you and nothing makes me happier than this.

15. I wish I could afford to get the most luxurious gifts for you. Though I cannot do that now, I am still working towards better days and I’ll always remind you how lucky I am to have you in my life.

16. There are many ways to appropriate your presence, but no way can be as genuine as that which my heart feels, I’d wish to be with you even in my next life to come. I can’t be less happy with you dear.

17. That which my heart feels cannot be expressed by mere words. The joy I feel whenever I am with you cannot be caused by anyone else. You’re my adorable friend, a companion indeed.

18. Our relationship is what I have grown to value most, thinking about your existence gives me a wonderful feeling that can only be visible to a heart as beautiful as yours.

19. I do not know the exact words to use, maybe you’ve just been too good to me. I hope we continue making each other happy, I love you, dear.

20. My sunshine, my morning rose, I wake up every morning smiling because I know a heart as beautiful as yours cares about me.

21. Your smile brightens my day, knowing how much you love me keeps me going. You’re the very best dear.

22. How incredible it is to know that you’re and will forever be mine. I do be jealous of the person you are but I’m certainly not because I know you complete everything in me. Words can’t express how happy I am to have you.

23. I’m glad that we’ve always been on the side of each other no matter how difficult it is, I can’t appreciate you enough. I love you, dear.

24. I dare not wish for anyone else than you, you’ve been the very best I can ever have, having a thought about what we share makes me happier than I have ever been.

25. Many may wish for angels to fall down to the earth, but I have mine here already. You’ve been my confidant through adversities and I can’t be less grateful and happy.

26. Hunnie pie, I’d wish to show you that you deserve even more than I can offer, you’re my best friend today, tomorrow, and forever and I’m happy about that.

27. I actually do not know how to express how happy I am with you, your love has changed me totally into a more positive person and I can’t be less grateful.

28. I know you’re already aware of how much I love you, but I’d wish to let you know at this moment that your love is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My joy knows no bound.

29. I choose to call you my gold, emerald, ruby, and everything good you can ever think of, I wish to put a smile on your face because it brings me more joy and happiness.

30. I’m happy with you and I can’t keep it to myself, you’re one of the most real people I have ever known, you make me believe in the existence of true love.

31. One does not get to meet people that are like you every day, so it’s necessary that I let you know how much I am lucky to have you. I’m happy to call you mine.

32. I’m ever indebted to you for everything you’ve contributed to my life. I’m happy to know you really do care about me.

33. You’re my diamond, your smiles make it seem as though the sun is rising right before me. I’m glad to share this relationship with you.

34. One can’t be more beautiful and better than you are, I’ll always be happy and glad to have you, dear.

35. What a great gift from God you’re. Meeting you has influenced me to be who I am today, I love you and I am happy to stay with you.

36. I’d wish to express my immense gratitude for everything you’ve done for me. I say thank you for your love, care, and support, you make me feel too happy.

37. No one can ever treat me like you do, you’ve shown the kind of love and care I have never felt from someone else. I’m happy to call you mine.

38. Maybe I rarely get to let you know how precious you are to me, but this day, I’d wish to let you know that there’s no one who makes me happier than you do. I’d love you, dear.

39. You’ve always been by my side through thick and thin times, you’ve always treated me as though I am the most important person to you. I can’t love you less dear, I’m glad to know our bond is only getting stronger.

40. You’re my heartbeat, my desire, my love for you cannot be expressed by mere words. Nothing makes me happier than the fact that we are together.

41. You’re the very best I have ever had a relationship with, you bring me so much peace of mind and care. I love you, dear.

42. Our love motivates me to keep moving stronger, you’re my inspirer and my confidant, I’m happy that you show me more love and care than I can ever wish to have.

43. I smile every moment I remember what we share together, you make every second worth living for me and I can’t be less happy.

44. You came just when I thought no one could understand me and changed everything about me, you’re a God sent angel to me and it gladdens my mind.

45. You’re my best inspirer and motivator, our love has beneficial to me more than you can ever think of. I’m so happy about having a relationship with you.

46. When everything seemed to be going very tough and wrong, you came into my life and made me the happiest person. Thanks for everything dear.

47. You’re my joy even in the darkest hour, you’re my sunshine, honey.

48. Today I woke up with great joy and happiness knowing fully well that you have my back. I’m so glad dear.

49. Sweetheart, you make me feel too happy that almost every pain becomes a memory. I can’t thank you less for everything we share.

50. You’re my sunrise, my most adorable companion, my heartthrob, my painkiller. You’re all the best things I can ever wish to have.

51. I’m so happy that we came across each other, you’ve been everything nice to me and words can’t tell how grateful I am.

52. You’re a special and awesome person to me, you’ve always given me more than I deserve and it gets me loving you more.

53. I love the way you treat me, the way you respect our differences, the way you encourage me never to let you go. You make me happier than someone else can ever do.

54. My happiness is that we’ve always been together, it’s a special thing to be doing all the chores with you.

55. With you, I feel loved and needed. You’re the very best.

56. Each step forward I make, I take it with you. You’re my best friend and my companion. I love you.

57. When I take a look at myself, I find evidence of how good you are. You’re my world and my diamond and it makes me feel like the happiest person on earth.

58. Just like eagles fly high, just like cheetahs run fast, so shall our bond grow into an inseparable one. I’m so happy that you are mine.

59. There’s nothing in this world that can be as better as the happiness you fill my heart with. I love you, dear.

60. I appreciate your kindness, honesty, and faithfulness. I can’t thank you enough but I promise to be there always.

61. I can’t stop wishing to spend the remaining days of my life with you. You’re making me whole being complete and I can’t wish for someone else.

62. Baby, I hope I am always able to make you as happy as you make me. I’d love you so much, dear.

63. I smile every second knowing that you are and will ever be mine. You make me feel so happy dear.

64. I don’t know how to explain this to you. You’re just one person I can’t stay without and I’m glad that you have always tried your best to offer your attention to me.

65. If I had to write about our love story, I’ll surely run out of books without getting to the very end. I appreciate everything we’ve always shared with each other, I love you, dear.

66. Every day with you is always awesome and fabulous. You’re my very own happiness, my joy is found in you.

67. I’m grateful that you decided to stay and make me feel happy. I’m not perfect but I’ll always go out of my way to make you happy too.

68. You’re my breath, my oxygen, everything in me is incomplete without you. I’m happy that you’ve come into my life to stay.

69. You have the ability to turn my worst day into the best of it, I love you because your presence makes everything go well. I’m happy to call you mine.

70. You make me so happy and I can’t stop smiling whenever we talk, you’re the very best.

71. You’re the reason I keep pushing forward, you’re the reason I still stay strong, you’re my world, my heartbeat, and I’m happy to be a part of your life.

72. You make me feel so loved and cared for, you’re my heartthrob, the very one I can’t live without and I’m happy about everything.

73. I want you to be a part of what my children will call their parents, I want you to always stay by my side, I want to always call you mine, and I’m glad that you’re working towards making all of it become reality.

74. You make me feel comfortable no matter how tough it is, your existence gives me joy and happiness.

75. Our first sight was a mystery, we made a very good decision by giving each other a chance and now we can live for a lifetime. Nothing makes me feel happier than this.

76. With every word that comes out of your mouth, I become more happy and inspired. You’re my ruby.

77. You make me smile and I don’t ever wish to let you go, I’m so happy that life gave you to me.

78. I hope our love becomes stronger as days pass by, I hope we become even more relevant to each other every second, you’re my happiness.

79. I really do ask myself if someone else can ever be as nice as you’ve been to me, you’re the best, my happiness, and I want us to stay together till the moment of our last breath.

80. I keep thinking about you every single second, you got me happy and I only wish to have more of you.

81. I don’t know why you’ve been this nice to me. You’re so special that I can’t express through words, I’m glad that you give me so much support and attention.

82. You make me dream higher, you make my wishes come true, I’ve become a better person since the very day we met. You’re my world.

83. I love how you care and offer so much attention, I can’t ask for anything more because I’d love to stay with you for the rest of my life. My happiness, that is who you are.

84. I love you with everything that defines the person I am, the thought of calling you my own is enough to turn my saddest moment into the happiest.

85. Yes, I’ve always wished to call you my own forever, I want us together as though we were created never to leave each other. You’re my solace, the abode I find my happiness.

86. Sweetheart, I hope you know how happy I get to be whenever you are around, you’re my world and everything good.

87. Hey crazy Bae, I hope you realize you’re walking with someone’s joy and happiness. You make me feel how nice life is.

88. Baby, I’d wish to say it all but words can’t contain everything. To me, you’re the best one can ever wish to have.

89. My happiness always knows no bound when I remember how loving and caring you are to me, I love you, sweetheart.

90. How lucky I am to call you my own, you make my life complete and worth living.

92. I’ve never seen someone as loving and nice as you’ve always been. You’re a blessing to me and I can’t be less happy.

93. Here’s to someone who is my happiness, joy and heartbeat. My whole being yearns to have more of you dear.

94. You’re amazing, you’re incredible, you’re loving, you’re the person I have always wished to meet, and I won’t let you go dear.

95. You’re the air I breathe, you’re my sunshine, you’re my peace and happiness, I love you, dear.

96. You’re that handsome and caring person I know, you’re one person I can’t trade for anything or anyone else, you’re my happiness.

97. No one can ever make me feel the way you make me feel, you’re just the exact person one can ever think of loving, you offer more love than I deserve and I’m happy.

98. I hope our love continues to grow and bloom. I hope we continue to love each other. I hope you continue to make me feel happy like you’re doing now.

99. My favourite person, my fight mate, my companion in everything. You know I can’t love you less, I’m so happy and you know it.

100. Sure life isn’t just too fair by giving you to me? Maybe it’s life’s way of showing me how nice it can be. You own my happiness dear.

101. I wish I could be the person you are, but life has done more by giving you to me as my own while letting me be myself. I love you, dear.

102. You’re that beautiful angel I know, you’re that adorable person that says just a word and I’d wear a smile as though everything depends on it. I find peace of mind and happiness with you.

103. Hey funny Bae, I’ve missed you so much. I just realized there’s no way I can be as happy as whenever you are around me. I love you, dear.

104. Everyone around me surely knows about you because I never fail to let them know how lucky I am to have you in my life. You Bring me so much happiness.

105. If I have to choose again every day, I’ll always want to take the path we met just so I remember how I got to meet this nice person that is now my happiness.

106. I doubt you know how happy you make me feel, just always remember that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

107. My eyes have beheld the nicest person in the world, you’re all I need this very moment because how happy you make me feel.

108. If I have to choose all over, it’s always going to be you, dear. You brighten my heart and fill my day with lovely smiles.

109. Just imagine how amazing we’ve become to each other, you’re one person I do wish to meet over and over again, you’re my joy.

110. I have just one wish, and that’s to stay with you always. You make me happy and I love you, dear.

111. I’ve never been in love to this very extent, I feel very comfortable, relaxed and satisfied with the way you treat me. I’ve never been this happy with anyone else.

112. I love you so much and I want to seize this opportunity to let you know how happy I feel staying with you.

113. You’re the whole world to me, my best friend, the person I see myself through, you’re my happiness.

114. I hope you never change because I feel so relaxed with the way you treat me, you make me feel so happy.

115. And I always want you to know how much I love and care about you, my whole being is happy to have you.

116. I’ll be selfish to wish for more from you, you’re already in the best and I’ll always be with you.

117. My love for you will never end as long as I exist, you making me happy every second and there’s nothing else I can ever wish to have.

118. I’d daydream about you. I’d take every single second to remind myself about how lucky I am to have you, I feel happy and satisfied with you.

119. You’ve been more than good to me, I don’t know how thank you for everything, but just know you’re my happiness and my joy.

120. Love isn’t all about luxuries and you’ve proven that to me several times, I actually do not know how to express my happiness but just know you’re the reason I’m happy. I love you, dear.

121. I’m so happy that we’re together, just one request. I hope we never leave each other, I hope we’ll always be together, I hope you’ll always be mine and I’ll be yours.

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