Happy New Month Messages for My Husband

Happy New Month Messages for My Husband (April 2023)

A man is the crown of his wife. A good husband is her crown of glory. There’s a popular saying that behind a successful man, is a woman. A woman is the ‘behind the scene’ force that ensures things work out for her man. Behind every outstanding man is a praying, encouraging and supportive wife.

Life is a leveller. A man can be up and bustling today, but outrightly flat on his face the next minute, due to circumstances beyond his control. Change is dynamic and it occurs every other time. Changes can come in the form of difficulties with hidden potentials. It takes a discerning man to identify and draw it out. It takes a loving woman to give her husband the necessary heads up to be discernible.

Nothing is constant in life except change. Many unexpected variables come calling with the intent to discourage a man. The arrow of futility seems to be aimed at his courage. As such, days drag into weeks, weeks crawl into months, with no noticeable difference, confidence takes a huge hit, pride is massively shredded and hope gets murdered. Inspiration and hope become casualties of war.

An uninspired man is a frustrated husband. The frustration comes home with him, making the home tense and unbearable.

A new month offers hope of new beginnings, fresh starts and possible season of upliftment or desired changes. A new month comes with a degree of excitement, and a spark of hope for a better tomorrow that’s suddenly within grasp. With hope, comes a surge of adrenaline and renewed vigour.

Hope is sustained with constant prayers and words of love and inspiration. To break the pattern of failure and frustration, encourage your husband with a robust monthly dose of happy new month messages. Your highly successful husband needs to be continuously prepped to take on new challenges, climb the corporate ladders and fly like the eagle he is!

Prayer is the master key in life. Your prayers will open doors of stupendous riches, favour and unlimited blessings for your husband. Do you want to rend the heavens open on behalf of your beloved husband? Are you eager to pray powerfully till there’s a positive change? Care to give your husband the edge that will tip the scale in his favour? Here are April 2023’s most powerful happy new month messages for my husband.

Happy New Month Prayers for Husband

Usher your darling husband into a blessed month with these powerful and effective happy new month prayers for husband.

1. Good morning, Honeypie. As you step out this month, you shall step out of frustration and obscurity. I command showers of extraordinary favour and abundant blessings to fall upon you. Men and angels shall favour you. I release grace for greater exploits on you. Doors of excellence will be opened to you. This new month, may the Lord season the work of your hands and decorate it with excellence. His mighty hand shall lead you to where your treasures are located. From today, may your choices move you through the ranks of success. I destroy every satanic shroud used to cover your glory in Jesus name. Happy new month, darling husband.

2. Husband dearest, the Lord shall ignite and revitalize your life with His fresh breath. This new month, the wisdom that produces amazing and enduring results shall be your constant companion. You shall work with ease and bring forth favourable fruits. When others groan, you shall sing God’s praises. Every door you knock on shall open up for you speedily in Jesus name. Happy new month, my Treasure.

3. This new month, I decree every plan of the wicked against you to fail woefully in Jesus name. The Lord shall daily load you with benefits and satisfy your desires with good things. He will build you and establish you firmly in the centre of His will. His purpose shall be accomplished in you and through you. The Lord shall deliver you from the grip of fear. You shall experience a new season of refreshment, in Jesus name. Happy new month, my rare gem.

4. In the name of Jesus, I rebuke every wind of affliction in your life, its storm shall never resurface in your life. You will no longer be troubled, the peace of God that passes understanding shall saturate your spirit, soul and body. God’s will for your life will stand. May His purpose be accomplished through you. Happy new month, my Superman.

5. God will nudge the hearts of your helpers till they respond speedily to help you. Decisions that will favour you shall be set in motion from today. Those who planned evil against you will be compelled to announce your success and promotion. My darling husband, I pray for you this new month, God shall turn your worries to wonders, and your trials into triumphs. Happy new month, my sweetheart.

6. As you set forth this new month, you will enjoy special grace. You will never lack any good thing. Reproach and shame shall never be your portion. May God grant all your petitions and grant you a speed for extraordinary accomplishments. As you go out this morning, you shall return home with songs of praise. Your troubles shall be transformed into great joy. Happy new month, Husby.

7. Father, thank you so much for your goodness and mercy upon my husband. I commit his way into your capable hands this morning; please, direct his path. Show him what to do concerning this pertinent matter. He can’t handle it all by himself, he needs your help. Thank you, Lord, because you’ll show up for him. Let your hand of mercy rest upon my husband this morning. Prosper the work of his hands, in Jesus name. Happy new month, Sugarpie.

8. Dear Father, thank you for doing a good work in the life of my husband. Bring it to an expected end. Help him to align himself with your plan so that he’ll excel in all his endeavours where you planted him. Thank you because he’ll remain steadfast. Lord, frustrate every evil gang up against my crown. Be his defence, fortress and vindication, in Jesus awesome name. Happy new month, my sunshine.

9. Darling husband, may the Lord watch over your going out and coming in. He shall direct and order your steps aright. The Lord will give you godly and seasoned friends in this phase of your life. May the Lord release the gift of faith to you so that nothing shall be impossible. In Jesus name, the Lord shall be merciful to you. His goodness shall be an eternal covenant over you. Happy new month, my superstar.

10. As you set out this new month, darling husband, may the Lord go ahead of you. All your activities from today shall end in praise. He shall give you needed strength and courage to face all the challenges that will come your way. Your strength will not fail you in the day of adversity. You shall have a month filled with unending testimonies. Good morning, my sweetie buns. Happy new month.

11. My Prince Charming, helpers shall arise for you from today. They shall hasten to come to your aid. I frustrate every spirit of delay and denial, in Jesus name. This month, doors shall be divinely opened for you and gates will not be shut against you. It shall be a month of amazing surprises with speedy answers to prayers. When you call upon God once, He will answer you many times. Have a testimony filled new month, my super hero.

12. This shall be your season of total recovery, Sugarplum. From this month, every good thing you have lost shall be fully restored to you. None shall be missing; all shall be restored a hundredfold. In Jesus mighty name, you shall receive double in return. Be expectant this new month, my Heart’s delight.

13. My rare gem, this is my prayer for you this new month. It shall be a month of remembrance for you. A month if God’s wonders. All that the Lord has purposed for you shall not elude you in Jesus name. You shall be overwhelmed by God’s favour. Your joy shall fill up and run over. Dearest husband, expect a superb new month.

14. My dear husband, from today on, you shall receive God’s unlimited love and grace. The Lord shall elevate you in all areas. Your joy shall know no bounds as the Lord’s abundant blessings are released to you in torrents. It’s going to rain, my love. The drought is over in Jesus name. Have a blessed new month, love.

15. This new month, I decree exceptional and uncommon breakthroughs for you, my dearest husband. A sudden burst of God’s goodness shall flow on to you in torrents. The era of trickles shall give way to abundance/flood of God’s power, blessings, healing, wisdom and favour. May the Lord breathe fresh life and unction upon your business. In the name of Jesus, the Lord will revive and restore you. Enjoy your season of greatness, Love.

Take your love experience to a higher level of lovey-dovey this new month, with cute, toe-curling happy new month messages for your adorable husband.

16. Hey, Sunshine! The last time I told you I loved you was last month. It feels like ages ago, though it was just last night. I feel like screaming at the top of my voice how much I adore you. May the new month be all that you desire and more! Happy new month, Husby!

17. My husband of immeasurable value, you have the only key to the door of my heart. My heart is yours, as my whole being belongs to you. This month, may you experience goodness and obtain favour from God. Happy new month, darling.

18. Loving you is a choice I enjoy making Yep, I’m unapologetically crazy about you today, just as I’ve always been. Love you loads my dashing prince. Happy new month, my darling husband.

19. Loving you came with a prize I never could have imagined: love, laughter, fun, care and pure bliss. You make marriage like an unending adventure, that I finally got convinced you are my “special made in heaven, uncommon husband and partner”. Happy new month, my dashing hero!

20. My heart literally jumps in my ribs each time I set my eyes on you. You are a sight, for sore eyes, my handsome darling! A delight to behold! Cute, smart, caring and cool to boots! How did I get lucky? Beats me, really! I’m sure holding on to these giddy feelings of being totally cherished by you, for dear life. You rock, my Husby. Happy new month, my love.

21. Being loved by you is a privilege, this I know and treasure. You are a rare find, my husband. A man of integrity and honour. I love you now more than ever, sweetie. Have a tremendously happy new month.

22. I know this for a fact; I need no prophet to unveil the truth to me. It’s glaring enough: you are the sole key to my unspeakable joy and indescribable happiness. I adore you, my dearest husband. Happy new month, my love. Fly like the eagle you are!

23. Happy New Month, my Prince Charming. You charmed my life with your special brand of selfless love; I’m positively enchanted! My love for you is like a bubbling ocean. You promised to love and cherish me forever: you found a thousand ways to do this, every day of our lives together as a couple. You are too good to be true, my hero, my pumpkin!

24. My dearest husband. You are my heartbeat; you set my pulse alive! If there’s an afterlife, my dearest wish is to love and be with you till eternity. You are all shades of goodness, my awesome husband. You are my all-time hero, I’ll cherish you forever! Happy new month, my love.

25. I wouldn’t change anything about you for all the gold in the world. You are exactly perfect for me. I adore you to the moon and back, my heart’s sole delight. I love you today, always and forever, my Prince Charming! No one else is more deserving of my precious love. My heart is yours: rule like to your heart’s content. Like forever? Happy new month, my darling husband.

26. One word describes you perfectly: awesome! You are an awesome husband, friend, lover and everything a lady can ever desire in her man. I’m crazy about you, darling! Happy new month, sweetie.

27. You are my Knight in shining armour; the sole custodian of my happiness button. You press it constantly to make me radiate with joy, my darling. You are too good to be true, husband mine! Caring to a fault; loving just so! Tough, but tender. Totally devoid of the typical male chauvinistic act. Charming, smart and wonderful in every way that matters. You rock my world, sweetie! Happy new month, love.

28. You are the love of my life, in whom I’m absolutely pleased. Happy new month, my darling husband. Looking forward to unravelling its many mysteries and goodie packages with you. I adore you!

29. There’s no word that can best describe you, so I won’t even try. Bottom line is that I’m totally nuts about you, darling husband. You are my king, forever. You effortlessly make me feel like a Queen. You are God’s masterpiece and best for me; I’ll cherish you till eternity. Happy new month, dearie.

30. You are my dream come true, Husby. My wildest fantasy found expression in you! You fill my heart with so much joy and happiness, that I fear I’m still in dreamland! A pinch convinces me you are for real. Happy new month, sweetie pie!

31. What is love without a little spat to spice up the romance every now and then? What’s romantic about love without a lover’s tiff? Boring!!! The thrill of it all is in the kissing and making up afterwards. The perfect antidote to ennui! You are my heaven here on earth everyday experience. I love you, my darling partner in grand naughtiness. Happy new month, my cute husband.

32. Falling in love with you is as easy as pie: you were quite cute, charming and irresistible. Staying in love with you is an effortless exercise: you are the most lovable man in the world! I’m glad you are mine. Happy new month to us!

33. My heart beats for you, my husband. I’ll cherish you forever. Your love is the breath of fresh air that I breathe every blessed day. Loving you and being loved by you, is why each day is unique! I adore you: the simple truth. Happy new month, darling!

34. You are the reason behind my smiles. The spark in my shine. I glow because your love fans the flame of my essence. I love you, my Prince. My life revolves around you because you are my sunshine and my pillar of strength. I love you with every fibre and timbre of my being, now and always. Happy new month, my sweet husband.

35. My heart dances to the tune of your love song for me. It leaps in joy at the sound of your voice. My joy knows no bounds when I’m with you. Thanks for loving me for no particular reason; and for damning all excuses, just to love me with reckless abandon. You rock, my Superman. You are a real hero! Happy new month, my husband.

36. I glow endlessly because I’m the happiest woman in the whole world! You gave me this badge of honour for loving me ceaselessly and supporting my dreams unflinchingly. Your love overwhelms me, Sugarpie. I adore you, my Prince Charming. Happy new month.

37. Meeting you was a taste of heaven. Marrying was my ticket to Paradise, pure bliss and unending joy. No, I need no reminder: I know I’m the most blessed woman ever. I love you, my sugar. Happy new month, my forever love.

38. Finally, the penny has dropped! I’ve discovered my life’s purpose: loving you. Without you, my life is meaningless. I’m a better woman and person because you are such an amazing man and a wonderful husband. I love you, Honey! Happy new month.

39. It’s official: I’m totally nuts about you and it can’t be cured. You are my heart’s desire and delight, husby. Happy new month, my Prince Charming!

40. You are the best husband, lover and friend in the whole universe! You never cease to amaze me, sugar pie. You’ve exceeded all my imaginations and wild speculations. I love you, my darling. Happy new month.

41. Whenever I feel like I were in dreamland, I’d pinch myself and still wake up to the reality that this love has come home to stay. You are everything I ever imagined and more. I love you, darling husband! You are special and unique. Happy new month, Handsome.

42. Sweetie buns, I love you to distraction! I worship the very ground you walk on. I adore you for no special reason. This is because you are too special for words. You are the reason my heart beats. Your love is the melody of the song I hum to myself all day long. Happy new month, my Hero.

43. My husband, my all-time superhero! Thank you for being an excellent lover, a great husband, a trustworthy friend and an amazing father to our darling children. Love you always. Happy new month.

44. I blessed the day we met. Everything about you pleases me, my sweetheart. You are a man after my heart, a one in a million husband! Uniquely special, limited edition and a rare breed! You bring out the best in me; I’m always awed as to how you do that so effortlessly. You are my perfect soulmate. Happy new month, my love.

45. If it were possible, I’d marry you all over again. This time, with more love shining through my eyes and dazzling everyone; confidence bordering on pride; merry heart threatening to burst and certainty the whole world can’t shake off. I love you, my treasure. Happy new month, Honey.

46. Just one look, that was all it took for me to fall helplessly and hopelessly in love with you. Marriage added more colour and the passage of time has done nothing but keep the flame ablaze. I’m still crazy about you. Happy new month, Handsome.

47. I took a chance on love, and I got rewarded with maddening joy. Doomsayers mixed up the script: time did not fizzle out the flame of our love. It has only turned on the knob of our passion, way higher, each passing day. Happy new month, my darling husband.

48. I love my life with you: it’s just perfect! Just the way I dreamt it’d be, and much more! We are just awesome together! Our differences only emphasize our needs for each other. You are my lifeline, husband dearest. Happy new month, my sweetie pie.

49. Happy new month to the kindest, most loving and most charming husband in the whole world. I love you!

50. Life is wonderful, simply because I have you. You are my amazing hero, Husby. I’m heads over heels in love with you, just as I was and much more than ever! I guess it’s no longer a closely guarded secret: CNN just made it public globally, in a special broadcast. I love you, sweetie puff. Happy new month.

New Month Wishes Messages for Your Hubby

It’s perfect to start the month by sending beautiful wishes to your husband. These are awesome new month wishes messages for your hubby.

51. My dashing husband, the best place I ever want to be, is in your arms. I love being cradled in the crook of your arms while gazing at your handsome face and soaking in the sight of you. I’ve since arrived at this conclusion: I can never have enough of you. Every day, I want more of you. I cherish you, bestie! Happy new month.

52. A huge dose of specially made, home-brewed love to make a new month ultra-special for you, my Pumpkin. Loving you is the best deal I ever signed for, this side of eternity. When we cross over, I’ll still choose to face eternity with you by my side. I love you, buddy! Wishing you a fun-filled new month.

53. To the man that rocks my world in grand style, a wonderful new month to you! You are an epitome of excellence; a one in a billion husband! I’m proud to call you mine! I’m forever yours in love, fun and pranks.

54. Sweetie Puff, you are my one and only love. The man behind my smiles. I love practically everything about you, including your cute, stern face when you are angry. You aren’t just my dream man, you are my everyday Hero. Loving you is a course I have no plan to graduate from. You are the best, Champ! Happy new month.

55. Excuse me, darling husband. Have I by any chance told you lately how much I adore you? I haven’t? How appallingly remiss of me! Well, this wife is totally nuts about her dashing, handsome, cool and calm husband. Totally crazy about him. Get it? Cool, love. Have a most fabulous and fulfilling new month, darling.

56. Happy new month to my everyday Crush. How can I get over you when I can’t have enough of you? It’s not going to happen! I’m totally hooked to your brand of love. You thrill, excite and inspire me in every way. You are my all-time guy! I love you to the moon and back!

57. A fabulous new month full of sunshine, joy and blessings to my loving husband. Thank you for bringing endless joy to my life with your bubbling presence. You are such a cute darling, and I adore you!

58. I’m forever yours, my big shot darling! The kingdom of my heart belongs to you alone. Rule, reign and flex… exactly as it pleases you. Happy new month, my precious husband!

59. Can you guess the eight wonder of the world? My love for you refuses to settle down to a regular rhythm! It’s as exhilarating and sweet as ever. I love you, darling husband. A beautiful new month to you, my love.

60. My dearest husband, you are my most favourite person in the world! You are my ‘Man of the year’, ‘Everyday Crush’, ‘Candy crush’, ‘Best Friend’, ‘Most inspiring Personality’… name it! I love and adore you, Sweetie Buns. Happy new month!

61. No matter how stormy or dark the sky is, my love for you will blast away its gloom and dazzle you with its brilliant brightness. You are my shining bright spot, darling husband. I love you. Happy new month!

62. Only an extraordinary man makes an exceptional husband. You are awesome in every way, my sweetie pie. Loving you is the sweetest music ever composed or played. I cherish you, my Delight. Happy new month.

63. Marriage and the swirling passage of time only proved my instinct right: you are an amazing man! Rich in love, intellect, kindness, integrity and everything my heart so desires. I feel blessed to have you as mine. Happy new month, my darling husband.

64. My Cupcake, you’re my favourite lollipop! I love you with from the depth of my heart. You are sweeter than the heavenly, finger-licking topping on my favourite ice cream. I’m in awe of your endless love, care and tenderness. No other wife is more loved than me. You rock, my delightful husband. Happy new month!

65. The most delightfully delicious feeling in the world is to love and to be loved right back. Everything is well with my world as I bask in the euphoria of your love for me, with careless abandon. I adore you, my charming and charismatic husband. Now and forever. Happy new month, Sweetie.

66. I’m completely mesmerised by your love. I love your hugs, enjoy your passionate kisses and your loving touch. With barely a glance, you set my whole being ablaze. You are my man, forever, I adore you. Happy new month, my wonderful husband.

67. If marriage is a gamble, then I won the jackpot! You are more than I bargained or hoped for. I love you, my sweet husband, more than you can ever imagine. Happy new month, my love.

68. To the best companion, a friend like no other, gist partner, mentor, leader, protector and lover in the world, an awesome new month to you! I love you, my husband, more than you’ll ever know or imagine.

69. My handsome, charming and dashing husband, you are the master key to my heart. I love you. May this new month be as amazing as you are, sweetie.

70. My dearest husband, my love for you refused to be curtailed or checked. Rather, it escaped from the realms of containment, expanded and skyrocketed to full scale “Forever Yours”. Happy new month, Sugar. I adore you.

71. To the most incurably romantic man in the world, I wish you the most memorable, fun-filled, and blessed month ever. Love you loads, darling husband.

72. You captured my heart with your love, devotion, dimpled smile, gentle manners and exceptional characters. My heart skips at the sight of your royal cuteness. I swoon at the spell your love cast upon my senses. Oh, no complaint here. I’m loving every second of it. Happy new month, my darling husband.

74. You are my sunrise, my favourite love song, my sweet melody and my daily delight. You are my choice of eternal love, my dearest husband. I cherish you. Have a splendid new month, my Gem.

75. Sometimes, I feel like screaming my love for you at the top of my voice. Don’t blame me, Honey. Your love is intoxicating, like an old wine. Vintage, fine and rare! Pleasing and heady! Happy new month, my lovely husband.

76. I love dancing with you. I love listening to the sound of your husky voice. A thrill of excitement courses through my entire being when you sing for me. I enjoy playing, working sparring or brainstorming with you. Dearest husband, you are my joy and peace. I’m totally nuts about you. Happy new month, my heartbeat.

77. Happy new month to the major shareholder of my heart. The one that has all the stakes. You are my number one fan and cheerleader. The cameraman behind my picture-perfect life. My guy, my pal, my mentor, my inspiration, my husband! I love you so totally, my darling.

78. I love you, my baby boy. I appreciate your support and help. Everything I am today, I owe it to God who gave me a wonderful man; and you, for being an amazing husband. May the universe be exceptionally good to you. Happy new month, sweetie Buns.

79. My Candy Crush, my Crown and my Angel, I love and appreciate you. My burning ambition is to spend the rest of my life with you, in every season of life. My utmost desire is to cuddle up to you and enjoy the pure bliss of your warm embrace, breathing in your sweet scent. I love you, my dearest husband. Happy new month.

80. My lovely husband, you are God’s special gift to me. You are my passion, my hero and my everything. My soul is utterly pleased with you. I cherish you. Happy new month, boo.

81. Love conquers all when it is genuine like ours. I love you, darling husband. Have a most beautiful new month ever!

82. Your love is as soothing like a serene river and like a balm on a wound. It pleases me to the core of my being and delights me beyond description. My husband, you’re my Hero in love. May this new month be kind to you. Happy new month.

83. My boo of life! My heartthrob, I’m glad you are mine. God created you specially for me and caused our path to cross without clashing. My light shines every day because your love is the torch that keeps it alive. I am madly in love with you, darling husband. Happy new month, dearie.

84. The best part of my day is when I set my eyes on you and watch a special smile light up your whole face. Truly, love is the best recipe for Joy. You have the kindest heart, ever and the most generous, too! I cherish you. Happy new month, my darling.

85. Men like you are rare and far between. Love like ours is going extinct. I’m glad I have you, dearie. Happy new month, my husband!

86. Your love is the powerful light that chased away the lurking shadows of my past. You are my knight in shining armour, king of my heart. I love you, my charming husband. Have an awesome new month.

87. Happy new month, husband of my youth. We are older, wiser and better. Our love is like aged wine which gets better with age. I love you, husband dearest. Happy new month, my handsome darling.

88. You are a rare breed, an exceptional man, my husband. You’re extraordinary with admirable outstanding character traits and achievements. I admire you, darling. I adore you even more! Happy new month, my Treasure.

89. I have eyes for no one but you, my love. You saw beauty in an ugly duckling and turned her into a beautiful swan, sought after by all; because of your transforming love. You are my Prince and Knight in shining armour. I love you so much. Happy new month, dearie.

90. What an exceptional man you are, sweetie! Little wonder they say a book should not be judged by its cover. You surpassed all my expectations. You are my pillar, my backbone and unfailing support system. I love you so much it’s scary. Happy new month, my husband.

91. I know I’ve been grumpy lately; forgive me, will you? It’s that time of the month: nothing but my crazy hormonal imbalance. Your baby girl is as crazy about you as ever. You are the centre of gravity of my very existence. I love you, Sugarpie. Here’s to a most wonderful new month, darling husband!

92. I refrained from playing the love game until I was ready and ripe for it. Then, I aimed for the moon and got the sun and the stars as extras. You are the alpha of the pack, God’s very best! I’m blessed to have you. I adore you! Happy new month, my Rare Gem.

93. I’m having the best time of my life right now. Adventurously sailing into the deep sea of affection with you and riding the waves of unpredictability. Our safe harbour is in sight. I love you, my darling husband. Happy new month, my sweetheart.

94. It was a full moon night, last evening. Guess what I wished for? A month of huge surprises, massive turnaround and all-round blessings for my adorable husband! I love you. Happy new month, darling.

95. It’s a new month, bright with hope and brimming with new possibilities. It’s time to remove the cloak of anxiety and put on the robe of excitement. Then, we wine, dine and dance. Happy new month, my sweet husband.

96. I’m a successful career woman because you wrote the script, directed the performance and produced a topnotch delivery. You are my mentor, my inspiration, and my love. I’m so proud of you, my husband. Thank you. This month, you shall experience our a new dimension of grace. Happy new month, my dearest.

97. Happy new month, Handsome! I love you from the depth of my heart. May all your dreams come true.

98. You are a rare find, my gem!
I love you plenteous. You are forever my heart delight. Happy new month, my adorable!

99. My adorable husband, I love you. Tattoo it into your heart so you won’t forget. You’re the best! Happy new month, dear.

100. You are my happiness, my crown. I love you. Here’s to wishing you the most awesome new month ever.

Thank you for reading through. Hope you had an exciting time picking one or more happy new month messages for husband lovingly written to bring a spark of life into your husband’s eyes and infuse warmth into his heart.
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