Happy New Month Messages for Him

Happy New Month Messages for Him (February 2023)

The beginning of a month has a lot to do with how the 4 weeks would be. Though each month is packed with various challenges, the quality of the first day determines, to a great extent, the smoothness of the whole month.

Therefore, it’s good to start the month in happiness, and happiness is one compulsory accompaniment your man needs in order to successfully sail through the month. What a privilege it is to have that special man in your life! It is a new month and your lover deserves to be happy every day.

Did you know that how much a person cares is easily seen from what he/she says? Yes, It is! What better way is there to show how special he is to you than by making him happy through your words.

Yes, we receive messages from many people. However, some messages are treasured and the receiver keeps getting pleasure and happiness from them for a long time. Your messages to him are bound to be special because of the reserved space you occupy in his heart. It is, thus, understandable that he eagerly looks forward to those unique messages from you.

These happy new month messages for him were particularly written with you and the unique relationship you have with your boyfriend or husband in mind. They are surely going to take your relationship to the next level. Do not forget to share with friends.

Happy New Month Text Messages for Boyfriend or Husband

Your boyfriend deserves some happy new month messages, wishes, greetings, quotes, blessings with prayers? You’re on the right page for all you desire to send to make his month worth it, from the start of the month.

These are inspirational Happy new month messages, wishes, greetings, quotes, blessings with prayers for your boyfriend, husband or that special man in your life.

1. You’re a rare gift I’ll forever be grateful for. You really make me happy. Just the thought of you makes me smile genuinely. May God bless you abundantly. It’s nice to see the beginning of another month together. Happy new month, Dear husband.

2. You have sown the seed of endless laughter in me. I’m forever grateful I said ‘yes’ to you. It gives me unending joy that another month, full of happiness has begun. I look forward to spending more beginnings with you. Happy new month to us.

3. May your days be filled with the fulfilment I got through you. May your nights be saturated with the kind of peace I enjoy with having you in my life. It’s a new month and another opportunity to enjoy being with you. Happy new month, Dearest.

4. You are not just another man to me. You are the unique man I have the privilege to call mine. As a new month begins, my love for you is renewed. May our love remain as fresh as ever. Happy new month, my Love.

5. I am not ashamed to announce that my life is meant to make you happy, just like you do to me. You are God’s gift to creation. Though it’s a new month, I am already looking forward to more beautiful beginnings with you. There’s never a dull moment with you. Husband, happy new month.

6. It gives me great joy to call you ‘my king’. I am a queen who glows effortlessly because of your love. I wish the 4 weeks of this new month could be doubled so that I would have more time to enjoy this sweet love we share. May the new month remain beautiful for you, Amen.

7. I am a proud queen because I have a worthy king. You make romance a beautiful concept. I am a willing prisoner because of your practical demonstration of love. It’s a new month and we are still happy together. To more of blessed months, Darling.

8. My wish for you this new month – a life that glows, a joy that is endless and a heart that is merry. You have been a constant source of happiness to me. I wish you more happiness in the new month, Dearie.

9. I’ll willingly choose you, over and over as my head, if I have the chance to. Your style of leadership makes it sweet to be the ‘neck’. I look forward to spending endless blissful months with you. Thank you for asking me to be yours. Happy new month to us.

10. Romantic relationship with men has been given various definitions. While it is true that some men do not treat their women nicely, there are also several exceptions of angels as husbands. You are one of the exceptions as you have given romance a new meaning altogether. I find it impossible not to fall in love with you more every day. This is to wish you the very best in the new month.

11. Since you’ve made it your priority to always make me happy, I have also vowed to ensure you experience no single moment of sadness. The beginning of another month provides an opportunity to wish you all the happiness in the world. You are my world. Happy new month.

12. A new month comes with a new hope and a new focus. Here is to wish us an amazing depth to our love. You make it impossible not to love you. I love you wholeheartedly. Happy new month, my Special.

13. Love remains a beautiful concept when one meets the right person. Instead of boring days, every day becomes very interesting. I look forward to enjoying new months by your side. With your love, sadness remains an alien. Happy new month to us.

14. A new month provides an opportunity to be better and go higher. For you, may this new month be saturated with lasting happiness. Since you always make others happy, you deserve a constant overwhelming dose. I love you.

15. Wow, it’s a new month already! The genuineness of your love makes each month go fast. Life is short. I am willing to spend every second making you happy. You deserve much more, my Kingsman.

16. It’s a new month. For you, may it be filled with endless wonders and amazing testimonies, my King. I wish you a ceaseless flow of pleasant surprises. Prosper still, Love.

17. May you enjoy God’s special grace, not to endure, but to enjoy the new month. The days may be full of evils, they are also filled with good. May you enjoy an amazing portion of the good and none of the evil. Your kind of person deserves the best always.

18. May you become a showroom to display God’s masterpieces. As a son of a great Father, may you enjoy the benefits provided by grace, today and always. Do have an endless supply of miracles in the new month, Love.

19. May your joy never become a once-upon-a-time affair. I wish you happiness that lasts. Just like the rainbow is beautifully decorated with colours, I wish you a month that is amazingly blessed with results of God’s creative ability. Happy new month, Love.

20. Commitment to making the other person happy is an assignment partner involved in a relationship are expected to deliver with commitment. It’s a privilege to be sincerely loved; a rare one that does not happen by chance.

21. It’s a new month and you deserve to be happy. This is more than a routine; sending you a new month message on a regular basis gives me a fulfilment I only get whenever I send to you. Making you happy is an assignment I’ll gladly undertake any day, anytime.

22. This prayer is for the only person that has taken permanent residence in my heart. May you be granted all that your heart desires earlier than you imagine. I wish you the very best of the month, Sweetheart.

23. A happy partner makes the heart merry. It is the perfect antidote to boredom and sadness. I wish you a month whose days are filled with pleasant surprises. For you, may this month make amazing sense. Happy new month to the one I am blessed to love.

24. I do not know what the new month holds. However, I know the God that holds every day of the month and the ones ahead. May He continually dish you huge doses of happiness. May God bring to manifestation all you’ve prayed for. Happy new month, my kingsman.

25. Though other months have been great, I pray that for you, this month will be quite better in all ways. May your prayer points become amazing testimonies, my Love. Happy new month.

26. Maybe you think this month would be like the rest? No, it’s a brand new month. This is going to be your best month so far; where your desires materialise with ease. I’ll be by your side, cheering you all the way.

27. Even with the uncertain nature of each month, having you as mine remains a huge source of encouragement. You approach each month with great expectations. No wonder God answers your prayers. It’s a new month and I wish you the best, Darling.

28. The glory of the sun can never be hidden. As a shining light, may your light never dim. May it continue to brighten every corner and life. Happy new month, my king.

29. A new month provides an opportunity for new things. May each moment of the new month be filled with wonders. Your light has just begun to shine, husbandman. Enjoy, it’s your season.

30. A state of loneliness is impossible with the right partner, especially partners who are bent on making their companions happy. It is noteworthy that you are dedicated to making me happy always. I’ll gladly do anything to reciprocate your noble gesture.

31. May peace and happiness remain your unwavering companions. Since you delight in making others happy, you deserve a lifetime of happiness. May the new month be amazingly decorated with blessings. You deserve all, and even much more, my Love.

32. The beauty of life manifests with ease in the company of the right partner. Yes, life is really beautiful and you are a huge part of why it remains so. May you become a showroom to God’s creative power in the new month and beyond. I am blessed to be married to you, my King.

33. For you, may the new month provide solutions to challenges that have refused to budge. I wish you a smooth sail and a beautiful landing. The new month will surely be amazing for you in all ways.

34. Being in this relationSHIP with you remains my best decision ever. Regardless of what the day is packed with, I find myself enjoying every moment of each month and eagerly waiting for the next because of your amazing presence beside me. Sweetheart, with you, there is no dull moment.

35. I used to think it would be difficult to trust one’s heart in the hands of another person. My relationship with you has proved me wrong. The way you treat me shows a spouse that is bent on ensuring his partner’s happiness. I wish you another month of undiluted bliss. Happy new month, my Love.

36. May this month be one of your great accomplishments. May God hear even the tiniest whisper of your heart and decorate you with a manifestation of every good thing you desire. Happy new month, Love.

37. Yes, it’s another month of opportunities, busy schedules and expectations. That’s why I’m sending you this message to wish you the very best. May all your dreams come true with ease. Happy new month, husbandman.

38. The top remains reserved for noble people like you. Though the competition is keen, I know you have more than it takes to get there and even go higher. For you, the sky has ceased to be the limit; it’s your starting point. Explore, Enjoy and Prosper in the new month, my Love.

39. Calling you ‘my Love’ reminds me of how blessed I am to have you to call mine. This relationship of ours is special and I look forward to enjoying every moment of this new month and the ones beyond with you. With your kind of love, I find it easy to believe good men still exist.

40. The society is filled with all kinds of people who have the tendency to make one believe life is a burden. Friendship with the right person, however, shows how untrue this is. Our special relationship with loved ones erases misconceptions and shows us how much we stand to gain with the right people in our lives.

41. With you by my side, I see the beauty of this world of ours. The ugliness fades with ease and completely too because of the power of your love. This month provides another opportunity to enjoy the beauty of life together. For you, may this month and the ones ahead be beautiful.

42. Though the old month is gone with its peculiarities, my love for you has only become energised and refreshed with the new month. My Love, this is to more amazing beginnings with you. I love you with the whole of me.

43. Apart from food and rest, love is a natural tool that ensures a person’s healthy state. It removes burdens, energises and makes bold. With your kind of love, I don’t mind a constant overdose. Happy new month, the king of my heart.

44. You shine with ease. I am not surprised; you are made of the finest breed. No wonder our love remains so sweet. Even with the few disagreements, I am only more resolved to stay by your side and continue to enjoy this beautiful concept called love. Happy new month to us, Love.

45. I’ve been accused of lacking words to say sometimes. I believed that lie until I met you. Being with the right person makes one’s thoughts flow unhindered; beautiful, creative expressions roll out with ease. I look forward to spending uncountable happy months by your side. Happy new month.

46. To the king of my heart, the one who occupies easily but with amazing authority – I love your personality. You are a perfect blend of amazement and humility. I never knew a person so loaded could also be so humble. You make doing good look simple and become contagious. I am blessed to be yours. Happy new month to us.

47. You are too loaded to be stranded, kingsman. You are a bundle of beautiful abilities that cannot be found elsewhere. I used to think I was being unreasonable to always want to be with you until I met several persons who told of how valuable you remain to them. I look forward to exploring more new beginnings with you in my life.

48. I wish I could stop time; the richness of your love deserves a full exploration. The emptiness of that reserved space and how much time I had wasted became glaring when you came into my life. That’s why I’m grabbing the opportunity of a new month with you with both hands. With you, every second is a treasure. Happy new month, Darling.

49. I can listen to you all day and not get bored. Your voice is not only melodious, but it also carries a message that remains sweet to my ears. May you always have reasons to be happy in the new month.

50. The distance between us would have been a barrier if you were not so loving. Though I’ve heard several uncomplimentary things about a long-distance relationship, you almost make it preferable. The time we spend together makes my heart grow fonder and beat in anticipation of your next visit. No wonder, it’s always explosive.

51. Blessed are you among men. I am more blessed to have you to hold and care for. May the joy of our God continue to radiate in your life and make your heart a permanent abode. You are God’s special gift to me. I wish you the best in the new month.

52. May this new month herald for you a higher level of greatness, an endless overflow of blessings and an unhindered encounter with grace. I wish you another month of undiluted joy and perfect happiness, husbandman.

53. You are too loaded to spend life like an average person. You are blessed beyond the reach of the enemy called average. This month provides another opportunity to aim higher and be quite better than you have ever been.

54. May the new month be 4 weeks of favour and 30 days of God’s special kind of blessings. I wish you amazing minutes saturated with God’s presence and seconds that testify to His greatness. Happy new month, Love.

55. A new month is not only the beginning of a new phase; it also provides a perfect opportunity to truly celebrate you. It’s not an exaggeration to say that your kind of person deserves to be celebrated every day. In you, I have seen the true nature of love.

56. Happy new month to the one my heart will continue to willingly surrender to. You give a true definition to the concept of love – sincere, deep, selfless and sacrificial. May your requests be granted in the new month.

57. Great shall be your days and greater, your glory. I wish you an endless season of pure joy. May you enjoy a full expression of the love of God, today and always. Have a wonderful month, Love.

58. Happy new month, Sweetie. May all the good promises of God manifest in your life with ease, speed and precision. May each of your days in the new month be saturated with testimonies.

59. For you, may this month and the ones ahead be amazingly fulfilling. May you become so blessed, that even the blessed will call you blessed. Kingsman, I wish you the very best in the month.

60. For us, it’s double celebrations; it is not only a new month, it’s also our anniversary. It is a special day for me because it reminds me of when I made the best decision of my life and how blessed I am to still have you in my life.

61. Thank you for being so sweet in the previous months. I am happy for the gift of another month; it provides a new day and opportunities to make life sweet for you. You are a selfless lover and I don’t mind making you happy always. Happy new month, Dear.

62. Being with you makes me feel special. The new month provides another special first, and I cannot wait to explore the amazing moments with you. Happy new month, my own husband.

63. Every new month gives the chance to be better in all ways. I wish you more productive weeks, more prosperous days, amazing minutes and extraordinarily beautiful seconds. The new month is yours to explore and do exploits.

64. They tell me I’m lucky but I correct them. I am more than lucky; I am blessed. Having your kind of man as mine isn’t what happens by chance; it is an intentional gift of God to me. That’s why I’m eager to explore every second of the new month with you, Sweetie.

65. Special persons like you make it difficult to be pessimistic. Even with what one faces each day, you make all the unpleasantness fade out and neatly replace with living hope. Happy new month to us. I’m happy for the grace to spend more time with the one I cherish.

66. May you be ever relevant in our world. You’re a bundle of blessings that cannot be discarded. Your impact remains unquestioned by a forward-moving society. I wish you another productive month, my Love.

67. The best a man can ever achieve on his own is what his ability is capable of. When God steps in, the narration changes and the man achieves beyond his wildest imaginations. This and even more are what I wish for you in the new month, Sweetheart.

68. Whenever a lion walks about in the jungle, every other animal runs into hiding. As a new month begins today, may you dominate every evil around you with ease. I wish you an amazing level of authority that cannot be questioned. Happy new month, Darling.

69. The fact that you are alive to witness the beginning of another month testifies to your victory in God. May you prevail over every demeaning situation. Evils will not only run away when they see you, they will disappear altogether. I love you.

70. Happy new month, Dearie. For you, today will not only mark the beginning of another month, it will also mark the beginning of blessings unlimited, a supply that is more huge than what you’ve ever had. I wish you the best.

71. The fact that you’re a worthy leader is indisputable. You are loving and caring. I wish you God’s best, today and always. May you be handsomely blessed in the new month and beyond.

72. May you be satisfied early with the very best. I wish you a new month of abundant grace, unimaginable breakthrough and a timely manifestation of all your expectations, husband.

73. Happy new month, my Love. May your greatness, on every side, be on the increase. May the new month be your month of perpetual victory. Do have a wonderful month, my Dear.

74. It’s your season of breaking limits. May your land be continually fruitful and blessed with riches from above. May your relevance never diminish. Happy new month, Dearie.

75. May the God of all grace uphold and keep you this month and beyond. You add unequalled beauty to my world. Having you beside me is what I cherish always. I am yours. I am not ashamed to say it anywhere.

76. May you experience a peace that cannot be tampered with, a joy that remains sound and happiness that does not go dim. May it be your month of unspeakable joy. Happy new month, husbandman.

77. It’s a new month and another beginning. May you always have reasons to celebrate. The blessings of God shall be on the increase in your life. Your joy shall be full. I’m happy we made it. Happy new month to us.

78. May it be your month of divine attention. May you be made a worthy recipient of God’s mercy. It’s a new month with God’s endless possibilities. May each day open you up to amazing packages from God. Happy new month, my Love

79. Since it’s a new month, I’m very sure it’ll be our best month together, so far. I look forward to beautiful moments with the one I love. May the new month be full of blessing for us.

80. It’s not just a new day, it’s also a new month and a gateway to God’s countless possibilities. May we enjoy the greatness of our great God, today and always.

81. It is always an amazing thing to send you a message. The rate at which I breathe picks up a beautiful rhythm whenever it has to do with you. I am full of great expectations for us in the new month and I’m sure reality shall even surpass them.

82. Happy new month, Baby. Every boundary to your greatness is broken. May your efforts to greatness be greatly rewarded. No limits henceforth. Your smooth sail to victory is guaranteed

83. Happy new month, my heartbeat. May the sweet melodies in your heart never lose their voices. Enjoy a month saturated with God’s presence and His kind of peace.

84. My King, I would not mind filling every moment of the new month with wonderful expressions to show how much I love you. May you remain happy forever. Happy new month.

85. Sweetheart, may your blessings never elude you. I wish you an endless season of shining. May life not punish you even in the slightest way; it will favour you in all ways.

86. May your life be flooded with wonders that are undeniable. Your new month shall not be empty. God is filling each month with amazing events and testimonies. Happy new month, Sweetie.

87. I wish you a month where all the elements cooperate with your lifting. May they all come together to give you that rare victory and ensure your desires are established. I love you so much. Enjoy the new month.

88. The ground is blessed for your sake. Accomplishing your goals with ease becomes possible. May God bless you abundantly, today and always. Happy new month, the king of my heart.

89. With joy, I welcome you to a new month. May your strength and riches increase. Evil is driven far from you. Enjoy the good things of life in abundance. Happy new month, Sweetie.

90. I’m so excited; it’s a new month – a perfect opportunity to show you how happy you make me. I’ll start by sending this message to the special person who occupies my heart. I love you.

91. Live is worth living because of love. You’ve brought true love to my heart and shown me the need to live to the fullest. Thank you for asking me out that Saturday. Your unique style remains forever etched in my memory.

92. Love could remain a lifeless concept without someone like you who gives life to it. Just the thought of you makes me feel alive all over again. Why will I not smile? I am blessed with the best man on earth.

93. I look at you and appreciate the perfect Creator Who made you. His excellence is revealed in you – you are a perfect creature of an extraordinary God. Here is to wish us a more wonderful time together. Happy new month, Love.

94. I’m excited that we’re still together. The beginning of another month affirms your treasured presence in my life. I am assured of the amazing future that lies ahead of us. Happy new month, my Love.

95. It’s nice to know that this month provides another opportunity to get things right. It’s a new month with freshness and amazing blessings waiting to be tapped. Prosper in them all, Sweetheart.

96. Though turning the hands of time is impossible, life shows its considerate manner by providing this unique opportunity in the form of a new month. Starting from this moment, we can achieve anything/everything. Do not be scared to utilise this. My heartbeat, you are capable.

97. You remain a victor; tackling difficult situations with amazing determination and doggedness. It’s a wonder that you still touch lives, despite your busy schedule. You are always involved in making others better than they met you. I don’t have to be told – I know I’m blessed to be married to you.

98. I am so glad the world is blessed with your kind of person. I’m more glad it’s during my lifetime. Persons who have never met you have no idea what they miss. No wonder I am never ready to let go of you. Enjoy your new month, Darling. You deserve it.

99. Happy new month, my Love. No dream is too big for your kind of person. You’ve always followed lovely dreams up with hard work and diligence. It’s a new month. I wish you thirty days of amazing fulfilment.

100. Big dreams, a decisive heart, a head full of wisdom, impactful actions, divinely-led legs, a large faith and sound health are all I wish for you in the new month. May your success be sure and outstanding. Happy new month, my King.

It’s our custom to give you the best because you are the best. I believe you felt the power of love as you read these happy new month messages for him. You must be very happy too; happiness is contagious.

Kindly tell us how you feel about the messages. It’ll be nice to hear from you. Do not forget to share these messages with friends and relatives.




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