Happy Birthday Wishes for Senior in Office

Happy Birthday Wishes for Senior in Office

What do you think about celebrating with your senior or superior in the office on their birthday?
“It’s none of my business”
“Who cares?”
“I don’t know”
These are just a few out of people’s attitude to the question of celebrating their senior on their birthday.

It is a big deal because whether you want to acknowledge it or not, several people believe in several birthday traditions. Your senior in the office is one person you shouldn’t get on the bad side of. Although he (or she) may not be your boss, they may not sign your paycheck, but definitely, you’ll not want to compromise on the how-tos of working in a friendly environment.

Let’s not forget that composing a birthday wish or any write-up even, can be tasking, and if the person you’re composing the message for is higher than you are and somewhat way out of your league, there’s the uncertainty that hangs on what you should send across to them as a message. The truth is, your senior in the office is not your mate (age and gender regardless), so, it’s always nice that you should make a good impression.

Although may not be much reason for overfamiliarity with your senior in the office, still, it will do you a great deal of favour to acknowledge him or her with at least, a text on their birthday. That simple birthday wishes can help you position yourself in the good books of your senior.

If one of the wishes in the happy birthday wishes for senior in office here is all you have to send across as birthday wishes to your senior on their special day, it’s not bad, it shows you really care. But, adding up a little topping as a gift won’t be a totally bad idea. Not sure of what to gift? These birthday gift ideas will help you with that. You don’t want to end up gifting your female senior a male leather belt and cufflinks, do you?

And if you’ve already gotten on the wrong side of your office senior? You can slip in some apology notes, it doesn’t hurt, I’m sure.

With different categories for the different seniors you may have, these happy birthday wishes for your senior in office will help you celebrate with them on their special day so that at the end, everyone is happy!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Senior Sir

It’s a very happy day for your today, sir, and I just want to say; thank you for being an amazing senior. My wishes are that you’ll be happy always, sir. Happy birthday to you!

1. Today, I want to reaffirm to you that it’s an honour having you as a senior. I wish you the happiest birthday, sir.

2. Thank you for being that senior I can always run to, sir. You’re a living legend and I wish you a happy birthday. Many happy returns of today.

3. Hearty cheers to celebrate a great man that I am fortunate to have as my senior. Happy birthday to you, sir!

4. I pray that the good Lord will load your days with pleasant surprises. Happy birthday to you senior like no other!

5. Salute to the man that makes my world easier to do. I wish you a very happy birthday sir.

6. Thank you for being more than just a senior in the office, to me. You’re simply an elder and more.

7. For your unconditional support of me, may the heavens bless you the more. I wish you the happiest of birthdays today, sir.

8. I have never been clueless about what to do since the day I met you. You’re a blessing and more, to me sir and may God bless you too. Happy birthday!

9. I wish you the most splendid birthday sir. Thank you for your words of wisdom, always. Long life and prosperity are my prayers for you.

10. You’re my favourite person at work and this is because of your firmness and dedication to your duties. Happy birthday sir, may you live forever.

11. I wish you will continue to be that unique form of inspiration to us all, sir. Happy birthday to you today

12. On behalf of the rest, I say; happy birthday, long life and prosperity too, sir!

13. It feels good to have a senior at work that actually. Thank you for being a perfect model for us. Happy birthday to you sir.

14. Your valuable contribution to everything can never be rivalled. You’re an enigma and I join the world to say: Happy Birthday Sir!

15. May God make every blessing that you desire available to you today. Long life and prosperity sir, happy birthday to you.

16. Thank you for effortlessly doing what would have been a great effort for me. I celebrate you sir, happy birthday and many more of it.

17. As always, I celebrate you again today sir. You’re simply amazing and well deserving of God’s grace. Happy birthday to you.

18. There cannot be any other senior like you are, you’re more than amazing. Happy birthday to you.

19. You make working with you quite easy, you’re like the senior brother to me. I wish you pleasant blessings this new year, happy birthday to you sir.

20. May overwhelming blessing come to you as you celebrate today because that’s what you deserve. Happy birthday to you sir.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Senior Madam

It’s a great privilege to celebrate you today, madam. As my favourite senior, I wish you pleasantness all of your life. Happy birthday to you.

21. Cheers to one of the very few seniors that motivate me. God bless you today madam, happy birthday to you.

22. You’re like a mother to us all. Your genuine concern for us is overwhelming. Thank you for all you do, happiest birthday to you madam.

23. May the rest of your days be followed with innumerable blessings. Happy birthday to you madam!

24. Thank you for staying significant all of these years, I pray you’ll remain so even forever. Happy birthday to you madam.

25. Your thoughtfulness about others is second to none. For all you do, I say thank you. I wish you a very happy birthday today.

26. Like a pillar, you’ll stand forever. May God perfect your life ma’am, happy birthday to you.

27. Celebrating you doesn’t stop today, you’re worth all and more. Happiest birthday to you dearest ma’am

28. God’s blessings and favour are my wishes for you today ma’am. You’re going places definitely. Happy birthday to you.

29. We couldn’t have come this far in this department, without your ideas and motivation. On behalf of the rest, I wish you a very happy birthday ma’am.

30. You’re the only one behind our success story. God bless your days dearest senior ma’am, happy birthday to you.

31. Your big day is a celebration to us all, that’s why with the others I say; happy birthday ma!

32. With you, I have almost nothing to worry about my job. Thank you for all ma, happy birthday to you.

33. My life’s honour is having to work with you as my senior. Cheers to your new age ma’am.

34. May this new age usher in unprecedented success for you. I wish you long life and prosperity, happy birthday to you.

35. Your inexhaustible energy is quite infectious and it’s a fortunate thing for us all. Happy birthday to you.

36. Happy birthday to you senior! I pray you to stay charged forever.

37. You’re an exemplary visionary and my prayer is that you never lose your flavour. Happy birthday to you.

38. This day will always be a pointer of goodness for you. May your life be long and fruitful, happy birthday to you.

39. Today is for celebrating how much of a great woman you are. Keep being you, senior, happy birthday to you.

40. To a woman of great strength and outstanding character, happy birthday senior! God bless your days, too.

Best Birthday Prayer Wishes for Office Senior

My prayers are already answered and my wishes granted that you, my office senior will have the best that life has got for you. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity too.

41. It is my life’s luck that you’re my senior and I am more than excited about it. I wish you joy every day of life, forever. Happy birthday to you today!

42. Happy birthday to the best senior on the job! I can relax because I know you always got it all covered. Thank you for those lessons, may God bless you forever.

43. You’re a great source of inspiration and motivation, always. I pray that you will be favoured. Happy birthday to today.

44. You’re the one that knows what to always do on the job. May every day that you live be a perfect one. Happy birthday to you senior.

45. It is with all sincerity that I say that your competency remains unrivalled. You are one very interesting person to come across and work with. I wish you a very happy birthday today. Many happy returns to you, sir.

46. To the most remarkable senior I got a chance to work with; you’re an icon, sir. Happy birthday to you today, long life and prosperity too.

47. Your strength is renewed this year, that’s my heart wishes for you. Happy birthday, senior.

48. All those valuable pieces of advices remain entrenched in my memory and I am more than grateful for them always. Happy birthday to you dearest senior.

49. It’s the turning of another age for you, today. My wish is that you remain young and relevant forever. Happy birthday to you sir.

50. You are a great definition of excellence and I am more than fortunate to have you as my office senior. I wish you a very happy birthday.

51. May your life be filled with the happiest of experiences. Happy birthday to you.

52. Starting today, each of your dreams will come true. Prayers and wishes will be answered and granted unto you ma’am. Happiest birthday to you senior.

53. You’re not just a senior, you’re a woman of great knowledge too. Knowing you and working with you has been a blessing. I wish you God’s blessings, happy birthday to you.

54. The testament of the good person that you are will continue to increase. You are favoured of God always and forever. I wish you a very happy birthday.

55. The greatest of time were spent under your tutelage and it was worth it. Thank you for all those words of wisdom. Today and always, I celebrate you, sir. Happy birthday, senior.

56. You’re a gem, I may not say it often but I mean it. I pray that you’ll never lose your shine and relevance. Happy birthday to you senior ma’am.

57. It is an honour to learn from your wealth of experience. Thank you for your free spirit ma, happy birthday to you.

58. May your latter be greater than your former. It is with great excitements that I join everyone to say; Happy birthday senior!

59. There’s nothing that beats having a caring and absolutely supportive senior at work and that’s what you really are to me. This is my sincerest appreciation of you, sir. Happy birthday to you, many happy returns.

60. Load of prayers and wishes for you today ma’am, you’re deserving of them. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity to you too.

Professional Birthday Wishes for Senior Officer

I just won’t let today go by without sending my wishes to you, dearest senior officer. Thank you for all the lessons on being a professional. Happy birthday to you.

61. Another 365 cycle and I am grateful to God for your life. You have been a great source of inspiration that remains unrivalled. Happy birthday to you today, sir. I wish you a prosperous and very beautiful life.

62. In and out, you’re an excellent professional. With you always around, there’s no worry for us at all. Many happy returns of today to you.

63. I pray for more success in the years to come. God bless you abundantly, happy birthday to you.

64. My prayers are that you will prosper and you’ll keep growing. Happy birthday to you, officer.

65. If selflessness were a virtue that pays in cash, I’m sure you’ll be the wealthiest man around. God bless you for all you do. Happy birthday to you senior.

66. A senior officer with a difference, continue to be the best that you are. The whole world celebrates you. Happy birthday to you sir.

67. Discipline is not strange to you, it’s your speciality. I pray that you’re favoured continuously. Many happy returns of today sir, happy birthday to you.

68. You are a real magnet for success and it’s been evident so far. May God continue to guide you, sir, happy birthday to you.

69. God’s blessings will run over you to overflow. Happiest birthday to you today ma

70. Your nights and your days will bring you nothing but joy. Happy birthday to you, sir.

71. Knowing you has been a wonderful experience so far. Continue to wax stronger, happy birthday to you, ma.

72. It’s not a surprise that we all look up to you. You’re a complete dose of inspiration. Happy birthday to you now, God bless you forever.

73. Welcome to your best year yet dearest senior. I wish you an abundance of God’s grace. Happy birthday to you.

74. May your source of strength and wisdom never run out. Blessings follow you all your days, happy birthday to you.

75. Professionals like you deserve to be celebrated every day of life. Many happy returns of today to you officer.

76. You are extraordinary all-round, that sometimes I wonder if you’re of this world at all. I pray that this year will favour you and you will not be put to shame. Happy birthday to you, ma’am.

77. My prayers are that your dreams come true. You’re a good person and you deserve that much. I wish you a fantastic year ahead boss. Happy birthday to you.

78. Your yesterday was interesting. I wish today and tomorrow will be more beautiful. Nothing stops your joy forever. Happiest birthday to you.

79. Thank you for your awesomeness always. My prayers are that your prayers be answered. Cheers to you as you celebrate today.

80. I wish that you’ll live longer and be more productive too. Long love you officer, happy birthday to you.

Birthday Messages and Quotes for my Superior

There’s no quote anywhere that can rightly sum up my message to you today. To a superior with class and excellence, happy birthday!

81. Cheers to the days ahead of you, I’m sure they’ll be exciting. Happy birthday to you, sir.

82. I won’t advise you set a goal for the new year, you’ve done well so far sir. Happy birthday to you today.

83. None of your past efforts have been in vain, none of the future ones will. Happy birthday to you, my superior.

84. To my superstar superior, happy birthday sir! May you be happy, always.

85. It’s not about getting old it’s about looking back and seeing the lives you’ve impacted so far.

86. Only kind people make the world go round, thank God you’re one. Happy birthday to you, boss.

87. You’re a superior with a difference forever. I wish you a very happy birthday today.

88. Thank God I got to encounter an amazing superior like you. God bless your works and your days. Happy birthday to you.

89. You are one who will definitely live beyond this lifetime. Happiest of birthdays to you today, sir.

90. Thank you for letting me find a friend in you. It’s been a great honour. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity to you ma’am.

91. You’re not just my superior, you’re my mentor, a living legend. I celebrate you today like always. Happy birthday to you.

92. It is good that I got you as my go-to person not just for work but everything. God bless you always. Happy birthday to you.

93. Superior like no other, I wish you a very hearty happy birthday. Long life and prosperity are yours, sir!

94. I pray that you’ll remain as cool as this when you’re a hundred. God’s favour always for you ma’am. Happy birthday to you.

95. The only one who motivates me no matter what! Thank you for you do as my superior. I wish you a very happy birthday and a fruitful year ahead.

96. May blessings and happiness never elude you. I pray that all your wishes will be granted too. Happy birthday to you.

97. I couldn’t think up the perfect words to celebrate you that’s why I want to just say; happy birthday to you sir!

98. Not much to say other than you’re a great superior to work with. I wish you a very happy birthday ma’am.

99. Happiness will come to you because you truly deserve it, ma’am. Happiest of birthdays to you today.

100. May the days ahead hold enormous blessings and excitements for you. I wish you a very long and fulfilled life. Happy birthday to you sir.

This collection of happy birthday wishes for senior in office were carefully composed so that it can meet your need of how to celebrate office seniors, all categories, with your interest in mind. That’s what I do here; making sure you have nothing short of the best contents.

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