Happy Birthday Wishes for My Second Son

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Second Son

You are making the right decision by choosing to send well wishes to your second son on his birthday as it is certainly one way you can add flavour to his day.

There are other creative birthday ideas you can also incorporate along with sending him a birthday quote or birthday message but whatever you do, make sure you consider his preferences.

This post contains happy birthday wishes for my second son that you can send to him to put a smile on his face on his special day.

Happy Birthday to My Second Born Son

Happy birthday to my son, my second-born and the troublemaker of the house. I know I am sometimes tough on you but that is what parenthood requires and I do that from a place of love. You are going to have a great day today.

1. I wish you a beautiful and fun-filled birthday celebration today. Enjoy your day, son and be happy.

2. Happy birthday to my one-of-a-kind, adorable and obedient son. You make me proud to be your mom every time and I appreciate that.

3. May you experience unexplainable blessings and joy to last you all year round and may your new age usher you into a whole new realm of happiness. Enjoy your day, son.

4. Happy birthday, dear son. Today brings back memories of how happy I felt when you choose to come into our lives many years ago. I pray Your life is forever filled with happiness.

5. You have always been a source of joy to us all and I pray you will always experience joy every day of your life. Happy birthday.

6. Cheers to a brand-new year, son. As you add a year today, may all your heart desires be met and may you continue to rise higher and excel in all that you lay your hands on.

7. Happy birthday, dear son and don’t hold back on having fun today because it’s your day.

8. As you add another year today, I wish you the very best of what the year can offer. May you have an exciting, fun-filled and memorable year.

9. Thanks for being an awesome son all the while. Happy birthday to you, my dear son, thanks for the wonderful memories.

10. Happy birthday, dear son, may you have all your heart desires in this new age. Cheers to an exciting season.

11. May your new age bring amazing opportunities and good tidings your way and may you not know a better yesterday. Do have a memorable new year.

12. Happy birthday to my amazing son with a heart of gold. May you experience God’s exceeding riches and blessings in all your endeavours.

13. I am praying that you will always have reasons to be joyful all the days of your life. Have a joyous, exciting and amazing birthday. You are deeply loved. Cheers!!!

14. Happy birthday dear. You are indeed a blessing in my life and am proud to have you as my son.

15. May your heart desires and wishes be met today. Happy birthday, son, get ready to experience a new dimension of joy, happiness and gladness all year round.

16. Happy birthday my dear son. You have brought nothing but joy to us all as we watch you grow into a full-blown man. May your new age expectations be met.

Happy Birthday to My Second Son Quotes

From the very second, I had you, I knew you were going to be a special child and you have not proven me wrong. Happy birthday to a boy I am proud to call mine. Have a wonderful birthday, son and make sure to enjoy your day to the fullest.

17. I wish you a wonderful and memorable new age. Stay blessed and remember we have your back always.

19. I wish you a happy birthday son. This new age will definitely open greater doors of goodness to you. Have a blast.

20. Happy birthday to you my adorable son. You have given my life so much meaning and I can say you are a blessing to your generation. Long life and prosperity.

21. Today is a good day to make the world know that a rare gem is a year older. Happy birthday to you my boy, know that you are very precious to us.

22. You are a perfect gift to us and am thankful to God for your life. I wish you a glorious and awesome birthday celebration today, enjoy your day.

23. I wish you a great and beautiful birthday. Words cannot quantify what a blessing your presence in our lives has brought to us. Have a wonderful day

24. Happy birthday my dear son, may God grant all your heart desires and make your path shine brighter. Enjoy your cake and keep mine.

25. You are the best of your kind, you are a fantastic and amiable son and I wish you the very best of every good thing of life today which is your birthday. Happy birthday.

26. Happy birthday my beloved son. We are lucky to have a wonderful son like you in our lives as you have brought nothing but joy and pride to us. Make sure you celebrate your day.

27. parents. You have always been a shining light and have always stood out as a good example among your peers. Happy birthday, son, keep winning.

28. Do have the sweetest birthday ever and always keep in mind that we love you with all of our heart and want the best for you.

29. You have made us proud parents in innumerable ways and when I talk about you to my friends, my face glow. Happy birthday to you my boy, stay amazing.

30. We have watched you blossomed into a sensible and mature adult and it has made us really certain you will be fine and will do well for yourself. Happy birthday to you, my dear son. I wish you the very best.

31. I wish you a happy birthday son and I want you to know that we all love you and will always love you.

32. Happy birthday to you my son. You are a caring loving and amazing son and I wish you a very memorable birthday filled with all the goodness of life you have ever wished for.

33. Happy birthday to you, son. You made parenting and loving you so easy and I am glad I have a son like you.

34. You are a selfless, smart and loyal son and I pray that the blessings of God will never elude you. May you not know a better yesterday, happy birthday.

35. Cheers to a new age son. You deserve all the love you get today and you are going to get a truckload of love.

36. Keep conquering your world, keep doing you and know that we are all behind you whatever you do. Happy birthday.

37. You are a smart kid and your brilliance is worth celebrating. Happy birthday to you, I am happy it’s your birthday.

38. Happy birthday to you my son. Stay focused in all that you do in life and all will definitely fall into place. Do enjoy your birthday to the brim.

39. Happy birthday to my one of a kind son. You have grown into an adult that can be well emulated. Have a lovely day.

40. I wish you were home so we can celebrate you in our special way. Happy birthday son stay amazing.

41. You are charming, gorgeous, kind and compassionate and am proud to be your parent. Happy birthday.

42. We have watched you grow into a focus and a goal-driven individual and we can’t but be proud of you. Keep soaring.

43. I wish you the very best in life son as you add another year today. May you experience unexplainable joy and goodness in this your new age.

44. Happy birthday to you my son. I love you so much and am glad for the opportunity to celebrate you on your birthday.

45. You are an amazing son who shows love to everyone and I wish you a beautiful and fun-filled year ahead.

46. I love the beautiful memories of your transition from a toddler into adulthood and I often ponder on those memories. Happy birthday, son, your siblings are saying hi as well.

47. You are an optimistic person and that positive attitude will help you get far in life. Happy birthday, son.

48. have made us all so happy and lucky parents. We love you so much and wish you a very happy birthday.

49. Stay your happy self, never stop dreaming and don’t stop working towards fulfilling your goals and aspirations. I wish you a happy birthday.

50. You mean so much to me and the entire family at large. You are a good brother to your siblings and they all are very fond of you. Happy birthday, son.

Make sure you always celebrate your children without giving preferential treatment to one over another on their birthdays. This is one of the /ways of making your children feel equally loved.

The happy birthday wishes for my second son above can be written in cards or notes or sent as a text. Don’t forget to leave a message as your feedback is always appreciated.

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