Happy birthday son from another mother wishes

Happy Birthday Son from Another Mother Wishes

There are certain people you might not be biologically related to but consider a son or daughter. These might be your child’s friends or you might just develop a fondness for a child so much that you play a motherly role in his life.

If you are in a situation like this, then it’s only normal to want to write birthday messages for him and get birthday treats for him the way a mother would.

A birthday message is one of the gifts you can give on a birthday and you can pick one from the list of happy birthday son from another mother wishes below.

Happy Birthday My Son from Another Mother Quotes

I know I am not your biological mother but I am going to send you my birthday wish regardless because I see you as one of my sons and I appreciate you a lot. Happy birthday to you, son. Welcome to another beautiful season of your life.

1. Happy birthday to my son from another mother. You have been doing amazing things and I don’t want you to relent in your efforts.

2. Forget the mistakes of the past and keep your eyes on the present. Happy birthday to you, make sure you do not live your life in regrets.

3. Always keep a smile on your face and don’t allow anything to mess with your happiness. Happy birthday to you, my son from another mother.

4. You have a very good heart and I pray it will always stay delightful. Happy birthday to you, son from another mother.

5. I am grateful our paths crossed and I am a part of your life. Happy birthday to you, may all continue to align in your favour.

6. Thank you for the opportunity to be a parental figure in your life, I do not take it for granted and I promise to always have your back. Happy birthday.

7. You are a good person and your heart is rich and poor. Happy birthday to you. May today and the rest of your life be filled with goodness; the type that you exude.

8. Happy birthday to you. I understand you are going through tough times right now but you will make it through. Just keep pushing.

9. You are a special person, I noticed that the very first day I met you and that’s why I took you under my wings. Happy birthday.

10. You have come to mean so much to me and I wish you a fabulous and happy birthday today. Cheers to a new season!

11. Your birthday today will be good and so will the rest of your life. Happy birthday to you.

12. Keep dreaming, keep pushing and keep fighting. All will fall into place with time and in time. Happy birthday.

13. It’s good that I have a son like you even if I am not your biological mother. You are a wonderful person and I am very fond of you.

14. Happy birthday to someone with a huge sense of humour. If I, were you, I will consider going into the comedy niche.

15. I love having you as a son and I wish you a happy birthday today. Keep being the sunny person you have always been.

16. Birthday wishes and blessings to you. You are a fantastic person and I wish you the best of everything in life.

17. You had a beautiful year, you should be proud. Happy birthday to you, continue to live in good and sound health.

18. You are a smart, kind, brilliant and thoughtful young man and I am sure your parents are happy to have a son like you. Happy birthday.

19. I have faith in you, I believe you will amount to great things in life as the signs are already showing around you. Happy birthday to you, you are blessed.

20. I am happy your friendship with my son is growing as you both grow. It’s good to see such a healthy friendship. Happy birthday.

21. You are a very good influence on my son and that is why I approve of your friendship. Happy birthday to you, son.

22. You might not know this but I consider you a son too and that is because you are an amazing boy and you have a good heart.

23. Your parents raised you really well and that is why you are turning out to be an amazing boy. Happy birthday to you dear.

24. I know the teenage age is a tumultuous one but I am happy at the way you and my child are navigating through easily while still maintaining your good character. Happy birthday dear

25. You are a lovely person and it is always good to have you around the house. Happy birthday to you.

26. I hope you know you have two homes, feel free to come around whenever you need my help concerning anything. Happy birthday.

27. When you are done celebrating over there, come over here and we will kickstart another celebration. Happy birthday.

28. You might not like that I scold you but know that I am only looking out for you the way I look out for my own son. Happy birthday

29. You will get lots of presents today, I sent one as well. Happy birthday to you, have a blast.

30. I was happy when I was informed you have your birthday today. Happy birthday to you, have a wonderful and fun-filled day.

31. Your laughter is mesmerizing and catchy and that is one of those things I appreciate about you. Happy birthday to my son from another mother

32. You are a remarkable young man and your parents must be really proud of you as I am. Happy birthday to you, life is going to be good always.

33. You can make one wish and if it is within my means, I will grant it. Think about it carefully. Happy birthday.

34. I am glad my child has a friend like you to watch over his back and give him guidance and direction when he needs it. Happy birthday to you.

35. You have always treated me like I was your parent and that is one of the reasons I will always treat you like a special child of mine. Happy birthday to you.

36. You have earned my trust over the years and I must tell you, it is not easy to earn my trust. Happy birthday to you, have a wonderful and joyous day today.

37. Your parents must be wonderful people to raise a wonderful boy like you. Happy birthday to you, tell your mum I said hi.

38. I am unbelievably proud of you, it’s just like you are my son. Happy birthday to you, have a beautiful and worthwhile day.

39. I know you are a young man now but even when you grow older, I will still look out for you and keep taking care of you. Happy birthday.

40. You will always have a room in our house because I consider you one of my children too. Happy birthday to you darling.

41. You have a place in my heart and you will always do. Happy birthday to you dear, make sure you have fun today.

42. You are not too old for cakes and sweets so enjoy them today as birthdays don’t come every day.

43. Remember this, you can always turn to me whenever you need someone to talk to. I promise to always be there and this is because you are a son to me.

44. Your birthday today will be good and memorable and so will all future birthdays. Happy birthday, dear.

45. I intend on being there for you just as I would be there for a son that needs me. Happy birthday buddy.

46. My daughter speaks highly of you every time and it means you must be a really good person. Happy birthday to you, stay the amazing person that you are.

47. I hope tomorrow and the rest of your life is as exciting as today is going to be. Happy birthday to you dear, you are going to have a blast today.

48. You have lots of talent. I hope you are making use of them well as they are going to take you to greater heights in life.

49. I am aware of all you have gone through and I must confess that you are really brave. Happy birthday to you, keep your head up.

50. I know you have my number, so call me whenever you need someone to talk to as I will always be there. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes to a Son from Another Mother

I am sending you best wishes today and praying that today will always put a smile on your face whenever you remember all that will transpire today. Happy birthday to you and never forget that I will always be a mother figure for you because I see you as another son of mine.

51. I am always going to show up for all your celebrations; be it birthdays or graduations. Happy birthday to you, have a most wonderful and lovely day today.

52. You are always in our family photos and you are a part of some of our fondest family memories. Happy birthday, son.

53. I am in full support of your friendship with my son and I always encourage him to stay friends with you. Happy birthday handsome.

54. I would have organized a little party for you but I was made to understand you have something planned for the day already. Happy birthday to you.

55. Don’t think you won’t get gifts because you are not a child. Even adults deserve good things as well. Happy birthday.

56. Have fun today as they will form part of the exciting memory you will have about this period of your life. Happy birthday to you.

57. I have lots of wishes for you today part of which is good health, happiness and fulfilment of your dreams. Happy birthday.

58. I am glad you take counsel from me and you see me as a mother figure. Happy birthday to you my son from another mother, have a wonderful day.

59. I know it’s not easy for boys your age to open up to people so I do not take for granted that you confide in me. Happy birthday to you.

60. It’s ok for hard times to come but always keep in mind that you have me and I will always support you. Happy birthday.

61. You are a very lucky person to be surrounded by those who love you and care genuinely about you. Happy birthday, stay cheerful and enjoy the celebrations.

62. You are a peace-loving person and it is one of the things I love and cherish about you. Happy birthday to you, don’t let the stress of life make you lose your calm.

63. To a boy I consider a son who has stuck around and shown me, incredible love, over the years, happy birthday. May this period be a refreshing time for you.

64. Don’t fret, life is about to take a positive leap. Just relax and enjoy the ride. Happy birthday.

65. You are getting fresher and your skin keeps glowing. You must convince your mum to share her cooking recipes with me so I know what you have been feeding on. Happy birthday.

66. You are about to start living the best times of your life. Happy birthday to you, welcome to a new season.

67. You celebrate over there then come around for a mini celebration down here as well. Happy birthday to you, get ready for a fun time.

68. I am going to overfeed you today the way a mother would. So, come with a big container for take home. Happy birthday to you.

69. You are a fighter and a hustler and I believe this would work in your favour and help you through difficult times in life. Happy birthday to you, have a great day.

70. I am going to bake a big cake with your name on it and announce to everyone it’s my son’s birthday. Happy birthday to you, dear.

71. I am praying for you that your life will make sense and you will fulfil all your heart desires. Happy birthday to you.

72. Let me know what plans you have for the day and how I can help you achieve them all. Happy birthday, plan to have fun today.

73. I hope you are not too big for sweets because I got you lots of them. Happy birthday to you, congratulations on being older.

74. I said a prayer for you this morning and I am sure it would come to pass. Happy birthday to you, know that you are always in my prayers.

75. I have been waiting for this day and I am glad it is finally here. I have got plans for you and if all goes well, you are going to be talking about today many years from now. Happy birthday.

76. You are a courageous person and I must confess that even I am learning to be courageous from you. Happy birthday, darling.

77. May your birthday go exactly as planned and fill you with joy. Happy birthday to you, don’t forget to keep some cakes for me.

78. I hope your hopes and dreams come to pass and you live a fulfilling life where you get to achieve all that you set your heart towards. Happy birthday to you.

79. Have a wonderful year today and don’t forget to take as many pictures as possible. Cheers to an amazing season.

80. You are going to be showered with so much love today because all your loved ones are going to surround you. Happy birthday to you, have a blast.

81. Happy birthday to one of my sons. I hope you know my arms are always opened to you.

82. My children all look up to you, they see you as a big brother and that technically makes you my son. Happy birthday.

83. one is never too old to blow out candles so, don’t be shy, make a wish and blow the candles out.

84. You have my never-ending love and support and no matter what part of the world you are in, I will always be just one call away. Happy birthday.

85. I am grateful God gave you to me as a son. You fit really well into our family. Happy birthday to you.

86. your kind and caring heart is the first thing that attracted me to you. You are one of a kind and I don’t want you to ever lose that richness of heart. Happy birthday.

87. I pray you experience happiness on your special day today and whenever you think back on today, you are reminded of fun and laughter. Happy birthday.

88. You are a unique person and you will achieve all that you set your heart on if you work for it. Happy birthday, you are blessed.

89. I know everyone thinks you are a trouble maker but don’t worry, I love you like a son nonetheless. Happy birthday.

90. You are going to get wonderful surprises today and they are going to be in different forms. Happy birthday to you, don’t stop being the good boy that you are.

91. I cherish all the times you spent with our family and I look forward to more beautiful moments in the future. Happy birthday to you, you are loved.

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92. On behalf of myself and my family, I wish you a happy and fabulous birthday. We hope to get some time to spend together soon.

93. I cherish you like a son so I am going to spoil you the way I would spoil a son on his birthday. Happy birthday to you today.

94. I tell those who care to listen that you are like a son to me which is very true. Happy birthday to you dear, you are always loved.

95. I know I pamper you a lot and that’s because I consider you the son I do not have. Happy birthday, honey, have a lovely day.

96. I want the best for you, I have always wanted the best for you. Happy birthday to you, dear, I hope the day goes as you envisioned.

97. Keep your dreams alive and don’t let any circumstance make you stop believing in yourself. Happy birthday; remain positive.

98. You are a man already which means you have to be careful of the choices you make now as they might impact the future. Happy birthday

99. Make new resolutions if you must and stick to them. Welcome to a new year of your life, make sure you make good use of every minute of every day.

100. I have always encouraged you to believe in yourself and never settle for less and on your birthday today, I am reminding you of this again. Happy birthday; always stay true to yourself.

Make sure you send a gift along with the happy birthday son from another mother wishes and if it is within your means to organize a little hangout, then do so since you consider him a son.

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