Happy Birthday Wishes for My First Born Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes for My First Born Daughter

Firstborn daughters are sometimes more responsible among others. Some parents tend to put more passion into training their first daughters by ensuring that they become good ambassadors of what the family represents in terms of morals, beliefs and norms. All of these can eventually place demands on your firstborn daughter to be the responsible girl that you have trained her to be.

From getting the house chores done to taking care of whatever needs attention in the home, some firstborn daughters can be really helpful. As a mother or father who is proud of her lovely daughter, making her feel appreciated and special on a special day like her birthday is a perfect thing to consider.

Is it your firstborn daughter’s birthday and you need to make her feel special? Putting words together for someone who means so much to you can be quite tasking, that’s why I have these happy birthday wishes for my first born daughter below. No matter what your choice is, she will appreciate it wholeheartedly.

Birthday Messages to My First Born Daughter

To my firstborn daughter, you are everything to me. I’m grateful for the blessings that come by giving birth to you, my darling. I hope this message puts a smile on your face. Thank you for all you do. Happy birthday to you, my daughter.

1. You are perfect in every way. I’m thankful that you are my womb opener. After you, so many beautiful children came out of me. Thank you for always looking out for your siblings, and taking care of the home. It’s a new year, go and be well. Happy birthday, my daughter.

2. I’m super happy because it’s the birthday of my firstborn daughter. My darling, you have been a source of joy and happiness over the years. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter, because, training you has taught me so much. Happy birthday, my daughter. I love you.

3. I have never been so interested in the well-being of another human being. I just want to be there at every point in time. I want to be involved in all that has to do with you, so I can be sure you are fine. Happy birthday, my sunshine. I am proud of the woman you are becoming.

4. Everyone knows that I love you with all my heart, and you are my best friend. I couldn’t choose anyone else but you, as my best friend, because you are the only one, I can always count on; the only one who will never betray me. Keep being a good girl. Happy birthday, my first daughter.

5. Giving birth to you has brought so many blessings than I was anticipating. Up till now, I still haven’t stopped experiencing this. It feels like, life without you would have been meaningless. Thank you for giving my life a beautiful meaning. Happy birthday, my daughter.

6. All of me belongs to you, and that’s why I will never turn down any of your requests. In case you didn’t know; I work day and night because of you. I never want you to lack anything or feel uncomfortable. You just keep making me proud. Happy birthday, to you.

7. I have always prayed to have a female as my firstborn. I have always loved girls. I’m grateful that God didn’t just give me a daughter, but the best one. Sometimes, I can’t but feel I am not worthy. You are my world, honey. Happy birthday to you. Make sure you enjoy yourself.

8. Whatever decision you make in life, I will always be here to guide you through it. You are the apple of my eye, and I can’t stand any harm coming close to you. I won’t fail to mention how much of a sweetheart you are to me. Happy birthday, my baby.

9. To say I am very proud of you as a father, is an understatement. You make me want to be with you day and night, even when you’re grown. Nothing else interests me other than staying close to you. Please, keep your head up high. Keep focusing on the important things. Happy birthday to you.

10. You are all I have always wanted. It was just as if I knew God would eventually bless me with a daughter. You bring me joy, my darling. Every second spent with you is always worth it. I will never do without you. Happy birthday, my love. Have fun!

11. You are the reason for my happiness; I wonder where I’d be without you. You have blessed my life in more ways than you can ever imagine. You are perfect in just about every way, my dear. I hope you always top the list of successful women in society. Happy birthday to you.

12. I never really knew what love was until I gave birth to you. Your birth made me understand all that love entails. Right now, I am obsessed with you. I never want you to leave my side. I understand that some things must be done, so I will cope. Happy birthday to you. Enjoy every bit of it.

13. You are more than just an ordinary daughter; you are a dream come true. You are my life and the essence of my being. Nothing will be possible without you. Thank you for adding colour to our lives. We are forever grateful for having such a wonderful daughter. Happy birthday.

14. God knew exactly what I wanted, and He brought you, my way. There is now how I am going to ever let you go. You are the answer to so many years of prayers. You are finally here, and I can’t get enough of you. Happy birthday, my big baby. I wish you long life and prosperity.

15. Things were never this rosy, before your birth. I mean, we didn’t have it this cool at all. Your birth brought a full stop to our problems and unlocked new levels of blessings and the likes. We are all lucky and blessed to have you. Happy birthday to you. Keep making us proud.

16. Nothing beats having a wonderful child; the feeling is everything. Especially when the child is an obedient and respectful one. You are even more than all these, my girl. I have no words to describe how wonderful you are. Happy birthday to you, our baby. We love you.

17. I didn’t find it funny when I was pushing in the labour room. I was in so much pain, little did I know that the one who will wipe off my tears was on her way. That same day, my life changed good forever. I thank you for making this possible. Happy birthday to you.

18. Even when you start having your own children, you will still be my baby girl. Above all, you will continue to be my best friend. I am very happy that, as a mother, I have tried my best in grooming you into a wonderful lady. I hope you don’t ever run out of happiness. Happy birthday to you.

19. You are my daughter, and I can vouch for you everywhere, every day and every time. I invested a lot in you, and I’m sure you will never make me regret it. Happy birthday to you. Please, keep reaching for the stars, because nothing is impossible. You can always count on me. I love you.

20. Your father was and is still the happiest man to ever welcome his daughter. Ever since we had you, he has never stopped showing you, love. Truth be told, I sometimes feel left out, but I understand that there’s no love greater than that of a daughter and her father. Happy birthday, my darling. You are loved.

First Daughter’s Birthday Wishes

Motherhood is not easy, but it’s the most beautiful because it blessed me with my daughter. You will always come first in my life because you mean so much to me. Happy birthday, dear. Best wishes from me to you.

21. There’s absolutely nothing we can’t do to make you happy. Your dad will go to the moon and back just to make sure that you are fine. You are all we have, and we are grateful to God for providing all the necessary requirements to take care of you. We believe in you and your dreams. Happy birthday to you.

22. The joy of motherhood is to one’s daughter making it against all odds. If I had all the things you have now, when I was your age, things could’ve been better for me. But still, I thank God for making your life better than mine. Happy birthday to you. Have a great day.

23. Even though you seem to love enjoyment, you always make time for your growth. You don’t mix important things with pleasure, because you know the outcome might not be favourable. Thank you for never thinking of disappointing us. We love you. Happy birthday.

24. I know my daughter very well because I trained her the best way. No one can say anything bad about you, because you are the most God-fearing daughter ever. I’m grateful to God for giving me a daughter who fears Him more than everyone else. Happy birthday, baby.

25. I never found so many things easy, but God kept seeing me through. Today, looking back, I can only thank God for His faithfulness and protection. Nothing was by my power; He did all. Happy birthday to you. You are my miracle baby, and I pray you never die young. Amen.

26. It’s been a long time coming. We have been through so much together, yet we are here. God has been at the centre of it all, that’s why we now have things this easy. Happy birthday, my darling daughter. You will get whatever it is you request for today. I love you.

27. If anyone asks about my best friend, then I will tell them about you. No one else deserves this title other than you. I feel so happy and fulfilled to be raising a wonderful woman. I’m glad I could tell you anything I am going through, without holding anything back. Thank you for always having my back. Happy birthday to you.

28. The kind of joy I feel when I know that I am raising a sweet daughter, is out of this world. I feel like a fulfilled mother already, even though I still have so much more to do. You make me fall in love with motherhood. Happy birthday to you, my daughter. I love you forever.

29. My love, I want you to always remember that you will continue to be special to me. I had you when no one else was ready to be associated with me. I had to wait till you’re grown up, so I could make you my best friend. You’re all grown now, and I’m thankful for that decision. Happy birthday, my ride or die.

30. I know you will always make me proud, no matter what. You’re a highly intelligent and beautiful daughter. Your talents are so many and great. I am really glad to invest my all in you, just to see you succeed in life. Happy birthday, my baby. I hope you don’t ever disappoint me.

31. If there’s anyone who makes me happy and proud, then it’s you, my firstborn. Having you as my first child makes things easy for me. I don’t have to stress myself about your siblings because you will take care of them. You do a lot, and I hardly even appreciate you. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I love you.

32. While I love the bond between us, I love the bond between you and your siblings more; it is the most beautiful thing to experience. I am very happy I have children that are united. I’m sure you will continue to carry them along with everything. Happy birthday to you.

33. Lord knows you will be perfect for a firstborn, that’s why He put you in my womb. So many responsibilities come with being the firstborn, but you shoulder everything like the queen that you are. I hope you don’t ever feel uncomfortable because it’s part of the training. Happy birthday to you.

34. You are the best firstborn ever. You are always happy to fix things in the house. You feel every house chore is your responsibility. I never get to remind you of anything before you know what to do. You are just too proactive. I can’t be thankful enough. Thank you for holding it down for mom. Happy birthday.

35. It’s a happy day because it’s my firstborn’s birthday. My darling, saying I am thankful is an understatement. I thank God for every moment spent with you, because it gets me realizing that I birthed an angel. You remain the sweetest thing ever. Happy birthday to you.

36. There are definitely no dull moments with you. You know how to turn the whole situation around, with your lively self. I can’t believe you’re my real daughter. That shows how much of a blessing you are. Remember that you will always be special to me. Happy birthday.

37. No one knows exactly what I went through in the labour room; not even your father. Having to push for hours before you eventually came out, was the most painful condition I ever experienced. I am thankful that the whole thing is all history now. Thank you for bringing more happiness. Happy birthday. I love you.

38. Do not ever think that I am going to leave you; not in this life! You are all I have ever worked for. Everything I have achieved today can be tied to you, in a way or another. You have been such a blessing. Always remember that you are special to me. Happy birthday, baby.

39. Whoever hasn’t walked into my shoes, will not know exactly how it feels. I’m grateful to God that He gave me beauty for ashes. I got so much more out of my pain. You are the one who makes my story more interesting. Happy birthday, my love. I will continue to be your loving mom.

40. No place makes you safer than my arms; you just want to keep feeling my warmth all day. It’s your birthday, and I really wish you were here with me. Nonetheless, I hope you have a truly great and happy birthday celebration. Cheers to so much more. Love.

Happy Birthday to My First Born Daughter Quotes

This quote is straight from my heart. Things haven’t always been easy, but with a wonderful firstborn daughter like you, I have everything under control. Happy birthday, my dear. I wish that you don’t stop being a source of joy to me. You are loved forever.

41. You are the most special person to me. Trust me, you are more special than your dad. I love and cherish everything about you. Each and every day, I keep falling in love with you. It’s very clear that nothing’s going to come between us. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter.

42. Dear daughter, I hope this meets you well. I want you to know that, no matter how far apart we are, my heart will always be with you. Day and night, I pray for you. You are the only meaningful thing that’s ever happened to my life. I wish you have a happy birthday. I love you.

43. You are my favourite person in the whole wide world. I can’t even explain in detail what exactly you mean to me; it’s too much to explain. I just know you sum up all the blessings in my life. You will continue to be a blessing to me and society. Happy birthday to you. Have fun.

44. Whoever wants to know the true meaning of love should come and look at us. Yes, we are evidence that true love still exists and always will. Even after so many years, I still can’t get enough of you. I hope you don’t stop making me proud. Happy birthday, sunshine. Love you.

45. You mean so much to your dad and me. We can’t even stand any harm coming your way. You are all we’ve always wanted, so it’s a blessing to have you in our lives. Thank you for making the journey of motherhood worth it for me. I really hope you do have an amazing year ahead.

46. The moment I had you, I knew I was in for a lifetime of happiness, love, wealth and joy; everything just seemed right. I am glad it’s now coming to pass. I sincerely can’t wait to enjoy more blessings. Have a happy birthday, but don’t forget to let me know if you need anything.

47. You are my partner in everything. I communicate with you more than your dad. You know when things feel right and when they don’t. You almost always have a solution to every problem. Thank you for everything. On your birthday, I just want you to have a good time. Cheers!

48. If I am not mistaken, you are the greatest blessing in my life. You have a natural way of attracting great things to me. I still don’t know how I got so lucky. Thank you for being so amazing and kind to everyone around you. Happy birthday, dear daughter. Great things await you. All my love.

49. I have thought about the best present to gift the most wonderful daughter on her birthday, but there’s no luck yet. Nothing seems to be popping up. Nonetheless, I know something great is about to happen in your life. I hope you have the greatest birthday celebration ever. Enjoy yourself.

50. You are a daughter who knows how to have a good time regardless of the people around you. That is just one of the things I love about you. You find it very hard to pretend because you were trained in the best way. You are amazing to me and I hope you have a happy birthday.

51. You have no idea how much we love and care for you in this family. I could say you are more active than I am because you do almost everything in the house. While I am away, you make sure your siblings are in a good condition. You don’t know this, but you’re their second mom. Happy birthday, my love.

52. I really wish you could ask me anything today. No matter how big the thing is, I will make sure you have it before the day runs out. You are much more than I thought I would have. I have no words to express how I feel, but I hope you know that I am proud of you. Happy birthday, my daughter.

53. You are a virtuous lady. I took enough time to train you. I need no one to tell me how much of a great mom I am (my husband tells me every time.) I just hope that you don’t see these training as punishments; they would really help in the long run. Happy birthday, sweets.

54. The most beautiful part of my life is you. Marrying your dad was the greatest decision I ever made because it gave me you! I am a mother because you made it so. Happy birthday, my princess. I hope that you keep pushing hard while believing strongly in your dreams. I love you.

55. I respect you a lot, my daughter. Over the years, you have constantly shown me how strong and independent you are. You keep making conscious efforts to see yourself better at your craft. I am very proud of you, and that’s because you’re don’t cease to amaze me. I know you are coming for everything, so the world will hear you one day. Happy birthday.

56. You have no idea how much we care for you and appreciate your presence in our lives. Joy and laughter have never ceased to exist in our lives, ever since you joined your father and I. Sometimes, it feels like I just gave birth to you; I can’t get enough. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

57. There’s no happier time than your birthday! Your birthday is always the best celebration we all look forward to. It brings family, friends and acquaintances together. In short, your birthday is always full of love. I can’t wait to experience what it brings this year. Happy birthday.

58. You have always had a happy birthday, so this year won’t be an exception. Sometimes, I don’t feel the need to let you know how wonderful you are, so it doesn’t get in your head. But today, I can’t help it. You are all-around wonderful. Have a happier birthday.

59. You will always be a queen. Yes, I raised a queen and I’m super proud of her. You give me so many bragging rights. That’s nothing about you that I can’t brag about. Thank you for making me a happy and proud mom. You will always be special to me. Have a great one, daughter.

60. Who anticipates a birthday more than the celebrant? Definitely, me! It feels new each year. I just want your birthday to be here so I can celebrate you. This year, I will make sure I go all out to satisfy you because it’s been a whole year you had so much fun. Happy birthday, my baby. Enjoy all that it brings.

Birthday Greetings to My First Born Daughter

For you, I want to keep living. You are the reason I am still in a good condition. Thank you for taking good care of me and your siblings. Indeed, you have proven to be my firstborn daughter. Sending you beautiful greetings on your birthday. Enjoy!

61. You have a special way of making people feel loved and comfortable; I am very sure that’s just one of the reasons good things keep happening to you. I trained you very well, but you never failed in training yourself. You are a queen and more! Have a happy birthday, your highness.

62. I am wearing a beautiful smile because you made it happen. What would I have done without you? You are the only reason I am alive and strong. Nothing beats the joy you bring as a firstborn. I could keep on saying thank you. Happy birthday to my firstborn daughter. I love you.

63. I would be lying if I say I am not proud of all you’ve gathered so far. You work so hard just to make things happen for you and everyone in your life. No one can be more wonderful than you are. Happy birthday, my daughter. Please, don’t ever change your ways. You are loved.

64. The fact that no one has anything bad to say about you tells a lot about the kind of person you are. It tells more about the kind of person who raised you. We are both queens, my love. Thank you for adapting to the best training ever. It paid off, didn’t it? Happy birthday to you.

65. As a firstborn, training you wasn’t easy, because you always wanted to be very stubborn. At the end of the day, you succumbed to the best training ever! Today, I can boldly say I am proud of you. All the training didn’t go to waste. Happy birthday, my love. Enjoy your day.

66. There’s nothing more rewarding than reaping the fruits of what you’ve laboured for years. You are now big and successful enough to take care of me and your siblings. Things are now very easy for us, because of you. Thank you for making good use of your early years. Happy birthday to you.

67. Everywhere I go, I tell people about you; some can’t even wait to meet you. Your name keeps travelling to where your feet have never been. Like I always tell you; the sky is your starting point. Happy birthday, my firstborn daughter. I am extremely proud and happy for you. Cheers!

68. You are one of the pieces of evidence that great things can’t be limited to men; women do greater things too. Just look how great your life turned out. It didn’t just happen; you went through years of learning, unlearning and relearning. I will forever be proud of you. Happy birthday, my baby.

69. Even when it’s your birthday and you’re the only one who deserves all the love, you still have a way of making everyone else feel loved. All you want to keep doing is looking out for people. How selfless can you be?! Thank you for exhibiting the qualities of an angel. You are the best daughter around.

70. You are never the one of cause violence anywhere. You are always far from causing trouble. You prefer to let things go for peace to reign than to do what you will later regret. You are more reserved and responsible than every other firstborn. Happy birthday to you.

71. I am not surprised you turned out this way, at all. I have always known you would become a greater person in life because greatness has always been in you. You are a goal-getter. Oh dear, I am proud of the woman you have become. Thank you for making me proud. Happy birthday to you.

72. You will be special to me forever. You have a way of lifting other people up, even when there are some who would rather see you go down. You truly are a special person. Thank you for having the interest of humanity at heart. Happy birthday to the best daughter around.

73. You are a work of art; the most beautiful creature of God. I am so blessed to be called your mother. It has brought me so many blessings than I ever dreamed of. I hope that your heart keeps getting purer and that you have no reason to change from whom you truly are. Happy birthday to you. I love you too much.

74. Life feels the best, with you. If only you knew how wonderful you make my life feel. Your soul is the purest I have ever seen. Thank you for making each and every day of my life better with your presence. You are all-around sweet and amazing. I hope you have the best moments today. Cheers to greater beginnings.

75. Each year with you is always better than the last. Each year brings more lessons for you to be better than you were in the last year. Thank you for always adapting to the changes each year brings. You are wonderful in every sense of it. Happy birthday, my sweet daughter.

76. Whoever says motherhood is not sweet, should come and take a look at my life. No one ever believed in me; not even myself, but you brought me a clearer vision. I want you to always remember that you will continue to be special to me. Happy birthday to you.

77. Your beauty is the most amazing thing I have seen in my lifetime. I had always thought my mom is the most beautiful, but you beat her hands down. Thank you for finding my womb the safest place to stay for nine months. It’s been years of being your mom, and it keeps being beautiful. Happy birthday.

78. Your heart is my favourite part of you! It’s so beautiful and pure, the blind could see through. If only people can live as you do, then the world will be a better place, because it will be full of good people. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, my daughter. Always remember that you are a queen.

79. Nothing is really meaningful without you. You make every discussion worth it, no matter what it’s about. I just want to keep sitting and discussing life with you. Remember not to ever let your guard down! Happy birthday, my firstborn daughter. I wish you all the best in life.

80. Your dreams are valid, and that’s why I’m going to keep helping you to achieve them all. You have shown how great and determined you are, over the years. The least I can do is to support you through it all. Happy birthday, dear daughter. Nothing has the power to stop your shine.

Wishing My First Born Daughter A Happy Birthday

As my firstborn, I have so much to tell you, but that would be later. On your birthday, I want you to know that you will always come first in my life; no one/nothing will ever come before you. Wishing you a happy birthday.

81. Dear daughter, you are perfect in just about every way. You are smarter than the combination of your father and me. I want you to always remember how special you are to us. Never think otherwise, because nothing will ever change that. Happy birthday, my baby girl for life.

82. Isn’t it wonderful how my firstborn daughter became the brightest part of my life? Trust me, I prefer spending time with you than your dad. We just bond so easily, and I am grateful for that. Here’s wishing you more amazing years to come. Happy birthday, my darling daughter.

83. You could easily forget about yourself while trying to fix other people’s problems. I wonder where you get so much energy from. You are just amazing to us and everyone who meets you. Angels don’t last forever, I could’ve preferred you do. Happy birthday, daughter.

84. You will always calm me down when things are not going right. I don’t know how you do it, but you’re the only one I ever want to listen to. You are my firstborn and only daughter, I guess that explains why you have this stronghold on me. Happy birthday, dear. Thank you for being there.

85. I don’t know why it always feels like I am bugging you with my problems. You are my go-to person any day anytime. I just want to keep telling you things because you always have a way of easing my problems. Thank you for taking some burden off me. I can’t wait to see how beautiful your marriage will be. Happy birthday.

86. No one makes me happy as much as you do. You feel obligated to make me happy. You take my problems as yours and find lasting solutions to them. What would I do without you? Happy birthday to you, my pretty daughter. I wish you long life and prosperity in good condition. I love you.

87. There are only a few people who mean so much to me, and you proudly top the list. Giving birth to you signified a rebirth for me, even to date. I just can’t tell how much I appreciate your presence in my life. I hope you don’t ever stop making me happy. Have a happy birthday, dear daughter.

88. So many daughters find it hard to look their parents in the eye, and tell them what the problem is; I am one. That’s because of how they are being raised. I thank God for giving me to wisdom to raise you better than my mom raised me. I can’t wait for the world to celebrate you. Happy birthday.

89. You signify light to me. I am proud of you and everything you have achieved so far. None of them came easy, but with perseverance, you were able to pull through. It will get hard sometimes, but always remember you can count on me for anything in life. Happy birthday, my daughter.

90. May all your endeavours in life yield great success. May your story keep inspiring people all over the world. May you keep being a good example to everyone in society. Your values and morals will never leave you. Happy birthday, my sweet daughter. I am proud of you.

91. If it isn’t about you, then I am not interested in whatever it is; that’s the extent to which I care about you. You remain the coolest, smartest and sweetest daughter ever. My focus will always be on you. I wish you a happy birthday full of abundant blessings and wonders of God. I love you so much.

92. You remain the greatest investment of all time. I have invested so much in you, but love tops the list for me. I am glad that you treat everyone with love, no matter what they do to you. I hope the world doesn’t have the power to change who you truly are. Happy birthday, my daughter.

93. There’s nothing more enjoyable and satisfying than watching you grow; it brings me so much joy. Still, I wish I could get hold of time because you seem to be growing so fast. Anyways, this is a birthday wish, before I start changing the whole thing. Have a happy birthday. I will treasure you forever.

94. I am very sure you have a bright future and a delightful life ahead of you. When it comes to pursuing your dreams, you have so much enthusiasm, love and happiness. I hope each and every one of your dreams come true without struggling. Happy birthday, my daughter. Do have a blast!

95. So many people only get to see how much I pamper you, they don’t know what you keep doing to make me a proud mom. All I want to do is to keep rewarding you, as long as you keep fulfilling your dreams. You are a wonderful firstborn daughter. Happy birthday to you.

96. It’s the anniversary of the day when God blessed our lives with the best gift. We are very fortunate to have you as our daughter, and you have no idea how much. We hope that each new day brings you closer to the fulfilment of your dreams. Happy birthday to you. Cheers!

97. You are the loveliest daughter who makes us the luckiest parents. You have brought a lot of happy endings into our lives. Things keep getting better by the day. We are lucky to have you, and we don’t mind proving that forever, as long as it makes you happy. Happy birthday to you. We love you.

98. The day you were born made it the beginning of God’s blessings in our lives. Many years after, we still haven’t exhausted the blessings you brought, instead, they keep doubling up. You are going to be our angel forever. Happy birthday, daughter. Have fun with your friends today.

99. If I had my way, I’d be right beside you. It’s your birthday, and it’s so sad that I am not beside you. My princess, you are more than just a firstborn daughter; you are all I have always wanted, and I’m grateful that God answered my prayers through you. Happy birthday to you.

100. As the new year starts today, I hope you make fresh decisions and take them seriously. I hope you map out all you’d love to achieve this year and pursue them one after the other. Don’t worry about me, because I have nowhere I am going. I will be right beside you to achieve all with you. Happy birthday, daughter.

Hello there! I am very sure you got at least one of the happy birthday wishes for my firstborn daughter up there. I hope that your firstborn daughter loves whichever you send to her. Kindly drop your comment(s), so I can know how to serve you better. Don’t forget to share as well. Thank you.

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