Happy Birthday Wishes for My Eldest Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Eldest Daughter

It is a blessing to have someone you can call a daughter. And when she is your eldest daughter, celebrating her becomes top on your list, especially on her birthday. This is because, by default, eldest daughters automatically become the second mom of the house and the responsibilities that come with it.

Celebrating your eldest daughter on her birthday is the least you can do to probably appreciate her, encourage her and wish her well in life.

The collection of happy birthday wishes for my eldest daughter below has heartfelt wishes, messages and quotes that you can send to your eldest daughter on her birthday, whether to appreciate her for just being your daughter, or for everything she does.

They will pass the exact message you wish to send.

Birthday Messages for Eldest Daughter

You are my eldest daughter in whom I am well pleased. I wish I could do more than just sending you a birthday message, but I’m sure you understand how much I love you. Happy birthday, my daughter.

1. You are my joy giver and the one who makes me want to work my ass off. Having you as my eldest daughter has brought everything I ever hoped for. Thank you for being a supportive and caring daughter. You will always be special to me. Happy birthday.

2. You didn’t come first, but you do things like the ones who came before you should. You give your all to everything so it can be perfect. You have no idea just how much I love and respect you. I hope nothing ever changes who you are. Happy birthday.

3. You are my eldest daughter, and you’re almost as tall as I am. How time flies! I’m thankful for the resources provided to me by God, so I could take good care of you. Your future is secured because you have a supportive mother. Happy birthday, dear.

4. Never heard of or seen a daughter who inspires her mom; you definitely are the first. Well, if I had the opportunity, you have now when I was your age, things could’ve been better for me. All the same, it’s good to have the best daughter as mine. Happy birthday, sweetness.

5. My love for you knows no bounds. My respect for you is always extreme. Every time I see you, I see a goal-getter and a lady who’s gonna be celebrated all over the world, pretty soon. You make me so proud; please continue. Happy birthday, my eldest daughter.

6. Whenever people ask why we are so close, I simply tell them you’re my eldest daughter, and friendship with any other person would’ve just been a waste of time and energy. Everything is worth it with you, my love. I hope that you have a happy birthday.

7. All along, I was always thinking my heart was the most beautiful. In fact, people always told me. I never knew I’d one day have a daughter with a more beautiful heart. I wish those people could meet you; then they’d know I do not stand a chance at all. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

8. I do not take the grace and privilege to be your mother, for granted. In fact, it’s a blessing I thank God for every morning. God has been really faithful, ever since I had you. My daughter, you are the eldest, so I expect you to keep doing better. Happy birthday to you.

9. I know you always thank me for my love and support, but you have no idea what my plans are. You have made me the best mom in the world, so nothing will ever be too much to celebrate a daughter like you. Keep setting the pace, my love. Have a happy birthday.

10. I have made so many mistakes in my life, that I thought having you was one of them. It took me some years to realize that motherhood brings so many blessings. For all these years, I have never had to doubt your capabilities. You sure do make me a proud mom. Happy birthday, my dear daughter.

11. Nothing in this world will ever come between us. Our bond is the most beautiful and strongest because we are best of friends. You are my eldest daughter and I keep showing you how to make things happen; I will never stop. Happy birthday, my darling. I love you.

12. You have no idea how much your dad and I am proud of you. You have brought us so many proud moments, and we can’t deny the joy this brings us. I hope that this is just the beginning of so much more to come. We will always have your back. Happy birthday to you.

13. The Lord knew what He was doing when He blessed me with a wonderful daughter like you. Your arrival was like a dream come true because I had always wanted a girl. You are now grown into a sweet and loving lady. The only thing is to keep making the world a better place. Happy birthday.

14. Sometimes, I am in awe of your many beautiful talents. How did I even get so lucky to have a daughter with so many talents? If only I discovered what I was good at when I was your age. Anyways, having what I don’t have makes me a great mom. Happy birthday to you.

15. Celebrating you will never be limited to once a year because you are my eldest daughter and you deserve better. For more than twenty years, you have constantly filled our hearts with joy, pride and happiness. You have done so much than we expected, my love. Don’t stop, because we are enjoying it. Happy birthday.

16. What’s life without a daughter like you? What’s a family without the eldest daughter who always comes through and makes things easier? You will always lend a hand even when you aren’t called upon. My dear, thank you for taking some works off me. Happy birthday to you. I love you.

17. I am not sure of what would happen tomorrow; we all aren’t. But one thing is, as long as I live, I will never watch you suffer or strive. I will constantly support you because you’re not just an eldest daughter, but a very responsible and kind one. I don’t know what I’d ever do without you. Happy birthday, baby.

18. Lord knows I always wait for each opportunity to celebrate you, my daughter. You are the kindest and most intelligent daughter ever. You know when to give your opinion, and when to keep it to yourself. Thanks for always keeping up with mommy’s excesses. Happy birthday to you.

19. If I have the opportunity, I will keep celebrating you every single day of the year, because you deserve it. I could even do much more if there’s an opportunity to. I don’t know what exactly I do to be a great mom, but I know it’s nothing compared to what you do. Happy birthday, sweetness. Have fun.

20. I have never been harsh to you because you are a naturally calm person. You don’t go after anything that can put you in trouble. You don’t even have friends, and when I asked you why, you said you didn’t want drama. You are everything and more, baby. Happy birthday to you.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Older Daughter

Has anyone ever told you how cute you are? Well, I think you get cuter as you grow older. Everything about you is beautiful and amazing. There’s absolutely nothing that’s not to love about you. Happy birthday, my daughter. Beautiful wishes!

21. I will never be surprised, no matter how much you prosper. You are a lady who gives her all to everything. I trained you well, and now I don’t have to bother about your siblings, because they have an eldest sister who is a great example to them. Happy birthday, baby. I am proud of you.

22. Your achievements leave me gobsmacked, most of the time. Sometimes, it feels like another woman trained you, because I have no idea how you turned out to be a great person. I can’t even talk about you without people supporting me with their clapping. Happy birthday, my star.

23. God hasn’t started with you yet. He’s just about to start blessing you. You are a great daughter and an amazing person to everyone around you. I can’t even go out without people pointing at me saying; that’s her mom. You are the pride of this family. Happy birthday to you.

24. I love you too much, even though I don’t really show it. Sometimes, I am strict and stern with you, because I want you to become a great person in the nearest future. I never want you to be a cast out, after everything I have done. The next time I make a stern look, don’t take it to heart. Happy birthday, dear.

25. The fact that my eldest daughter still takes to correction, even when she’s taller than I am, gives me so much pride as a mother. I have always known you to be the gentle one amongst the rest, even though you’re the eldest. I’m sure I can never have a problem with you because you make things very easy. Happy birthday to you.

26. It’s your birthday, and we all are happy for you. I love how you display leadership skills in everything you do. You make sure you carry your siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends and practically everyone along with everything you do. No one can ever do more. Thank you. Have a happy birthday.

27. I can’t keep calm, because it’s my eldest daughter’s birthday. Darling, what would I have done without you in my life? At a time, I really felt miserable, but you came through and everything just started picking up. You are a heaven’s sent. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. Do have a wonderful time.

28. I know you’re on to something great. Everything about you depicts class, hard work, grace, and so much more. I have always known you to be a goal-getter. I know you have so much more ahead of you. Don’t be shaken, because I will be right beside you. Happy birthday to my eldest daughter. You are loved.

29. No one dares come close to how significant you are to my life. Everything about you makes meaning to me. I had you when the world saw nothing good in me. I never thought I would make it through, but thinking about you made me push harder. It was all worth it. Happy birthday, baby. Enjoy.

30. As someone who knows how to enjoy life, I can only tell you to make the most of today, by having as much fun as you can. You have worked really hard all year round. You deserve some good time to yourself, and doing this with some friends won’t be a bad idea. Happy birthday dear daughter. We love you.

31. I will never place anyone above you. You are my first child and eldest daughter. You have made me proud in ways I never thought was possible. You constantly make me happy with all the things you do. Thank you for making me realize how blessed I am. Happy birthday.

32. At this age, I expect you to be doing better, but I will never put you under unnecessary pressure. You are the eldest daughter, and you definitely know what’s best for you. All I am after is your happiness; nothing more. It’s a new year. Do all you can do to be better. Happy birthday.

33. There’s no other person I’d rather dedicate the whole of this day to, other than you. You are a wonderful daughter who deserves everything great in life. I’m glad at how things are working well for you. I hope you don’t ever feel the need to relent. Happy birthday to you.

34. For years, I was everywhere, looking for the fruit of the womb. When I eventually had you, I knew it was my turn to testify. I have had three more children after you, but none of them can fill your place in my life. Thank you for making me happy as much as I deserve. Happy birthday to you.

35. I know I don’t get to tell you this every time, but I am proud of you. Everything you do has a way of feeling my heart with happiness. You work very hard, so I am not surprised at how things keep happening in your favour. Happy birthday, my dear. Enjoy the goodness of this year.

36. The Lord makes things beautiful at His own appointed time. It was at His time, He gave you to me. Ever since there has been no reason to be unhappy with life. I’m happy God made the right choice for me. Happy birthday my lovely daughter. Keep being a good daughter.

37. Before your birthday arrived, I was already all over the place; thanking God for His goodness in my life and family. No one has things easy, but God has been doing ours for us. I thank God for keeping you till this present day. Nothing bad will ever come near you. Happy birthday to you.

38. If I can be given an opportunity to ask God for anything, it would be to make me your mother in your next life. I love being your mom because it attracts so many blessings. It’s amazing how you don’t know what your presence does to me. Happy birthday, my baby. I wish you a good life.

39. Your life is a blessing; not just to me but to every other person out there. You are just a very kind woman who finds it hard to be mean to others. I have done my best in training you well, and you never failed to continue from where I stopped. Happy birthday to you.

40. My life is meaningful because you’re in it, I want you to know that. There are so many people in my life, but their presence is as good as useless. I don’t know if it’s because you are my daughter, but your presence means everything to me. Happy birthday to you. I am stuck with you forever. Cheers!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Oldest Daughter

I love how intentional you are about living a good life. There are so many people coming behind you, and I’m sure you’re going to lead them right. You are the oldest, but most compassionate. Happy birthday, my daughter. Best wishes!

41. In my entire life, I have never thought about hurting anyone, but I have hurt a fly a couple of times. You are on a whole different level because you can’t even hurt a fly. That’s how pure your heart is. I’m sure with people like you, the world will most certainly be a better place. Happy birthday, my daughter. I love you.

42. I love how you’re so cautious about the things you do and the decisions you make because you know there are younger ones coming behind you. Your life is the simplest and the most transparent ever. Everything about you speaks modesty. I can’t be prouder, trust me. Happy birthday to you. You make me happy.

43. I can be termed as a great mom, only because of you. I know I gave you my all and made sure that you made the right choices, but you could’ve chosen not to be a good girl. Thank you for figuring out the blessings that come with being a good daughter. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy life. Happy birthday to you.

44. Prayers up for you, today! It’s your birthday, and because you’re the most beautiful part of my life and my eldest daughter, you deserve all the prayers you can get. You could lock yourself up in your room, and start praying. You have been so amazing. I wish you a better year than the last. Happy birthday.

45. Well, things don’t always happen our way; I guess that’s why I had you. I never wanted to have you; I wanted to have an abortion. But God didn’t make it possible. I’m glad all my plans to abort your pregnancy were abortive. Happy birthday to you. You are a great daughter, and I wish you all the best.

46. Things will never come with ease, without a daughter like you. I’m glad I have you as my eldest daughter because you posses all the attributes of such a person. You are so brave and courageous, no wonder you keep having the things you want. Make sure to celebrate your special day with fun and cheer. Happy birthday.

47. There are so many people who anticipated this beautiful day with you. They will all be here to celebrate with us today. I just want the world to know how kind and sweet my eldest daughter is. I want them to know that she’s the most beautiful part of my past, present and future. I will do anything for you, baby. Happy birthday.

48. Against all odds, I choose to celebrate you today. I don’t want you feeling bad about anything that doesn’t work out; it will only keep weakening you. I want you to be determined to go for everything you’ve always wanted. You can do it; you will do it. Happy birthday, my first fruit. You are blessed.

49. It’s not how far, but how well. That will make decisions by ourselves doesn’t mean they are going to work out the way we planned. Have you ever thought about God’s decisions for you? They are the best. They might take longer, but they will definitely happen, and you will be glad you waited. Put your hope in God. Have a good day.

50. My eldest daughter who makes a joke out of everything, I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with such a goal-oriented daughter. You take after me in everything. Today, you begin another beautiful year. I want you to know that there’s no limit to what you can achieve. I will always be there to cheer you on. Happy birthday.

51. You are my greatest blessing, so far. Nothing will ever make me stop supporting you. You are so thoughtful and brilliant. You know exactly when mom wants to talk and when she doesn’t. I’m glad you know so much about me. I can’t wait for you to start your family. Happy birthday to you.

52. I keep thanking God for the blessing to wake up to you every morning. You are the best daughter ever. Most eldest daughters will always want to be rude and disrespectful, but you are different on all levels. I thank God for a peaceful daughter like you. Happy birthday to you. Don’t stop being peaceful.

53. Sometimes, I complain about your level of sensitivity, but I have realized it’s who you truly are. You are a naturally sweet person. You are wonderful and loving in all ways. Today, another year has started. I want you to start living purposefully. That way, there’d be little or nothing to regret. My blessings are with you. Happy birthday.

54. Sometimes, I really want to scream out loud, just because you are always with your dad, but I have come to understand that girls are almost always with their dads. You guys have a very strong bond, and that makes me a fulfilled wife and mother. Happy birthday, daughter. Make sure you have fun.

55. With you, it has always been smooth sailing. Even when you were a toddler, you always understood things, though I have no idea how that was happening. You are naturally an understanding person. Happy birthday to you. The world needs more of you, for it to be a better place. All my love.

56. It’s been years of being your mother; nothing makes me happier than this. I go through some moments of sadness, but immediately I realize that I have the sweetest daughter, I am convinced that all will be well. Happy birthday, my daughter. You sure do everything like the eldest. I love you.

57. You are always around me; this can be very annoying because it’s more like you are being clingy. But I understand it’s because of the bond we have. I love spending time with you too, because it has me discussing life with you, and that way, you know more about life and what to expect. Happy birthday, my dear.

58. The most beautiful feeling is knowing that you are my daughter. As the eldest daughter, you have so many responsibilities. Almost all the chores are on your shoulders. But the fact that you get everything done without complaining, makes me happy with you. You are the sweetest. Do have a happy birthday.

59. Your birthday has never been boring because I make sure I always throw you that big party you want. This year, we are having a grand party. There will be so many dignitaries in attendance. I want you to meet some influential people, so you can learn from them. Happy birthday, baby. Enjoy every single second of it to the fullest.

60. You are and will remain an amazing daughter to me. You inspire too many younger people, especially your siblings. I can proudly say that they have all improved in all they do. Given that I am not always around, it could only be you who have made that happen. Happy birthday, my amazing daughter.

Happy Birthday Messages to My Eldest Daughter

My darling daughter, I hope this message puts a beautiful smile on your face. Thank you for being the eldest daughter with so many successes to show for it. Thank you for living by example. Happy birthday to you.

61. Dear daughter, as the eldest, you live by example in everything you do. I find it so sweet that you keep the younger ones in mind while living your life. I don’t even know how I got so lucky, but you truly are a blessing. To everyone, you will always remain the sweetest. Happy birthday.

62. Your smile is the most beautiful part of you, and I’m sure you’re just about to smile while reading this message. Having you in my life has brought me so many joyous moments and wonderful privileges. I can’t thank you enough, but my heart thanks and prays for you. Happy birthday, My Sweetheart. I love you.

63. You will never know how much you make my heart dance for joy. Having you as my daughter has answered so many prayers. I know I don’t deserve you, but God knows why He made this happen. Thank you for bringing me happy moments, pride and joy. Happy birthday, the eldest of my daughters.

64. Isn’t it amazing how you take after me with everything? We could even pass as sisters. You are the most beautiful daughter ever. Thank you for giving me peace, and not making me have unnecessary sleepless nights, because of the fear of doing something bad. Of course, you are the best! Happy birthday.

65. From the day you were born, you have filled my life with so much joy. Your entire life has a direct connection with all the beautiful things of life. I see you, and I see grace. Thank you for always living by example. Thank you for being intentional about the things you believe in. Happy birthday to you.

66. Even though you will never accept that you’re the best daughter ever, I will still continue to say that. You are a queen who rules her kingdom with grace and love; no wonder everyone wants to be associated with you. Happy birthday, my daughter. Long may you reign!

67. Whenever you accept it or not, it’s so obvious that you are the best daughter in the entire universe. While I am not the best mother, I am really trying my best. I will be everything you want me to be, just be patient. Happy birthday, my adorable daughter. With so much love from mommy.

68. Despite having wealthy parents, you didn’t get where you are now by just sitting down and expecting things to happen. Instead, you work hard like one who came from a poor family. You literally get your hands dirty, so you don’t come off as a lazy person. I am proud of you. Happy birthday, daughter.

69. I love you more than words can say, that’s why I would do anything to make you comfortable and happy. You also deserve a good life. You deserve all that comes with a good life. As a good mother, I will make sure all your dreams come to pass. Happy birthday to you.

70. I knew life was just about to get better when you were born. You came to the world with so much happiness. Your laughter was and is still so beautiful. All the same, I want you to enjoy yourself while living a good life because life is extremely short. Do what matters, because time waits for no one. Happy birthday.

71. Thank you for constantly reminding me that I am the best mother in the world. I bet you don’t even know you are the best daughter, just because I don’t tell you. You make me happy and proud, my love. Keep bringing us proud moments, while you keep living your dreams. Happy birthday.

72. I had you when there was nothing, but look how our lives are after you came. Being your mother is the only thing that puts a smile on my face; it’s the only reason I live. Nothing will ever take you away from me. Happy birthday to you.

73. With joy in my heart, I welcome you into your best year yet. This year, so many things will happen in your favour. You will record greater successes than you always have. You will make great contacts, and be recognized all over the world. Remember that all these will not happen if you don’t make the move. Happy birthday.

74. I love how you keep believing in yourself, despite all you’ve been through. I know you were born a winner, and you will continue to be one. Nothing will stop your shine, provided you keep doing what is necessary. I hope this year comes with results for all you’ve ever laboured for. Happy birthday.

75. I’m proud of you because you never give up on your dreams, and that takes an extraordinary amount of determination and perseverance. As a mother, it is my duty to keep supporting your dreams, and that’s what I will keep doing. Make sure you have a happy birthday. I love you.

76. Living life is nothing; what you would be remembered for is everything. While you’re here on earth, make sure that you enjoy every moment. Make sure you help the needy and give opportunities to the less privileged. None of these will ever go unrewarded. Just live purposefully. Happy birthday.

77. There’s a blessing that’s attracted to being a good person, that’s why I have never doubted the amount of God’s blessings in your life. You love everyone equally. You don’t talk about people behind their backs. You make sure you tag everyone along in all you do. That’s an example of a true leader. Happy birthday.

78. Being a parent has brought me blessings, but being your mom has brought and keeps bringing me greater blessings. I just thank God I didn’t give up on you when things weren’t going smoothly. Now, it’s time to reap the fruit of my labour, and I shall enjoy it while it lasts. Happy birthday, daughter.

79. You’re the eldest daughter who lives by example. You don’t care what others say about you; all you care about is insisting on lives and making people see the light. The society and the world at large need more of you. Happy birthday, my daughter. We love you.

80. For someone of your calibre to come out from this family, is a huge blessing. For me to be a mother of someone of your calibre, is the hugest blessing. I can’t be more grateful to God. He has made everything beautiful in His time. Happy birthday, darling. Keep making the world a better place.

Happy Birthday to My Oldest Daughter Quotes

You have so much love to go around. You have never been mean to anyone, instead, you bring people together for good courses. Thank you for being the oldest daughter with so much difference. Happy birthday to you.

81. I just hope you never give up in life, no matter how tough the challenge is. As the oldest daughter, you’d want to feel like a failure if things don’t keep working out, but trust me, a positive mindset and attitude will make way for you. Just keep on trying, my love. Have a happy birthday.

82. Never give in to pressure! I have always known you to be a fighter; yes, you fight for whatever is yours. Don’t worry about the opinions of others, just keep on fighting for what you want. At the end of the day, success is sure. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

83. You deserve all the happiness and successes you can gather! As the oldest daughter, you keep working hard to make sure that your siblings don’t have to go through all you went through. You are grace-personified and I can’t wait to celebrate your success with you. Happy birthday.

84. The best daughter and sibling anyone could ever wish for. What’s not to love about you? You’re caring, loving, sweet, passionate and kind. You are everything beautiful. Thank you for making our lives more beautiful than ever. You will always be loved and cherished. Happy birthday to you.

85. You do too much, but I haven’t been given you your deserved credit. While your dad and I keep working hard for you guys, you keep making things easy for your siblings. You keep making the home stronger. You are not just an ordinary oldest daughter, you are a blessing to us all. Have a happy birthday.

86. I have so much faith in you, my dear daughter. I know you can achieve whatever you put your mind to because you are an achiever and a goal-getter. You have a positive attitude towards everything. I am sure you’re going to go far in life. May you have a wonderful birthday celebration.

87. Joy overflows in my heart because it’s your birthday. You are my first fruit and oldest daughter. You keep learning how to do things right from me. Sometimes, you fix things even before letting me know. You are just perfect in every way, my love. Happy birthday to you.

88. Go shawty! It’s your birthday. My daughter, here’s a reminder that you cannot be successful in life without facing challenges and obstacles; they are bound to happen. But trust me, you can conquer them by always having a positive spirit. Getting more proud of you by the day. Make sure you enjoy your day.

89. You are an amazing inspiration to us your parents. We didn’t have it funny while growing up. But looking at you and how hard you work, we have realized that we made a huge mistake by not making hay while the sun was shining. In all, we are grateful to God for you. Happy birthday.

90. My lovely daughter, you have grown up to become a fine young woman who keeps living her dreams without any fear. I’m glad that you find the need to let people know about your RISE TO FAME story. Keep spreading the word. The world needs you! Happy birthday to you.

91. Your energy has no match! It’s always very high. Everyone has a great story to tell about you, because of the cheerful person you are. The world is full of evil, and I hope it never changes who you are. Keep spreading your energy everywhere, my love. May your days be filled with love. Happy birthday.

92. Each and every day, you keep making me live my dreams by making me a wonderful and proud parent. I could never have asked for a better daughter. It’s even more delightful that you are the oldest. I wish you nothing but bliss and happiness. Happy birthday, my baby.

93. You are the only one I know, who doesn’t think twice before giving things out. You are fond of helping people who are in need, and this is just one of the reasons people love you. You are my oldest daughter and my favourite. Keep making me proud. Happy birthday to you.

94. The day you came into this world was my favourite day ever. Your birthday is an opportunity to be reminded of that beautiful day. You still haven’t checked, even after so many years. Happy birthday, darling daughter. You will forever be my baby girl, no matter how old you are.

95. While your other siblings don’t really care, you always feel the need to check up on me. I’m thankful that God blessed me with a daughter, and she’s the oldest of my children. If not, these boys would have neglected me. Thank you for giving me enough love. Happy birthday to you.

96. Don’t be surprised how things keep working as you’ve planned; you deserve it all because you didn’t just wish for it, you worked for all of them. I’m so happy that you make me happy. It’s a brand new year; go and unlock some brand new blessings. Happy birthday, my daughter.

97. One thing will forever be certain; my love for you. I have loved you even before I met you. In a world full of uncertainties, you give me hope. I hope your children make you prouder and happier than you’ve made me. I love you forever, my favourite girl. Happy birthday to you.

98. It’s one thing to have a daughter, it’s another thing to have a passionate and loving daughter. You posses so many great qualities, my love. If not for you, things could’ve turned out bad. I’m just thankful that I have a daughter who makes me her priority. Happy birthday to my oldest daughter. I love you.

99. You have no idea how proud I am, today. Looking back, I can only be thankful that you didn’t give up, despite the distractions from every angle. You have made me the proudest parent on earth. I hope that you have smooth sailing through this year. Happy birthday, my dear.

100. No mom can boast of a beautiful life without a daughter like you. You make every day exciting with your lively nature. I am most thankful that you found me worthy to be your mother. You have completely changed my life. Happy birthday, my daughter. I love you.

I hope your eldest daughter is happy with whichever you’ve chosen to send to her out of the happy birthday wishes for my eldest daughter up there.

Kindly drop your comment(s), so I can know how you feel about them. Don’t forget to share as well. Thank you.

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