Happy Birthday wishes for a special friend

2023 Happy Birthday Wishes for a Special Friend (Female or Male)

Birthdays are times of the year when friends, colleagues and loved ones are celebrated and appreciated for being amazing and loving.

It’s a time of the year when we send messages to our loved ones to let them know how special they are and how much blessings they have been to us.

We send gifts too, remember?

But you’re here for some birthdays wishes for that special friend of yours, right?

The ones below will perfectly fit. So copy the one you know they’ll love and send to make their day.

Birthday Messages for a Special Friend

A Special Friend deserves to be celebrated on His/Her Special day. Don’t hesitate to send these trending Birthday Messages to your Special Friend.

1. On your special day, I wish that all your desires be met. That you may be fulfilled be blessed beyond measures. Happy birthday.

2. To a wonderful friend, an epitome of goodness. May your special day bring breakthroughs in everything that concerns you. May you Shine brilliantly now and always. Happy Super birthday.

3. Because you are my best friend, my inspiration and my motivator.
Because you have been a blessing to many, may unspeakable love guide you to the brighter path. Happy birthday with lots of love.

4. Birthday wishes to a rare gem, a friend and a companion. Today marks the beginning of your successful career, a story to be told. You are unstoppable because you’re success personified. Happy birthday!

5. Meeting you was one of the best things that ever happened to me. You changed my life in a positive way and I will ever be grateful. You are a diamond, always sparkling with positivity. Happy birthday.

6. You deserve to be happy and I hope your birthday brings happiness and unending joy as you celebrate today. Congratulations on your birthday, dear Friend!.

7. Birthdays are specially designed and most times coupled with lots of wishes and gifts. My wish is that you rise to greater heights in your career and beyond. Go break a leg!

8. May this celebration lighten your world and may you be successful in your endeavours. Have a joyous celebration like never before. Happy birthday to you, from me.

9. Happy super birthday to my favourite friend. You’re like a buckle while I’m the school, always completing and helping me attain my goals. Many many returns.

10. A happy birthday to you. May you always find reasons to smile. Glow and keep growing in good health. Congratulations!

11. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul, an embodiment of wisdom and a friend of mine. Soar greatly, dear.

12. Loving you was easy because of your friendly nature. You are a friend indeed, always around to help and encourage. Congratulations on your birthday.

13. To a friend with a golden heart, a friend who gives without grudges. May the universe be kind to you. Happy birthday.

14. You brought out the best in me. You taught me how to live a happy life even when things are going haywire. May love meet with you in time of troubles. A very happy birthday to you.

15. May you keep thriving in health, beauty, and vigour. Happy birthday and many more years to celebrate. Much love.

16. May this day mark the beginning of a blooming period in your life. I wish you everything lovely that gives rich promise. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul.

17. May you experience a period of prosperity and rapid economic growth. May you never experience any form of lack. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend.

18. Some people come into our lives and become part of us. You came into my life and become part of me. Thank you for standing by me in the past especially in times of trouble. Happy birthday, dear.

19. Everything good, everything beautiful and bright is my wishes to you on your special day and always. Go ahead and occupy!. Happy birthday to a friend like no other.

20. There will always be a source of strength and joy in your life.
Never will there be infelicity around you.
May joy never elude you. Happy birthday to a super friend.

21. Congratulations on your birthday. May you blossom like flowers by the riverside. Grow and prosper.

22. Just like the river flows in every season, so shall you flourish at all times. Keep winning the race. Happy birthday to you.

23. You’re special, you’re loved. You are a unique individual and meeting you was a blessing. Your honesty is one thing that keeps me closer. I admire you a whole lot and pray that you never change from being the best you are. Happy birthday to you.

24. Keep growing in wisdom and understanding. Keep harnessing the potentials in you. You are simply an achiever. Happy birthday to scholar and a friend.

25. You are my all-time influence, your intelligence amazes me. You’re an Idol to me and I will remain grateful for your support especially in my career. Happy birthday to a mentor.

26. You’re one friend I can never get tired of. Though you are stubborn but still my all time best friend. You’re special. Happy birthday, besty.

27. Happy birthday to an angel. You were sent specifically to me. For all your support and encouragement, I say thank you. Do have a wonderful celebration.

28. I learnt a lot from you. Your perspective about life is top notch. Thank you for teaching me all that you know. I’m grateful. Happy birthday.

29. May you experience unending favour as you celebrate another year of blessing. You are a success waiting to happen. Happy birthday to you.

30. Happy birthday to a special one. A friend at all times, both in lack and in plenty. I appreciate our friendship and I hope we never fall out. Happy birthday to my friend extraordinaire.

31. The fact that you’re always by me gives me strength. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend with a heart of gold.

32. I will always be around you at all times. You’ve given me so many reasons to love you. You’re special, you’re loved. Happy birthday.

33. In all you do, on all you aspire to become, may you reach your fullest potential because of hindrances. These are my wishes to you on your special day and all the days of your life. Happy birthday.

34. Birthdays are special days for celebrants. May the joy that comes with this celebration never depart from your home. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul.

35. Thank you for being part of my life, for guiding me in the right direction. For your selfless nature, may you find favour in time of trouble! Happy birthday to a great achiever.

36. To my superhero, may the universe be kind to you. You are nothing but a blessing to mankind. Keep transforming. Happy birthday to you.

37. To an intelligent person, keep soaring high. May you never lose your light and voice. May your light never go dim. Happy birthday to a scholar.

38. Happy birthday to this generous and amazing friend. I look up to you in character. You are simply amazing.

39. You are one fearless person I know. I admire you a lot. You have inspired me into a bold person. Keep being yourself. Best wishes to you on your birthday and always.

40. You are one of a kind. As you become a year older today, may all your desires be met. I celebrate you. Happy birthday to a unique being I know.

41. May you be blessed with more wisdom and understanding, especially in your career. Go break a leg. Happy birthday.

42. I wish you many more years to celebrate in happiness. May the joy that comes with your birthday never depart from you. Happy birthday to you. Go and prosper.

43. A breath of fresh air you are. I have never regretted being friends with you. Thanks for being who you are. Happy birthday.

44. You’re loved and cherished. My wishes are that you live long and prosper. Happy birthday to one of the beautiful humans I know.

45. I draw inspiration from you every time you speak. You are a strong force to reckon with. I admire your courageous nature and I value our friendship. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul.

46. A friend like no other. Thanks for always checking up on me. May light continue to guide your path. You are amazingly beautiful. Happy birthday.

47. May you know no lack. Warmest birthday greetings to a friend indeed. Many many returns.

48. Through thick and thin, you have always been my backbone. Happy birthday and may this additional year bring amazing things into your life.

49. To the one beautiful and charming person I know, as you add another year today, may you continue winning in all life struggles. Happy birthday to you.

50. Your family and friends are proud of you for all that you have achieved at this age. May you find happiness in your chosen profession. Happy birthday.

51. Meeting you was a blessing to me. Sharing almost everything was one amazing experience I would never forget in a hurry. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend.

52. You were like a brother to me, guiding me like an angel that you. Thank you for saving me from many troubles. Happy birthday.

53. Your bravery is what I admire most. Your ability to thrive under pressure makes you the best. I love everything about you. Go ahead and take control. May the joy that accompanied your birthday brings the very best in you. Have a great celebration.

54. You’re all shade of awesomeness. I sometimes wonder what the team would have been without you. Keep winning, keep motivating.
Happy birthday and many returns.

55. To this calm and amazing person. You are everything I wanted in a friend. You’re supportive and you derive joy in helping others succeed. I will never let you down.
Happy birthday to my motivator.

61. Happy birthday to this intelligent and amazing friend of mine. Your desire to know more is one thing I admire most about you. Happy birthday this intelligentsia.

62. Your tassel was worth the hassle. You’ve achieved so much for your age. I wish you many more achievements in the years to come. Happy birthday to a winner.

63. How do I go about telling how good you have been to me. You’ve been nothing but an awesome friend and one of the best I have seen. I celebrate you today and always.

64. For your excellent contribution towards my growth, for those advice and guides, I say thank you. You’re part of my growth. I appreciate your help a whole lot. Happy birthday to a counsellor.

65. To a friend like no other, I appreciate your support and all that you have done for me. Life has been great having you as a friend. Happy birthday to you.

66. Your friendship has brought so much joy in my life. Your ability to help and encourage at all times are recommendable. I appreciate all that you are. Happy birthday to a true friend.

67. Happy birthday celebration to a jolly good fellow. One of the happiest person I know. Your cheerfulness is top notch. Do have a wonderful celebration.

68. I celebrate you today and I hope you live a life you would be proud of in years to come. It’s been long I saw you and I hope that you are still as amazing as you were. Happy birthday to you.

69. To a gentle and calm friend. I’m happy that our paths crossed. Thank you for always being there for me. May you blossom in your endeavours. Happy birthday.

70. I wish I had known you for a decade ago. You have helped in transforming my mind for this short period of time. Happy birthday and many thanks to you.

76. May your days be filled with love and may you be successful in all your life endeavours. and occupy because you’re winning already. Happy birthday to you.

77. May all that you have been praying for, all that you have wished for. May they come true this year and always. Happy birthday to you an awesome friend.

78. Light up those candles and celebrate your birthday. You are indeed a lead for others to follow. You achievements said it all. Happy birthday to you.

79. The older you grow, the wiser and better you become. May you continue to grow in wisdom and understanding. Have a wonderful celebration dear.

80. Blow those candles and make a wish. I pray that your wishes come to pass even as you celebrate today. Joy will never elude you. Happy birthday, friend.

81. May you experience upliftment in all areas of your life. I wish that you successfully rise beyond belief. Happy birthday you.

82. No matter where you are, I will definitely send messages on this special day of yours to tell you how special you are. You’re deeply loved and cherished. Happy birthday celebration, dearest friend.

83. As you become a year older today, I pray that your blessing be multiplied and that your long-time desires be met. May this wishes brighten up the day today and always. Congratulations.

84. Someone I admire a lot was born on this day. Happy birthday to you my dear. May you see many reasons to smile always. Congratulations on your birthday.

85. You brought so much joy in my life. May your birthday be filled with joy and laughter. Happy birthday to. Cheers.

86. To my tolerant and forgiving friend. Thank you for being forgiving. Thank you for tolerating me all these years. I honestly wish you the best in your endeavours. Happy birthday.

87. Cheers to a wonderful sibling. You’re quite extraordinary. You keep amazing me each passing day. Lots of love. Congratulations on your birthday!.

88. You are such an incredible person. I’m glad I got to meet you in my lifetime. Keep on shining and smiling. Happy birthday my dear.

89. I want to make your birthday an extra special one. I will take a day off from work to celebrate with you. Happy birthday, friend.

90. For all the things in helping me grow financially and otherwise, I appreciate them wholeheartedly. I fell I’m the luckiest person for having you as a friend. May happiness find you always. Happy birthday.

91. You’re such a wise person. Your knowledge and so many other things about you marvel me. I love you, dear friend, and I pray that you continue to grow in wisdom and understanding. Happy birthday to you.

92. I wish you abundance blessing and unspeakable joy in all that you do. May you be celebrated in everything you venture into. Happy birthday to you.

93. You are my favourite friend and there is no doubt about it. You are unique in your own way. I celebrate you today. Shine brighter as you become a year older today.

94. You are a motivation and I can’t help but celebrate you today. You are a friend in a million. I won’t forget your kind gestures in a hurry. Happy birthday.

95. To my childhood friend, I will forever cherish our friendship. Cheers to the many years of laughter. Keep winning. Happy birthday, dear.

96. From the bottom of my heart, I’m sending my birthday wishes to you. I wish you successful career pursuit and I pray that you find fulfilment in what you do. Happy birthday to you.

97. I appreciate you. Having a great friend like you is not easy to come by. Thanks for always coming around to help. You’re loved. Happy birthday buddy.

98. Though we fall out on the long run, I won’t forget your special day and the beautiful moments we shared in the past. Happy birthday to you.

99. I won’t ever get tired of loving you, best friend. May your birthday be filled with joy and laughter. Cheers to many more joyous years to come. Happy birthday to you.

100. You’re the best, simply amazing. I wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Thank you for encouraging me when things were falling apart. I won’t forget that in a hurry. Happy birthday celebration to you, friend.

101. You’re a year older, that means you’re a year wiser and better. Keep life mistakes out of today and be happy. Happy birthday celebration to you.

102. Always count your blessings and not your age. Count your amazing experiences too. mistakes. You’re an insanely awesome person and I love like that. Happy birthday to you.

103. Concentrate on the future, keep the past away. You’re a strong person and I know it. Keep winning friend. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

104. The best is coming your way. Happy birthday to a friend indeed. May you unending joy in life. Do have a great celebration.

105. To this funny, charming and loving friend like no other, Congratulations as you celebrate your birthday today. You’re simply amazing!

106. Because birthday wishes are ways to make loved ones know how special they are, I want to use this medium to let you know that I appreciate every day with you. Happy birthday to you

107. All I can say is that you are a sensitive and loving person. Sending you good wishes on your birthday can I pray that they brighten your day. Happy birthday to you my dear.

108. Wishing you many more years of good health. Congratulations as you celebrate today and may find joy and happiness as you age. Happy birthday to you.

109. I can’t find words to explain how much you mean to me. You’ve been a source of encouragement. I appreciate our friendship. Happy birthday and many returns.

110. Whatever you have learnt, may they drive you to succeed in your life endeavours. Thank you for coming into my life. Happy birthday.

111. Thank you for giving so much meaning to my life. May this year bring breakthrough into your life. Happy birthday, celebration.

112. I may not have been where I am today without you. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me. You’re the female version of Solomon. I will keep celebrating you. Happy birthday buddy.

113. I won’t even get bothered of the stress of coming over today provided I will be around to celebrate with you today. I won’t be attending the board meeting today. We should celebrate your special day together.

114. I pray that this birthday brings all the beautiful things you have always wanted. May you experience joy in its peak. Happy birthday celebration, sweetheart.

115. Happy birthday to an amazing person who has touched my life in so many ways. May the world offers you joy, love and happiness.

116. Wishing you more blessing as you celebrate today. I pray that you never remain same. Grow and prosper. Happy birthday to you.

117. Even as you mark another 365 days, I wish you all the best of luck with much love…Happy Birthday.

118. Happy Birthday to the most amazing person I have ever met… I wish that your life radiates just as your smile. You are special.

119. A million words cannot express how grateful I am to have you… But nevertheless, for today I can make up the words… HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

120. Even with the tantrums and headaches you give me, never forget you are special… Happy Birthday, dear.

121. Special birthday wishes to a special person. You made life easier for me in the past years. You’re loved. Happy birthday.

122. In as much as I won’t be celebrating with you on this special day. Just know that I appreciate our friendship and pray we keep loving each other till the end of time. Happy birthday my friend.

123. Happy birthday to you my dear. All that you seek for, you will get. Keep impacting lives. You’re made for this!

124. I pray for divine endowments and many more blessed/fruitful years to come. Do have a wonderful celebration. Happy birthday.

125. Happy birthday my Good Friend. One of the very few wonderful humans I know. You’re sort of a blessing to me. I celebrate you today.

126. May your birthday give birth and bring to fruition all that your heart desires. Many more years to celebrate in happiness and in good health. Happy birthday.

127. Without you, I really don’t know how I would cope in some areas of my life. You were the strength I needed at all times and I appreciate every effort you made to see me succeed. Happy birthday to you.

128. You have been a great support system. Why would I not celebrate your birthday?. I hope you enjoy life and smile while you still have teeth. Happy birthday celebration, dear.

129. I thank you for every time especially for you lovely meals that keeps me coming to your house always. You’re such a good friend. Happy birthday to you.

130. Happy Birthday, my dear. Finding a friend who loves beyond measures is not an easy task. I’m happy we found each other and have remained true to ourselves ever since. Do enjoy your day.

131. Happy birthday to one of the strongest person I know. May you live long and get the best of life. Keep winning. Keep living.

132. You have contributed so much to make my life a special one. Happy birthday to the sister cum friend the world ever recorded. Have a joyous celebration.

133. If I can grow up to become even a little of what you are, I will consider myself to have achieved a lot in life. Happy birthday, dear. I’m looking up to you.

134. Dear friend, thank you for your love and support. I cherish our friendship and will keep it close to my heart. Sending you much love as you celebrate today. Happy birthday to you.

135. Happy birthday to one of the few persons I have met that have positively affected my life. I won’t forget you impacts in a hurry. You’re a genius!

136. You’re a great friend, a gift that I have come to cherish so much. I won’t forget all that you have done for this friendship. Happy birthday.

137. You’re filled with joy and laughter, your smiles can change my bad day to the best, an epitome of beauty you are. I’m grateful to have met you. Cheers to many more years of happiness. Happy birthday to you.

138. I’m fortunate having an amazing friend as you. I celebrate you today with so much joy in my heart. May you live long and achieve all that you desire. Happy birthday!

139. Happy birthday to my dear friend. I wish you all the very best life can offer. keep flourishing. Shine brighter!

140. Wishing you good health, wealth, love, happiness and everything that your heart desires. Many more years to you. Happy birthday to you.

141. Warm birthday greetings to you my dear, I wish you a joy-filled birthday. Like the plants by the riverside, you shall flourish. Happy birthday.

142. Special people come into our lives and make it worthwhile. You are indeed a friend to reckon with. Happy birthday, dear.

143. Happy birthday to a great friend whose light keeps shining and bringing joy to the world. Keep illuminating the world.

144. I found a great friend in you. Never knew that you will turn out to be a part of my life story. I will keep celebrating you. Happy birthday celebration to you.

145. It’s yet another year to celebrate. Have a wonderful celebration dear and may you find joy as you celebrate today. Happy birthday to you.

146. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend. May you find love and happiness as you celebrate today and in years to come. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

147. You are a year older today. My wishes are that you find joy in everything you do. Happy birthday to you and may your dreams come true.

148. Happy birthday to the happiest person I have seen. You’re always in a lighter mood. I pray that you continue living in happiness and may life be good to you.

149. To my all time generous friend, you’re simply amazing. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you in my life. I’m sure you know that you have a special place in my heart. Happy birthday to you.

150. To the world best friend, you’re loved. Life as your friend has been a blissful one. Cheers to many more years of friendship. Happy birthday, bestie.

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