Best Happy Birthday to My Best Friend Letters

Happy Birthday to the Best Friend I Ever Had

There is usually a friend that is more special to us than other friends. We call such a person our best friend. A birthday will be an avenue to express to our best friends how much they mean to us.

We will love to give them a loving message to celebrate their place in our lives. Here is happy birthday to the best friend I ever had letters you can send to them on their birthday.

Cute Birthday to My Best Friend Letters

Your friend is plus one today, make his or her day by simply sending her these Sweetest Happy Birthday Letters for My Best Friend.

1. It is my best friend’s birthday. God is a good God, He does good things and gives good things. You are indeed a good and perfect gift from God to me darling, I thank God for your life because it is an expression of love, care and understanding, which is full of passion and zeal towards God and the things of God. I admire the way you are dedicated to the things of God and how much you are dedicated to seeing to my welfare. I wish you God’s grace and speed.

2. Happy birthday to my favourite friend. You are my best friend and I know that you know that. Happy birthday, dearest. May you be all that God wants you to be. Keep influencing people. I respect you. Cheers!

3. It is your birthday! Hurrah! You are my sweetness, my best friend, my partner in kingdom advancement, my hero, my gift from our father. You are my best…My prayer for you today is that; the kingdom of God will continue to advance through you, you will not lose your relevance, the sun will not smite you by day nor the moon by night, no man will take your crown in Jesus name. Amen. You have overcome them…Happy birthday to the best friend in the world. I love you.

4. I am glad that today is your birthday. You are a lighthouse on dark nights. You are blessed. I still remember the lovely moments we had at school. Hostel brought us together. There are memories we documented in pictures but there are others that are saved and are safe in our memory.

5. OYA CLEAR ROAD FOR MY BESTIE! You have been a blessing to me. A lady with a good heart, intelligent, caring and lovely. You are my woman crush. My prayers for you today is to live long so as to be more blessings to our generation. Happy birthday to you dearie.

6. I know that many people will join me in celebrating you today. Your warm heart and your hospitality is something to embrace. Ever lively and always active. Happy birthday to a great lady. I love you. Mwah! Mwah!

7. Happy birthday to you. More of God’s blessings and favour. May your new year be a great year for you in Jesus name. I pray for you in Jesus name that the hand of the Lord will rest upon you and all that concerns you. I declare God’s blessings upon your life. You are blessed and highly favoured. Happy birthday once again.

8. Happy birthday, bestie. I know that God’s on your side! You made me learn new things then and I treasure the knowledge. You are simply an amazing persona and altogether beautiful. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday, bestie.

9. Words may fail to communicate the depth of how I appreciate your kind of person. I can only pray that may the Almighty God bless you beyond your expectation in your new year. Happy birthday, dearest.

10. How true could it ever be years ago? It seems like we have just met with a level of likeness we have for each other. One would have thought that time will wear us off but it has only brought us closer. On your special day and all year-round, enjoy whatever you want most from life. I wish You a Happy Birthday!.

11. When you came into my life years ago, little did I know you will be a close part of my life. I had thought that we would just be an acquaintance but now you are my best friend. I pray that this year shall be a great one for you. Happy birthday.

12. Happy birthday to a friend indeed. I celebrate you bestie. You will live in abundance and sufficient. Long life and prosperity. You will live to excel. Cheer up, Dearest.

13. CELEBRATING FRIENDSHIP ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. Friendship is one relational concept that I did not seem to understand until I met you. Know that I am coming for my cake later in the day. Happy born day.

14. Buzz buzz, happy birthday. Long life in good health, wealth, and prosperity. More years to come. Happy birthday, bestie. I pray for more grace and favour from God and man as you ascend to greater heights in Jesus name.

15. Happy birthday, dearest. I am wishing you the very best of God and you will live to fulfil the purpose of God for your life. God bless your new age. I wish yo long life and prosperity. Happy birthday my friend for life. Greater blessings fall on you this new year. Wishing you many more blessed years in prosperity and sound health in Jesus name. Prayerful Birthday Message to a Friend

16. Congratulations on your birthday. God bless your new age. You will fulfil destiny by God’s grace. Happy birthday, dearie. I wish you well in your new year. I wish you long life and wealth. Cheers!

17. I am excited because it is my best friend’s birthday. Happy birthday, dear. May your light never go dim. Grow in God’s favour dearest. May God shower his choicest blessings on you. wishing you happiness, good health and a great year ahead… Happy Birthday once again.

18. Happy Birthday to my best friend. May God bless you real good. I can not but wish you a long life and filled with prosperity. Happy birthday to you dear, God will continue to shower his grace and mercy on you. Enjoy the rest of today dear.

19. I will like to wish you happy birthday dear. Age with grace, progress and joy. Happy birthday, dearie. I pray for God elevation in all area of life. Happy birthday beautiful daughter of the Most High God, wishing you looooooooooong life and prosperity… and God’s own best in life. Cheers!

20. Happy birthday beautiful continue to soar high. Happy birthday to you damsel, may God grants you all your heart desires and make you prosper in all your ways. God will continually take care of you and perfect all that concerns you. Happy Birthday to you once again.

21. Your best friend wishes you a happy birthday. For so much we have shared, I can not but celebrate you. Stay blessed today and always. Happy birthday, dear. I wish you a long life in good health and happiness.

22. I say a happy birthday to you, dear. May you continue to grow In good health, and in the love of Christ… It is actually your day to celebrate! It is your day to cheer! Now you can eat more birthday cake than you could hold last year! Now you can laugh louder and enjoy it even more–because this is a bigger birthday than you have ever had before! Happy birthday.

23. As much as I want to say that I love you, I also want to send you my wishes for your birthday. You have so far and I can only pray for more speed. I wish you more achievements. More grace and favour I pray! Happy Birthday, dear.

24. A new age is here for you. Another year has been added to your age. May your new age bring in more of God’s blessings. May our friendship grows deeper too. Age Gracefully.

25. Just a few months before we met, you had travelled far away and I also was away from the country but God had drawn us together because it was His will that we will be friends. You represent everything I need in a best friend. I wish you a happier birthday dear.

26. I have got a friend whom I am proud of 24/7; a rare feeling I get about people: Intellectually, you made me proud. You mean A LOT to me. As a neatness freak, you have displayed a level of hygiene and cleanliness I have never seen. What else could I ask for? And today is your birthday. I celebrate you. Happy birthday.

27. Many things to write about on your birthday. As a friend, you have been a strong support system, managing even the most vulnerable moments of my humanity. As Companion, you have shown unequalled love and showered with massive care. How do I say thank you? I adore you, dear. Happy birthday, bestie.

28. Happy birthday to a friend and a partner in destiny. You are ever conscious of the plan we were both designed to execute in life together. For being such a great lady, an intelligent intellectual, an amazing cook, a caring and loving friend, a passionate believer and a self-development enthusiast in all ramifications, the least I can do is say ‘thank you for being my friend’. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

29. You have been a true epitome of a friend indeed, my darling friend. Happy birthday, I love you so much! Muah! From your best friend.

30. Your first statement to me the first day we met brought an uncontrollable smile to my face and you have ever since been doing things that bring happiness. You have never made me cry as you have not done things that can hurt me. I love you bestie.

31. My bestie is a jolly good fellow. Ever lively with a ready smile. May you continue to grow up in God’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Happy Birthday and many happy returns of today. Grow in grace…

32. Happy birthday grows in God’s unlimited grace. I pray that all good things that your heart desires: Peace, Joy, Happiness, Prosperity and Fulfillment are yours. Happy birthday… Greater heights…

33. Happy birthday to my friend. You are one adept persona. Enjoy this season dear. May this season usher you into unprecedented greatness in your field in the name of Jesus. May your light shines bright like the sun. The lord will influence and will increase you more.

34. Happy birthday, dearest, this new year will be full of greatness for you. Age gracefully. God bless your new age. Happy birthday, God bless you.

35. May your new age be a great year for you in Jesus name. God will satisfy all your heart desires. His blessing rest upon all your endeavours. Stay blessed in your new age. Happy birthday.

36. My great man, God bless you in this new year, and I wish you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday. God’s blessings shall never cease upon your life. You have always stood by me. May God always stand by you. I wish a happy birthday dear.

37. There is this strong confidence I have whenever I am pairing you at the centre defence role anytime we have a football match, you coordinate the defence very well. I appreciate your football skill. I celebrate that and other special things in your life today as you celebrate your birthday. Many more years.

38. Happy birthday. God bless you real good and pour out His blessings on you in this new season. Happy birthday, friend. God bless you beyond your imagination. Happy birthday, dear. Wishing you prosperous years ahead of you. I’m so grateful to God almighty for your rebirth. I celebrate you. Happy birthday to a woman of worth and a great significant in the lives of many.

39. Happy birthday to my special friend. Your good heart is priceless. Pray this year to be your best one yet. Cheers! I love you.

40. Happy birthday, dearie, I pray that you will experience the power of God upon you this new year. Happy birthday to my very own bestie. I don’t really know how to write long epistles but I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR!

41. And one day like this many years ago, a small baby like that was born who will be a fine and lovely woman of God. Dearie, today I celebrate you and pray that God bless and keep you. Fulfil the desires of your heart. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

42. Happy birthday to one I consider amazing. She is funny, beautifully beautiful and obviously troublesome. .God’s at your side dear… Hip, hip, hurrah.

43. Yaaaaaay! Cutest is celebrating her birthday today. Hurray! Hurray! Happy birthday to one of Petite Pretty Fashionistas – As the French man will say: ‘Simplement Elegant’ …in the person of my bestie- a great communicator I must add.

44. My ever happy Darling. May God grant all your heart desires. Happy new year to you and may the new year be a great one in your life. Let the wine flows and let the gifts start coming in for you. Cheers.

45. Happy birthday the one and only lady who can make me mad and make me smile the next minute. I am wishing all your heart desires and God’s fulfilment for your life. Have a blast celebration for today…

46. Another birthday is here. I am here to celebrate you this year may you be celebrated next year in peace and plenty, health and wealth. Wishing you great exploits as you age gracefully. Laugh and smile without a license…

47. Happy Birthday, dearie. I wish you all the best life has to offer. Age with grace. Happy cake day my honey girl. Keep shining. God’s blessings all the way.

48. Happy birthday to my best friend. God’s blessing all the way. Keep growing. It’s a blessed year for you dearie. May God bless your new age. Shine on. God bless you and make your light shine that no darkness will be able to comprehend it. Keep shining.

49. Happy birthday great friend, greater height all the way. Happy birthday dear long life and prosperity. Age with grace.

50. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May u hammer so u can buy hummer for your mama this December. Smiles. Many happy returns in health and wealth. Continue to grow in grace and favour with God and men in Jesus name.

51. Happy birthday to my ever lively Janet. You are a strong lady who wouldn’t trade her “happiness ” and “liveliness ” for any of life’s challenges. Age gracefully.

52. Great woman, always lively and troublesome. You are highly blessed. I wish you long life and prosperity. Do enjoy your day. Happy birthday.

53. Someone special is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday, dearie. God bless your new age. More money, a good home and divine health. I am coming for my cake.

54. Happy birthday to my very talkative friend. She can speak on behalf of a continent. Of the words she has ever uttered was counted, I am sure that it will be uncountable. May God continually keep you in His will all the days of your life in Jesus name. Amen.

55. Happy birthday to my friend of life. Your portion shall be what the Lord has written concerning you. Nothing missing, nothing broken. You will not lose your relevance.

56. Happy birthday to my dear friend… I celebrate you. You have been a source of inspiration to me. You are a friend a person can be blessed with. Of a truth, you are a blessing to me. Have the best since God has got you.

57. Happy birthday to my great friend. We have been friends for years and we are still friends. I have seen the behind the scene struggles of your sheaven I know that you are a dedicated person and would go out of your way to do all legal and godly things that needed to be done for a particular course to be a success. Happy birthday, dear.

58. Happy birthday Buddy. I can not but wish you long life and prosperity so that our friendship can last a lifetime. I love you, dearie.

59. Happy birthday to a great man. May the heavens continue to smile on you… Enjoy your day very well. God’s blessings fall on you today and always. Enjoy.

60. Happy birthday, friend. May you be all that the Lord wants you to be. My the good plans of your heart become reality. Please, do enjoy your day deary. Happy birthday once again.

61. Happy birthday dear friend. Greater years ahead. It shall be a great year for you in Jesus name. I celebrate God’s grace upon your life. Happy birthday, dear. Age with grace.

62. I celebrate you, my buddy. Happy birthday to a friend turned sibling. I decree fruitfulness all round. My birthday wishes for you is that you will continue to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty and happiness surround you, not only on your special day but always. Happy Birthday, dear.

63. It is a happy day of birth to you. Joy and cheers to the day. May you continue to enjoy God’s faithfulness. Happy birthday, dear and keep flourishing on all sides. It’s your day enjoy. Happy birthday once again.

64. Happy birthday to you my friend. Age with great grace of God. Happy birthday, angel. God’s blessing is with you. My birthday wishes for you: I hope you never stop enjoying the small things in life. Because that’s what makes life worth living. I hope you take time to enjoy the present while working for a better future. I hope your year is full of memories, happiness, and adventure. Cheers.

65. Happy birthday my pretty friend. You are a beautiful angel. I wish more grace and more money in your bank account. God will recognize you more among your equal. You shall be singled out for more blessing, and honour. Happy birthday, dear.

66. Happy birthday dear friend, many more years to you. Happy birthday to my one and only love, friend, partner, adviser and gist mate. May you live long to enjoy your good deeds in life. Enjoy your day my love. Cheers.

67. Happy birthday to you friend. Age with great grace of God in good health and sound mind. Long life and prosperity dear as you age gracefully. God bless your age with greatness. Enjoy your cake day.

68. Happy birthday, deary. God bless your new age dear. God bless your new age. Many more years ahead in Jesus name, Amen. Age graciously my dear.

69. May the Lord bless and keep you on your birthday and always. Age with grace, favour and joy. Happy birthday, dear. I pray that may the good Lord bless your new age with a lot of good things of life. I love you, buddy.

70. My dear friend, I celebrate you on this special day marking your birth to this world. I pray you continue to grow like Jesus in strength, wisdom, favour with God and favour with men. May your new year be great and filled with celebration.

71. Dear friend, I am sending this message early on your birthday so that you will read my prayers very early on Tuesday morning. Shalom as you rise today. May the Lord answer you and open a new chapter in your life; May His name protect you and your family. May God send you help from the sanctuary and grant you support from Zion. May the Lord give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed today and forever more. Remain ever blessed. Enjoy today.

72. Happy new year to you. Today is all about my bestie. I pray for you today that God will send your destiny helpers to you today in. May the good Lord bless your new age. Happy birthday, dearie. Have a lovely birthday.

73. Bring in wine and bring in cake because it is my bestie’s birthday. I can only pray that God will never fail. God will open before you doors of opportunities and may you make use of the opportunities so that your gates will not be shut day and night. I cherish you, dearie. Enjoy your birthday.

74. A special day comes just once every year and today is that your special day as you were born on such a day as today. On your birthday, I pray that every valley in your life and family shall be filled. And every mountain and hill of any magnitude and height shall be brought low. For His Grace will be sufficient for you and yours. Happy birthday, dear.

75. It is another opportunity to celebrate you. I use your birthday as an opportunity to celebrate you. I celebrate our friendship over the years. May we always have reasons to celebrate you. More grace, more favour, more blessings, and more mercy. Cheers!

76. My best friend, it is your birthday. I wish you a happier birthday. May your days be long and may you be great. May honour and wealth be yours all the days of your life and may God satisfy you with long life. I wish you the best in your new year. Anticipate my visit today.

77. I have been planning for today. I have typed many messages but each seems inadequate for the depth of our friendship. I have then decided to wait till today and let things come naturally. I appreciate your presence in my life and your birthday is just an opportunity to express the fact that I do not take you for granted. Happy birthday, dear.

78. God has kept you this far, I am sure that He will keep you for many years and you will live a long life. I am happy for you on your birthday and will say a happy birthday to you. Greater day is here. Enjoy today.

79. I appreciate our friendship every day. I may not say this every day but I do. Your birthday provides the avenue to tell you this. I actually did not want to have close friends until I met you. You have passed several tests unknown to you. I wish you a happier birthday from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday!

80. There is joy in my heart as I type this birthday wish for you. I am happy that you are a year plus today. Another year has been added to your life. I pray that your new year shall be greater than previous years. Have a blast, my dear friend.

81. It is not until we see that we can be friends. You are my virtual friend but you are my best friend. The chats and calls have been very intimate that I tell you things that I don’t tell those around me. I celebrate you on your birthday and by God’s grace, I will meet you face to face in your new year. I will see you before your next birthday.

82. Happy birthday, dear best friend. Make sure you enjoy today as you were born on a day like this. Happy celebration of the remembrance of your day of birth. I wish you many happy returns of today in wealth, health, joy and peace. Stay cool.

83. My fingers type words of celebration to wish my friend a happy birthday. I wish you the best that life can offer you and the best you can take from life. May your days be filled with joy and happiness and may you never be in lack. Happy birthday, dear.

84. It is a great thing to have a good friend and I am blessed with one. You have proved to me several times that you are a friend indeed. And since today is your birthday, I celebrate the day you are born into the world as a gift to my life. I bless the mother that bore you and the day you were born. A happier birthday.

85. Yeah! Someone special is celebrating her birthday today. Join me in singing… I am happy it’s your birthday, e I e I o. She is a year older, e i e i o. Today is a special day e I e I o. Hip, hip, hurrah. Yeah! You are a year more mature and a year closer to your dreams and aspirations. I wish you a merry birthday.

86. You are a precious treasure to me. I cherish our friendship and I wish you a happier birthday today. I will be by you in the evening to celebrate you. You can start anticipating what awaits you in the evening. However, before evening, try to enjoy every minute of the day. Enjoy your day of birth deary.

87. You are growing older but stronger. The moment you have set for some particular things in your life are getting closer. You are a year wiser now. May your new year be a great year for you. May this year be better than previous years. I wish you a very happy celebration of the day you were born.

88. My heart rejoices with you as you celebrate your birthday. Wake up and smile; embrace the day with joy because today is all about you. Let joy surrounds you. Sing happily as you do your daily activities. Sing while you bathe. Sing while you dress. On your way to work, sing. Just make sure that you radiate happiness.

89. Let us celebrate and sing loudly because it is my friend’s birthday. The atmosphere is warm because it recognises that today is my friend’s birthday. The sky is blue and it is clear from cloudy clouds simply because someone unique is having her birthday today. Enjoy!

90. There is joy and excitement in the air as you were born on a day like this many years ago. Someone who will be lovely and caring was born as a little baby. That baby has grown up and the baby is now a dear friend to me.

91. Love is not for lovers only but also for friends. Your birthday is an avenue to celebrate our love. I love you and I mean it. You mean a lot to me. Happy birthday my love. Hope you will accept my proposal in the next life? Smiles.

92. It is my roomie’s birthday. My roomie turned friend turned sibling. We have so many shared experiences. We have so many memorable moments together. You are a lively person to be with. Happy birthday, deary.

93. When you are encouraged with a lot of love and you are surrounded with many loving friends, know that it is Providence that is good to you. He is the one who has kept you till today and has brought you this far. He has added another year to your life. Happy birthday dear friend.

94. You can look back to the years before and see the good things that have happened in your life and praise God as a year is added to your age today. I have been your friend for years and I can join you in praising God today, your special day because He is the only one who could have brought you this far. Happy and happier day of birthday.

95. Happy birthday my longtime friend. You have put smiles on my face several times and wish to put a smile on your face today. I don’t know what to tell you that will make you smile since I am not a comedian but I will just want you to know that from my heart of heart, I wish you well on your birthday. Hurrah.

96. Let secular musicians like Beyonce, Celine Don, R Kelly, make a concert with gospel musicians like Don Moen, Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin to sing a birthday song for my friend. Dear, you deserve more. Happy birthday, dear.

97. Someone who is always there when you call him deserves to be treated well. You are someone to be celebrated because you have always been there for me. Anyone who has a person like you as a friend is blessed. I celebrate your birthday with you. Happy birthday, dear.

98. How do I even wish you a happy birthday? Should I write a poem, or write an epistle or sing a song? I do not have the talent to do any of these but know that I wish you well on your day of birth. I celebrate the day you were given as a gift to the world. Happy birthday, friend.

99. I am rich because I have something that is rare that cannot be bought with money. I have a trusted friend which is rare and today is my trusted friend’s birthday. Happy birthday my trusted friend.

100. Happy birthday, dear. You are a friend turned sibling to me. May your days be long and may your long days be filled with joy, health and wealth. Happy birthday once again.

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