Happy Birthday to Someone Like a Daughter

Happy Birthday to Someone Like a Daughter to Me Quotes

The beauty of life is in the moments spent with those whom we cherish. It is about the magical moments created with special people and the beautiful memories we make.

Some people are in our lives for a reason, while some breezed in for an impact filled season. For whatever reason and in any season, loving people whose lives touch our hearts, tugging at the strings of our affection, are to be treasured.

Love comes in different shapes and packages. The heart of man is so expansive, capable of loving many, only differently. Every relationship serves a purpose.

Daughters are extremely special. They have a way of worming their ways into one’s heart and taking permanent residence there! They are naturally loving, caring, charming and heartwarming. Whether they are your biological, adopted or just close, daughters are beautiful creatures: cute, adorable, loving and compassionate! Whatever their ages, they make the atmosphere awesome with their peculiar personalities!

Irrespective of their age, they are effortlessly good at making at touching hearts in special ways. Bringing warmth, love, care, fun, help and liveliness to even the hardest of hearts.

You have been blessed with someone very special who has charmed her way into your heart and life. She isn’t your daughter, really, but she is as good as one. She has that special place in your heart like your own daughters or like the one you wished to have but never had.

It’s her birthday! Send the following happy birthday to someone like a daughter to the darling girl/lady that has a special place in your heart. The one that is like the daughter you never had. The lovely one that is exactly like yours! She has touched your life in many beautiful ways. She’s as good as adopted, save the legal documents!

It’s time to make her birthday as special as she is. It’s time to let her know she means a lot to you by expressing heartwarming birthday wishes to her. You love her, right? Time to let her know, again. She has brought sunshine and laughter into your life? You needn’t hold it in a moment longer. Spread the love. Let her know how special she is.

That special girl or lady is like your very own. Want to let her know how special she is to you? Care to make her day as beautiful as she is? Do you have the desire to make that someone special like a daughter over the moon happy by showering her with love and good wishes? Are searching for the right words? Awesome!

There’s more than enough here to choose from. Come on this exciting choosing the most appealing one with me. This is perfect!

Best Birthday Wishes to Someone Like a Daughter to You

In life, it just happens that some persons find their way into our heart probably because of their beautiful personality. When you have someone like that who has even become like a daughter to you, it’s natural to look out for every opportunity to celebrate her, and her birthday is a great one. This is why these happy birthday to someone like a daughter messages have been made available for you to send her your wishes, quotes, blessings and prayers. Just go ahead and use them generously.

1. Happy birthday, darling girl. You mean the world to me. You’re the daughter I never had. It’s so nice having you, you’re such a delight. Have a splendid birthday gig. Lots of love from your special mom.

2. Happy birthday, Princess. I bless the day you walked into my life and warmed your way into my heart. You’re such a real treasure! I love you. I couldn’t have had a more devoted daughter if ever I had one. You mean a lot to me. Have a most wonderful celebration ever!

3. Happy birthday, dear daughter. Your radiance brings sparkle and warmth to my heart. You are such a precious, gentle and kind being! Glad you came into my life and became the perfect daughter of my dreams! May your day be full of sunshine, laughter and fun.

4. May this beautiful day be as special as you are, dear daughter! Happy birthday, Princess. You are just like a daughter to me. Love you loads, sweetie.

5. Happy birthday, dear daughter by choice. Keep dreaming love, believe you can fly. Keep chasing your dream, the sky isn’t your limit. Keep spreading happiness, you’re sunshine! Have a beautiful, fun-filled celebration.

6. Happy birthday, my Star girl. May this new year be your season of rejoicing. May you have reasons to laugh and countless opportunities to be joyful. You are just like my daughter, I love you. Have a splendid celebration!

7. My darling sweetheart, thank you for being a perfect replacement for the daughter I lost. The pang of sorrow was healed by your charming presence, love and care. I couldn’t wish for a better one. Thank you for putting a smile on my face. Thank you for being my reason to rejoice. I cherish you, dearie. Happy birthday to you.

8. Happy birthday, Sugarplum. You are such a delightful angel to always have around. You are my depression termination pill. The perfect antidote to missing my grown-up children, who have flown the nest. Thank you for sharing a large chunk of your heart and your time. May this new year put a smile on your face, every day.

9. Happy birthday, darling girl. May the universe be kind to you. You are as precious to me as my beloved daughters. I love you dearly. Have a fantastic celebration.

10. Happy birthday to the most beautiful daughter with the kindest heart and the most charming smile ever! Keep smiling. I’m so proud to be your second mom. Wishing you a wonderful year of celebration galore! Cheers, darling!!

11. Happy birthday to my beautiful and charming Princess. Your kindness, with your innate sweetness and gentleness, is positively enchanting! It’s a great honour being your mom by proxy. I enjoy playing the role immensely. Have an awesome celebration, sweetie!

12. Happy birthday to an amazing daughter! You are so full of life, vitality, infectious laughter and positive energy! You infect everyone wherever you are with your positivity. Your brand of special is the best, no competition. It’s a privilege, being your deputy mom. I cherish you, darling daughter. Have the most beautiful year!

13. Happy birthday, sweet baby girl. Big mummy loves you massively. You’re so cute and adorable, ever a pleasure to cuddle and love. Your birthday gifts await your majesty. You deserve the best, sweetie pie! Loads of kisses to make hour day extra special.

14. When the sky is dark and life is gloomy, your cheery and sunny presence brings inexplicable joy to me. Happy birthday, Sunshine! Yours is a sparkling star, shine and shimmer forever! Never dim your light for anyone. Have a beautiful new year, my adorable daughter, by emotional adoption. Love you loads!

15. Your smile is so excitingly charming that it melts the stoniest hearts. You’re always a pleasure to have around, darling girl. Happy birthday, beloved daughter. Your second mom adores you.

16. Happy birthday, Pretty Angel. You are my perfect antidote to boredom. The cheery wind that blows away dullness. The bright spot that chases away shadows. No word is good enough to capture your essence, know that you’re amazing in every way. Big mommy loves you, darling. Have a great day!

17. Happy birthday, Sugarplum! Thanks for choosing me as your second mom. Thanks for always giving me a thousand reasons to smile every day. I adore you. May your day be as beautiful as you are. Cheers, darling!

18. Today is a gift, that’s why it is called the Present. Life is a gift to be treasured and used to make new and beautiful memories. Only then, will the haunting melody of past regrets lose its power. Dearest daughter, it is your day. Seize the moment and have lots of fun! Happy birthday, sweetie! I enjoy being called your second mom.

19. Happy birthday, Sugarpie! Today, you’re older, smarter and better. Here’s to a new year of adventure, success and fulfilment! I enjoy the role of a deputy mom, you made it a thrilling experience! Cheers, darling!

20. A fantastic birthday wishes to an amazing daughter! Honey, loving you is the choice I had no control over, the moment you chose me as your ‘second’ mom. You’re world class special! Keep on rocking the world with your gifts and talents. Have a blast, love!

For witty, fun-filled and lively birthday wishes, have a great time choosing from these:

21. Happy birthday, dear daughter. Kindly write a huge cheque in my name, as compensation for all the pranks you pulled on me in the past. My poor heart is yet to recover from your funny antics and misadventures. Thank you for your prompt response. Have a wonderful new year filled with success and blessing. Lots of love with loads of kisses from you proxy mom!

22. Happy birthday, my rare gem! We are going for a treasure hunt! Your birthday gift is inside a sunken ship full of priceless pieces of jewellery. Put on your diving gear, let’s go have fun! Have a fabulous day, dearie. Big mom loves her baby girl!

23. Happy birthday, darling daughter. You are so beautiful, elegant and smart! This is to inform you that every suitor must obtain a screening form for you’re truly awesome. Payment is to be made into my offshore account and copies of properly filled form submitted within two days of collection. Only approved suitors will be allowed to say “hello” to my angel. Further actions will be communicated later. Have a fabulous new year, darling! Loads of love from your business savvy deputy mom!

24. Congratulations, beloved, to adulthood! Glad to inform you that the thrill of excitement will fizzle pretty fast. The best-kept secret about being an adult is hidden to aspiring ones, revealed on due date. Yes. Adulthood is a scam!! Big one!! Happy birthday, Sweetie Puff. Have fun! This adopted mum loves you!

25. Yay! My cute baby girl is officially a big girl now! Congratulations, your childhood just expired! Real life just started! Time to have fun being responsible, paying bills and age of independence. Hey, don’t be scared, you can do it! Easy as pie! Happy birthday, Angel, lots of love from your ‘small’ mom.

26. Happy birthday, beloved daughter! Welcome to the exclusive club of 40. You are fabulous and fortified! Have an awesome celebration! Second mom loves you dearly.

27. My darling Princess, her parents’ Pride and second mom’s Delight, happy birthday, sweet. You’re all shades of precious and different tinges of awesome! Have a fabulous celebration, tons of love from me.

28. Happy birthday to my darling gist partner, personal assistant and smile prompter. You’re very special, sweetie. Have fun, dear. When the party is over, pick your cheque on my table. You are hereby promoted to the position of ‘Deputy mom’s personal person for life’. Congratulations, dearie! Love you!

29. Happy birthday, darling girl. The doctor just called to inform me that I need a daily dose of your special brand of naughtiness for my heart to quit its crazy jiggle. Thank you for being the daughter of my desire. I cherish you, sweetie. A big hug from your deputy mom.

30. Happy birthday to my Princess. The charmer who brightens my life with her beatific smile and warms my life with her sweet essence. You mean the world to your ‘other’ mom. Have an amazing new year.

For a doting father of a girl/lady who is like a daughter, this collection is heartwarming.

31. Happy birthday, sweetie pie. This dad is super happy to have an angel like you to be like his very own daughter. I’m so proud of you girl. I can’t wait to cheer you on to greatness!

32. No one would know I’m not your biological father, the way you honour me as one. What a treasure you are, my precious daughter. You are my favourite symphony of happiness and peace. Happy birthday, beloved daughter. I love you.

33. Happy birthday, my little angel. You’re so important that I’m ready to face the bullies. No one will intimidate my baby girl on my watch! Have fun, sweetie. Second daddy in command is here for you!

34. When life enriches you with rare privileges, you treasure them. I’m honoured to be called your second daddy. Happy birthday, dearest daughter. You are a real treasure!!

35. Happy birthday, darling daughter. You are a year younger, smarter and wiser today. May your star shine ever so brightly as you age graciously. Loads of love from your deputy daddy.

36. Happy birthday, Princess. May your birthday be full of endless surprises and the entire year, wonderful happenings. Here’s wishing your Royal Highness a beautiful birthday ahead. Loads of from second dad.

37. Happy birthday to the coolest, brightest and funniest little madam on earth. This deputy dad is over the moon to celebrate his beautiful daughter. You’re one of a kind! Have a blast, love!

38. Beautiful, stylish, elegant and classy, that’s my sweet daughter! Smart, intelligent, techno-savvy, and charming, that’s my Princess! Loving, kind, considerate and generous, that’s my Doll! You’re amazing special, darling girl. I love you. Happiest birthday celebration to you, honey. May the universe be good to you. Best wishes from your small daddy.

39. Happy birthday, my Gem. You’re highly favoured and flavoured. You are unique, dearest. You have a heart of gold and a good head on your shoulder. Every father would be proud to call you daughter. I’m especially proud to be your second daddy. Have a wonderful day.

40. Originality is described as plagiarism undetected. You are the real deal, daughter. Original and authentic. No fake or imitation. What one sees is what one gets. No copycat or plagiarism. Keep on being true and real, Sweetie Puff! Happy birthday, daughter. Loads of love from your small daddy.

41. A shining star stands alone to shine brightly. You are a force to be reckoned with. A pacesetter! Soar like the eagle you are, beloved daughter. Big daddy is here to cheer you on to the front line. Happy birthday, Candy Crush!

42. How best to describe you? Bundle of talent and creativity, incurably optimistic, cheerful, energetic and kind. This doesn’t do justice to the well of goodness inside of you, neither does it scratch the surface of your sweetness. Happy birthday, my darling daughter. Thank you for the privilege of being your second daddy. You’re the apple of my eyes, I love you.

43. Happy birthday, my magnificent daughter. May your birthday be as beautiful as you are. Thank you for being a breath of fresh air, always. Lots of love from your besotted second daddy.

44. Happy birthday to my delightfully beautiful and charming daughter. May your birthday be as spectacular as you are to me. Here’s wishing you everything good your heart desires. Lots of love and loads of kisses with tons of hugs from your Deputy Dad of life.

45. Candidly? I’m extremely honoured to be your second daddy. You aren’t just like a daughter to me, you have a permanent place in my affection. I wish you a year of pleasant surprises and unprecedented showers of favour. Happy birthday, my beloved daughter, in whom I’m well pleased.

46. A wonderful birthday wishes to my dearest daughter. May all your beautiful dreams come true this new year. Here is wishing you happiness, good health and blessings. Love from your second daddy.

47. Happy birthday, my Candy Crush, Smiling Beauty, and Pretty Angel. May you never lose your smile. Have a splendid day, sweetie. Second daddy is picking the bill!

48. Happy birthday, Sweetie Puff. You are God’s special gift to me and I cherish you. I wish you a lifetime of blissful celebration, dear daughter. Love from your small daddy.

49. Happy birthday, beloved daughter. May you continue to prosper and flourish in all your ways. Be happy, always! Best wished from your second daddy.

50. Being called your second daddy is a badge I wear with great honour. Being given the opportunity to mentor such great talent as yours, is a pleasure I treasure. Daughter, I have watched you grown to be a beautiful, dedicated and skilled woman. I’m proud of you, dear. Set your sight on the stars, they are yours for grabbing! Happy birthday to you.

She calls you her second mom and dad. Thrill that darling daughter of yours with cute birthday wishes for someone special like her:

51. Happy birthday to our wonderful daughter. We appreciate the rare privilege accorded to us as your second parents. We treasure your love and care. Have a wonderful new year. We cherish you.

52. Happy birthday, our sweet 16, baby girl. You are the daughter we never had but given to us to treasure as second parents. We adore you, angel. Have an awesome, fun-filled, regret-free teenage year ahead. Cheers!

53. Happy birthday dear daughter. May your day be as special as you are. Keep on smiling, sweetheart. Never lose your shine or joy. Lots of love from your unofficial adopted mom and dad. Cheers, dearie!

54. Happy birthday, our Sunshine! May you continue to shine and glow. Your light will not dim, even for a nanosecond. Have a glorious new year. Your parents by proxy love you lavishly. Have fun!

55. Happy birthday to our dearest daughter. We wish you the happiest birthday ever. Best wishes from your other parents, with love.

56. Happy birthday, Supergirl! You are a star, meant to shine, shimmer and glow. May this new season give you plenty of reasons to rejoice. Do not lose your smile, dear daughter. Keep on flashing those beautiful teeth of yours in pure joy. Congratulations, dear. Your other dad and mom cherish you.

57. Happy birthday to our precious daughter. It shall be a year of opportunities and endless favours. Have a lovely day, dear. Love from your second mom and daddy.

58. Happy birthday to our sweet baby girl. You filled a void no one else could. You brought happiness, excitement and thrilling adventure to our lives. You’re our little Angel! May your life be filled with goodness and sweetness. Your second parents love you, darling.

59. Happy birthday to a lovely daughter, loving, caring and thoughtful. We adore you, pumpkin. Love from your favourite other parents.

60. Happy birthday, sweetie! You mean the world to us. You’re wonderfully welcome to the world if adulthood. Don’t cry wolf, it’s for real! Enjoy the bliss of bills payment and the joy of juggling responsibilities with ease! Have fun exploring your new-found independence within the confine of control. Cheers, dearie! Your other mom and dad love you.

61. Happy 40th birthday, dear daughter. You’re fantastically fortified! Here’s wishing you more fabulous years ahead. Love from your adoring second mom and dad.

62. Happy birthday to our beautiful damsel. We cherish every precious moment we have with you. For you, it shall be a year of unlimited grace and explosive blessings. Have a swell time, darling daughter. Your besotted other parents adore you.

63. Happy birthday to our Rare Gem. You’ll grow in favour before men and angel. Your generation shall celebrate you. I am beyond proud of you, and I wish you the very best this world has to offer! Cheers, darling! Love from your other daddy and mom!

64. Happy birthday, our cute baby girl. You are the best daughter in the world! This isn’t up for contest or debate. It is unequivocal. Best wishes on your birthday. Hugs and love from your dearest second parents.

65. Happy birthday, our Cinderella. You aren’t just an adorable daughter, you’re an exceptional one! So proud to be your foster parents. Have a great day, love!

66. Happy birthday, Sugarpie. If it were possible, we’d give you the moon on a silver platter. You are such an endearing sweetheart. Who wouldn’t be enchanted? We wish you a deliriously happy birthday bash. Lots of love from your foster parents.

67. Happy birthday, glorious daughter. You are a joy to our hearts, no parent could be prouder than we are. You’ve consistently exceeded all our expectations of you. Darling, may your birthday be just as exceptionally outstanding and fulfilling. Tons of love from your second but devoted parents.

68. Happy birthday, Sweetie Buns. Dear daughter, may your birthday be as sweet as you are, filled with peals of laughter and sweet smiles. Loads of love from your devoted other parents.

69. Happy birthday, our Royal Diadem. You’re the best daughter in the whole world. Today is your day, do everything your heart desires. Beam with smiles and laugh loud. Have a blast! Your foster parents adore you.

70. Happy birthday, daughter dearest. No matter how old you are, you will always be our little girl. The adorable girl with the secret key to the hearts of her second parents. We love you, Sweetie.

71. Happy birthday, Munchkin. We are so proud to see you grow into such a strong and independent career woman, wonderful wife and amazing mother. May all your dreams find more fulfilling expressions this new year. Loads of love from your foster parents.

72. Happy birthday daddy’s angel, momma’s delight. Now that you’re a big girl, hope you know you’re still our precious little girl. We may not be able to carry you in our arms, but we always carry you in our hearts. Cosy? Yes! That’s what devoted foster parents do!

73. Happy birthday, Honeypie. You have the purest heart, the kindest smile and the most generous hands. May this new birthday stand out from the rest. You deserve the best, baby girl. Have a blast! Love from your other dad and mom.

74. Happy birthday, our precious Jewel. Times have flown, our baby girl isn’t so little any more. You’ve grown to be the most perfect person ever! We’ve earned the right to brag about our exceptional daughter! Honey, we are proud of you. The sky isn’t your limit. Stretch your wings, fly and soar. Lots of love from your other parents.

75. Happy birthday, sweet daughter. You are our bundle of joy. We are happy when you are. Your smile is mind-blowing, your laughter is heartwarming, and your kindness is heart-melting. Every day with you is a gift to be treasured and unwrapped with great wonder. Have a great day, sweetie! Hugs and kisses from your doting foster parents.

76. Happy birthday, Pumpkin. Thank you for being a wonderful, valuable and precious gift to us. We are indeed blessed to have you in our lives. Your second parents adore you, sweetie! Have fun!

77. Happy birthday, our precious little darling. You are so beautiful, loving and kind. Our dependable support system. We love you to the moon and back. Have an amazing birthday gig ever. Hugs and kisses from your beloved foster parents.

78. Happy birthday my vivacious little angel. We hope you realise how very dear you are to us. We will always love you. Golds can be replaced, silver can be recovered, but a priceless daughter is irreplaceable to her foster parents! Explore the world, but come back home, always!

79. Happy birthday our adorable favourite daughter. You mean the world to us, you make our lives rich with your laughter, boundless energy and teasing. We cherish every moment we spend with you. Have a fun-filled day with tons of love from your foster parents!

80. Happy birthday, our cute baby girl. You are a bundle of joy, a total package of sweet delight! We celebrate your birthday with fun and fanfare because you deserve this and more. Have a blast, daughter. Your second parents adore you so!

Heartfelt birthday wishes to someone that is like a daughter to you, male or female:

81. Happy birthday, my Candy. Do you need a trip to the moon, I’d gladly take you there. Only the best for my dearest daughter. The reigning princess of her second dad’s heart. No single rival in sight. Enjoy your day, sweetie. Lot’s of love with loads of kisses from the world’s proudest dad.

82. Happy birthday, Sugar. You are such a great daughter! I am proud, blessed and grateful to have you as my daughter. Have a blast, dearie. Your deputy dad is on duty today to ensure things go smoothly for you.

83. Happy birthday, Princess. Whatever you do in life, be yourself. Always remember that you are not what happened to you, you are who you choose to become. Best wishes from your doting second dad.

84. Happy birthday, my beautiful Angel. Do not be afraid to step out yo explore the world and test your strength. Storm makes a tree takes deeper roots. May your anchor be firmly rooted and strong to weather life’s adversity. Have a fruitful new year, dearest daughter. This foster dad is rooting for his Supergirl!

85. Happy birthday, Sweetie Pie. Seize the moment, enjoy today! Tomorrow is an uncertainty that will resolve itself with time. Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. Today is a gift, enjoy its blessings. Have an amazing new year, devoid of worry. Love from your small mom.

86. Happy birthday, my lovely dove. Darling daughter, aim for the moon and grab the stars as extra. You are a year older and wiser. Always remember that living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. Your dreams are valid. Have a goal, focus and achieve. The fact that you are a woman is the strength that will propel you to become… as you desire. Enjoy a purposeful/fruitful new year! This small mom is solidly behind you.

87. Happy birthday, daughter dearest. It’s time to stretch forth your hands to achieve your dreams. Opportunities abound for those who seek it. He who seizes the right moment is the right man. Go, baby, go! Best wishes from your darling second mom.

88. Happy birthday to my fabulous daughter. You’re vibrant, focus and determined, this I appreciate. May you have the courage to push on in the face of adversity. May the obstacles in your path give way completely. You shall achieve all that your heart desires and more. Have fun, dearie. Your small mom is your major cheerleader!

89. Happy birthday to a daughter like no other. It’s going to be a beautiful year. The dreams of your horizon are within reach, already. Nothing good will be withheld from you. It’s time to fly, darling girl. Your second mom is here to cheer you on.

90. Happy birthday to an exceptional daughter. This new year, may you have the strength to conquer in the day of adversity. May all your dreams be achieved as you find fulfilment in all your endeavours. When you need that someone to lean on, look no further. Your deputy daddy is always on active duty. Have a blast, Honey!

91. Happy birthday to a daughter with a heart of gold. You are loving and caring in every way. May your spirit shine brighter and better every day. You spread joy and love, may you receive a thousand fold in return. I’m so proud to be called your second mom!

92. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. Wishing you the happiest day in the world and a year of all-round blessings. Massive love from your other dad and champion, girlie!

93. Happy birthday, Kiddo! The secret of success is believing in yourself. You can only if you believe you can. Time to test your faith, darling. Fly, like the eagle you are! I believe you can! This foster dad is pitching in for you!

94. To a most wonderful daughter, happy birthday to you. You are all shades of special and unique. Having you as a daughter is an unspeakable joy. When life deals you an uncertain hand, do not be afraid. Take it. Sometimes, the most scenic roads are the detours you didn’t mean to take. Your second mom loves you. Hugs and kisses!

95. Happy birthday to a totally amazing brilliant daughter. Life is to be enjoyed and not endured. Don’t just pass through the motions of living. Live! Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Have s fun-filled day, sweetie. Your deputy dad in charge is here to ensure you have a blast!

96. Happy birthday to a drop-dead gorgeous and smart daughter. Dream big, darling. Your imagination is a preview of life’s coming attraction. The question then isn’t who is going to let you; it’s who is going to stop you. Daughter, you’re unstoppable! Have a colourful new year, darling. Love from your big mommy.

97. It takes focus, grit and sweat to achieve greatness. It takes only a special and accomplished daughter to inspire pride in her doting parents. Dearest daughter, we carry our shoulders with pride because you are awesome. Keep it up, darling! Keep winning!

98. Happy birthday to my Paragon of Beauty. Baby girl, you’re brilliant and smart! Time to add purpose to the equation. Purpose drives the process by which we become what we are capable of being. You are a shining star, aim for the sky! Cheers to an awesome new year, with love from your big mom!

99. Today is a special day and should be declared a public holiday. My darling daughter’s birthday. It’s time to put on party frock, spray sweet perfume, bring out the pearls and put on the dancing shoes. It’s time to celebrate a most deserving daughter of all times.

100. My charming and adorable empress is a year older today. The top of one mountain is only the bottom of another. Darling daughter, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. Mediocrity is not for royalty. Move up, on and up. You are the Star! Have a fulfilling new year, darling! Loads of love from your second dad.

It’s been a pleasure to be a part of this journey of being a blessing to that special someone that is like a daughter to you. Hope you chose as many as you desired. The more, the merrier!

The real pleasure is the smile you put in that your daughter’s face. Words are powerful, they evoke deep feelings. Girls/ladies are emotional creatures easily moved by words, especially from loved ones. You can do this again, and again. Keep your special ones happy without cracking your heads for appropriate words. This is why I’m always available at your service, for your ultimate satisfaction.

Kindly share with friends and loved ones. Please, feel free to drop comments or ask questions.

Once again, thank you.

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