Happy Birthday to My One and Only Daughter Wishes

Happy Birthday to My One and Only Daughter Wishes

You alone know what it is like to have just one daughter. As a father, you have a sweet princess to dote on, and as a mother, you have your mini-me (even though she might have ‘betrayed’ you and is a spitting image of her father). whichever way there is no doubt, this only daughter of yours is a joy to your family. The echoes of her laughter bring you joy. It’s her birthday, and I’m positive you remember how you must have longed for her, even before her birth.

Her birthday sure presents another opportunity for you to pour out your love on her. It’s a day to show how much of a treasure your princess is to you. And what better way to show love than with these sweet and lovely happy birthday to my one and only daughter wishes?

Sweet words have been said to capture women’s attention, and your daughter, no matter her age, is no exception. These messages are written with your only darling daughter in mind and you’d love them, as much as, she’d love to get any of these messages from you!

Best Birthday Wishes for My Only Daughter

My sweet child, it behoves me to celebrate this special day. You are my only daughter, and such a blessing you are! My wishes for you are all that you wish yourself, darling. I pray that you become a woman who is proud of herself, and who I’d be proud of. I love you, always. Happy Birthday!

1. I have always prayed for a beautiful daughter, and you became my answered prayer. Happy Birthday to you!

2. Happy Birthday to the loveliest daughter in the universe. You’re my sunshine, and I promise to be with you, till the end. Mummy loves you.

3. I pray God protects you always, for me. You’re one in forever, Happy Birthday to you, my darling daughter.

4. I’ve watched you grow, amidst your brothers, and I see how content you are. Happy Birthday, my one and only baby girl. Many many more years of sweetness.

5. Dear, you are my one and only ‘gossip girl’. I wonder who would have shared sweet talks with me if I didn’t have you. Happy Birthday, Girl!

6. Baby, you’re cheerful about life. Being the only girl has never stopped you! Cheers to many more years of being my good girl. Lots of love from mummy.

7. I want to always tell you how much you make me a happy mom. Happy Birthday, my dear.

8. Happy Birthday to my only daughter. Thank you for always keeping me company and cheering me on. God bless your heart.

9. You wiped my tears and brought joy to my life. I’m forever grateful. Happy Birthday, darling.

10. Dearest, I never want to see you ill. It breaks my heart. I pray God strengthens you and gives you long life. Happy Birthday, my love.

11. It’s so delightful and satisfying to see you grow, day by day. Enjoy your birthday, my baby. I’m proud to be your mother.

12. God gave me the very best in you. I don’t regret waiting for all those years. You’re my only daughter and I pray God keeps you for me. Happy Birthday.

13. Happy Birthday, my dear. You’re worth more than a thousand daughters; up to the task and ready to lend a hand. The future is bright. Love you!

14. I pray I’m able to be the best mom for you; you truly deserve every good thing. Happy Birthday to my favourite baby.

15. My loving daughter! It’s a good time to celebrate your birthday, and I want to watch you dance all day long. Happy birthday to you.

16. It’s my daughter’s birthday! She’s a year older and wiser today. Say your best prayers and send her your best wishes. I love you, my baby.

17. You’re such a miracle! You took away loneliness from my life, and ushered in so much joy! Happy Birthday, my baby girl.

18. A thousand sweet kisses to you, dearest daughter, on your birthday. Happy Birthday to you!

19. Every daughter is a blessing, and you are mine. Happy Birthday to you, baby. May you remain a blessing.

20. My adorable little girl, It’s a new year to celebrate your loveliness, again. Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Messages to My One and Only Daughter

My one and only daughter, the day I birthed you still stands as the happiest day of my life. Having longed for you all my life, it was a thing of joy to finally behold and hold you. I will always cherish you, my princess. I wish you an amazing year filled with love and joy and blessings. Happy Birthday, darling.

21. Motherhood has been a delightful journey with my only daughter. She gives me so much joy, and peace. Happy Birthday to her.

22. Happy Birthday, Mommy’s girl. If I’m to choose this life once more, I’d choose to have you in it. That’s how much I love you. Happy Birthday to you, sweetie.

23. Charming memories are stuck in the air right now, and it’s all for you, my love. You’re the best daughter on earth, and I’m wishing you a lifetime of goodness. Happy Birthday to you.

24. Dear, I’ve always seen that you are a precious pearl, my jewel. Mommy loves and values you. Happy Birthday, my darling.

25. every day of my life, I want to treat you like a daily present; God’s gift to me. My baby, enjoy your birthday. Happy Birthday to you.

26. If all I do today is dance, it’s more than enough to show how full my excitement is. My baby girl is a year older and finer today. Happy happy Birthday to my sweet angel.

27. Highly treasured, and greatly loved are you, my dear daughter. I’d want you to know that I would give my all to see you laugh. Happy Birthday to you, honey.

28. You’re my life, and all I have is you. I’d never trade you for anyone else. Happy Birthday to you, my one and only daughter.

29. Happy Birthday to you, my precious daughter. I want you to keep making me proud, with your doings. God bless you.

30. You’re such a bubbly cute daughter, and I’m going to ensure that you have the best life. That’s the least I can do! Happy Birthday to you, sugar plum.

31. I just can’t resist showing you off,m to the world. You are my priceless jewel and my only sweet angel. Happy Birthday to you, baby.

32. Who wouldn’t love to have a daughter, as jolly as mine? It’s her birthday today, and I pray God keeps her in good health all the time. Happy Birthday, my love.

33. You keep me company as a sister would. Our relationship is blessed, and I am glad that I am your mom. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

34. Oh, dear. Your smile would warm the coldest hearts, and pierce through anything. Happy Birthday to you, my special daughter.

35. Baby Baby! You’re a year older today, and I can’t wait to see you begin to scribble and dribble and babble. Happy Birthday to you, munchkin.

36. I’d forever cherish having just one daughter in life; it’s the greatest blessing I’ve received. Happy Birthday to my blessing in a dress!

37. Everyone needs oxygen, and every woman needs a daughter to love. I am so fortunate to have an incredible daughter. Happy Birthday, my beautiful child.

38. Before you, my life was void of happiness, and I sought validation carelessly. My birthday baby, you brought pure bliss into this life of mine. I wish you long life, filled with sweetness. Cheers!

39. My one and only drama queen, your life is a wonder and I pray that God keeps it that way. You’re a great girl, and I want you to have a joyous birthday celebration. Happy Birthday, Baby love.

40. I’ve seen you glide through hallways while singing a melody. You’re such a happy child, and I’m wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Only Daughter Quotes

My one and only, and my mini-me; you are a delight and you bring more joy than our mouths can tell. Having you in this family has brightened our lives and the sight of your smile is always a good start for our days. We love and treasure you, honey, and we hope that this is your best year. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

41. The treasure I’ve always sought after was placed right in my hands, as a baby girl full of life, energy and excitement. It’s your birth anniversary today, and I want you to have a smashing day! Love you loads!

42. I see love radiate from your eyes; in its purest and most sincere form. I’ve never expected such love, from anyone else. Truly, you’re extraordinarily divine. Happy Birthday, dearest daughter.

43. I can’t wait to see the woman you become, and how much you excel. Just like me, you’re becoming strong-willed and outstanding. Happy Birthday, my only one in a lifetime.

44. Changing your diapers, feeding you, patting you to sleep, watching you suckle, are memories I won’t trade. My dear girl, you’re growing older and it’s really exciting to journey with you. Happy Birthday to you!

45. I pray that nothing hinders you from fulfilling God’s beautiful plans for you. You’re deserving of only the beautiful things. Happy Birthday, my charming little daughter. Cheers!

46. Woah! Happy Birthday to you, my dear daughter. I desire that you are satisfied, all the days of your life. I won’t stop caring for you. Enjoy your new year!

47. I’m so excited that it’s your birthday anniversary today, and I’m with you to celebrate this year. I never want to leave your side, my only girl. I love you. Have a blast! Happy Birthday, pumpkin.

48. You’re a dream come true at sunrise. Every day feels like I won a lottery because you are my daughter. I wish you a life filled with lively tunes and symphonic melodies. Happy Birthday to you, my love.

49. I want to be the first to wish you a pleasant birthday filled with surprises and lots of goodies. Happy Birthday to you, my crown jewel.

50. Mommy’s girl, it’s your big day today! We look forward to your bright future, with so much faith. I believe in your dreams and aspirations. Happy Birthday, my baby.

51. My precious daughter, you’re my rare gem and I promise to be the best mother. I’d give you the very best. Happy Birthday to you, cutie.

52. Having just one daughter feels like I have a hundred friends. That’s how superb my daughter is, and I’m wishing her the best birthday ever.

53. Daughters are a mother’s best friend, and they change who you are. You, baby, are my best experience. Happy Birthday to you, one in a million.

54. Being your mom is the best thing I’d ever be in life; you’re that much of a fulfilment. Happy Birthday, my sweet daughter.

55. Many happy returns of the day to you, my baby. You’re my miracle, God’s angel in a cradle! I love you so much. Happy Birthday.

56. Oftentimes, I pinch myself to confirm that I’m a mother to a very ecstatic and gleeful daughter. Happy Birthday, my playful child!

57. I prayed for you, I had you, and I’d never lose you. Happy Birthday to the world’s most adorable little daughter. You’re mine, and I love you.

58. If I’m to choose my girl child in the next life, if there is, I’d choose you all over. Happy Birthday, my love.

59. I never imagined my life falling in line. Having a daughter changed me, and I’m always grateful to God for my baby. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

60. First steps, baby steps, little steps; I’ve seen you take them all, and right now, I’m so emotional. It’s almost like I want you to remain my baby, but no! You’re growing so fast, to be beautiful. Happy Birthday to you.

Birthday Prayers for Only Daughter

Our only daughter, you are our joy and pride and you are always in our prayers. Even today, we pray that your journey in life is void of hassles and that you serve God will all your soul. May good things never be forbidden for you, and may your joy be full. Happy Birthday, baby girl.

61. Happy Birthday to my only daughter. She’s a rare jewel and my pure delight. I’m fortunate to be blessed with her. Cheers to a fulfilling year!

62. You were born when tongues were wagging, and you gave me the courage to shut them up. You’re my sunshine on gloomy days. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

63. Tell me what you want, all day long. I’m here to fulfil all your birthday wishes, baby. Mama loves you! Happy Birthday to you!

64. I don’t have the best words to describe my joy, this day. I’m reminded of God’s love for me, radiant in you. Happy Birthday, my sweet daughter.

65. No one can ever be like one’s own child, and that’s so true! Happy Birthday, my darling irreplaceable daughter. I love you.

66. I’m glad I sat and watched your infant bed. It’s amazing how you make me so proud and happy! Happy Birthday to you, supergirl. Mom loves you.

67. You are the reason I love being a mother. You’re so cute, and watching you grow is an achievement. I love you, my baby. Happy Birthday to you.

68. I wanted a girl desperately and I was starting to complain, but I was unaware of God’s plans for me. You are God’s handiwork and I’d be ever grateful. Happy Birthday, Moonpie. Mum loves you.

69. May your days be filled with loads of God’s goodness, and unlimited fun. Happy Birthday, my darling. You’re the best daughter.

70. I never thought I’d have to raise such an adorable girl child. I’m so proud of you, and I can’t overemphasize it. Happy Birthday, my sweet child.

Receiving one or more of these messages is certainly the best way for your only daughter to kick-start her new year!

It would also give her immense joy to know that it is coming for you!

I wish your family pure joy on this special day of your only daughter’s life, and I pray she’d always be a source of joy for you all.


Love these happy birthday to my one and only daughter wishes? Why don’t you take a moment to share them with your family and friends whose daughters’ birthdays are just about next on the calendar?

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