Heart Touching Birthday Sms

Happy Birthday to My Heartbeat Wishes and Quotes

Individuals talk and they do, they talk and act, they communicate and the gig is in, which serves as the result or success of the communication. Words are extraordinary, activities are too, words portray the activities. This is to clarify that on your baby’s day you need a good text or posts.

And it’s my duty to help make your lover blush on a day like this by making available this happy birthday to my heartbeat wishes, messages and quotes. Thank me later.

Heart Touching Birthday Sms for Her – Your Girlfriend

Here are heart touching birthday sms messages specially written for your girlfriend, such that will intrigue and astonish her. Feel free to share also.

1. Spending time with you has earned me a wonderful and priceless partner that you are. I will always be grateful for the day I met you. Happy birthday, love!

2. Being with you in this meantime has meant a lot to me. We’ve got experience together, you’ve proven to be the best. My prayer for you is that your wishes are granted and I wish you a happy birthday sweetheart.

3. Remember age gets better with someone you love. No feeling of loneliness cos you have me, my wish for you for this birthday is to always feel loved. Honestly, I cherish your birth.

4. Celebrating your birthday is a fulfilment of a dream. Watching you every day; blossom, cry, laugh, sing, and dance, I’ve always wished to be the first person to wish you happy birthday. Happy birthday to the one that captured my heart.

5. Yes, you are beautiful, lovely, godly, precious. Your lovely face is all I see in my dream. How else can I wish you happy birthday than to tell you how rich I am cos I have you. Happy birthday, babe.

6. yearly, I have some memorable days that I hold to my heart. Your birthday is the best I can never forget, cos you have shown me a great life. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

7. I thank your mom for giving birth to you on this day. You matter to my life that I thought what would I have done without you. You gave my life meaning and that’s because you were born. I’m grateful for your existence, I wish you a fun-filled birthday.

8. Distance might be a barrier to the union of the body but it is not to the heart, You are in my heart baby. It might seem difficult to wish you a birthday personally but my all say happy birthday to the one who holds the key to my heart.

9. A wonderful day is your day of birth, a colourful day is your birthday
Have a fun fulfilled and a joyous day my lovely girl. Happy birthday to the lovely and wonderful woman in my life, I can’t imagine my life without you.

10. You complete me, your image is the best of all. May your birthday be filled with joy and all wishes.

11. I am the best boyfriend because I have the best girlfriend; I have you because you were given birth to. There are so many wonderful words to say to you on your birthday, but the most important is to let you know I love you till eternity.

12. I am the luckiest man on earth because I have a great woman in my life. Your birth and growth have done good things for me. Happy birthday my sweetheart, long life and prosperity.

13. We fight, we cry, we love, we dream together, we celebrate together. But most importantly I get to celebrate your birthday with you
Happy fun-filled birthday baby girl.

14. We were born on different days but we have the same heartbeat now. Your heart beats for me and my beats for you. I found out my heart has beaten 32,140,800 times for you which marks a new year for you. Happy birthday, my heartbeat.

15. Sometimes you go wild, sometimes you are mild, sometimes gentle, sometimes I anger you but you forgive because you have a wise heart. Today is your birthday dear, my wish is that you increase in wisdom even to handle me for the new year.
Love you loads.

16. With love to my one woman, my dream woman, my wonder woman. I wish you a fun-filled birthday. I pray that you grow continually in strength and might, wonder woman.

17. You are a beautiful sunflower in my garden, and the light in my path. Shine brightly and show the world illumination in this new year
Happy birthday my lady.

18. I didn’t see how you were given birth to, neither did I see how you grew up. All I know are your memories but have wished times without number to go back in time
You have grown to be a beautiful woman and a lovely girlfriend. As you count another year, my wish for you is to achieve heights and dreams. This is a wish for your love.

19. Every year, you become older and beautiful. Yes, every year you grow but I will continue to see your loving heart. I wish you a happy birthday with love. Your man wishes you a joy-filled day today.

20. Happy birthday to the one lady who brought melody to my heart, who brought wonderful emotions, the best gift to me. My sweet baby, I wish you joy, smiles, happiness, sweet things in life. HBD love.

21. Recently you’ve asked me the secret of my smiles and I said nothing. I’m glad to tell you its because it will be your birthday tomorrow and I’m so excited. Happy birthday in advance, my joy.

22. Today, I celebrate you, a great daughter, a hardworking colleague, a wonderful friend, a lovely sister, a nice neighbour and a ” glorious” girlfriend. Today marks a new day in a new year so I wish you all that you would ever need. I love you birthday girl.

23. To the friend that became my one and only love, I am celebrating you cos you are a year older today and it means we are getting stronger as love birds. I promise to give you all my heart in this new year. My prayer is for you to have all you need.

24. There are so many birthdays but today is different because it is my darlings birthday. You have grown to be a woman of worth, a lady of honour and I thank god for the day you were born, happy birthday love.

25. Cutie is a year older today, what can I do to appreciate God and your mother for giving birth to you? You scold, correct, reprove, add value, and overall complete me. You are a jewel in my world. Your birth matters to me, therefore, I celebrate you as your king. Happy birthday, my queen.

26. smooth, clear, fine, beautiful, full of hope, colourful is this day because it is your birthday; I can celebrate your day with you cos you are mine, I send you smiles, warmth, love, gifts and most importantly my love. I wish you a happy birthday my jewel.

27. I am so lucky I met you darling jewel, may God bless you with a long and lively life because I wanna spend it with your love. Happy birthday, my life.

28. I am sure, your birth was inviting and your growing up was impactful and you captured everybody’s hearts, yes you got mine when I met you. Happy birthday to the girl who stole my heart.

29. you are the best woman to me in the entire world, I am grateful just because you choose to celebrate your birthdays with me. I wish I could show you how much I love you today. What is the best gift I can give to you than saying I will love you for the rest of our lives? Happy birthday, honeycomb.

30. my heart used to be lonely until you came, and for this reason, I need to always celebrate your birth in a special way. I promise you the best birthday ever. Happy birthday, my love.

31. The best part of a thing is when you can share it with people you love, I discovered the best part of my life cos I can spend it with you, my angel. Happy birthday darling and thank you for choosing me.

32. your beauty commands peoples gaze, it is not their fault indeed, you are beautiful. Your walk, smile, and play with me added to my life. The best thing to do is to grant you the best birthday wish ever. Happy birthday to the most precious and dazzling lady in my life.

33. in your smile I see shooting stars, in your tears, I see a strong woman; when I look to your eyes I see a bright future with you. Happy birthday to the woman that is in my heart. Out of all the men in the earth you choose me which has depicted your kindness and humility. You are everything I need or will ever need in a woman and good enough today is your birthday. I wish you a colourful birthday, ruby.

34. your day of birth is no doubt the best day of my life because you arrived in this world so you could see me, and I’ve been for 12 months to wish you another birthday, wishing my honey the best birthday ever. Happy birthday to the love of my heart.

35. today might be just a day to anyone else but it is special to me cos you were born on a day like this, may the Almighty God bless you with your heart desire and your best wishes. wishing you the very best in life, sweetie.

36. sweetheart its another year you take a thin glimpse of your life, yes it is your birthday great woman, I love and will continue to. Happy birthday lovely babe.

37. I had made mistakes, if I had known I would have come earlier, you are the light in my darkest night. You are the path in a bushy way. And today is the birthday of the light of my world. Happy birthday, angel.

38. break legs, arms, cause chaos!!! But I know you won’t, it’s your birthday silly and don’t ask why I’m the first to wish you cos my reply will be you are the most precious to me. I love and cherish your birthday, joyous birthday to you.

39. Despite the odds, I met you on the best day of your life, happy birthday and anniversary the love of my life, my prayer is that we grow old together in enrichment and peace.

40. I wish I could make a banquet because it is my queen’s birthday, I pray for a happy life for you, I am gifting you with a box full of hugs and kisses from your king. I love you and cheers to you, birthday queen.

41. My thought since was how to make your day overwhelming, and I’ve decided that breeze of love take you on a journey to my heart so you can see how much you mean to me. I love you for who you are, for your impact in my life. Happy birthday, angel.

42. I’ve never wished for you to be a game, you exceeded my dream, woman. Therefore, your birthday that comes just a year is very important to me. happy birthday my joy on a lovely day as this I wish you greater things in life. A lot of love.

43. life is about many things and one of it is loving someone, losing your heart to someone and that I’ve done with you. I wish you the very best in this world.

44. happy birthday my dearest, today is all about you. I wish you a happiness and joy which you’ve always made me feel, I love you to the moon and back. Cheers, baby girl.

45. indeed time and chance happen to a man, it happened to me on your birthday when I met you on the swing. You have everything I ask for, you smitten, then I vowed to always make your birthday wonderful. best wishes and realities from me dear.

46. happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world, thank god for your birth, people said love is lost but you showed me, love. I wanna let you know nobody compares to you, you are my love, my life, my wife to be. HBD love.

47. angel of my life who brought light to my world, I’m wishing you a happy birthday, my wish is to take you all over the world and make you my wife. Gracious birthday lovely queen.

48. happy birthday my choice, if another chance comes I will still choose you again love of my life. I wish you the best of the best in this year. HBD sweet.

49. to the woman who took over my heart, I wish you a great birthday and a fun-filled bash. Live this year with great achievement and strength, baby girl I celebrate you today. Graced birthday to you.

50. I want to say that I thank God cos I met you, baby, you in my life gave me hope. As I celebrate you, wanna notify you that I will love you till the end. I wish you a very great year ahead, my honey. Cheers as you are not just a year older but wiser. Happy birthday my life.

Heart Touching Birthday Sms for Him – Your Boyfriend

Sending a good and heartfelt message to your boyfriend on his birthday will mean a lot to him, for early morning text or late night post, many have been written here for you to pick and make him feel loved on his birthday.

Try any of these Heart Touching Birthday sms messages for your boyfriend and he’ll surely love them.

1. The sparks your eyes have is beautiful and the smile you’ve got when I’m with you, it has made my heart conclude that I want to spend every birthday of your life with you. happy birthday, boo.

2. My crown, you deserve a big celebration and bet it with me you are getting it this year, your love has shown me how important I am to you so I have decided to celebrate you like no one. Coolest birthday, my sweet.

3. Best wishes from the heart you’ve enriched so far, there is no argument that your birth is a blessing and I wish you a great and fun-filled day ahead. I wish you the colourful birthday dearie.

4. My heart beats every time I see you or hear you but most importantly when I think about your birthday, you light every path on my way, you light the fire in me. I thank your mama for giving me to you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

5. In respect of your birth, I wanna appreciate God for giving you to the world where I met you. Your birth has given me the best gift in life. Happy and cheerful birthday baby

6. My one and only, my soul mate, my friend, today marks a new day of a new year and in I can celebrate you as my lifetime partner again. Happy birthday, love.

7. You crowned my head with love, when I met you, you gave me all I need, may your day filled with joy, life, fun and my wish today is that you increase in all ramifications. A lot of love from your love.

8. The story of your mother for your birth was that it took a twinkle of an eye for you to come alive, that you gave her ease. Then I can relate that’s why your entrance to my life brought. Happy birthday and thank you my love

9. I’m getting impatient because tomorrow is your birthday, I want to be the first to wish you happy birthday sir. Thank you for all you’ve given me this last year.

10. My best moment of the year is your birthday because it is a day I can tell and show you all about the love I have for you. I guess you are ready for that. But let me say happy birthday baby

11. Everyone is in need of someone special, someone who will shower them love but I’m not cos I have my prince charming. Happy birthday to my king, have fun-filled day dear

12. Today I finally got to celebrate the best gift in my life, who gets me when I fall, who cheer me when I fly or and hold me close every time. Glad birthday and cheerful day ahead.

13. When I close my eyes you are my dream when I rest you are my rest, you are the smile on my lips, you are the one who rocks my heart, cheerful birthday my darling.
With the progressing of time, things normally change. But in my life some things didn’t change, my love for you, my affection for you and your birthday. I celebrate you, dearie.

14. You make my life fuller, you are the motivation behind my smiles, you have been a blessing, thank you for spending this past year with me. Happy birthday my love

15. Your family celebrates and adore you, however, the kind of affection I have for you is great, I wanna celebrate your day in a special way. Glad birthday to you darling.

16. Today I checked my calendar and timetable, I thought I need to reveal to you how much I cherish you because today is your birthday. I know you know I adore you every second of my life. I wish you a happy birthday

17. On this your birthday, I wish you long life peace, joy, happiness, love, sweetness and prosperity. That all your wishes are fulfilled. Happy birthday love

18. Lovely morning to you my king, how was your night. No, I didn’t forget it is your birthday darling, and my wish for you is never to grow old but wiser. Cheerful birthday to you king

19. I know I’m not the most beautiful girl, but you tell me I am, you make me feel I am because you make me feel that you are the luckiest guy in the world. So I celebrate your birth love, thank you for always been there

20. In you I’ve found a best friend, the perfect partner, a brother, a father; I am so happy life brought you to me and you stayed. Happy birthday, darling.

21. I wish you a happy, buoyant birthday, never feel alone because you’ve got me besides, you. Happy birthday, love.

22. Even If I forget every other thing, it can’t be your birthday, cos it comes once and I got to celebrate you first. Happy birthday my king.

23. I can never forget you means I can’t forget your birthday. Have a lot of fun today as you celebrate your birthday. Remember it’s my wish to be there and that I love you.

24. With a lot of love and joy, I wish you a great birthday and a better year ahead. Love you like no other, enjoy yourself and be glad sweet.

25. Your entrance into my life brought strength, love and purpose; cos I was weak, lost and broken, your entrance gave me hope and I’ve got this day to celebrate your love. HBD baby boo.

26. Birthday comes only once in a year, how I wish I can do it all day to show what you mean to me.

27. Happy birthday to this one man who means a lot to me. Cheers to the man who has been my strength, I want to wish you a happy birthday full of fun, goodies, love, jubilations and goodwill. May you increase and more money to your account.

28. As you grow and increase today, I pray that god cause growth in your account, wisdom, knowledge, and all.

29. Happy birthday lovely man. The best thing that happened to me is your birth because you came to me, you complete me. I celebrate you as my best half today on your birthday. My wish is for all your wishes to come through and true

30. Here is an important wish for a special and important man in my life, I hold you as my heart. Happy birthday sweetheart and long life and prosperity.

31. Being your girlfriend has made me know I’m the luckiest because I get to celebrate your birthday with you; I like the glow that comes from you when I am with you, I like the virtues that come from you when I hear from you. Happy birthday my heart.

32. Happy birthday sweetheart, your last birthday was wonderful but this will be more fantastic cos you emit love yourself and I got to celebrate that this year. Have a fun-filled day.

33. I wish I have the strength to lift the sun for you, I wish I have the power to grant your wishes because I want your birthday to be the best. I love you baby and happy birthday darling.

34. Happy birthday to the only man who makes my heart beats fast, who make me feel good and special, you are my dream true, my imagination visualizing. I love you baby and have a great day ahead

35. You are a sweet specie, my love, your birth gave me the best gift ever and you give me the best living ever, you make me feel alive, happy and cheerful birthday to you darling

36. My crown gave me all I needed, his birthday gave me the best reason to celebrate you but how can I do that if not by expressing my love to you. Happy birthday to the most handsome guy in the universe.

37. I pray that your birthday is full of love, happiness, music, love, goodies. Wishing you a very very happy birthday darling cutie.

38. I say this every day, but I want you to know that I really really mean it today when I say I love you today. Your birthday gave me an opportunity to officially state that I love you, honey. Great birthday.

39. To the coolest man I know, I might not have arranged a party for you, but know that my heart is having a party just for your celebration, happy birthday sweetheart.

40. My moments with you have been crazy, wild, serene, cool, funny and most times I appreciate God for giving you to me, happy birthday to my crazy lover.

41. Babe, you are plus one today, which means you are a year older, I pray that may this new chapter of your life open doors for you and grant all your wishes. Happy plus 1 to you today

42. Today is your big day of the year, and I pray that this year will be big and enlarged for you, prosperity is yours this year. Spend this year in enrichment. Happy birthday cutie pie

43. I get frightened whenever I envision existence without you baby, that’s your value and worth to me much love and accolades to you for presenting to me all that is wonderful in this world I just celebrate you on your birthday because you are the major part of my life. HBD darling.

44. Upbeat birthday, music playing, birds chirping, the sound of our souls beating together, I have never known love so evident in my life. Happy birthday to the one who I share heart beats with. Lots of love from me and enjoy your day.

45. Have a cheerful day dearie, wishing you an astonishing birthday to the unparalleled intimate romance of my life. You in my life is worth more than fortunes. Happy birthday, sweetie.

46. My thought as I opened my eyes is I love this man celebrating his birthday today. I wish you a wonderful and fantastic birthday of your life because lots of surprises await you.

47. I wish I could raise my voice to reach your eyes as I wish you a sincere birthday. I wish you a long life and prosperity in this new year. Remember my love for you.

48. They said love is a dream, you brought it into reality for me; you made me your woman so I wish a happy birthday my man, thanks for always being a man. I wish you a long living in life.

49. Celebrating your birthday is like a dream come true cos I get to greet a queen. I wish all that you wish for in this year. Happy birthday, queen.

50. Happy birthday jewel, life with you has been meaningful, you gave me all I ever wanted in a partner. Happy birthday to the love of my life.

51. In you, I’ve found my friend and soul mate and it’s a priceless gift, let my words caress you as you wake from your bed today. Happy ‘anniversary’, darling. Have a fun-filled day.

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