Happy Birthday Teenage Daughter

Happy Birthday Teenage Daughter Wishes Quotes

Almost every teenager wants their birthday to be celebrated and they enjoy being showered with love. While it might be necessary to get your teenage daughter a present and cakes on her birthday, it feels more beautiful, pouring out your mind and sending her some wishes in form of a message or quote. This will give them some kind of joy from within, and I bet that’s exactly what you want to see.

This is another opportunity to let your teenage daughter know how much you love and cherish her on her birthday and you will be surprised at how happy she will be after receiving some sweet and lovely wishes quotes from you. I am sure you will be so emotional with the look on her face while she reads it.

The happy birthday teenage daughter wishes quotes below are perfect for your desire. You will find varieties of beautiful wishes, messages and quotes to select from.

Cute Birthday Messages for Teenage Daughter

I have so many cute people in my life, but you are the cutest because you are my daughter. I hope your teenage years bring you as much happiness as you deserve. Happy birthday to you, daughter. This message is straight from my heart.

1. Dear daughter, if I could give you anything in the world, then it would be happiness. I just want to keep seeing you happy forever, and I will make sure I fight whatever or whoever is going to make you sad. I hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest, on this special day. Happy birthday to you.

2. You are the wisest and the most intelligent teenager around. Sincerely, you do things like an actual adult. I’m amazed at how much you keep exploring life and opportunities, even though you’re just a teenager. You have my love and support forever. Happy birthday to you.

3. You are that one person I owe true love because I gave birth to you with my sweat and blood. I have never loved anyone as I love you. I want you to know that I have so many plans for you. Happy birthday my dear daughter. I wish you a greater future ahead.

4. There’s no love greater than the one between a mother and her daughter. You have given me love in its purest form. I feel so blessed to have such an angel like you in my life. I will always fulfil my promises to you, no matter what happens. Happy birthday, my baby.

5. You are the sweetest teenager ever. You make me want to go back to my teenage days. I’m so proud of you and everything you do. I hope you never lose focus, and always find reasons to press on in life. Happy birthday, baby. Mummy loves you.

6. The bond between us gives me hope and so much love. Whenever I think of my teenage daughter, I just want to keep working hard so I can get her the finest things of life. With you by our side, I and your father will give you the best. Happy birthday, my darling.

7. Not one person has ever shown me this kind of love; not even your dad. Thank you for filling my life with so much joy, and for taking away my gloomy days. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Happy birthday to you.

8. When you were welcomed into this world, our lives took a whole new turn; things began to happen in our favour. Years after you still bring bliss and happiness into our lives. I’m thankful that I am your mom, and I hope to provide you with all you might need in life. Happy birthday, my love.

9. I found the exact definition of grace, the day you became mine. With you, I feel the safest. I have promised to always love and be by your side at all times, even when you eventually get married. You will always be my baby girl. Happy birthday to you.

10. You represent love in its entirety. I’m glad I found someone to pour all my love and affection into. Just like the day I first had you, you will continue to make me smile. Thank you for finding me worthy of this beautiful opportunity. Happy birthday, my angel.

11. Show me a more reserved and loving teenager, I am waiting! There’s none. You are the most responsible teenager I have seen. There’s no time you found the need to be rude to me. I will continue to train you in the right way. Happy birthday, beautiful.

12. My goal is to raise a queen who will know her worth and have whatever she’s worthy of, and I will achieve this goal. You are a star already, my darling. I will keep doing the things that will enable you to shine forever. Happy birthday my lovely angel.

13. Times can never be the same; the change. I didn’t have it all good when I had you, but I was hopeful that you will bring me luck. I want you to know that you’re the only one person I don’t ever want to lose. I will do everything to keep you safe forever. Happy birthday to you.

14. Even when you’ve eventually married, you will still be my baby girl. Even when you start having kids, you will still be my baby girl. I will always treat you like my best friend because you are. Happy birthday, my darling. Your future is bright, I can see.

15. With you in my life, life has been the sweetest. I can’t even go a day without talking to you; that only explains the extent to which I love you. My love, I wish you all the best in life. As uninteresting as it may seem, please don’t hesitate to call me whenever you need to talk or need help. Happy birthday to you.

16. I know I am nothing close to a perfect mom, but I am the best, and you know it. God has been faithful to me. He has helped me in nurturing the most beautiful teenager ever. If I am given this opportunity again, I’d love to do it, because it has become a hobby. Happy birthday.

17. Your smiles are still the cutest ever. You still make me feel happy and loved with those smiles. I will never do anything to take those smiles away, I promise. Please, don’t stop being the good girl we’ve always known you to be. Happy birthday, my sweetest.

18. The grass will become greener if only you are focused on the necessary things. This is not the time to start making unnecessary friendships, even though you will get to a point in life where all you’ll need are friends. For now, please focus. Happy birthday to you. All the best.

19. Every day is a proud day for me, and you make it so. I know I don’t get to let you know how wonderful you are, but that’s because you can be very naughty as well. You are all I need beside me, whenever things go bad. Happy birthday, my hope.

20. Nothing makes me happy like sitting beside you all day. I literally could sit just to watch you for the whole 24hrs in a day. Your company is all I enjoy because it brings those beautiful memories. Happy birthday, my dear daughter. Here’s wishing you nothing but the best.

Best Birthday Quotes for Teenage Daughter

I’m so elated, that’s why I wrote this quote for you on your birthday. You have been a wonderful daughter. You help in all ways, and this makes you the best daughter. I hope the best of your teenage years starts now. Happy birthday.

21. I’m sure you have no idea how much I love you. I am your mom, and no one can love you as much as I do. Even though I can be extra sometimes, it all comes from the place of love. I just wish you can have the discernment to know what is right from wrong; then you will stop getting angry each time I scold you. Happy birthday.

22. You are all I have in this life. You are all I have always prayed to have. Having you wasn’t easy at all; I mean, it came with tears, sweat and blood, but at last, it was worth it. Happy birthday, my wonderful and amazing daughter. You will forever be loved.

23. From the day I had you, I have never stopped being grateful to God. The fact that you keep being better is one of the things that make me so proud of you. I sincerely wish you could continue this way. Happy birthday to you. I wish you nothing but happiness.

24. Most teenagers nowadays find it very difficult to be responsible, because they feel they have grown, but you are not like that. You know and do more than is expected of you. I am proud of you, my love and I hope you don’t stop giving me pride. Happy birthday to you.

25. The only reason I am still here is you. You are all I had always wanted to have, and now that I have you, I will make sure I give you the best out of life. You will never regret coming into this world through me. Happy birthday, my shining star. I love you.

26. Nothing in this world will make me feel uninterested in your progress. I have watched you do things I wasn’t opportune to do when I was your age. That is one of the reasons I am going to keep supporting you. It might not make sense now, but it eventually will. Happy birthday to you.

27. I want you to always keep your head up high and believe in your dreams. If you don’t, no one else will. Keep pushing till you attain that height. I promise to always go through each step with you. You got this, my love. Happy birthday to you. Have a blast.

28. You are all I have ever wanted and even more. You are the only reason I want to keep working my ass out. Even though it feels uneasy, I want you to keep going. I see so many potentials in you, and I know with a little push, you will be doing just fine. Do not give up, daughter. Happy birthday to you.

29. Your smile heals the wounds in the deepest part of my heart. I know that they will all be gone; it’s only a matter of time. I hope you keep this same energy with other people as well because the world needs you. Happy birthday, sweetness. I love you forever and a century more.

30. Nothing in life is worth beating yourself up about. Whatever it is you’re going through, I am the only person who can truly be by your side. I am the only person who will never betray you. So, I want you to trust me with anything. Happy birthday, baby.

31. Even though you’re just a teenager, there’s nothing you don’t know about me. I make sure I tell you everything tut thing, so you can learn a lesson or two and not repeat the same mistakes I made. I hope you have the courage to always face your fears. Happy birthday to you.

32. The moment you begin to make the right decisions for yourself, half of your problems will be gone. You actually can, if you focus on what’s important than just wasting your time on frivolities. You can start now, remember? Happy birthday to you. I wish you all the best.

33. You are doing very well on all sides, and I am very proud of you. One of the things that make me proud is that you’ve always done well in school. Your teachers have never complained about you, and your grades keep improving. My dear, let me enjoy this happiness forever. Happy birthday, baby.

34. Your dad and I am so proud to call you our daughter because you’ve brought us nothing but joy and pride. You are everything we’ve always prayed to God for, and we are glad to have you in our lives. We will always make use of every opportunity to make you happy. Happy birthday.

35. Life is meaningless without you. You are that one person who adds spice to my life. I hope you can be kind enough to give me this grave forever because I deserve it. Do not forget to always put God first in all you do. Happy birthday, daughter.

36. Life began to make sense when you joined us. At first, I wasn’t sure how we were going to cope with a baby, but when you arrived, everything began to be beautiful. I hope you’re enjoying the life we have made available to you. Happy birthday sweetheart. We are so proud of you.

37. When I was your age, life wasn’t fair at all. I never knew what love meant. I was just fortunate enough to live each day as they came. Today, I’m thankful because all those are now in the past, and I now enjoy a brand new life with my precious teenage daughter. Happy birthday, love.

38. With you, I don’t have to fear. I know you will always be a good girl, whether or not I am present. I trust you because I believe in the pieces of training I give you. Please, won’t ever think of disappointing me. I wish you a happy birthday filled with loads of God’s blessings. I love you.

39. Sometimes, I feel jealous of how close you are to your dad. It’s a beautiful thing, but I don’t know why it always feels like I’m being left behind. The only request I have today is that you give me more of your attention, I am your mother! Happy birthday, my lovely angel.

40. The day I had you, I knew an angel now lives amongst humans. You deserve the life you’re living now because we have always worked hard for it, even before you eventually came through. You will never lack anything, as long as we are alive. I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration.

Birthday Wishes for Teenage Daughter from Mom

The job is always easier with you around. You don’t ever want to see me sort things out alone. You are a teenage daughter with a difference. Thank you for always lending a hand. I hope that you have a great year ahead as you celebrate your birthday today. Best wishes!

41. I have been waiting patiently for this day, just to celebrate the most wonderful teenage daughter ever. To me, you represent strength, love, happiness and the likes. With you, I’m certain of those and even more. Happy birthday, my angel. Mummy loves you forever.

42. I’m sure you don’t find it funny sometimes; that’s life for you. Things don’t always go as we’ve planned. The only thing that will keep you in check is your determination to succeed. Don’t ever give in to pressure, because it might ruin things. I hope you don’t throw this advice off the fence. Happy birthday.

43. I’m feeling good because it’s a happy day. I have been waiting for this beautiful day, just to celebrate you. Now that it’s here, I want to enjoy myself with you and the family. Happy birthday, my baby. I hope you have the fun you’ve been anticipating. We love you dearly.

44. Life is nothing if we live well. All you need to do to have a good life is, forgive more, listen more, enjoy more, work minimally, love all but hate no one. With all I have listed, ninety per cent of your problems will be gone. That’s one of the secrets to my success. Happy birthday, angel.

45. Everywhere I go, I let people know that there’s an angel in my life. And when they asked to see the angel, I show them your photo. You’re everywhere with me, and that makes everything go smoothly. Thank you for filling the biggest space in my life. Happy birthday to you.

46. I don’t care about other people, as long as my husband and daughter are doing well. You guys are all I care about, and I’m unapologetic about that. My daughter, don’t ever think of quitting because you’re going to disappoint your parents. We will always be there to guide you through. Happy birthday to you.

47. You are the best teenage daughter ever. I’m so grateful that you are mine. Thank you for trusting me enough to breathe life into you and be your mom. I promise not to ever make you regret this. Do not also make me regret having you as my daughter. You are blessed. Happy birthday to you.

48. God bless the day I conceived you! God bless the day I gave birth to you. God bless the day you first called me “mama”. There are just too many days that are blessed already. In this life, it will always be your and me; nothing will ever come between us. Happy birthday to you. Have a great one.

49. I knew I was giving birth to my best friend, on the delivery day. You are more than we were anticipating. I have no choice but to keep singing to God and appreciating Him for blessing my family with a wonderful girl like you. Now, you are a teenager, and I am even happier. Happy birthday to you.

50. I will never be angry at you. I will never think of that. You are the only reason I am alive and happy. You are the only reason I keep being hopeful for a better tomorrow. I know that God will come through for us. Don’t forget to always be a good and humble girl. Happy birthday to you.

51. I know I am grooming you to be the world’s greatest woman, and it shall be so. None of my labour, tears and pains will ever go in vain. I will make sure I give you a life that you will always be proud of. I wish you happiness for the rest of your life because you deserve it. Happy birthday.

52. The only title I want to keep answering, is your “mom”. Oh, I love the title so much, you have no idea. It has opened so many doors of opportunities for me. I hope you don’t get tired of being my daughter because that’s when I stop answering to that title. Happy birthday.

53. You make an impact on everyone’s life. You make everyone around you happier and more comfortable than you met them. I’m certain that you are everything the world needs to heal and become a better place for us all. And that shall come to pass. Happy birthday, my angel.

54. I never knew I was bringing another world into this world. Your world is the only one I enjoy because the world is messed up already. I want you to make me happy and feel good forever because I am your mom and I deserve it. You are going to enjoy more than the happiness you bring me. Happy birthday.

55. Motherhood is everything I have always hoped it would be; even more. Motherhood opened my eyes to a lot of things. Motherhood changed my perspective about life. Motherhood made me a better woman and the best mom. For you, I will do anything, because you made me discover my purpose. Happy birthday.

56. There’s no greater love anywhere than the one that exists between us; it’s so beautiful and surreal. Now that you are a teenager, it’s even more beautiful and I can’t get enough of it. I hope we stay like this forever, and nothing breaks us. Happy birthday, baby. I love you.

57. Between the love of Christ and the love that exists between us, I am not sure of the one I enjoy the most. I have loved you before I even met you. I knew all along that you were going to be my best friend. Thanks for being all I have always wanted and so much more. Happy birthday to you.

58. No matter how fast your growth is, you can never be too old in my eyes. I birthed you, and you are my daughter. I brought you into this world, and my strength, compassion, love and empathy for others doubled up. With you, is where I want to be forever. Happy birthday.

59. The only thing I can see is a girl who will become an independent woman in the nearest future; it’s in you, my love. You always want to work for your money and get things done without having to bother mommy and daddy. I encourage you to go keep it up, my love. Have a happy birthday. With love from mom.

60. Today is a perfect opportunity to remind you of whom you are; a princess. I can’t wait for you to grow into a queen and loving woman in the future. All the love and support you will ever need will always be covered. I love you too much, my darling daughter. Happy birthday to you.

Teenage Daughter Birthday Wishes from Dad

My life is much better now that you are present. It feels like the best. Thank you for being a wonderful daughter, even as a teenager. I hope your heart’s wishes are granted. Happy birthday. With love from your dad.

61. You have no idea how much dad loves you, do you? You are my beautiful princess and I am lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for being the obedient daughter that you’ve always been. I promise to always be a loving dad to you, just as you’ve promised to always make me proud. Happy birthday, my daughter.

62. I have never seen this kind of bond between a dad and his daughter, so it doesn’t look weird when anyone finds it uninteresting. My dad wasn’t really into my sisters; he loved me more. But mine will not be like that. I love my daughter and will always do. Happy birthday, my princess.

63. You are the kindest and most beautiful daughter the world could ever have. I’m glad you came into the world through me. My love for your mother is unfading because she gave me the most beautiful gift in life. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter. Enjoy!

64. I want you to keep enjoying this life, whether things go right or wrong. Though, I wish things never go wrong. You deserve to be happy, and this doesn’t have to be tied with the condition of things. I will always make sure you get the happiness that you deserve. Happy birthday, my daughter.

65. I have called so many people over, so they can join us in this celebration. Your birthday is an important day to us, and shouldn’t be celebrated with the family alone; people need to know that we have the most beautiful princess and we adore her so much. Happy birthday, my daughter. Keep making us proud.

66. Nothing makes a man prouder than seeing his children do well in life. I never knew you would start making me proud from when you are as a teenager. Thank you, my lovely daughter. I promise to always make you proud even as a dad. Happy birthday, my little angel.

67. It’s a very bright and wonderful day for us in this family because we are celebrating our lovely daughter. You are a teenager who has so much in store for the world. I hope the world never treats your unfairly, so you can show it what you’re made of. Trust me to always support your dreams, as a great dad. Happy birthday to you.

68. Trust me, I have so much to say about you on your birthday. You are still my best friend, even though your mom keeps accusing you of taking me away from her. I’m glad that you find it easy to tell me about just anything. I will never be tired of listening to you, even when I can’t make any sense out of it. Happy birthday to you.

69. You’re the only person who will always be interesting to me. Even the driest of your jokes will always be funny to me. I will always protect and make you feel safe, and that’s a promise. I hope you don’t do things that will make me go back on my promises. Happy birthday to you.

70. Today, I jump for joy. It’s the birthday of my one and only daughter; my peace, love and happy place. I’m happy that God used you to bless our lives, years back. We are still grateful for each day spent with you. Thank you for making our lives more interesting. Happy birthday to you.

71. I have no reason not to celebrate you, my daughter. You are always right beside your dad. You even go as far as giving me some business tips, at times. Having a brilliant daughter like you has given me so much joy and a beautiful experience. I just hope you continue this way, my love. Dad loves you. Happy birthday.

72. Today, I am hoping the Lord grants all your heart’s desires. I wish I could, but only God can. That doesn’t stop me from performing my duties as a dad; of course, I will always be a great dad. Please, don’t stop making your mom and I proud. Happy birthday, daughter. All my love.

73. Having the most beautiful and brilliant daughter is such a big deal. I mean, not all dads get to say this about their daughters, even though they are great dads. God knows exactly what’s best for your mom and I, that’s why He blessed us with you. Thank you for making parenting so easy. Happy birthday.

74. You know I always wish to be by your side. Whenever I am away, I don’t even concentrate. All I do is think about my lovely daughter. I will keep working hard to give you the future you’ve always pictured. May God help me to train you right. Happy birthday to you. Have a beautiful one.

75. I sincerely won’t be surprised if you turn out to be the world’s most celebrated woman! You have started on the right path, and I’m sure this will bring great results. Till then, I hope you never give up on your dreams, because they will always be valid. Happy birthday.

76. You are not just our only daughter, but our only child. Even though some people see you as a spoiled brat, we are only trying our best to give you your desired life, because you deserve to have whatever you want. I hope you don’t ever make us regret birthing you. Happy birthday.

77. You can be very stubborn, but I love you very much, regardless. That has only got to show that you are a true daughter of your dad because a fruit doesn’t fall far from its tree. You are doing very well, and I am very proud. Keep it up, my dear. Happy birthday to you. All the best in your endeavours.

78. So many men want to be a great dad like me, but they don’t know it starts from being a great husband to one’s wife. I have always loved your mom, and that’s why it was so easy to love you. I will continue to love you and your mom because she made our paths cross. Happy birthday to you.

79. You are the sweetest teenage daughter ever. I have no idea what I have done right for God to have blessed me with such an amazing angel. I know I have been a great dad, but I want you to expect more because you deserve it. Happy birthday to you. Dad loves you forever.

80. I will give up my whole life, just to see you comfortable and happy. You are the only one who makes life easy for me. No, things weren’t like this before you came. After your arrival, it only becomes more beautiful. I am eternally grateful to God for you. Happy birthday, my daughter.

Daughter’s Teenage Birthday Quotes

My daughter, it’s officially your birthday. Even though I have no idea what’s the best to give a teenager on her birthday, I will still make it great for you in my own little way. I hope this quote puts a smile on your face. Happy birthday to you.

81. I think your mom deserves a statue in the heart of the world, for bringing you into this world. You are such a delight. You bring positive vibes everywhere you go. You are the apple of your eyes, and we hope that you change the world with your crafts. Happy birthday to you.

82. I am so blessed to have such a hardworking, amazing, intelligent and kind teenage daughter. You are everything in one. I keep wondering how you do the things you do. I see so much greatness in you. The world is not even ready yet! Happy birthday to you.

83. Not everyone can beat their chests to say they have the best daughter! Yes, I am lucky and blessed to have you, and I sincerely don’t take this blessing for granted. I will continue to contribute to your success, no matter what happens. Happy birthday to you.

84. When it comes to having the best daughter, your mom and I am the luckiest. You mean everything to us, and we will do anything to see you prosper. It’s so great that you’ve found your path already. Please, do all you can to see that you don’t miss it. We will also keep supporting you. Happy birthday to you.

85. You are good at literally everything! There’s nothing you can’t do, and this is why I am very sure you will never be a burden to us in the future. I hope good luck always comes through for you. You are the most amazing daughter ever. Happy birthday to you.

86. You can be so thoughtful! Even when we don’t want to bug you with whatever is going on in our lives, you have a way of figuring it out and proffering necessary solutions. We are the proudest parents because we have you in our lives. Happy birthday, our focused and decent daughter.

87. You will always have my blessings because you’ve never given me any reason to be unhappy. As a good daughter, you deserve my support, encouragement and love forever. I promise to always be right behind you, no matter what. Happy birthday, my daughter.

88. Just like I was happy the moment you were brought me by the nurses, I still am and forever will. The happiness doesn’t just go away; it has become a part of my life. I’m sure that happiness will never cease in my life, as long as I have you. Happy birthday, my little princess. I love you.

89. You mean the world to your dad and. We still feel so much joy like the very first time we laid our eyes on you. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful, compassionate, and goal-driven girl for a daughter. We love you very much and wish you all the best. Happy birthday to you.

90. Yes, I had expectations for what to have in a daughter, but you surpass all of those. I never knew it was possible to have a daughter who’s as close to becoming an angel. In fact, you are an angel. Thank you for finding our abode the safest place for you. Happy birthday, baby girl.

91. You have such awe-inspiring qualities, and I just smile each time I see them. I love how keenly you follow your dreams while shunning distractions. I’m very sure that you will go far, and I am here for that. Happy birthday, my amazing teenage daughter. I love you forever.

92. You are such a beautiful work of art. I am very lucky to be called your mom. I have made it my duty to follow up your progress, just to make you make the right choices in life. I will never back down, even after you have succeeded. Happy birthday, dear daughter. Once again, I am proud of you.

93. I never knew motherhood had all I have always wanted until I had you. If I had known, I would have had you earlier. Anyways, you are still my angel and I will continue to be right there for you. Happy birthday, my baby. I am extremely proud of you. Keep reaching for the stars.

94. There’s are limits to what you can achieve in life, as long as you’re determined and put your all into it. I didn’t get where I am overnight; I did all that was expected of me and I was lucky to have the life I worked tirelessly for. You also can do and be the same, or even more. Happy birthday to you, daughter.

95. No one can be better at being your mom than me; of course, it’s the best thing I know how to do. It’s also the only thing I enjoy doing. You bring me so much sunshine, honey. Each year with you is always better than the last. I can’t wait for all this year has in store. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

96. Your beauty could make a blind man see clearly! Sometimes I wonder if I truly was the one who gave birth to you. You’re not only beautiful but brilliant. In fact, I’m proud to call you my daughter. I just hope that you don’t stop making me proud. Happy birthday, dear. Cheers!

97. The best is yet to come, and I hope I will still be here with you when it eventually comes. I have always been fully involved in your life, from the very beginning. I have watched you grow into a great teenager. Everyone wants to associate with you in a way or another. I’m glad I birthed a force to be reckoned with. Happy birthday.

98. Everything about you is beautiful and amazing, but the most amazing thing is that you are my daughter. Oh, this gives me goosebumps all over. I just want to keep feeling your love and warmth till I can take no more! Happy birthday, my special daughter.

99. Can you guess the best part of my life? I bet you don’t know it’s you! You make my life meaningful and better with each passing day. You make me want to be and do better than I always have. It’s somewhat challenging, but I am enjoying it. Happy birthday, daughter. Love you.

100. Beauty runs in your blood, but it has got nothing on your brains. You are the most brilliant teenage daughter ever. You know what to do and the right time to do it, without anyone to guide you. You make motherhood an easy journey for me. Thank you for being just perfect. Happy birthday.

I hope that you find a beautiful wish from these happy birthday teenage daughter wishes quotes above. If you liked what’s up there, kindly keep coming back for more great contents. Don’t forget to drop your comment(s), share them with others. Thank you.

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