Best of Happy Birthday Status for Nephew

Best of Happy Birthday Status for Nephew in 2023

Birthdays only come once a year. Hence, we must cheer the celebrants in a way very transparent of our love even with just words.

So, it’s your nephew’s birthday and you need suitable messages for your status?

Whether for your WhatsApp or Facebook status, this collection of happy birthday status for nephew will help you celebrate him in the best way.

All you need to do is scroll through and find the right one for you.

Happy Birthday My Nephew Status

Do you think you’ve got a superb nephew? Then, meet my own; very kind, super loving and cute. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. You’ve changed my world only with your smile. I promise to be your best.

Love the sound of that? There are many more below.

1. Meet the best nephew in the world. Happy birth anniversary, my love. I hope you have the best time of your life from this moment onward.

2. My nephew stole my heart from his birth. It’s his birthday today and I can’t help but wish him a happy one. I wish you all the good things in life, love.

3. Never seen a child so kind, intelligent and lovable. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. I’m so glad that you’re mine. Kisses to you, deary.

4. Never knew loving a nephew this much was possible until mine was birthed on this day years ago. Happy birthday, angel. You rock and rule our world.

5. You’re growing older amidst our love and protection. Happy birthday, my nephew. You’ll always find me whenever you need me.

6. Have some cake, relish some drinks and bask in all my love because it’s your birth anniversary, dear nephew. Happy birthday to you.

7. You didn’t have to work to earn my love. You had it from the very start when you made your grand entrance into my world. Happy birthday, my nephew.

8. You’re the best gift my brother gave to me. I love you, sweet nephew. Happy birthday to you.

9. To the favourite gift I ever got from my sister; happy birthday, dear nephew. May you live long and prosper.

10. Let’s tour the town, eat your favourite food and recall sweet memories because it’s your birth anniversary today. Happy birthday, my nephew.

11. You’re a year older today, therefore I’ve got more love to give you. Thankful for the time we still have together. Happy birthday, my nephew.

12. You matter so much to me that’s why your birthday is one I’ll always remember. Happy birth anniversary, sweet nephew.

13. Sometimes, my heart can’t contain the love I have for you, nor the joy of beholding your cuteness. Happy birthday, my nephew.

14. When he was born, my joy knew no bounds. I’m happy you’re growing before our eyes and to our amazement. Happy birthday, my nephew.

15. I fell in love with this handsomeness from birth. Happy birthday to a sweet and kind nephew. I wish you joy and bliss on earth.

16. I want the world to know you’re my nephew and it’s your birthday today. Happy birth anniversary, sweetheart. Ensure you smile and laugh as profoundly as you can.

17. Keep on ageing gracefully, it’s what I’ve always prayed for you. Happy birthday, my nephew. I love you to the moon and back.

18. A moment with you is a privilege I hold dear. Thankful I’ve had years with you. Happier for the new age we get to spend together. Happy birthday, my love and nephew.

19. You’re the only version of your kind in my world. Happy birthday, my nephew. Keep ageing and growing stronger. I love you.

20. Even on your birthday, I’ll remind you of my love for you. Happy birthday, prince. You’re the nephew everyone else wishes they had.

Birthday Status for Nephew’s Birthday

I’ve only met one nephew with the brightest smile and the largest heart, and it’s you. Happy birthday, cutie. I wish you joy everlasting, peace of mind and courage to thrive. I love you.

21. After relishing your food and drinks on your birthday, come savour my love again. Happy birthday, dear nephew. Keep on shining, keep on winning.

22. Life may not be the easiest thing, but I’ll ensure you have all the love you need to blossom. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. Take a look at how brightly the sun shines today because of you.

23. If there’s anyone who loves you so much on the planet asides from your parents, it’s me, sweetheart. Happy birthday to you. I hope you have the best year yet.

24. Good health is your portion, happiness is your identity and success is your heritage. Happy birthday, dear nephew. You’re the best.

25. There’s only one of your kind. Hence, we’re so lucky to have you. Happy birthday, dear nephew. You amaze me with your intelligence and kindness.

26. When I wake up in the morning, I whisper a simple prayer, Lord pls protect my nephew. I’m super glad it’s your birth anniversary today and you’re here to celebrate it. Cheers to many years of glee ahead.

27. A nephew like you is worth more than a million gems in the ocean. Happy birthday, dear nephew. You’ve decorated and light up my world with your presence.

28. Everyone wants a bit of something good but I’m glad I’ve got the whole of you in my life. Happy birthday, dear nephew. Enjoy your new age and live long and prosper.

29. Sometimes, a remembrance of you is all it takes to light up my mood. Happy birthday, angel. Your smile is the wings that carry me on. Enjoy your day.

30. You’re a perfect gift on the day you were born. And to this day, we’re continually grateful for you. Happy birthday, my nephew. You’re the best.

31. When the angels love you, they bless you with the best nephew, just like they did me. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I’m glad you’re growing healthier and happier by the day. May your new age bless you abundantly.

32. Smile as much as you can this year. It’s one thing that suits your cute face. Happy birthday, lovely nephew. I’ve got the softest spot for you.

33. May you live long and in the beautiful company of your loved ones. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. I can’t wait to watch you grow older.

34. I have to confess that I’ve waited for this day just to tell you that I love you and will do so forever. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. You have a friend in me.

35. Today makes the perfect excuse to tell you how much I love you. Happy birthday, cute nephew. I love you more than I love the stars at night. Ensure to enjoy this day to the brim.

36. Even if today comes and go, you’ll always have our love and attention. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. I can’t wait to see your handsome face.

37. Whatever I do today, I’ll do on your behalf. I’ll relish the cool breezes on your behalf and listen to lovely music for your sake. It’ll be ten times the fun because of you. Happy birthday, my love and nephew.

38. The most beautiful thing about today is that an angel was born on earth on this day a few years ago. Happy birthday, my nephew. I love you and will always show up for you as the sun does for the earth.

39. You make my world revolve because of the beauty of your existence. Happy birthday, dear nephew. I wish you all the good things in life.

40. From the start, you’ve always been a great source of joy. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. May you live like a king and be happy like a newborn without worries.

Whatsapp Status for Nephew’s Birthday

Your birth is a blessing just like the smile you bless us with every day. Happy birthday, darling nephew. My heart beats for you on this special day. I love you more than you’d ever know.

41. One of the best days of my life was when you were born. Happy birth anniversary, dear nephew. Whether the sun shows up or not, I’ll be there to light up your world. I love you.

42. All it takes is a moment with this boy to fall in love with him. I’ve had thousands of such moment, now imagine my love for him. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. You’ve been one to make us smile. I love you too much.

43. I hope to make you super happy someday because you’ve made us all very delighted since you were born. Happy birthday, dear nephew. You’re the best.

44. Happy birthday to the prince of my world. A prosperous new age to the nephew whom I gladly think of as a son. I love you so much, sweetie. Have a pleasant celebration.

45. There’s something I’m promising you on this day, if you need someone to love you, you’ll never be short of one cause I’ll always be there for you. Happy birthday, my nephew.

46. Dance like a prince, stay joyful like a kid and enjoy the peace in your heart today. Happy birthday, dear nephew. You’ll always matter to me like my breath.

47. This nephew of mine holds the key to my heart. I’m so privileged to be your uncle. Thank you for being such an extraordinary nephew. I love you more than my few words can say.

48. Happy birthday to the one who made me feel the depth of love I’ve never felt before. Happy birthday to my lovely nephew. I’m so proud to be your aunty.

49. You already know how much I love you but I’ll never fail to remind you. Happy birthday, dear nephew. Wishing you many happy returns. I love you to the moon and back.

50. Call him my nephew, but I feel like I have a son in him. Happy birthday, sweetheart. You’ve captured my heart since birth so on your birth anniversaries, I’ll be doing great things for you.

51. Knowing it’s your birth anniversary today gives me all the joy I need to be grateful for a new day. Happy birthday, my boy. I love you right from the time you were born.

52. Even as my nephew, I’ll treat you as my son. Today is your birthday and I can’t help but wish you only the good things of life. I love you, angel.

53. You’ve been the perfect son to your parents and the best nephew to me. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Many more shall you celebrate.

54. When it’s time for your birthday, I remember the beauty of your birth and the joy you’ve brought to us all. Happy birthday, lovely nephew. I’m super proud of you.

55. You’ll always have a place in my heart and soul. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. I love how you smile every moment we see.

56. It’s going to be a beautiful year for you cause you’ve got the best aunty in the world. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. Grow old and age gracefully.

57. You’re evidence of the fact that angels live amongst humans. Happy birthday to my angel and nephew. You’ve rocked my world and I can’t ask for a better nephew.

58. You’re the cutest nephew in the world and the kindest at heart, too. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Keep shinning, never to take a break like the sun.

59. Always remember that you’re loved by all the people that matter. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. You’ve got the most delicious chocolates awaiting your bite.

60. Wherever you go, keep in mind that you’ve got uncles and aunties that treasure you like their world depends on it. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. I love you so much.

Facebook Status for Nephew’s Birthday

You’re what’s on my mind every day and it’s time the world knows my nephew has been the best gift I’ve ever had. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Keep flourishing and never stop smiling. I love you.

61. Feel my kisses today through the gentle caresses of the wind on your skin. Happy birthday, dear nephew. The world needs to know that I hold you so dear to my heart on this special day.

62. My heart is not enough to contain the joy I feel knowing today is your birthday, so I thought to share it with the world. Happy birthday, dear nephew. Thank you for being a great inspiration.

63. To the loveliest nephew in the world; happy birthday to you. You only have to call and I’ll be right there with you. Have a remarkable celebration, my love.

64. Today is the best day on my calendar cause my nephew was born. Happy birthday, lovely cutie. You’re amazing in every sense of the word.

65. If I had a thing to say on this lovely day, it’d be that I love you and I wish you uncommon blessings and grace. Happy birthday, sweet nephew.

66. My nephew has the brightest smile and the biggest heart. That’s why his birth is worth celebrating every other day. Happy birthday, dear nephew. I’m sure you’ll have the best time this year.

67. I love you wholeheartedly, dear nephew, but I appreciate you the more on your birth anniversaries. Happy birthday, angel. You’re the best.

68. You’re my greatest treasure in the world. Happy birthday, dear nephew. I wish you a life of bliss and gratitude. Stay healthy and happy. I love you.

69. Many times, I just need to see your face and be glad. Happy birthday, dear nephew. You’ve made loving you so easy.

70. I love you to the depth of my heart. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. I’ll never be able to say just how much you mean to me.

71. There’s nothing like having a great nephew in this world. It feels so surreal. Happy birthday to my own. I wish you many, many years of happiness.

72. Happy birthday, sweetie. Every day that we celebrate your birth is perfect and full of gladness. I wish you many more years on earth. I love you.

73. Sometimes, the birth of a nephew is enough to light up your world. That has been true for me. Happy birthday, my lovely angel.

74. My love for you has always been deep but it blossoms on your birth anniversaries. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. You’re cherished and loved.

75. Birthdays are times to let you know that we love you, but it’s also a day I’ll let you know I can’t live without you. Happy birthday, my nephew.

76. Enjoy your favourite cake flavour while keeping in mind that your uncle loves you. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. Remain happy and strong.

77. You’re not just a nephew but an unusual gift from the heavens to me. Happy birthday, star of my world. I love you.

78. I know you’ve heard me say that I love you before, but on this day, I’ll prove it to you. Happy birthday, my nephew. You’ve been a huge blessing to me.

79. From the depth of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday. Keep on shining, my little one. Never stop smiling either. I love you.

80. You’re a great source of excitement and joy. Happy birthday to a nephew who deserves to have the whole world every other day. I’ll always love you.

My Nephew’s Birthday Status

I know an angel which has my blood flowing in his veins. That’s my nephew. Happy birthday, angel. You’re such a huge inspiration and blessing for me. I hope to never fail you. I love you.

81. Speaking from my heart, I want you to know that I love you and it started on this day years ago. Happy birthday, sweetie. Enjoy your day cause you deserve it.

82. Eat the best cake and taste the best fries. It’s your birthday today. And for you, we’ll all have fun. I hope you sleep tonight knowing you had the best celebration. Happy birthday, sweet nephew.

83. If there’s anything you need to make today a special day, pls let me know, dear nephew. Happy birthday to you.

84. I can’t share my nephew with anyone else. He’s the best of them all and the cutest. Happy birthday, deary. Enjoy today cause it’s all about you.

85. To the only person I could never say no to; happy birthday, sweet nephew. Your love has stolen my mind. Live long and prosper.

86. Sending you all my love and prayers for you to see only beautiful days thenceforward. Happy birthday, my super nephew. I love you so much.

87. I love your birthdays, cause they’re a special time to remind you of how much I cherish you. Happy birthday, dear nephew. Get ready for me.

88. See how much you’ve grown, see how far you’ve come. Happy birthday, dear nephew. You’re such a delight to watch.

89. Maybe you don’t know it, but today was the day you stole my heart. Happy birthday, angel. Keep on thriving.

90. When it’s your birthday, I rise from my bed with joy knowing you’ve been blessed with another year to share all of your cuteness with me again. Happy birthday, angel.

91. Don’t forget how much I treasure you; it’s what I’ve thought to remind you on this lovely day of yours. Happy birthday, sweet nephew.

92. Life was so kind when it brought you to me. Happy birthday, dear nephew. You’re the rainbow of my world.

93. You may have lots of aunties and uncles but I’m willing to be the best one for you. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. I love you.

94. How else can I say I love you cause I’ve said so more than a million times already. Happy birthday, sweet nephew.

95. Today means so much to me because it signifies the day you made me an aunty. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. I love you.

96. I’ve waited this day like I did your birth some time ago. Happy birthday, dearest nephew. Feels so good to see you grow. Age gracefully, my love.

97. If you need my time, I’ve got plenty to give. Happy birthday, dear nephew. The stars aren’t enough to bring you the treasures I’ve sent to you.

98. Happy birthday, sweet nephew. Today has always been one of my favourite days because of you. I hope you have a swell time celebrating.

99. You’re a good nephew and I’ll always be a great aunty to you. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. I love you truly.

100. You have today to yourself as you’ll always have me as your aunt. Happy birthday, angel. Live long and relish happy moments only.

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