Best of Happy Birthday Poems for Niece

Best of Happy Birthday Poems for Niece in 2023

Each day comes and goes, and to many, a day means a lot than the next. Birthdays are unique days that not only signifies the length of one’s life but also signifies the courage a person has to fight through storms and rains to stay alive. Hence the need for this day to be celebrated, especially when it’s about a loved one like a niece.

As an aunt or an uncle, it is undeniable that you play a huge role in the life of your niece. Another shelter she knows besides her parents lies in your arm. Celebrate the years she has lived and the ones she’s yet to live with unique inspiring quotes. There are ways to show love to your niece, sending her birthday text on her birthday is one of these ways. Fun and lovely birthday wishes for niece and long messages for niece on her birthday is a good start to winning the heart of your niece.

Birthday greetings to write to your niece doesn’t seem like a hard task to do considering the fact that your niece looks up to you as the need may be. There must have been memories you share with your niece, write them as you send some emotional birthday quotes for a niece to make her look back on the years she has lived.

Nieces are charming, let your birthday poems, messages, and wishes have a pinch of charm to them. These best of happy birthday poems for niece aim to take the job off your hands, so, send these amazing birthday poems to your niece to keep her screaming in happiness all day.

Poems for My Niece on Her Birthday

My poem and wishes for you are that you’ll love yourself every day that you live. A birthday comes once every 365 days, so, dine in self-love and recognize the power you wield, burn every self-hate until you hear it scream in forgiveness. Happy birthday, niece. Stay different and happy.

1. I always knew the universe would bestow me a treasure and hey look, the treasure is celebrating her birthday today. Hear these words of mine, baby niece. The shield you need in life is what I’ll be. The love you want, I will give to you. I will walk with you in the darkness of life. And this world will forbid my absence until your every need is provided for.

2. Like a flower I watched you grow. I saw you fight the pests of life and remained beautiful. Strong winds and heavy rain came but you have stood your grounds in your principle. A strong sunflower who needs no help but self-pollinate is what you are. You don’t need the sun to survive for you give yourself strength. Happy Birthday!

3. Your presence has and will always be a breath of fresh air. You are like a necessity to everyone you meet. Like Gold you are valuable and everyone desires your presence even Me. The world is large with ups and downs. Create your storm and make the world desire you even more. Happy Birthday!

4. My niece my adorable angel. I wish the world could witness your beauty. I’m at fault for not providing you with a platform where the world can see your loveliness. In your next life, I hope to give you the best of life. For now, receive all I can give which is this poem for you and a Happy Birthday!

6. So far away you are but the thought of you light up my sky. Smiles and laughter escape my lip at the thought of your cuteness. Who can be compared to my niece in terms of charm? No one, absolutely no one! Happy Birthday to my moon and star. This world doesn’t deserve you

7. Where’s the spark of life without you? Who alone can glow in my darkness? What can put out the light you emit? How can this world exist without you? Happy Birthday to you, the world needs your spark and light so fear not of tomorrow

8. Who talks to a one-year-old niece? Me, no one but me. As a child, you listened to my rants and smiled to give me comfort. Comfort is what I shall give you as you age and plenty of smiles have the world reserved for you. Happy birthday [insert name] your warmth have been felt by those around

9. How satisfying is the job of an aunt! How wonderful it is to have a niece like you. You make the task of building a bond between you and me easy. Our relationship is beautiful and I hope your relationship with the world stays wonderful. Happy Birthday, be the best you can be!

10. For an angel without a wing, who has held many captives with her smile, I say Happy Birthday! The sun will bow to you and make you glow and the winds will hear your wishes and create waves until they are satisfied.

11. Mother are loving and fathers are strict, cousins are sweet and nephews are cute but a niece like you is an embodiment of all. People’s presence has been felt in my life but yours supersedes them all. Happy Birthday, you are the love of my life

12. Happy Birthday nice! Vast is the world with unsettling storms, the will to fight through is what I wish for you. As the waters of the earth connect in a way or the other, I hope you impact people whether far or bear.

13. Today you celebrate your birthday, tomorrow you shall celebrate unending happiness. Today will be gone soon, but tomorrow is unending. May every tomorrow in your life bring joy and may this day not be the last you celebrate a birthday niece.

14. None of my fortunes is compared to you, to you, I can give up the world with a smile on my face and you know why? Because to you the world’s riches can’t be compared to your loved ones. As young as you are you have set a foundation in me that can stand the test of time. I hope to see you make a great impact in life. Happy Birthday.

15. Verily dear niece I say to you, I do not have gold, diamonds nor silver to give to you but I have love and hugs in abundance for your birthday. My love for you will remain endless, a lovely birthday party to you I pray.

16. Your existence defiles the impossible, the qualities you possess deserve recognition. Charming and down to earth best describes you. Happy Birthday, Niece!

17. Empty and desolate was my world until I spotted a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Scared was I to approach it so I stood still but it approached me instead and since then, my life has never known darkness. Happy Birthday, niece, you are my light-bringer.

18. Loving a person is difficult but you make it the easiest thing to do. The things you do float to my mind today and I gasped with great astonishment as I realized that it never was too difficult loving you. Adding a year is difficult for most but the universe can’t afford to lose you as it will always remain unworthy of you, so smile baby niece, for you are unique.

19. Unique is a word many don’t deserve to be called but my dear niece your case is different. The word “unique” is undeserving of you. You are deserving of more than the world can ever know. Happy Birthday!

19. Call her by her name with respect because she rules my world. Her name is [insert name] and by the mention of her name, those around smile. She’s the child of her mother and the most courageous. Those who know her say she’s smart, others say she’s a beauty but I say she’s all I want and will ever need. Happy Birthday to her

20. Happy Birthday niece! Another road in life has been opened with another year. Journey on that road with courage for I shall walk with you. When we meet at a crossroad, I shall battle the odds to guide you.

Happy Birthday to My Niece Poems

Today is a privilege, enjoy it! Ageing is a pain to many, but to you, it’s a gift. Happy Birthday, niece, flap your wings and tell the world that it’s your day. Sing your praises to the world in poems and quotes, let them know that you are aware of your worth.

21. Is a there niece as beautiful? Is there a niece as courageous as mine? Is there a niece whose standards no one can meet? Is there a niece like mine who can brave the winds and storms of life to celebrate her birthday? Surely there are nieces a little like her but never like her. A niece like her will read this with tears in her eyes just like she’s doing now. Happy Birthday to her.

22. I want to see more of your smile on your birthday because they give me joy. I want to watch you set out to conquer your fears for life’s battlefield is where your braveness can be seen. You are like a daughter that means more to me, happy birthday dear love of my life.

23. Your mother adores and cherishes you for you are her child. Your father is kind but strict with you for he wants the best for you. Your sisters are there to help you for that’s what’s to be done. Your brothers will protect you for if not them who else? I am your aunt, and I’ll do all these for you for your existence has awakened my existence. Happy Birthday lovely.

24. My adorable niece, your smile shines and tells stories of happiness so smile wildly to the world on this day. Never change the way you smile for they give hope to multiple. Happy Birthday.

25. She looks deep into one’s soul with those eyes and calms the storm in their hearts. Today is making me go crazy in happiness for she has won and lived to celebrate today. I’m glad she’s having her best time. Happy Birthday to her, happy birthday to you niece

26. I thought of giving you flowers but no flower is as beautiful as you. I gathered some words for you but no word could best describe your charm. I even thought of coming over but this day should be all about you. These words are to let you know, that I think of you a lot. Happy Birthday!

27. You are the niece I love, I am the aunt you cherish. A Perfect pair we are. How about having fun today just you and me? But before you agree let me say Happy Birthday!

28. Far away we are it seems but connected in soul it is. I feel your joy and glee and I feel the blessings today brings. Happy Birthday, Niece, today seems to be a great day.

29. With every step you have taken, a flower blooms. Every soul you have met emits the beauty you give. My love for you will survive the harsh storms. Happy Birthday! My love

30. Happy Birthday darling. My pride has risen to the sky and I swim in the thoughts that you have overcome the storms life thought you wouldn’t

31. She holds anger, fear, and pain in her heart but nothing is as calm as her. It’s beautiful to see her stand firm while holding onto nothing but love. Happy Birthday to her, she’s my adorable niece. She’s such a beautiful sight to behold!

32. Know your dreams and walk by them. Settle your scores with people and smile often. I know you can be savage but deep in your soul is the kindest the world doesn’t deserve. Have a wonderful day happy birthday!

33. Another normal day for many but a unique day for you. Happy Birthday to you! Here’s to your growth and prosperity, love yourself now and always for the universe will only give you this chance to celebrate your [ insert age] birthday.

34. Happy Birthday! For every tear you have cried, today will make you smile. All the nights you’ve felt lonely will be repaid with love from all you love. Don’t be defeated by the hard days, victory will be yours.

35. Another year it is, right? And wiser and older you are becoming. You should feel honoured for you have been honoured. Happy Birthday! Rise and glow like a star. All my love is for you!

36. Your life may seem fantastic but older as you grow, challenges come. Fear not and hold your peace for my existence is to battle your storm with you. Happy Birthday! Greater heights ahead!

37. Every day and every night, your laughter will ring louder and louder. You are lucky to have lived this long and lucky will you remain to live for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday, Niece. Let’s take a break and enjoy.

38. Best of birthday I wish you. May today shine so brightly and blind every evil on your way, may you love today and live it with merriment and may your joy be expressed externally for all to see. Happy Birthday!

39. Have a splendid birthday today. May your heart be filled with love and may your eyes tell a story of happiness. May the pain you feel give you the strength to fight other pain and may you stay happy. Happy Birthday!

40. The weather tells a story today on the theme of love and carefreeness. Why ignore its message little niece? It’s time to act reckless and live carefreely, for today is your birthday, happy birthday!

Birthday Poems for Niece from Aunt

May you feel loved and happy today. May your face shine bright and give light to the gloomy who will celebrate today with you. Your heart is filled with many things, may they be granted to you in their beauty. Your aunt loves you, I hope you receive this birthday poem with a smile on your face. Happy birthday, niece.

41. It’s another year again. Last year witnessed you give the widest smile and on this day last year, you were bursting with good energy. This year shall see no difference, I wish that this day and year will see you experience more joy and happiness. Happy Birthday, niece, your aunt thinks of you always.

42. Happy Birthday niece, you know how much you mean to me, you are like a daughter to me and the best is what I’ll always wish you. You are celebrating your birthday today, it’s a sure thing you’ll celebrate it next year again so take things slowly and try to concentrate on staying happy. I wish you all the best.

43. I’m proud of you dear, whatever you do, always have it in mind that your aunt will always be proud of you. Today is an opportunity to have fun and be selfish, don’t miss it! As the sun can never defile the course of things but always bring light to the universe, I wish that your blessings will never defy the way of things but will come to you at the appointed time. Happy Birthday, niece.

44. This year you have experienced a lot of challenges. There were opportunities you missed and there were those you grabbed but all in all, there are still lots of challenges to overcome and lots of opportunities to come by. Your aunt wishes that the challenges you face be easy and that you grab every opportunity that come your way so take a break today which is your birthday, and stay happy.

45. Your aunt sends loads of hugs, as my favourite niece you deserve it. I know you have always looked forward to especially celebrating your birthday but due to one thing or the other, this wish of yours hasn’t been fulfilled. It pains me as your aunt to see you want something and not get it. I wish you the resources to have everything you want. Happy Birthday!

46. Happy Birthday lovely niece, I hope all of the goals you prepared for yourself last year before your birthday have all been achieved. You are prepared for this year I know so I hope all of your plans are achieved. I trust you to be a good girl, so I have no other words for you. Have the best time of your life today, love you.

47. You are not my daughter, for this reason, I can say this boldly, don’t let your mum know. How’s your school result? You don’t have to stress yourself to have the perfect score, just do all you can and rest from time to time. Happy Birthday! I wish you good results in all you do. To many, this advice may seem bad, but I want you to prioritize your mental health before your school results.

48. I never thought I would be able to play very well the role of an aunt to a person but you make it so easy to be a nice person. In the same way, you make people feel at ease when around you, I wish that the blessings of life feel comfortable staying around you and I wish that you are surrounded by easygoing people. Happy Birthday!

49. I’m having this feeling of pride as I write this birthday greeting card. My niece is becoming a big girl of course I have every reason to be proud. Happy Birthday darling, you are one of the best things that have ever happened to me and I’m glad to have a friend and confidant in you. Congratulations on your day, wishing you the best day.

50. As your aunt, only the best things will I offer you. On behalf of my family and the extended family, I wish you success, good health, happiness, and prosperity. These things are all you need to have a pleasant time on earth. With the combined forces of your relatives, these things will naturally be yours. Happy Birthday!

51. Another 365 days have come and gone, finally, the wait is over. This day will always be special to me hence I look forward to it. Happy Birthday niece, this day is one of the few times we get to spend together, I hope we create good memories. I wish that life gives you good memories that will sustain you to the end of time. Have a great day!

52. Only the joyful at heart dream good dreams that never stop. Life is filled with darkness and many lose their heart to it. You are getting closer to owning your life, I wish that you stay joyful at heart and continue to dream of a life where darkness is nonexistent. Happy Birthday, long years I hope.

53. May opportunities fall on you. May lovely people stay and support you. May your life never lack all you need. May your youth be filled with vigour and may your smile always remain beautiful. Happiness will accompany you in every journey of your life and sorrow will never know your name. Happy Birthday!

54. I have indeed lived a fulfilled life. Writing to you a beautiful birthday greeting on a beautiful day like this which signifies your birthday is a life I once dreamed of. It’s a privilege for me to celebrate this day with my niece, not everyone is granted this privilege. Happy Birthday niece, the grace for you to live to see your niece age is what I wish you. May you live a long and fulfilled life.

55. Happy Birthday, beloved niece. A new chapter of your life is here again. I can see the glory it brings and I can see you dressed in that glory. All I wish is that this glory never passes you by. Thank you for being my lovely niece, I look forward to a joyful day with you.

Birthday Poem for Niece from Uncle

The sun has risen to the sky today, I wish your day nothing short of people showing you love and care. Happy Birthday, my princess, your uncle is proud of who you are becoming that’s why this poem is written in your honour. Stay on the right track and don’t be distracted by bad influences. Love you!

56. Gone are the days when you scream for joy and jump on me at the sight of me, and although I miss that cute angel, I’m glad you are becoming older and getting attractive with wisdom. I wish you wisdom for that is what a woman needs to pride herself in. Happy Birthday!

57. Happy Birthday niece. It may seem like I’m distant from you, but there has never been a day I never thought of you with good intentions. As for your day, I may be busy with a lot of things but I’ll never forget to wish you a happy birthday. I wish that you are surrounded by people who won’t hesitate to lend a helping hand to you.

58. I’m getting old with age while you brim with vitality, this brings me pure happiness. Knowing that these arms of mine may no longer lift you to throw you in the sky is the only pain I feel about growing older. Happy Birthday! It is a fact that you are to be a leader in life, I wish that nothing will deny you of being on top.

59. Niece, today is your birthday. May every journey of your life which is crooked be straightened and may every bridge which will connect you to countless opportunities come closer to you. Take this advice from your uncle, no matter perfect a man may be, always stay on guard. I wish you joy in your personal and love life.

60. As an uncle, I always look forward to this day when I can pour on my niece all the affection and love she deserves. You’re smart and unique, so I wish that the people around you are those who will make more impact on your life. I know my arms are weak, but I promise, if you run to me I’ll catch you and lift you. Happy Birthday!

61. Today, I was wondering why the sun was dancing beautifully in the sky until I remembered that my princess was celebrating her day today. May today’s sunshine beautifully on you no matter how far we are from each other. As it shines on you, may every bad situation in your life melt and exist no more. Happy birthday lovely girl.

62. I have not always slept early but I had to yesterday so I could rise early and wish my darling niece a happy birthday. Had I slept late like I used to, my morning would have me rushing to work instead of having time to wish you a happy birthday. So dear, forgive uncle for interrupting your beauty sleep. I wish you a splendid day.

63. Congratulations on your birthday, your uncle still can’t believe how much you have grown. You seem to be doing great with your studies, I wish you the best in that area. For someone who inherited my wisdom, I’m sure you would be doing great academically. Happy Birthday again, never forget you have an uncle but come to me when you need help.

64. It’s your birthday niece, happy birthday. As a man who has walked through various paths in life, I advise that as you age you put more focus on your happiness and drop whatever will rid you of your smile. No one but you deserves all the happiness and love you can give. I know it may be hard, but it’s okay to encounter some hard problem. I wish you the strength of a woman for I know for a fact that they supersede that of a man.

65. Having a bold, virtuous and courageous niece like you is every uncle”s dream. It’s the job of your father to worry over you but I haven’t stopped worrying about the type of woman you would turn out to be. You turned out well darling, I’m glad to see you enveloped with confidence. More wins to you I wish, happy birthday.

66. Many don’t know your pain but as your uncle I understand! I wonder how you do a good job of hiding them behind that smile. I’ll always support you in all you do and never get tired of sharing your problems with me. I wish you knew how strong you are, I’m proud of you. Happy Birthday!

67. Happy Birthday dear niece. It’s time to drop off that mature vibe you put on lately and jump like the kid I use to know. I miss taking you into my hands and lifting you to the sky. There are lots of things I miss doing with you. We share a lot of sweet memories, I hope you create wonderful memories today that’ll make you smile in years to come.

68. You are my princess who fixes her crown when it’s crooked. You are the most beautiful and fairest of all. Never feel intimidated by life, when you feel down, dust off your clothes and stand and if you can’t, I’ll lift you. Happy Birthday, you are my queen who rules my world.

69. Happy Birthday to the magnificent piece of art. Your uncle sends loves from miles away I hope you feel them. The weather is nice and everything is going great, I wish you experience love and the best time of your life.

70. How do you manage to stay kind, loving, and beautiful at the same time? Even I, your uncle don’t have these three apart from the third one which you inherited from me. Well, happy birthday, continue to do you and stay focused.

Funny Birthday Poems for Nieces

Some people are impossible to keep as friends or companions on a regular day, so, God brings them into your life as your niece so that nothing will break the bond you share. Happy Birthday, niece. I wish you receive a lot of hugs today, oh! I forgot you don’t like hugs.

Make your niece laugh on her birthday with these funny birthday poems for nieces.

71. Happy Birthday, niece. I’ve never been this happy in my entire life because it’s a good thing to know the next place to dump all the clothes I no longer need. Have them as my gift to you, I know they are no longer in style but that’s the point of gifting them to you.

72. Many times I’ve found myself trying to stay far away from you but it seems today won’t be good as I’ll have you clinging all over me. I don’t want to die of laughter and I don’t want my jaws hurting from extreme smiling so spare me just today okay? Happy Birthday, this is one wish from me.

73. Your birthday is always a special day for me. I get to have your cake all to myself, you have always taken advantage of your position as my niece to drain me of my money. Today is payback time, your birthday cake isn’t yours but mine, and I’m ready to fight for it. Happy Birthday!

74. Happy Birthday, you know I love you and wish you the best. Having an easy life is all I’ve ever wanted for you, that’s why I wish that you sleep through today and forget to celebrate your day. It’s going to be a stressful day I know, so have a great time falling under my sleeping spell. Your aunt/uncle loves you no doubt.

75. I have always thought you were born to torment my life and I’ve always held on to this belief for a long time but then you grew up and kept a distance from me and then I realized my life has always needed someone naughty as you to torment it. Happy birthday, I hope you live long enough to torment me.

76. It’s not easy making me laugh but whenever I stare at you, I can’t help but burst into laughter. Now don’t start feeling fly, I think the reason for my laughter has something to do with your face and not your cuteness. Happy Birthday darling, you should come to visit from time to time, I need a reason to laugh.

77. To be honest, I first thought of writing all sort of lovely things about you but then I had a second thought. I remembered those times when you were little that I always thought you the importance of being honest. I thought of following my advice so here’s a different birthday greeting for you. Congratulations on your special day, more win to you.

78. You are the most understanding niece I have. To save my face you received an empty birthday box last year from me and didn’t tell a soul. Seeing how understanding and mature you are, I’m looking forward to sending an empty birthday today which is your birthday. I know I can be shameless but you are the only one who can overlook me. Happy Birthday, your aunt/uncle hopes you meet people who will give you the birthday gifts you deserve.

79. Let’s do it the old fashion way. Happy Birthday, niece. You are the sugar in my tea and the apple of my eyes. You are that little touch of makeup that brings out the beauty in me. Without you, I’m like a helpless drunk wíthout a drink. You are my everything.

80. You use to be my little sneaky rat. Your skill in sneaking into my room as a little girl deserves an investigation. Happy Birthday, darling, you have grown into a confident lady who no longer sneaks but comes into my house in all audacity to take my shoes and bags. I wish you have all you need.

81. Although you have always been naughty, I have to admit that you taught me the tolerance and patience to take care of my kids. This doesn’t mean you deserve a thank you, let’s just say the years of torture you have made me go through with you should cover my thanks. Happy birthday, I’ll always love you no matter what. Wishing you the best

82. Many are funny, many are mischievous, many are full of tricks up their sleeves while the rest are just lovely. Guess where you fall into! I know you are aware that you possess all of these qualities. Happy Birthday darling niece, your aunt/uncle finds you lovely no matter the qualities you possess. Have a lovely day!

83. Congratulations on your special day niece. Your path ahead lies in its many struggles, but I wish that the battle that will confront you will be as few as the hairs currently on my head. Happy Birthday, love you.

84. Happy Birthday dear niece. You have grown into a lady with class, I don’t know if you have become a lady with wisdom because seeing how you kept smiling sheepishly at me, I have every reason to hesitate when writing about how filled you are with wisdom.

85. As your favourite aunt/uncle, I prepared a birthday card with a message that will leave you stunned and laughing but then I considered how embarrassing it’ll be for you and me to break into a laughing spree. As an aunt/uncle whose goal is to see you grow into a mature woman, I say happy birthday, wishing you success in all you do.

Birthday Wishes for Niece Poems

As a child, you have always shown the traits of a noblewoman. It’s comforting to see you walk the part of success. Many thorns and barriers will meet you on the way, but my poems and wishes are that you receive the bravery to fight through them. Happy Birthday, niece.

86. Happy Birthday special niece. I think about you a lot and lately, I’ve been thinking of what makes you so special to me and I realize that it’s the comfortable feeling you give out to those around you. May you be surrounded by people who make you comfortable and may the smile you give off last forever.

87. It’s in the news and everywhere. The rising pressures on teenagers have taken a toll on them and many have fallen depressed. Today is the best time to say this to you, be strong, take a break and speak out. I love you niece and will always have your back. It’s good news to see you smiling, I hope that behind your smiles lies another smile, not tears. Happy Birthday, wishing you happiness and peace of mind.

88. Here’s a glass raised to you, congratulations on your birthday. You are filled with lots of love, don’t forget to spread it to those you care about. Your smile is infectious so infect someone with your smile today. Love you, dear, hope to see you have the best time of your life by this time next year.

89. You are the star in my life that gives me light no matter how small it is. The light you provide me although not bright gives me hope to thrive on. I hope to be the sun in your life, and I wish that lovely people take the place of a star and moon. May you find people who will support and love you today and for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday!

90. You are a birthday present that I didn’t receive on my birthday, a gift like you who brings a smile to me amid my tears is rare and difficult to find. Happy Birthday darling niece, my wish for you is that you find a person who will walk into your life and turn your tears into laughter. Happy Birthday!

91.Happy birthday, niece. Today is a unique day, don’t forget to have all the fun you can. Never stop feeding hope to all of your dreams for a person like you realizes all of their dreams in life. I wish you all the grace and strength that will enable you to tick off all the goals on your wishlist.

92. You are like a daughter to me, thank you for treating me more than you would treat an aunt/uncle. You are growing into a gem, each day brings out the hidden beauty in you. I’m proud of you for being a smart and hardworking woman, I wish that you get to enjoy life as you should and that the temptation of the world doesn’t rid you of your smile.

93. I’ve always thought nieces and nephews were a troublesome bunch but you came into my life and changed the way I see things, thanks a lot for that. Your presence in my life gave me the tolerance I needed to love my other nieces and nephews. I pray that as you celebrate today, people who will change your mindset for goodwill troop into your life. Happy Birthday!

94. It’s on a day like this that I miss your smile and hugs. We haven’t met for a long time but you are always in my heart and I cherish you a lot. Happy Birthday! I wish you long life to see me grow grey hairs on my head and I wish you the vitality and vigour of youth when you get to my age. Happy Birthday!

95. Happy birthday dear, I hope you receive all that you need on this day. I feel guilty about having an awesome gift like you in my life. You bring joy, laughter, and peace of mind to me and I appreciate this about you a lot. I’m making myself a better person that will bring joy to you, but I hope for more people in your life who will love you the way I do.

96. Today, I celebrate the wonderful day of a remarkable lady who walks into the life of people around her and brings light to them. Happy Birthday, niece, you light up the sky and chase away the darkness around those you, my wish is that the light you give out illuminates and chases away the darkness in your heart.

97. Everyone has an inner demon they battle. With time, these demons increase in numbers. You are growing older niece, and the battle to drown your demons may seem futile. The strength to fight these inner struggles of yours is what I wish for and the ability to embrace most of your problems and look forward to better days I wish. Happy Birthday!

98. For the fact that you exist, you deserve all the love and attention I am capable of giving. Your existence gave me the opportunity I needed to train to become a good father/mother, your cousins who enjoy affection from me have you to thank for building me. Happy Birthday, people will into your life who’ll teach you all you need to be a better person.

99. Congrats niece. I remember when you were little you always looked forward to becoming an adult and I gave you the advice to be a good girl. Look at you now, you’ve grown to become a big girl shouldn’t I be the proudest aunt/uncle in the world right now? I wish you an amazing day. Happy Birthday!

100. The weather looks nice today like it’s ready to celebrate your birthday with you. How’s the weather over there, I’m sure it’s great. It’s been a long time since I last saw you, I know you must have grown into a beautiful lady. Happy birthday, you will smile and cry tears of joy today.

Birthday is a good time to filter out people in your life and on this day, your niece may be looking forward to seeing those who care about her and who will celebrate with her. Don’t be disappointing by just remembering her birthday, be a sweet aunt/uncle by sending these best of happy birthday poems for niece in 2023 to her. I wish you success as you grow your bond with your niece, and I wish your niece a happy birthday.

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