Happy Birthday Mom WhatsApp Status

2023 Best Happy Birthday Mom WhatsApp Status

When we think of God’s most resolute blessing, mothers come to mind. Mothers are beautifully wrapped gifts to us that deserve to be celebrated often and adored on special days like birthdays.

Below are some beautiful birthday status to use on WhatsApp for your mom.

Sweet Happy Birthday Mother WhatsApp Status

Trending Sweet Happy Birthday Mother WhatsApp Status you can use to celebrate your Mom on her Special day.

1. Happy birthday, mum, you’re a reason behind my happiness!

2. Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman I know. You rock mum!

3. You’re my greatest source of inspiration, thanks and happy birthday!

4. You’re beauty, bravery and benevolence in one body. Happy birthday ma

5. You care for me like no other would, you’re my love every day. Happy birthday.

6. I wish you a double dose of what you have been to me. A huge blessing! Happy birthday

7. You’re principled and deeply tender, I could never ask for a better mother, happy birthday.

8. You’ve been a solid shoulder to cry on and a soothing hand that tends to my wounds. May the peace of God find you as you celebrate your birthday

9. You teach, counsel and guide me like no other person would. Happy birthday, mum.

10. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m grateful for you on your birthday and forever.

11. Thank God you were born! Your birth made me happen, I’m wondering because you are. Happy birthday.

12. You get to me like no other. My great and bad moments have been with you. I wouldn’t like it any other way. Happy birthday mommy

13. Mums are God’s beautiful gift to humanity. Thank God I have the best of God’s beautiful gifts. Happy birthday.

14. With you, I’m unapologetically myself, it’s beyond coming out of your womb and more about being able to tell you anything and everything. Happy birthday, bestie.

15. Nothing I write today will perfectly capture how I feel about you being in my life. I just wish you a long life and prosperity.

16. I’m this beautiful woman today because your hands took care of me, your words of encouragement nurtured me and your eyes watched me. Thanks and happy birthday!

17. I hope you get to spend the rest of your days on earth as a happy woman. You deserve to be ma

18. On your birthday, I just wish to empty my tank of thanks for all the beautiful things you’ve evoked in me and all around. I’m proud to call you my mother.

19. You’re not just lovely at sight, you’re beautiful at heart and you walk irredeemably in love. Happy birthday!

20. You are not the only kind to your children. You extend generosity to other children with glee. Happy birthday great woman!

21. May your day be bright, beautiful and full of pleasant surprises, happy birthday ma

22. When I think of God’s goodness and grace, you hitch a ride quickly to my mind. May the rest of your days on earth be more wonderful than the last.

23. I’m unashamed to say I am mummy’s girl and I will forever be. Happy birthday, babe!

24. You’ve shown me kindness beyond explanation. So, I wish you a miracle beyond imagination as you celebrate your birthday! Sweet mom

25. Dear mother, Gods thoughts towards you are coming to fruition this year, belief!

26. You’re my perfect imperfection, I wouldn’t want you another way. Have more fruitful years.

27. Your blessing is here, begin to live in this reality from today. Happy birthday, mommy.

28. I don’t take your sacrifices for granted. You’re appreciated now and forever. Happy birthday

29. Somebody once said being a mother is hard work. I agree and think you’re the most hardworking mother I know. Happy birthday!

30. This message may not exactly convey the state of my heart but I am not worried about misconception because you know my heart just like I do. Happy birthday.

31. I had the best childhood with you as my playmate and sitter, I have wonderful teenage stories because you were present with full-blown love and I’m having a structured life because I have a mother’s words of motivation to bank on. Happy birthday ma

32. Your worth cannot be overemphasized. You’re far above what humans can create. You’re my beautiful mother. Happy birthday!

33. You’ve made me laugh with reckless abandon countless times. You’re such a life. Continue living!

34. Nobody comes in contact with you and stays negative, you ooze optimism and good vibe in an effortless manner. Happy birthday mom

35. Dear mother, I’ve always wanted to tell you that you’re the most beautiful black woman I know. Happy birthday.

36. Your flaws are part of the things that move you to perfection. May your light never dim. Happy birthday, mother.

37. I’m so grateful that I have not been forced to live this life without a mother. I’m beyond delighted to celebrate another birthday with my ride or die

38. What is life without a mother like you, unimaginable!
Happy birthday my endless love.

39. People like you make this world worth living in. I cherish every day that I get to spend with you, mum. Happy birthday

40. I’m an ardent reader and learner because of you. What a trailblazer you are. May this birthday be a beginning of greater things.

41. You make my heart dance for joy and my lips sing of God’s grace. Thank God I have you, mom! Happy birthday.

42. Happy birthday to the most delectable, wonderful woman I know. Beautiful mum!

43. You’ve been nothing short of constant blessing and continuous source of joy for me. Happy birthday, ma!

44. Everybody deserves a mother that let them be the best of their kind. I’m glad I got what I deserve from birth. Happy birthday mum

45. You’re my mother in all areas, you lead with your beautiful heart and I marvel. May your wisdom abide even as you celebrate another beautiful year.

46. I have nothing short of peace, love and admiration where you’re concerned. You’re cherished birthday mummy.

47. You’re the best gift life has given me, nothing has been able to wave your love and dedication towards me. Happy birthday mommy

48. You’re love and light in human form, I don’t regret coming out from you. Happy birthday!

49. I wish you wonderful moments laced with laughter as you paddle graciously through life. Happy birthday, mother.

50. I’m glad that you are not just my mother and friend, but a source of inspiration. Happy birthday!

51. May the rest of your years be filled with laughter and unspeakable joy. Happy birthday to you.

52. I smile better knowing that I will soon get to hear your voice vibrating with care or even scolding me. Your voice is soothing. Happy birthday, mommy.

53. Happy birthday to my mom! There’s absolutely nothing you shouldn’t be bold to ask today. You deserve all the things you want.

54. Here’s a warm hug from me to keep you going today and beyond. Happy birthday mom.

55. You’re the peace to my most raging storm. I wish you the happiest birthday mom.

56. Here’s to the strongest, kindest and most hilarious woman I know. Happy birthday!

57. I love you than my favourite food. You are a delightful mom. Happy birthday.

58. You’re more than deserving of a party and a fantastic gift. Happy birthday mom!

59. I can’t explain the reasons for being this lucky to have you as a mum. But, it’s a fact I am truly grateful for. Happy birthday!

60. Whenever I show the tiniest bit of need, you always eagerly see to it. You’re such a lovely mother, happy birthday.

61. You’re my favourite teacher and gist partner, without you, important life lessons would have passed me by. Happy birthday mom!

62. I am a success because you showed me what true success is. On your birthday, I want to just say thanks, mom.

63. Let me take this moment to tell you that you’re God’s most resolute blessing to me, happy birthday mother.

64. Mom, happy birthday! May your days be happy and your smile be permanent.

65. You’re more! you’re my muse, comforter, teacher and most importantly my best friend. Happy birthday, ma.

66. We have travelled the world together, stayed awake to discuss why we couldn’t sleep, cried and laughed simultaneously and I wish to enjoy more moments of bliss with you as my mother and friend. Happy birthday!

67. A mother’s role is pivotal in the house, you have done beyond. You’ve made our house a place where we all inhale and exhale better. Happy birthday, mother.

68. In case I’ve never told you, you’re remarkably sweet. Now, never forget that! Happy birthday, mom.

69. I’m so glad I get to call you my mom in and out. Happy birthday mother

70. I almost entered a mirror once, when I looked and saw reflections of you. You’re so beautiful and I can’t wait to be a mother like you. Happy birthday, ma!

71. You have generously passed beautiful virtues to all of us your children, happy birthday mom!

72. A tender and smart woman like you being my mother and friend is what has managed to keep me sane in this world. Happy birthday, mom.

73. Shame on words, they are unable to capture your essence. You’re too good for words. Happiest birthday mom

74. You’ve managed to shun status quo at 40, you’re one in a million and the best mom. Happy birthday mom

75. Today being your birthday, I just want you to know you are doing a wonderful job both as a mother and a dear friend.

76. You’ve constantly been a source of happiness. Happy birthday mom

77. Suddenly, I came and Denied you of the perfect body and gave you constant smile. No one else has shown gratitude for having me around like you have every single day. Happy birthday mom!

78. We may not see everyday, you’re still my everyday inspiration, Mom. happy birthday!

79. May joy and happiness always dwell in your heart and smile on your face, happy birthday mother.

80. I could never repay you for your labour of love, may God reward you richly mom, happy birthday!

81. The world is a better place because you’re in it and I wouldn’t wish for a different life because you’re present with full-blown love. Happy birthday mother

82. Mom, I wish you a beautiful birthday celebration and wonderful moments for the rest of your life.

83. Your womb was my home briefly, your heart is my home forever. Happy birthday, mom.

84. I’m beyond elated every day to have a powerful woman like you as my mother. May happiness never cease in our life. happy birthday!

85. Nothing significant can be achieved without you and every good thing seem possible with you as my mother. Happy birthday.

86. No other contestant has come close, the prize of the best mom only finds a dwelling place in your hands. Happy birthday mom

87. Thank you for your unconditional show of love and constant support. Happy birthday ma

88. You’re a model, your care and understanding sweep me off my feet every single day. Happy birthday, mother!

89. You’ve always been there no matter how naughty I get or how ugly the situation becomes. For this, you deserve accolades. Happy birthday, mother!

90. Congratulations on your birthday, you’re by far the most delightful person I know, my dearest mother!

91. Happy birthday, mother, I hope fervently the rest of your life will be the best.

92. I love you, mom! During all these years, you’ve been my favourite person. Happy birthday.

93. Dark moments no longer abound because I have light constantly in my life. You! Happy birthday mom

94. Dear mother, thanks to you I have a beautiful life. Happy birthday!

95. It’s a beautiful delight that you look so young at 50, may you look even more beautiful at 60. Happy birthday.

96. The things that remain constant between my mom and me are; Admiration, communication and Love. Happy birthday, ma.

97. You didn’t only teach me how to dream but also how to ensure my dreams come to fruition. I’m a success today because of your teachings. Happy birthday, mom.

98. It doesn’t matter how old or far I am, your voice will always make my heart dance and I will always love to hear you sing. Happy birthday, mother.

99. Thank you for praying for me and with me, you’re unarguably the most amazing woman in my world. Happy birthday, mother!

100. Thank you for all the love and care, I hope I am able to repay you in folds as the years go by. Happy birthday!

101. You’ve been there to save me, nurture me, and care for me when no one was. I love you ma, happy birthday.

102. May all the good you have done in this world come rushing back to you today and for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, mother!

103. I just want to say you’re perfect for me. A beautiful woman who does nothing other than try to make me happy. Happy birthday, momma!

104. I know an angel in human form, she’s my mother and today is her birthday! I celebrate you MA.

105. You’re my hero, super in your ways, kindhearted and strong-willed. Happy birthday mom.

106. Your heartwarming hugs and soothing words have been inspiration enough for the beautiful life I now enjoy. Happy birthday, ma.

107. You’re patient and your ways are pure! Such a bliss to have you around. Happy birthday, mother.

108. I’m so grateful for everything holding you together. As you celebrate your birthday, may you continually be closely knit?

109. You’re solid and a strong support system for everyone around you. I cherish you mom. Happy birthday!

110. I don’t want to imagine a life without you as my mother, You’re a basic need mom, happy birthday!

111. You’re such a breath of fresh air, being around you brings all of us your children closer to joy and happiness. Happy birthday mom!

112. My heart is always drawn to you no matter where I am, Home is where you are mom, happy birthday!

113. Mom, you have a heart of Gold and loving nature. You deserve to have the best things in life, may you get them as you celebrate your birthday.

114. My love for you is born out of your constant display of love. You’ve won me over forever. Happy birthday, ma.

115. May your light never dim, May sorrow never come close and May you always sour like an eagle. Happy birthday.

116. I don’t have to see you before I feel loved, our love transcends the physical. Happy birthday, ma!

117. Thank you for always helping me and never giving up on me. Happy birthday, mom.

118. Nothing tastes better than your food, no hug brings warmth like yours. You’re the best at all you do. Happy birthday!

119. Age has nothing on you, you’re as beautiful as ever. Even more! Happy birthday.

120. You make everyone want to be better! Such a constant inspiration you are. Happy birthday, mom.

121. There are few things in life that give me Joy, you are top on the list! Happy birthday, mom.

122. Every day I wake up knowing someone this wonderful is my mother is a miracle. Happy birthday!

123. You drove into my heart with your doggedness through the help of your soft heart and intelligence. It is the most glorious ride yet! Happy birthday, mom.

124. Each day I’ve had to spend with you as your daughter has taught me independence and given my heart a reason to always dance. You know how to be the mother that forgives and gives freely and this makes everyday worth having. Happy birthday.

125. We fight a lot but I know our love is tight
You scold me and then you hold me
We disagree to agree.
You share just as much as you care. Happy birthday mom.

126. We’ve been through thick and thin and I wouldn’t have wished for a better model to go through life with because you are my perfect imperfection. Happy birthday mother

127. You’re my perfect mom, my sunshine, my moonlight and it gives me unshakable joy each time I get to celebrate the birth of you.

128. Every day since our first meeting has brought me closer to the best decision to stay with you through thick and thin as your beloved daughter. Happy birthday!

129. My heart forever blesses the day I came to this world through you, happy birthday mother

130. Happy birthday to my muse, continue doing all that that you do dearest, mom.

131. I am here because for a period of time you carried me about in your stomach. Thanks, ma and happy birthday!

132. You’re a lifesaver and giver. I love you beyond words. Happy birthday!

133. For all the troubles I have caused you, I am sorry, for all the sweet memories, I pray we enjoy more. Happy birthday!

134. I appreciate you mom. Nobody does the work like you do. Happy birthday!

135. May your memories bring smile to your face and each coming moment’s joy to your heart, happy birthday mom.

136. Happy birthday! May you always have a reason to laugh and rejoice. Love you, mom!

137. It’s okay to be a little demanding today. It’s your birthday ma, enjoy!

138. You’re beautiful, I’ve seen it in the light of your ways. Remain so even as you celebrate your birthday. I adore you, mom.

139. My heart is swollen with laughter and light for the delight of celebrating your birthday. I cherish you, mom,

140. Happy birthday to the most incredible woman I know. Mama!

141. Hearts only get better around you. You’re love and light mom, happy birthday!

142. I love the way you conquer your fears and the way you practice faith. Happy birthday, mom.

143. You sparkle, you grow, you love. All these you do without restrictions. I’m so proud of you ma, happy birthday

144. I’ve found love in your arms, may our love lives forever. Happy birthday, mom.

145. May you experience delight like never before today and beyond, happy birthday mother!

146. Wow! It’s golden Jubilee. I’m so proud of the woman you’ve become and the mother you have been. Happy birthday!

147. You shine bright ma, I’m one lucky daughter of God to have you as my mother, happy birthday!

148. As you begin a new threshold, joy will find you and love will come and be your closest companion. Happy birthday, mom.

149. Everybody is talking about you today! What a great woman you are. Happy birthday mom!

150. I’m happy beyond words as we celebrate the birth of you. I adore you, mom.

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