Happy Birthday Messages for a Single Mom Friend

Happy Birthday Messages for a Single Mom Friend

Single mothers are people who rise above the norms set by society for women. The feeling of having to cater for a child alone with no help from a partner can take a toll on anyone, be it a man or a woman.

Society, which already stands as an obstacle to women together with emotional pressure can break any woman who is a single mother. That woman in your life who with all these problems still stands tall and proud has the right to receive inspirational friendship quotes for single mothers from time to time.

An extraordinary friend like her needs to receive quotes that express profound feelings for single mothers on her birthday.

Every day of her life, she needs to read about her braveness and on her birthday, many unique birthday messages for single mothers need to be sent to her. Short birthday messages for a friend like her will surely do the job of lifting her spirit.

Below are wonderful happy birthday messages for a single mom friend to send as a text message to a single mother on her birthday. Don’t make the mistake of taking for granted the presence of a single mother in your life, send this to her and experience happiness in your relationship with her.

Birthday Prayer Messages for a Single Mom Friend

Happy Birthday to my one true friend, your presence in my life is like a breath of fresh air, I thank God for bringing you into my life. I pray for you that your child who is a source of joy to you brings laughter to you. The Lord will stay with you all the days of your life. You are a strong single mom.

1. Happy Birthday, dear friend, lift your spirit and smile for good things are coming your way today. The word of God says ” I’m the Lord God, is there anything too hard for me to do?”. I believe in this word that there is nothing too hard for God that’s why I pray that the Lord visits you and turn the situation of things around for you. May he give you peace of mind and comfort your worried heart.

2. Happy birthday, dear friend. No matter what they say, the Lord is still with you and his presence will never leave you. God forgives and bears all of our burdens. Don’t be overwhelmed by the challenges you currently face for the Lord God will walk with you and comfort you as you. I pray that as you celebrate today, the Lord gives to you the strength to groom your child in the way of the Lord.

3. Dear Jehovah, my friend’s birthday which is today signifies the mercy you have shown upon her. Without your grace, all the pressure of life would be too difficult for her as a single mother. As she celebrates her birthday today, guide her and lead her for she has no one to bear her pains. Happy Birthday, friend, the Lord will never forsake you, he will down on you with mercy. Have faith and enjoy today.

4. Today is the special day of a special person to me. I pray that the Lord God see to it that you celebrate every minute of today. The Lord Jesus knows the troubles you pass through, don’t lose hope in him, in his appropriate time, you will find your problems and see them no more. I only pray that he gives you the answers to all your prayer. Happy Birthday, the Lord is with you.

5. This day is the day you celebrate your birthday, may the Almighty God give you the strength to celebrate it. Naomi upon losing her husband and son was given strength by the Lord to gather and possess her lost glory through Ruth. In the same way, I pray that the Lord gives you the strength you need to take care of your kids, and may he send down his angels in human form to give you a helping hand. Happy birthday!

6. Abraham forsook Hager and sent her away but the Lord came to her help and made a way for her where there was no way. As you celebrate today which is your birthday, the Lord will make a way for you and will hurry to your aid whenever you encounter a problem. Today will be a day of joy, you have worked so hard, and deserve to reap blessings. The Lord will make it his goal to see you get everything you have ever worked for. Happy Birthday!

7. May the Lord bless you as you celebrate your birthday. The Lord will send down his angels to always be with you and your kid(s). May he never give you reasons to weep over any of your kids. As your Friend, I know that your kids mean a lot to you so I pray that the Lord Jesus keeps them under his wings and blinds every evil eye that makes effort to harm your kids. Happy Birthday, your kid(s) are lucky to have an amazing mum like you.

8. Congratulations on celebrating your special day. I thank God for what he’s doing in your life and I hope that he does more of them in your life. As you perform your normal activities today, the Lord will perform great things in your life. Don’t be afraid of what the future holds, for he that is with you is greater than every problem you will ever face. Happy Birthday, I pray for more wins for you. Take care!

9. Happy Birthday to you. I know you are overwhelmed by a lot of things and your faith in God is wavering so I pray that your faith in God receives great uplifting. There is joy in serving the Lord so don’t lose hope. I pray for you and your kids that the answers to the prayers you have always wanted comes to you. The light of God will shine into your life today. Amen

10. It’s your birthday today and I wish you the very best. The word of God in 1 Thessalonians 3:3 says “But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and keep you safe from the Evil One.” Take refuge in this word, he will strengthen you and I pray that he shelters your kids from evil. Have the best day dear, God has good plans for you.

Birthday Wishes Quotes for a Single Mom Friend

I have seen you break down in tears after receiving head-on the blows the world threw at you, I have seen you laugh when surrounded by pain but I’ve never seen you entertain the thoughts of giving up. Happy Birthday to my single mom friend, my heartfelt wish is that you find happiness.

11. Happy Birthday to the strongest woman I know. Your courage and unrelenting spirit had always been a source of motivation to me. Life hasn’t been easy for you but you have kept on fighting and winning. You are the best dear, and it’s a good thing to see you happy celebrating your birthday. Wishing you more strength to keep on fighting.

12. Your existence and life experience taught me a big lesson, and that is ” to not let anything bring me down”. Every life challenge I encounter, I think of you and how you kept thriving even when the odds were against you. Thanks for been there as a role model. Today is your birthday, and I’ve never been so happy. I wish you good health and long life to see the fruit of your labour, happy birthday!

13. Life is difficult for women and twice difficult for single mothers. Women are courageous but you are twice as courageous, the world needs more of your kind. You fought all stereotypes and set a standard for the women around you, you are the best. You’ve given hope to a lot of people, and I wish for nothing more but that you have all the happiness you seek. Happy Birthday!

14. Superheroes are nothing compared to you. Superheroes with all their supernatural abilities take a break from time to time but, ever since I knew you as a friend, you have never displayed any sign of weakness, or have you ever bowed your head in defeat. You are a queen, and no one can shake your crown. Happy Birthday, wishing you the best.

15. As if the role of a mother wasn’t difficult enough, you took on the role of a father to your child and that of a best friend to me. Your patience, perseverance and deserves recognition. You deserve the best birthday party to keep your mind away from life’s problems. Happy Birthday to you darling friend, I wish you have all the good things about life.

16. Most friends come and go like seasons. Most of them come late when needed and most of them come early when not needed. You are like the sun and star to those around you. No matter how bright my day is, you will always be there to brighten it and whenever I fall in darkness, even as far away as you are from me, you will twinkle to reassure me of hope. Happy Birthday, wishing you success in all you do.

17. An amazing person you are. Your daily job as a mother, father, sister, and friend is the most difficult job I know of. You get to be loving and caring like a mother, be stern and strict like a father, supportive like a sister, and amazing like a friend. What is it that you can’t do? Here’s a glass raised to you, happy birthday. I raise my hands in salute and I wish that you never encounter the troubles of life that are too difficult to overcome.

18. Happy Birthday to the best friend anyone can ever ask for. I wish that this day becomes as lovely as you. Asking this day to be as lovely as you would be too much of a task for today to carry out as you are too lovely for anyone to meet your standard. Not only do I wish the best for you today, but for the rest of your life for you deserve it.

19. May this day which signifies the birth of a superhero be filled with laughter, joy, happiness, and all kinds of blessings. To the one who has the right to lecture every superhero on how to be brave, I wish you a happy birthday. Although I know it’s cheating to receive superhero training from you for free, let’s just celebrate today because I’m your friend.

20. Although a unique person like you need not be celebrated on one particular day, I still need to give a shout-out to you on being able to push through all those challenges you encounter. An average person doesn’t possess the strengths you have. Happy Birthday, keep on the fighting spirit, life will have a cause to bow to you. Wishing you more strength and happiness.

The responsibility on the shoulders of single mothers isn’t something anyone can carry alone. If it was easy, everyone would be a single mother. As a friend to a single mother, it is your duty to either send her a prayer message or birthday quotes just like the happy birthday messages for a single mom friend here. Read the above message and choose the one that best suits you.

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