Happy Birthday in Advance to My Ex Girlfriend

Happy Birthday in Advance to My Ex Girlfriend

No matter how you look at it, some persons will always have that one (or more) person that they refer to as an ex. But then, not all exes are bad. Although, the fact that some exes deserve to be cursed cannot be rule out; some even need you to make conscious efforts to ensure you don’t see them again and your paths never cross, but then, I’ll reiterate, not all exes are bad.
A relationship may go south but it doesn’t have to be an ugly scenario.

You may that one ex-girlfriend that you secretly or even openly hope you can be together again. You think of them almost every moment. That one you’re comfortable with keeping as friends.
Exes like these deserve to be remembered as their birthday approaches and you might even want to send them some emotional birthday wishes.

Unless they’re terrible people, some exes always are attached with some pleasant memories of each time you spent with them. Some of which you wish you could go back to.

I doubt if there’s any rule that states you can’t be friends with your ex-girlfriend. Even bad people are given second chances, I am not referring to a second chance for a relationship though. Still, you can maintain a healthy friendship with them, at the least.

If you have an ex-girlfriend that you’re still on good terms with, you should consider sending them a happy birthday in advance messages ad her birthday approaches.

It may be short and concise, the option of whether the wishes should be emotional, romantic or heart tingling lies with you, and that’s depending on your relationship with her.

With the collection of happy birthday in advance for ex girlfriend wishes here, you can be sure that you won’t be at a loss for the right words and they’re also perfect to send across to her and celebrate her.

Even if you’re not on really good terms with her yet, some Inspirational quotes and birthday prayers for her on her birthday are not totally a bad idea.

Happy Birthday in Addy to My Ex Girlfriend

In addy to the girl that knew how best to make me smile, I look forward to celebrating you on your birthday because no matter what, you definitely deserve it. You’re still one of the best, my dear ex girlfriend.

1. I celebrated your birthday with you when we were together so how could I possibly forget it now? Even though we’ve both changed and things changed, you’re still one of the best people in my life. Happy birthday in advance to you dear.

2. We may not be the best of lovers anymore, but we can be the best of friends. Cheers to all of the times we’ve spent and all of your birthdays we’ve celebrated together in the past. Happy birthday in advance to you.

3. No matter what, you’re always in my heart and you still are as special as you were. I pray that you have a great year and an awesome birthday celebration ahead. Happy birthday in advance to you dearest.

4. It doesn’t matter that I am no longer the love of your life, you’re one person that I can’t ever take for granted in life. As your special day approaches, I wish you a very good birthday and the year ahead. Happy birthday in advance to you.

5. It’s my life’s luck that I get to be with you even if it were for the briefest of times. Always and forever, you’ll have a place so special in my heart. Happy birthday in advance to you beloved.

6. All of those wonderful times we spent together, nothing can take them away from my memory. We’ve both moved on with our lives but still, I always value you and what we had that’s why I am wishing you a very happy birthday in advance. May your wishes be granted.

7. Every memory of our times together is still as fresh as ever. Thank you for you and for all of those times. I will always cherish them. In advance to you dear.

8. Hey dear, I am wishing you a very happy birthday and a great year ahead. May life continue to be good to you always. Cheers to your birthday in advance.

9. One fact that I can’t ever rule out is that you’re an amazing person through and through. It was a great honour to have been in love with you. You deserve the best on your birthday that’s why I’m wishing you a good one in advance.

10. You used to be my most special woman. Well, only the ‘most’ is gone, you’re still special no matter what. The best way to let you know that you’re still in my thoughts is to wish you a happy birthday in advance.

Happy Birthday in Advance Messages for My Ex Girlfriend

I know you weren’t expecting this but hey, you’re still one of my life’s best even though you’re now an ex girlfriend, hence this message. I wish you a good year ahead dear, happy birthday in advance to you.

11. I can’t ever forget our times together, it was the best of my life. I’m hoping that you’ll never forget me no matter what. Happy birthday in advance to you babe.

12. I must commend you for getting more mature, more beautiful and smarter with each day. I hope that your coming birthday brings you loads of love, happiness and success. Happy birthday in advance to you my ex girl.

13. You have always been an amazing woman, the greatest of my life’s gift. Loving you while it lasted was a great honour for me. You’re always on my mind and that’s why I’m wishing you a very happy birthday in advance.

14. I’ve seen you grow into a stronger woman over time and I’m sure that you’ll do just fine no matter what. Like I used to, I celebrate you in advance babe. Happy birthday to you.

15. Nothing can stop you, you have a strength and resilience that’s quite formidable. I wish you a very good celebration this year, many happy returns to you and of course in advance.

In Addy Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

No one knows you better than I do, I’m sure you know that. We might not be together anymore but you’re still a girlfriend to me. In addy to you, girl, I pray that your wishes come true.

16. Thank you for all of the happy memories I have with you. Loving you was worth it and even know that we’re no longer together, it still is one of the best things to happy to me. I wish you a very happy birthday in advance dearie.

17. I have no regrets about us, it was good while it lasted. Happy birthday in advance to you dear, continue to soar high.

18. You are and will always be permanently etched in my memory. I didn’t forget your birthday, in fact, I’m making a mental countdown to it. I wish you a very exciting year and life in advance.

19. Keep growing my dear, in fact, you’re doing a good job of it. Happy birthday in advance to you. P.S I can’t ever forget your birthday

20. Whether you’re far away or with someone else, I’ll always celebrate your birthday with you right here in my heart because you deserve it. I wish you many more years of achievements. Happy birthday in advance my dear girl.

Nothing in life is permanent or guaranteed, not even love. That’s why you should make sure that you take in every moment and not hold any grudge against that girl who used to be the love of your life.

Simple and short, these happy birthday in advance to my ex girlfriend are comfortable to celebrate her with.

You can forward any of them as a text or as a card.
You’re welcome.

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