Happy Birthday Adopted Daughter Wishes Quotes

Happy Birthday Adopted Daughter Wishes Quotes

An adopted daughter is someone who you’ve considered to be your own child, she is someone you love and cherish as your own.

A daughter like this deserves all the love and attention she can get because of what she represents in your life.

Her birthday is one of those days you can make her feel really loved. While it’s advisable to get her gifts, it’s also advisable to send some good wishes, prayers, quotes her way.

That’s exactly why I have these happy birthday adopted daughter wishes quotes below. They will help in telling her how you feel about her presence in your life.

They will always make the occasion more fun for her.

Birthday Wishes for Adopted Daughter

Happy birthday to my sweet and lovely daughter. Feel free to do whatever it is you want. You will always have my support. I wish you all the best for your birthday and throughout the whole year, my daughter. Have a blast.

Your adopted daughter will jump on you when she sees this:

1. My dear, as far as I am concerned, you are my biological daughter. You have been a part of my life since you were just two months old, so it’s safe to say that you are my daughter. I’m so delighted to welcome you into this beautiful year. I hope you have joy all year round. Happy birthday.

2. The bond between us is just like the one between an actual mother and daughter. Asides from that, we have so many things in common. You have been a source of joy to me, ever since you became a part of my life. I love you so much. Have a happy birthday.

3. The fact that I have succeeded in training a princess as you give me so much joy. You are all I have always wanted, and I thank God for giving you to me. You are my responsibility because God made it so. I will never fail in training you. Happy birthday.

4. I never want you to see yourself as an adopted child! You are my child, and I have never failed to give you the best. I vowed to always love and provide for you, and ever since, I have never looked back. Thank you for giving me reasons to continue this. Happy birthday to you.

5. We have come a very long way so that automatically makes us mother and daughter. You are my partner in everything. Before I say anything, you already know what I’m talking about. Thank you for filling my life with happiness and love. I will always love you. Happy birthday.

6. Years back, I seriously was in search of a child, but luck wasn’t forthcoming. Along the line, I decided to opt for adoption, and this decision has brought me the greatest blessing of my life. I’m thankful that I took that great step because it led me to you. Happy birthday, sunshine.

7. Even though you don’t have an idea how exactly your actual parents are, I want you to always see me as a parent and friend. Ever since your adoption, I have never done anything to hurt you. In fact, most people don’t know you’re not my biological daughter. I promised to give you the best, and I will never look back. Happy birthday.

8. I love the great bond that exists between you and your siblings (my children); it feels so unbreakable. No one will ever know that you guys are not from the same parents. I love you so much and I want the best for you. Please, keep being a good girl. Happy birthday to you.

9. Today on your birthday, I wish I could scream out loud to let the whole world know how lucky I am to have you. You have been a source of strength when things seemed bad. Thank you for being right in my corner and making life easier for me. Happy birthday, my darling.

10. I will never refer to you as an adopted child, ever! You are my daughter, and I have never treated you like a daughter I adopted, and I never will. The thing is, you keep making me proud and happy, and this alone will never make me treat you unfairly. Happy birthday, my dear.

11. Life happens to everyone in different ways. In my case, I found it difficult to conceive, and that’s what led me to adopt a child. I’m thankful for this wonderful decision. Thank you for not treating me as someone who adopted you. Thank you for always believing in me. Happy birthday to you.

12. I never knew adopting a child could bring me so many blessings. The moment you were adopted, things started falling in place. I’m grateful for the gift of you, my love. Indeed, God had planned this right from the beginning. It can only get better, my dear. Happy birthday to you.

13. The day I brought you home from the motherless babies home, was the happiest day of my life. The process had been on for years before they decided to approve it. That day, I vowed never to let you shed a tear. God has been faithful, so far. Happy birthday, my dear. God bless you.

14. You are the most beautiful daughter in the world, and I am not flattering you. Yes, I had son’s before I decided to adopt you. I did that because I needed a daughter who will be my best friend and talk to me about everything. Today, I have that and even more. Happy birthday to you.

15. Your smile is enough to heal the world. You are such a talented and beautiful young lady. I’m grateful that I picked you from where I saw you and brought you home. Thank you for being a huge part of my life. As you can see, my children love and see you as their big sister. Happy birthday to you.

16. I love how you love and protect your siblings. You are such a wonderful and responsible girl. In fact, I don’t need to think about anything whenever I am out of the house. Thank you for always holding it down and making sure everything is fine at home. Happy birthday, my darling.

17. You know I love you so much. From the moment I brought you home, I already knew I found a new best friend. You have never disappointed me, and this helps me to keep loving and taking care of you. I hope you always find as much happiness as you’ve brought me, even more. Happy birthday.

18. To say I am happy is an understatement. I feel so out of the world, right now. Look how grown you are. Thank God I decided to adopt you. As you start a new phase of your life today, I want you to know that no matter how old you are, you will always be my baby girl. Happy birthday, my love.

19. Life has indeed brought me so many beautiful things and people, but you top the list. I can’t stop thanking God for making your adoption possible, because I had always wanted a female child. Trust me to always love you like my biological child. Happy birthday, my love. Enjoy!

20. I never really knew what love was until I adopted you. Ooh, you were just a poor baby who lacked so much love. I decided to adopt you because I didn’t want you to continue that way. Thank God I made that decision. God has been helping me fulfil my promise. I’m sure you love it here. Happy birthday to you.

21. As long as you keep making me proud, there’s nothing I will not do for you. Looking at you alone heals all wounds. You are a delight, and I’m grateful for staying under the same roof with you. It’s a brand-new year, and I hope you have the wisdom to decipher the next step of your life. Happy birthday.

22. I adopted you because there are just too many children who lack love and care, and I never wanted you to be a part of them. I never wanted you to end up on the streets. Trust me, if I could, I would adopt all the orphans in the world. I hope you extend this gesture to someone else when you finally make it. Happy birthday.

23. Nothing brings me joy than looking at you and screaming “I made it.” Yes, I did and I am very proud of myself. I never knew I could train and love another woman’s child until I adopted you. Thank you for giving me reasons not to give up. Please, keep staying focused. Happy birthday.

24. It’s a happy day because it’s my daughter’s birthday. Yes, you are my daughter and never have I treated you any lesser. I knew what I was doing when I considered adopting you. Thank you for being so respectful and kind. I will make sure I keep doing this. Happy birthday, my darling daughter.

25. There are so many children on the streets, and it shouldn’t be so. You were one of them until I decided to take you away. That decision has birthed a wonderful woman. I’m glad that you are doing very well for yourself; that’s a confirmation that I didn’t make a mistake. Happy birthday.

Birthday Prayer Quotes for Adopted Daughter

Dear daughter, you deserve more than a birthday quote, that’s why I am sending these prayers your way. May doors of blessings be open unto you, as you begin this wonderful year. Happy birthday to you.

26. Adopting a child has always been part of my plans. Even if I have so many biological children, I had always considered having adopted children, even if it’s just one. My dear daughter, you are the lucky ones, and I’m sure you’re enjoying this life. There are so many blessings to come. Happy birthday.

27. After so many years of processing an adoption, they finally granted my request. They gave me the most beautiful daughter ever. Thank you for trusting me enough to follow me home. I hope I am doing very well. If there’s anything you even need, do not hesitate to let me know. I hope God secures your future. Happy birthday to you.

28. No good thing happens outside of God! I have always trusted God to make this adoption possible, and that’s why it happened with ease. In fact, it’s by far the fastest adoption process I have seen. God really wanted us to be together. Happy birthday, my daughter. God bless you.

29. I have promised to keep training you in the way of the Lord because that’s the only sure way. I’m grateful to God for all He has put in my power to make this possible. I’m also grateful to you for making it easy for me. Happy birthday to you. May God keep coming through for you.

30. So many people never felt I should’ve adopted a child because I already had two kids. But I knew what I wanted, and I’m glad that their opinions did not stop me. I can see a happy and cheerful daughter, and that’s all that matters. May happiness never depart from you. Happy birthday to you.

31. It’s your birthday today, and I would love to say some prayers for you. I know there are so many things you’re trusting God for. I know there are so many wishes of yours I can’t grant. I want you to know that God is granting them all. You will have the last laugh. Happy birthday to you.

32. Even though you’re an adopted child, I will never treat you like one. You are an adopted child who is useful in every way, and this alone automatically makes you a biological daughter. Please, don’t change your ways. Keep being the sweet girl we all know. Happy birthday to you. God bless you.

33. With God, all things are possible; that’s why you’re adoption process did not take too long to be approved. I know God is up to something great in your life. You just keep trusting Him. Happy birthday to you. May God bless your going out and coming in throughout this year. I love you.

34. Adopting you was not and will never be a mistake. Rather, it’s a blessing. Adopting you drew me closer to God and for this reason, you will always be important to me. Happy birthday, my dear daughter. May God keep you away from everyone harm. Amen.

35. Saying I am proud of you is an understatement. You have given me so much pride and joy. I have invested my all in you, and you don’t even think of disappointing me. Thank you for being so kind. May God keep standing in for you, irrespective of your problems. Happy birthday.

36. You bring me joy unspeakable. Sometimes, I feel the need to tell the world how lucky I am to have you, but wisdom is profitable to direct. Doing that is unnecessary. I just need to keep praying for you. Happy birthday my daughter. May you continue to be a source of joy to the world.

37. You are my dream come true. I never expected an adopted child to give me the privileges of a mom, but you do even more. Thank you for filling my life with so much positivity. I’m grateful to God for you. Happy birthday, my love. God bless everything that concerns you. Amen.

38. You know praying isn’t my problem, so I might just keep praying for you. I know good things are coming your way. I want you to know that you deserve them all because you’ve worked so hard to be where you are now. By the special grace of God, you’re onto greater things. Happy birthday.

39. You are just a little girl who believes so much in God; that’s why God keeps blessing you. I won’t just call you an answered prayer, because you’re more than that. Whatever it is you want to do with your life, may God always guide you. Happy birthday to you.

40. Thank God I saw beyond all the stress and headaches that come with the adoption process. I knew exactly what I wanted, and I made sure I got it. Looking back, I can say it’s all worth it. Thank you for being a huge part of my life. May God grant you exceptional peace. Happy birthday to you.

41. Some people told me I will regret ever thinking of adoption. They said so many mean things to me, but my mind was already made up. Thank you so much for making me feel like the world’s best mom. I appreciate all the moments we spend together. Happy birthday to you. God’s blessings always.

42. I am your mother, so I have the authority to pray for you. As you go forward in life, may God keep your feet on the right track. May you never be irrelevant. May God always show up on time, whenever you need Him. God bless you forever. Happy birthday, my daughter.

43. My darling daughter, I will never make you feel like an adopted daughter, and that’s a promise I have been keeping and will continue to keep. You mean everything to me, dear daughter. You deserve the best in life, and I pray God blesses you with it. Happy birthday to you.

44. You have no idea how important you are to me. You have been a part of my life for so many years, so I’m used to being your mother. You are a child who brings the best to her mother and I hope you keep making me feel proud. The best is all you will always get from God. Happy birthday to you.

45. God is ready to grant all your heart’s desires, so you better start telling Him everything you want. Remember to ask Him to keep blessing your mother, so she keeps blessing you as well. Happy birthday to you. You will never be cast away. Amen. I pray this year brings you more grace.

46. There has been no regret, ever since I adopted you. It has only been from one good news to another. My shoulder pads are high because you give me bragging rights. May God never use you to cause me pain. You are a light to the world. God bless you all the days of your life. Happy birthday to you.

47. I am the happiest mother on earth because it’s my daughter’s birthday. Yes, you are my daughter. Don’t ever expect me to address you as an adopted child because to me, you are not. You will always be my one and only true daughter. Happy birthday to you. You are blessed and highly favoured.

48. You have brought so many wonderful moments my way. If it’s possible to sit with you from morning till night, then I think I will consider that. God has used you to wipe my tears away. I am grateful for your love and care for me. Happy birthday to you. May God always be gracious to you.

49. I thank God I have passed that phase of my life where I was always thinking about having a child. I decided to adopt one, and it has been great ever since. Thank you for coming into my life and making it a more beautiful place than you met it. Happy birthday to you. May you be great. Amen.

50. My darling daughter, life dealt so much with me before you were eventually adopted. I just knew adoption was the only option I had, and I went for it. This has blessed me more than I imagined. Happy birthday to you. Thank you for changing my story. May God keep using you for His glory. I love you.

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Adopted Daughter

Even though you were adopted, you remain the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Here’s wishing that all your wishes come true. Happy birthday, daughter.

Use these Happy Birthday Wishes for My Adopted Daughter below:

51. The only thing I have always asked of you is that you make me proud. I keep trying to give you a good life because you deserve better. If you feel you should do more, that will enable me to do more. So please, don’t stop. The sky is your starting point. Happy birthday, sweet daughter.

52. Life has never been sweeter. I know people say I don’t have a child of my own, but when I see you, I know I have a child. I must not necessarily be pregnant before I can have someone to call my child. Thank you for accepting to be my daughter. I hope you have a happy birthday. I love you so much.

53. I sincerely wish I could tell you just how much you mean to me. I never knew about a colourful life until you came into mine. Your existence brings me lots of beautiful moments. I’m glad I found you, and nothing will ever make me look back. Happy birthday to you.

54. I decided to take you away from your parents because they didn’t know the value of having a child. They couldn’t even take good care of you, and even though I already had four children, I decided to bring you home. All I want you to do is never make me regret that decision. I trust you, anyway. Happy birthday to you.

55. For you, I will go the extra mile. You are worth every single thing I do for you. Even though you were already grown up before I adopted you, you still haven’t made me regret my decision. I’m thankful for the resources God has given me to take care of you. Please, don’t even think of disappointing me. Happy birthday.

56. So many things make me happy with you. You are a brilliant and smart child. You make use of every single opportunity that comes your way. Above all, you never stop acknowledging that God is great. I’m sure I am raising a queen. Thank God I found you. Happy birthday to you. Have a blast.

57. I will always be happy with you, as long as you don’t make me regret having bringing you into my home. Almost everyone, including my husband, challenged me when I decided to go for adoption. Years after, they have fallen in love with the same girl I adopted. Oh, you make me so proud. Happy birthday. I love you.

58. I have promised to take you around the world, and I will never look back unless you stop making me proud. I have never been so interested in anyone like this. There’s something about you and even though I don’t know, I just want to keep helping you till I can’t anymore. Happy birthday to you.

59. Your zeal towards making it is exactly what drew me to you. At that very tender age, you worked so hard. You are not a lazy person, and I saw that you needed an opportunity to explore your talents. I’m glad I picked you. I hope I have been doing well. Happy birthday, my daughter.

60. No, you were not adopted. I didn’t just carry you in my womb for nine months. I believe this has been destined to be, and that’s why it’s happening. You are my daughter, and I will do anything to make you comfortable and happy. I hope you have the best birthday celebration.

61. I honestly can’t wait to celebrate with you. It’s been a year since I adopted you, and it’s officially your birthday as well; that’s a two-in-one celebration. Even though I was old before I met you, you made me a mother. No one has ever called me that, and you even call me that with a sweet smile on your face. Thank you, my love. Happy birthday to you.

62. If I could make all your wishes come true, trust me, I will. You have been an amazing daughter to me. You bring me so much joy and you never stop making me proud. Honestly, I have no reason to quit now, so we move. Happy birthday to you. Make sure you always be a good girl.

63. You are the most respectful and responsible teen I have ever met. I know some teens who don’t even care about anyone but themselves. I’m glad you are not one of them. That’s proof that you are my daughter. Happy birthday to you. I love you so much. Cheers!

64. When I finally told people of my decision to adopt a child, so many tried to stop me; they kept telling me to keep waiting on God. Well, who says I can’t adopt a child while I keep waiting on God. Thank God I didn’t listen to them. Now, they’ve all hidden their faces in shame. Happy birthday to you.

65. I knew you were going to bring me joy, that was exactly why I considered adopting you. As I walked into the motherless babies’ home that day, you smile at me. That was the moment I began to fall in love with you. Thank you for being a huge blessing to me. Happy birthday to you.

66. My heart can’t contain this joy, trust me. I have been taking care of you since you were a toddler. Back then, I was almost giving up because I felt it was going to be easy. Thank God for the good people who keep telling me not to think of giving up. Now, I can look back and thank God. Happy birthday, my mini-me.

67. There’s no good thing left that is not present in my life right now. As far as I am concerned, you are my biological daughter. In fact, there was no adoption. Because there’s no adopted daughter who will be this loving and wonderful. I just want to keep you all to myself forever. Happy birthday.

68. Oh yes, it’s a happy day. Even though I didn’t know the exact day you were born, I decided to pick a day for you. This day doesn’t really matter, because I celebrate with you every other day. Please, dear, eat as much cake as you want. I love you so much. Happy birthday to you.

69. You are my daughter in whom I am well pleased. As long as I live, I will never regret you as an adopted daughter. Even though I don’t know what your parents look like, I believe you deserve a better life, and that’s why I picked you up on that day. All I want is for you to keep making me proud. Happy birthday to you.

70. I thought about this decision for years. I took my time because I didn’t just want to do it anyhow; I wanted to be sure it was what I want. Looking back, I can only be grateful for the decision. Well, I am grateful, because you haven’t disappointed me. I hope you don’t. Happy birthday.

71. So many people called me a fool when I told them about my interest in adopting a child, but I knew what I wanted, so I carried on. I adopted you my best friend, and ever since, you have been the greatest part of my life. Trust me, I can’t wait to give you the wedding of your dreams. Happy birthday to you.

72. As long as I breathe, I will make sure you have the best of everything in life. You are a dream come true, to me. I only needed someone to love me, when I adopted you. And you gave me even more than I expected. With me, you will always feel the safest. Happy birthday. I love you so much.

73. Please, get up, because it’s your birthday. I have promised not to shed a tear today because you haven’t given me any reason to cry. You have made me a sweet mother. I have seen myself in great dimensions I never thought possible. I am grateful for our friendship and love. I really do hope that you have a happy birthday.

74. Without you, some people will still be calling me a barren woman. I knew exactly what I was getting into when I decided to adopt you. Even after so many years, nothing has really changed. You remain the sweet girl I adopted. Thank you for calling me mother, and monthly feeling some type of way when you do. Happy birthday to you.

75. Life is really nothing to me. All I have always wanted is to live a purposeful life and take as many as possible people off the streets. I thank God you’re one of these people, and your present life doesn’t look like the past one. All glory to God. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Messages for Adopted Daughter

I hope this message brings some sunshine your way. Thank you for not just being a wonderful daughter, but a wonderful part of my life. I wish you the best in life. Please don’t hesitate to let me know whenever you need my help. Happy birthday to you.

Send any of these Birthday Messages for Adopted Daughter to your darling daughter.

76. People love you, but it’s mostly because you are beautiful. I wonder what it would feel like when they eventually get to know that you have a more beautiful heart. Please, do not change anything. Happy birthday to you.

77. No matter how far I travel, I’m always at peace, because I know you will take good care of your siblings and the home. You have been really helpful to me, despite not being your biological mother. That means you know the value of what’s being offered to you, and that’s the best thing to do. Happy birthday, my daughter.

78. I have always been sceptical about raising a girl child. I just wanted to give it a try, and that’s why I got you adopted. Thank God you turned out to be an amazing daughter. I am super proud of the woman you are becoming. Happy birthday to you.

79. Everything you need, no matter how big, will always be provided. I will make sure you get everything on a platter of gold because you worth even more. You have been useful to me in so many ways. I can’t wait to do what I have always wanted to do. Happy birthday to you.

80. I have great plans for you, and if you continue this way, I will make sure I double them. I just want you to keep being purposeful and chasing after your dreams. And if you ever need help, I will be here to gladly help out. Happy birthday to you, my daughter.

81. There’s no simpler or more truthful way to say it; you mean everything to me. I had always wanted a child to call my own, but luck didn’t come through. I decided to try adoption, and it turned out to be the best decision of my life. Happy birthday, my daughter. I wish you the best.

82. I know I am the best mom. All thanks to you for making it so. You are the best daughter ever, and I’m grateful to have you in my life. I hope your birthday makes you as happy as you make me, even though that’s almost impossible. Best wishes on your birthday. All my love.

83. I vowed to see you through everything in life. I don’t care if this decision gets in my way, all I want to do is help you become who you’ve always wanted to be. If it’s about your progress, please count me in. Happy birthday to you. Cheers to greatness.

84. In life, unfair things happen to good people the most. If not, God would’ve given me a child of my own. I’m grateful that He gave me the most beautiful compensation, anyways. He used you as a tool to wipe my tears. For this cause, I will never let you shed a tear. Happy birthday to you.

85. You are grace personified. Everything about you oozes of God’s grace. If not for grace, I wouldn’t have met you. Thank God for His grace upon your life. It’s a new year, and I hope you’re ready to take on new challenges. Don’t worry, I will be right here. Happy birthday to you.

86. Nothing will ever make me feel ashamed to say I adopted a child. Adopting a child is not a curse nor is it a shameful thing. Even people with children still adopt. I adopted you because I wanted you to have the best in life. Happy birthday to you, my daughter.

87. After so many years, there has been no regret recorded. Does that mean I made the right decision? Oh well, that’s what it means. Thank you for calling me “mom”. You, my daughter, are everything to me, and you will always be my top priority. Happy birthday.

88. My words remain the same; I will continue to be a good mother to you, as long as you keep making me proud. Right now, you are the only one that means the world to me, and I just want to keep making you happy. Happy birthday, my darling. All the best with everything.

89. Life became sweeter when I made you my daughter. Adoption was the only option I had, and I had to go for it. Thank you for not bringing me regrets, even after so many years. Please bring the list of the things you need. Happy birthday to you, once again. I love you.

90. As you grow older, you keep giving me reasons to be better as a mother. I just want to keep being there for you; helping you to achieve your goals in life. You know I will always do what makes you happy. My love and support are strictly yours forever. Happy birthday.

91. Your level of intelligence is out of this world. In fact, I am glad I chose you because you have brought me nothing but joy, ever since. Happy birthday, my sweet daughter. Please, don’t stop with the intelligence and kindness. I trust you always. I love you so much.

92. You are now a big girl; in fact, I don’t want to believe you were the same child I adopted some years back. My darling, I want to thank you for all you are to me. You have been such a wonderful daughter. My biological daughter could have been better. Happy birthday, dear.

93. You are doing excellently well in life; particularly in your academics. You keep topping your class. I have no regret ever investing in you. I always knew you would bring me joy and pride. Happy birthday to you. Continue to amaze me with your amazingness. I love you.

94. I always love it when you call me “mother.” Thank you for acknowledging the fact that I have been a good mother to you. But trust me, you haven’t seen anything. I will make you the happiest and most successful daughter ever. Happy birthday to you.

95. How do I thank God for making me such a wonderful mother to an amazing daughter like you. This blessing is a very rare one, so I am going to cherish it forever. Happy birthday, my dear. Don’t stop focusing on being successful. You got this!

96. I know I am raising a queen. The way you handle issues all by yourself still amazes me. You don’t have to call my attention to everything before you get things done. I am super proud of you, my love. Happy birthday to you. I wish you a great life with all you’ve always wanted.

97. Ever since I started preaching love and kindness to you, you haven’t stopped making them your way of life. I’m glad you live a drama-free life and you are so focused on what matters. I sincerely hope that you continue like this. Happy birthday to you. I wish you all the best.

98. I never had the finest things, growing up. And up till now, there’s still no biological child. I decided to adopt you just so you wouldn’t end up growing without much love like me. I’m glad I did it! Happy birthday to you. Keep spreading kindness everywhere you go.

99. I love how passionate you are about your growth. You are a fast learner and this has really helped you in so many ways. You make me nothing but proud every single day, and I hope it continues like this forever. Happy birthday, my dear daughter.

100. My love, you deserve happiness for the rest of your life. You are such a positive person; always staying positive, no matter what happens. Thank you for always bringing me out of those unhappy moods. I hope you get to enjoy happiness for the rest of your life. Happy birthday.

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