Happy Birthday Text Messages, Poems and Quotes

birthday for bestfriend

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Best Friend (2020)

A good friend these days can be likened to gold; rare and hard to find! So, if you have a ...
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happy 30th birthday

30th Birthday Prayers for Myself (2020)

You lived for 3 whole decades! Wow! Just Wow! How amazing does that feel? 30 years is a whole huge ...
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40th birthday prayer

40th Birthday Prayers for Myself (2020)

You are getting old now, aren't you? Just kidding! But, you're 40 today! 4 decades! That's huge, I sincerely must ...
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happy 50th birthday

50th Birthday Prayers for Myself (2020)

50 whole years have never been, and will never be tagged a walk in the park. It is your Golden ...
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Thank You Lord for Allowing Me to See Another Birthday in 2020

Even though we sometimes don't deserve God's grace. He is still a caring and faithful God who is always there ...
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50th Birthday Prayers for A Friend with Blessings

Birthday celebrations come once a year. A day of appreciating God for the gift of life, health, all He's given ...
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