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100 Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones (and Lovers)

Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones

There is a thin yet wide line between a lover and a loved one. Yet, it is easy to identify the one from the oth

A lover is the one who you have a romantic relationship with whereas a loved one is a family member or close friend. The simple difference between the two is that your lover could be a loved one but your loved one cannot become your lover.

100 Touching Birthday Letter for Friend

Touching Birthday Letter for Friend

Our friends are very important parts of our lives, they make or mar us. They are mirrors to our thoughts, give us reason to continue.

Many of us are always too busy to appreciate who they are to us and what they have done.
Everyone wants to be acknowledged and although they say nothing, it gladdens their hearts when you tell them how much you value them.
One of the best time is on their birthday.


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