Happy Belated 21st Birthday Wishes

Happy Belated 21st Birthday Wishes

A lot of people value birthdays. To some, it’s a means of mere celebration, while to some it’s a means of counting their blessings, having family and friends around, reuniting with long lost friends and so on.

Whatever you feel it is, birthdays remains an important part of our lives. That’s when we truly get to know that we are not ageing backwards when we truly appreciate God for everything we have and what we hope to have.

Birthdays make us get serious with what we need to do and not just think that we still have all the time. Simply put, birthday serves as a challenge, most of the time. It is important to know that birthday is significant to people and you should deem it fit to celebrate the people in your life on their birthdays.

It only shows that they don’t only care about you, you also love them and that you still cherish your relationship with them. It makes them feel loved and know their place in your life. Meanwhile, while you may be too busy to celebrate your loved ones on their birthdays, you can still make up with them afterwards; in the most sweetly way ever.

That’s exactly why I have these happy belated 21st birthday wishes below. They are well constructed to pass your message across in the best way possible. Please go ahead and pick as many as possible, and send them to that special person of yours.

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Belated 21st Birthday Wishes and Quotes

You are a wonderful person and that’s why I have chosen to celebrate you with special wishes and quotes to celebrate your 21st birthday. I know it’s belated, please forgive me. Keep enjoying.

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1. I am very sure you’re probably angry at me, as I type this. I’m very sorry for not making it to your birthday bash, it was due to unforeseen circumstances. I promise to make it up to you. Belated 21st birthday to you.

2. Well, when I celebrated my 21st birthday, you were nowhere to be found. Truth be told, I intentionally delayed this wish to get back at you. Anyways, it’s all gone now, I have achieved my aim. Belated 21st birthday to you.

3. 21st is such a huge one, and I can now call you a full-grown woman. Remember you do not have it all figured out yet, now is the time to brace yourself and do more. May God help you. Belated 21st birthday to you.

4. I’m sorry this is coming quite late, it wasn’t intentional in any way. How was your birthday party? I’m sure you had too much fun at the party. I will make it up to you when next we see. Belated 21st birthday, darling.

5. I’m not going to wish you anything lesser than the best, because you have been so supportive of me and my brand. I can’t thank you enough, babe. I had too much to sort at the office yesterday, that’s why I’m just sending this. Belated 21st birthday wishes, darling.

6. What exactly do I say about you? Is it how sweet you are, or how loving you can be. I love you so much, and I’m glad our paths crossed. This is the least you’d ever be, trust me. Belated 21st birthday wishes to you.

7. Of all the people I have met, you’re the most loving. I love how beautiful your nature is. You don’t force things, you go with the flow. I just have to be sincere with you, I envy you a lot. Congratulations on your birthday, dear. I love you.

8. How old are you again? You are growing fast, babe. Your birthday is the perfect day to tell you how much I love you. I have always wished you well, and I will never stop. You keep doing great. Belated 21st birthday to you, dear.

9. With ten people like you in this world, the world will be a very safe place for everyone. You’re too extra in caring for people. I’m one of the beneficiaries of your good works. Thank you, once again. Belated happy birthday to you.

10. Trust me when I say you’re the most beautiful woman ever. You don’t nag nor fight anyone. You’re always on your lane, doing great things. I’m super happy and proud of you, dear. This is just the beginning for you. Belated 21st birthday to you.

11. Show me a 21year old lady who owns several businesses already. I know none. I have not heard of any. You’re the only one I know, which means you’re doing something very right. I’m proud of you, boo. Don’t stop now! Belated 21st birthday to you.

12. I’m so happy for your family because you’re such a huge blessing to them. I wonder what they will say about you when almost everyone has good things to say about you. They must be very proud; I am too. Belated 21st birthday, dear. So sorry it’s coming late.

13. Please pardon me, I know you’re disappointed already. I never meant to do such a thing, if not for some things that came up. Please, be happy with me, dear. It won’t happen again. You’re 21 now, so act it. Belated 21st birthday to you.

14. You’re a wise all-rounder. No one will even believe you just clocked 21, with all your numerous achievements. Girl, you’re the real queen. I’m super happy and excited for you, darling. I can’t wait to celebrate many more wins with you. Belated 21st birthday to you.

15. You should know I wouldn’t want to try a thing like this; at least not with you, because I know how much you cherish birthdays. You see it as the only opportunity you have to know those who care about you. I do, I just couldn’t text you yesterday. So sorry, dear. Belated 21st birthday to you.

16. I have known you since you were very much younger, and believe me when I say you haven’t changed a bit. You are still that lovely handsome boy. I’m glad that you don’t look like what you have been through. Belated 21st birthday, dear. Keep doing well.

17. You already know that I will do anything to make you happy, even if it costs me going the extra miles. Yesterday was one hell of a hectic day, and I didn’t have the spare time to call or text you. I’m sorry, dear. Belated happy birthday to you.

Happy Belated 21st Birthday Messages

You’re more precious to me than anything in this world, that’s why I have decided to apologize for not being there on your birthday with a beautiful belated birthday message for you. Happy 21st birthday.

18. I see all you do. I see how you strive day and night just to be a better person. Dear, take it easy on yourself, you still have time to do all of those. I hope that your heart’s desires are granted and that you find true happiness. Belated 21st birthday to you.

19. If wishes were horses, trust me, I will be in your room right now, begging you to please forgive me. You know I mean very well for you, and a mere birthday wish should not come between us. You shouldn’t be doing this to yourself. Be happy, please. Belated 21st birthday to you.

20. I promised I wasn’t going to make you sad. You need to stop taking things to the extreme. Life is not hard, dear. You could injure yourself if care is not taken. There are many more birthdays to celebrate together. I’m sorry about this, though. I will try my best to make it up to you. Belated 21st birthday to you.

21. I know how much you detest receiving belated birthday texts and wishes, so I wouldn’t have done this intentionally. You have no idea what I went through for you, yesterday. I will tell you everything when we see. I’m sorry, all the same. Belated 21st birthday to you.

22. How do I go about my life without you? You have been my major source of strength. Sometimes I wonder where you get your strength from, and that remains one of the good attributes of yours I admire. I love you so much. Belated 21st birthday to you dear.

23. You are beautiful and strong-willed. I’m sure your failures can’t tell on you, because you’re always ready to attack them with success. I envy your doggedness. Just keep at it, I will be right behind you. Belated 21st birthday to the strongest youth I know.

24. Well, let it be on records that I sent you a birthday message, even though it’s a belated one. You should know I care about you, and not keep beating yourself up because I could not do the needful on your birthday. I am sorry, once again. Belated 21st birthday to you.

25. I just wish I could do half of what you did to me on my birthday. You really can be annoying, you know. Sending this message late is very much intentional, and there are no apologies at all. I just wanted to wish you a belated 21st birthday. Take care of yourself.

26. For being so amazing and selfless towards me, I’m here to say thank you. You don’t hesitate to go the extra miles for me. Honestly, I can’t do all you do. You’re the kind, my dear. Thank you for everything. Belated 21st birthday to you.

27. You’re so very important to me and my family. No one ever expected you to clock 21, because of your illness. With this, we can tell that you will live longer. Thank God for your life, dear. Many more beautiful years to come. Belated 21st birthday to you.

28. I feel like screaming on top of my voice, right now! You are 21 already, God is too good. 21 is when you start to truly live. Don’t count your failures, instead, be happy about your little wins. You’re destined for the top. Belated 21st birthday to you.

29. You are now a big girl and rounding off at a higher institution. I want you to know that now is the perfect time to reflect on the important things, and quit frivolities. Be intentional about your life. I’m proud of you. Belated 21st birthday to you.

30. I know you have had to go through failures in life, but come off it. Failures only prepare you for what’s to come, which is a success. You just keep doing what makes you happy. I wish you the best. Belated 21st birthday to you.

31. 21 is a huge one, so I’m very happy for you. But please pardon me for not showing up at your surprise party, I was too busy to even attend to myself. I’m sure the birthday was filled with sweet memories. Belated 21st birthday to you.

32. Let no one rush you, darling. Run at your own pace. Do not be carried away by people’s style of living, just focus on yourself and what makes you happy. I missed your birthday, and I’m sorry about that. Belated 21st birthday to you.

33. Look who’s 21 plus a day. Dear, I celebrate your strength and courage at this age. You’re too wise, and I love how you handle many skills at the same time. I just want to encourage you to keep moving. You’re almost there. Belated 21st birthday to you.

34. Just look at how beautiful and radiant you are. You make me want to return to age 21. Your birthday has gone, but I will always have you in my mind because you are so important to me. I’m so sorry, dear. Have a belated 21st birthday.

Belated 21st Birthday Blessings

No amount of messages can erase the fact that I didn’t show up on your 21st birthday, but the best I can do is pray for God’s blessings for you. Belated happy birthday to you.

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35. I know you love shopping for clothes, and that’s exactly what I’m thinking of to make everything up. I’m taking you on a shopping spree. I’m sure your birthday was indeed great with family and friends from far and near. How many bottles did you finish? Belated 21st birthday to you. Love you.

36. Pretty girl, sometimes I feel like you’re too perfect for this world and angels like you don’t belong here, but then what can I do. I’m very happy to be experiencing life with you. May God things come to you. Belated 21st birthday to you.

37. God’s blessings are never going to depart from you, my dear. You’re God’s own child, and it’s evident in all you do. Just look how great you have turned out to be. I just hope you continue this way, and never look back. We will all be very proud of you. Belated 21st birthday to you.

38. Wishing you all of God’s beautiful blessings throughout your stay on earth. You deserve true happiness and much more, and I hope that God blesses you with everything you need to make you excel. Sorry, this is coming quite late. Belated 21st birthday to you.

39. I only have God to thank for making me cross paths with you. Ever since you have been nothing short of an amazing person. The vibe around you is healthy, and not toxic. I’m not worthy of your love and I know it. Thank you for understanding me best. Belated happy birthday to you.

40. Even before I got close to you, I already knew how beautiful your heart is. You have a large heart, dear. Always willing to go hard for people. I seriously am trying to be like you. Thank you for all you do for humanity. May posterity be fair to you. Belated 21st birthday to you.

41. We have known each other for a very long time now, and I can beat my chest to say that you’re the absolute best. I’m sure God has too many plans in store for you, and I want you to be ready to welcome them. Belated 21st birthday to you. You’re loved always.

42. I’m not flattering you, you are too kind. Sometimes I badly want to tell you that you do too much, but I am aware you’re all about helping people, and I know how it makes you feel. God hasn’t started with you yet. Please just get ready for Him. Belated 21st birthday to you.

43. Even if I don’t do this, I am not sure it will be felt, because you have so many other people wishing you well every day. Not minding, I will do my own. I just want you to know that God will bless you more than your expectations. Amen. Belated 21st birthday to you. Sorry, it’s coming late.

44. It’s a beautiful thing to celebrate the most beautiful lady in the world. You’re not only beautiful, but you’re also nice and accommodating too. History will never forget how much you have lifted people. God bless you. Belated 21st birthday to you.

45. Who would want to be late in celebrating a beautiful creature like you? Definitely, no one. Trust me, I would be the first to wish you a happy birthday if I could. I made a huge mistake, and I’m ready to correct it, anyhow you want me to. I pray for God’s grace for you. Belated 21st birthday to you.

46. I just want to thank you for being a huge part of my life. I wish I can celebrate you as I wish, but I lack the resources. Please, forgive me for sending this late. May you be blessed and highly favoured. Belated 21st birthday to you.

47. I wish I could see you physically and scream to the world to know how much you mean to me. You’re always ready to lend a hand, even when you aren’t called upon. God will be so good to you, this new year. Amen. Belated 21st birthday to you.

48. At your age, you have been true almost everything, and here you are, stronger and better. I want you to know that God loves you, and He hasn’t even started with you yet. Just keep being the sweet person you are, and watch God beautify your life. Belated 21st birthday to you.

49. Now I envy your family and close friends. They are benefiting a lot from you, and I’m sure they do not know what God has done for them. You are a delight to be with. You’re so real and unique. I’m sure you will go far in life. May God make your journey an easy one for you. Belated 21st birthday to you. Sorry, it’s coming late.

50. Yaaay!!! Look who is 21. My darling, I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it to your birthday get-together, despite inviting me specially. Trust me to organize another one, as the life of the party that I am. May 21 bring you loads of good fortune. Belated 21st birthday to you.

Hello there! How are you and how was the read? I hope you found the happy belated 21st birthday wishes up there so helpful. If yes, please tell everyone you know about this page and share the direct link to them, using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

And also, I hope that the recipient accepts your apology. Thank you so much for staying with me. Expect more beautiful contents to come.

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