Happy 70th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 70th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Seventy years birthday is an extra special celebration. It’s a major significant milestone in life that shouldn’t be ignored or shoved in the drain just like that. It’s a celebration of a successful series of growth for someone to live up to that age and even beyond that age.

Celebrating oneself even at this extra special age is a real blessing because not everyone takes it seriously though it’s very good to imbibe in one’s lifestyle.

Your 70th birthday and beyond is a great blessing and should be celebrated with wishing yourself specially for the glorious year.

Below are some cool happy 70th birthday to me wishes and quotes for yourself that you can use to usher yourself into another new year.

Best 70th Birthday Quotes for Myself

The best days are here, days filled with so much love and peace. Happy 70th birthday to myself. I pray for abundant grace and peace this season.

1. Today, I’m half of 140 years. It has been a beautiful journey from the start, not always sweet but adventurous enough to get me successful and happy. Happy birthday to me.

2. I wish myself a happy 70th birthday today not because it’s my birthday but because of the lives I’ve impacted and changed. I’m proud of the life I lived and still living. Happy birthday to me.

3. There’s strength to rejoice in my new age. even though I’m 70 today I know there is strength to enjoy life and be happy for the rest of my days. Happy 70th birthday to me.

4. Happy Platinum jubilee birthday to me. This season will certainly be filled with abundant peace and everlasting joy. God bless my new age.

5. I welcome myself to the seventies and the beginning of a new phase of life. Happy 70th birthday to me.

71st Birthday Prayer Wishes for Myself

On my 71st birthday, my prayer is that my heart wishes be granted and that I excel in all that I put my hands into. I also pray for a sound mind and good health. Happy 71st birthday to myself.

6. It feels good to be a year older and be a year above 60 years. Happy 71st birthday to me. I pray I grow more in strength and peace.

7. The old days are getting nearer but I feel stronger and happier by the day. There’s nothing more u wish for than undeniable joy and love. Happy 71st birthday to me.

8. Sweet memories of childhood flooded my heart today. It has been a journey of joy and sadness. Happy 71st birthday to me. The days ahead are becoming much better.

9. It’s another opportunity to give God praise for a life well spent and lived. Happy 71st birthday to me. May my days be filled with love and happiness.

10. Happy 71st birthday to a king. Happy 71st birthday to me. Feels good to celebrate this day with my family and loved ones. Cheers to becoming happier daily.

Happy Birthday to Me 72 Years Old

Today on my 72nd birthday, I’m wishing myself the happiest day filled with long life, joy, strength and peace. God bless me and all that pertains to me. Happy birthday to me.

11. On my 72years birthday, I hope that all the goodness and love that life has to offer be mine every blessed day. Happy birthday to me.

12. As sure as the dawn, I know that my new year will be filled with strength and a sound mind. Happy 72nd birthday to me

13. Even at this age, I pray that this smile never leaves my face. Happy 72nd birthday to me.

14. I pray that God adds more years to my age so I can continue to impact lives with so much joy and happiness in me.

15. Happy 72nd birthday to me, j wish myself all the best I can ever imagine not only for today but for every day of my life on earth. Happy birthday to me.

Happy 73rd Birthday to Me

May my 73rd birthday be filled with everlasting happiness, grace and long life. May my body be made stronger and may I continue to grow in strength. God bless me.

16. Celebration of life is not only when someone is dead but should be celebrated when one is alive. Today is another celebration of my life. Happy 73rd birthday to me.

17. The best firm of celebration is one done with family and friends. This year is not an exception. I love you all for making my day a beautiful one. Happy birthday to me.

18. Life has blessed me with the best children and grandchildren one could ever ask of. I am indeed a blessed man today. Happy 73rd birthday to me.

19. On my 73rd birthday, I wish myself that this new year be the continuation of all the wonderful experiences. Happy birthday to me.

20. My life has been a blessing to many awesome people and I appreciate you all for the prayers. Cheers to more life to spend together. Happy birthday to me

74th Birthday Prayers for Myself

As I clock 74 today, I wish myself sweet days filled with joy and happiness. My prayer is that God bless all my children and grandchildren with a sound mind. Happy birthday to me.

21. Happy 74th birthday to me. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of life and happiness. I am convinced that the rest of my days will be filled with love and happiness. Cheers.

22. Thank you Lord for the gift of life, thank you Lord for the gift of family, thank you Lord for the gift of friends. Today I’m more than fulfilled and happy because of the people I’m surrounded with. Happy birthday to me.

23. Dear Lord, on my 74th birthday, bless me with strong feet to walk and a beautiful heart to continue to love everyone around me like a child. Happy birthday to me.

24. On my birthday, I pray that God ministers strength to my weak body and grant me peace. Happy 74th birthday to me.

25. May my life be filled with strength, hope, love, and everlasting happiness. Happy 74th birthday to me.

Happy 75th Birthday to Me

Today on my 75th birthday, I wish myself a life that will continue to impact lives and a life that will always be a motivation to others. God bless me abundantly.

26. Today, I won’t count the years, I will count the memories and love that will come with each year. It is indeed melodious and beautiful to behold in memory land. Happy birthday to me.

27. I’ve been through a lot even though I have achieved a lot with each situation. I wish myself everlasting happiness and love. Happy birthday to me.

28. The significance of the day beyond just my birthday, it’s a celebration of a life well spent, and well-lived. Happy birthday to me.

29. Today, I wish that my smile gets bigger, and may the day come with its unending happiness. Happy birthday to me.

30. It’s so amazing how the years have gone by and yet, I feel like I’m getting younger. Happy 75th birthday to me. I am blessed beyond measures

76th Birthday Quotes for Myself

As I celebrate my 76th birthday, I pray myself a life filled with so much love that will always flow out to others. Thank you, Lord, for this day. Happy birthday to me.

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31. I’m happy to announce that today is my 76th birthday, it’s so easy to think that I’m old, the bit that’s a great mistake. I’m getting younger daily. Happy birthday to me.

32. God has given me another opportunity on earth. Thank you for your unrelenting love and happiness. Happy birthday to me.

33. It gives the Lord pleasure to keep me alive this day. I’m grateful that I’m a source of joy to everyone. Happy 76th birthday to me.

34. My days are not numbered, they are getting me closer to being childlike and more agile. Happy birthday to me.

35. It’s a happy… mm birthday to me. Another beautiful opportunity to impact more lives. Age is just a number right now. Happy birthday to me.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 77

Dear self, I wish you so much strength to continue pursuing your dreams even at this age. Happy 77 birthday to me.

36. It’s a year of double perfection. Happy 77th birthday to me. May my days be filled with joy and happiness. God bless me and my children.

37. Happy 77th birthday to the most awesome grandfather I ever know, happy birthday to me. Grace and peace be multiplied.

38. This birthday is an assurance that I have more birthdays to celebrate. Happy birthday to me.

39. It feels so great to be 77 years old today. It feels good to be a year older today. Happy birthday to me.

40. Today, I am forgetting my age and focusing on all the blessings I have in my life. Happy birthday to me. I love you.

78th Birthday Messages for Myself

It’s 78 years of God’s faithfulness. I pray for myself that His mercies and love continue to flow over my life. God bless me on this my special birthday.

Life has been beautiful and sweet, so I’ve decided to send these beautiful birthday messages to myself on my 78th birthday.

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41. I wish myself abundant joy and happiness. May all my unanswered prayers be answered. Happy 78th birthday to me.

42. My life’s achievement is not trusted to be summed up by my age but it’s supposed to be honoured and enjoyed at all times. Happy 78th birthday to me.

43. On my 78th birthday, I’m happy to say that My Life is beautiful because it is filled with wonderful people. You are all flowers that beautified my garden. I love you all. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to us.

44. Today, I’ll like to wish myself a happy 78th birthday filled with so much peace and love. Happy birthday to me.

45. Bless every work of my hand and give me long life as a celebrate my 78th birthday today. Happy birthday to me.

79th Birthday Prayer Wishes for Myself

On my 79th birthday, I pray that the Lord blesses and keeps everyone around me and I wish for strength to continue pursuing a good and healthy life. Happy 79th birthday to me.

46. I prayed that u see this day in happiness, here I am with so much joy in my heart. Today, I pray that j see another year of happiness and a sound mind. Happy 79th birthday to me.

47. Every day is a blessing, today is a double blessing, I’m one year younger today. Happy birthday to me.

48. I feel like a child right now, a child at heart. Life has been full of ups and downs and I’ve learned to be childlike at heart even up till now
Happy 79th birthday to me.

49. My life is well-lived and that is why I am glad to celebrate this year. It’s another happy new year for me, it’s also a happy birthday to me.

50. Happy 79th birthday to me. I pray for grace and strength not only for me but for everyone around me. Cheers to a life filled with joy and happiness.

This collection of happy 70th birthday to me wishes and quotes ranges from age 70 – 79 years and it can be used by anyone within this age range. I hope that you find the best choice to use for your birthday.

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